Laura made up her mind in her heart and smiled brightly.

“Father, do you not have to go to the Enrir border for a while?”

“That’s right.”

“Great! Please come to our house as Killian suggested.”


Marquess Wyatt frowned slightly at his daughter’s proactive attitude. Then the scar on his left eye twisted.

“I was very disappointed when you left right after coming to the capital last time.”

“….Is that so?”

He seemed uncomfortable with such a friendly conversation. His answers were prompt, but his tone was very stiff.

“It’s nice to see the two of you getting along well.”

“Thank you.”

Marquess Wyatt was surprised by Laura’s answer.

“I don’t know if I should ask this, but… when did the two of them become so close? Of course, it’s not a bad thing. But why am I asking this… Isabella, didn’t you hate Killian?”

As expected, Marquess Wyatt knew how much Isabella hated Killian.

But Laura needed to correct those thoughts.

If she’s going to stick with Killian for the rest of her life.

“That’s how it used to be. But I was wrong. We got married, so there’s no need to continue a bad relationship.”

“Good thinking.”

“I’ll work hard to live happily with him.”

Marquess Wyatt nodded his head with a strange expression.

“By the way, Father, you seem very lonely.”


“It’s been a year since Mother passed away. I wonder how lonely you must be…”

Laura put her hand on his arm, conveying a sad emotion.

Marquess Wyatt seemed unsure of what to answer. Everyone turned to look at him, a man who was used to rolling around on the rough battlefield, looking embarrassed.

It was when Laura looked at him with a smile,

“Marquess Wyatt, you’re here.”

As a muffled voice was heard, a noblewoman in a gorgeous dress slipped between them.

“Rebecca has been looking for you a lot.”

It was none other than Baroness Rebecca Grayson.

She curled her full lips and hooked her arm through Marquess Wyatt’s.


Marquess Wyatt turned to look at the baroness who hung on his arm. He frowned uncomfortably.

Coincidentally, Laura and the Baroness Grayson ended up facing each other with their arms attached to Marquess Wyatt’s arm.

“Oh, you’re with your daughter!”

Baroness Grayson finally noticed Laura’s presence and her eyes widened.

Laura bit her tongue inwardly at her behavior but greeted her politely.


“Nice to meet you, Archduchess….Marquess, I really wanted to see you. You look more handsome than ever.”

After nodding her head, the Baroness Grayson blinked her eyes towards Marquess Wyatt.

“It’s an overstatement. It’s the lady who is truly beautiful.”

At Marquess Wyatt’s polite remark, Baroness Grayson blushed like a girl.

“I thought of you every night, Marquess.”

She pulled Marquess Wyatt’s arm towards her and whispered sweetly. With her hand, she gently stroked his muscular arm.

Watching the baroness’s aggressive behavior, Laura inwardly scolded her. She had to step back and let go of Marquess Wyatt’s arm as soon as she could.

Of course, Laura knew that Baroness Grayson liked the marquess.

Still, the attitude of not caring about other peoples’ gazes was somewhat problematic.

Look at how embarrassed Marquess Wyatt was.

“Baroness Grayson, just a moment…”

He tried to free himself from Baroness Grayson’s arms, which had wrapped around him like vines.

As he politely tried to pull his arm away, Baroness Grayson even squeezed harder in an effort not to let him go.

“Are you going to the ballroom? You must dance the first dance with me tonight.”

“I’m sorry, but I already made a promise with Isabella.”

He politely declined.

Laura widened her eyes.

When did I promise to dance the first dance with Marquess Wyatt?

But she soon realized that he was telling a white lie to get away from Baroness Grayson’s grasp.

Contrary to Baroness Grayson’s intentions, Marquess Wyatt did not seem to see her as a potential partner.

Despite his refusal, Baroness Grayson did not give up.

“Maybe you didn’t hear it from the Archduchess?”

She pointed to Laura with a sly smile.

“What do you mean?”

“The Archduchess has already given in to me. She said the first dance with you belongs to me.”


Marquess Wyatt turned to look at Laura with a puzzled expression.

Laura wanted to say ‘I never said that!’ but she just gave him a calm smile.

It was because she remembered when Baroness Grayson came to her and asked for help to get closer to Marquess Wyatt. Although Laura couldn’t intervene directly, she could at least turn a blind eye to Baroness Grayson’s lies.

“Is what Baroness Grayson said true?”

“Yes, father. I think it would be better for you to dance with the Baroness, who is more beautiful than me.”


“It’s also nice to see the two of you standing together.”

At her words, the baroness clung even tighter to Marquess Wyatt’s arm with a pleased expression.

‘Hmm, she could be my stepmother.’

Laura imagined the future while looking at the two of them.

‘Well, if they’re happy, I don’t mind.’

Shrugging her shoulders, Laura walked towards the ballroom alone.


“You can’t do that, Isabella.”

Marquess Wyatt called out to her in a solemn voice.

“What do you mean?”

“Killian asked me to take care of you until he comes back. So I have a duty to protect you.”


Killian never said that.

Marquess Wyatt just told Killian not to worry and go.

So this situation was… Marquess Wyatt was lying.

Just like Baroness Grayson.

“Marquess, there’s nothing wrong with the Archduchess. Being overprotective is not good.”

The baroness spoke. Her face was smiling brightly, but her eyes were cold.

“I’m sorry, Baroness. But since my son-in-law personally asked me, I can’t ignore it.”

Marquess Wyatt politely removed his arm from her grip.

“Shall we go, Isabella?”

He extended one arm.

Laura hesitated for a moment, looking back and forth between the Baroness and him.

“You’re so kind to your daughter. I envy you, Archduchess.”

The baroness stepped back reluctantly. But she couldn’t hide her trembling lips.


Before Laura could move, Marquess Wyatt took her hand and put it on his arm. Then he pulled her away without giving her a chance to say anything. He looked like someone being chased by a debt collector.

“Father, I’m okay alone…”

“You don’t have to worry about it.”

But she’s worried about the baroness.

Laura glanced back.

Baroness Grayson was standing still, far away.

“It seems like the Baroness likes you, Father.”

“I’m not interested in her.”

Surprisingly, he said it bluntly.


Is he so focused on defending the border that he doesn’t know anything about society these days?

Baroness Grayson is so popular among men.

“I’ll tell you in all honesty, I have no intention of remarrying.”


This time, she was really surprised.

He was a handsome middle-aged man who could easily remarry if he wanted to.

“I don’t mind if you remarry, Father…”

She was about to say it’s okay, but stopped.

She remembered her conversation with Baroness Grayson last time.

‘Marquess Wyatt is a fortress, a fortress!’

‘He still holds his late wife in his heart.’

Marquess Wyatt still loves his dead wife. That’s why he won’t be swayed by any temptation.

Laura felt like she had just witnessed a man’s sincerity and her heart swelled for no reason.

“You still love Mother, don’t you, Father?”

As she murmured with a smile, Marquess Wyatt stopped walking abruptly.

“What did you just say…”

He looked at Laura with a twisted expression, as if he had heard something unbelievable.



Marquess Wyatt seemed to be about to say something, but he pursed his lips and then shook his head, resuming his walk.

* * *

“It’s really romantic.”

Laura murmured as she gently rolled the glass bottle with her fingertips.

Isabella’s parents must have shared a very genuine love, unlike their daughter.

To still long for a deceased wife, how touching.

Laura sighed as she thought about their sublime love.

On the other hand, she felt envious of Isabella.

Being born into a couple who cherished each other must have meant receiving a lot of love.

“But it doesn’t seem exactly like that. Despite being someone who received love, she seemed quite timid and plagued with anxiety…”

“Who are you talking about?”

Curious, Melissa asked when Laura muttered to herself.

“It’s nothing. I just find my parents’ love to be romantic.”

“Marquess Wyatt and his wife?”


“You’re saying they had a romantic love?”

“That’s right.”

Melissa kept tilting her head, which slightly irritated Laura.

“You didn’t think that way?”

“No! It’s not that… I just don’t know much about noble ladies. But…”

“Why are you trying to say it wasn’t a romantic relationship?”

“Rather than that, I was deeply impressed by the way they treated each other with great respect.”

“That’s what it means to have mutual respect.”

“Yes, that’s right. But sometimes, their excessive formality made them feel distant instead.”

“Oh, that’s because they held each other in high regard!”

“I guess that could happen.”

Melissa nodded as Laura started to clear the empty glass.

“Oh, by the way, have you heard the rumor?”

“What rumor?”

“Duke Tormaite is going to accomplish something big this time.”

“Something big? Has a war broken out somewhere?”

Laura asked anxiously, aware of how much trouble a war could cause. Her husband, who was obsessed with war, would not sit still and watch it happen.

“It’s not a war. It’s because of that mysterious potion.”

“A potion?”

“What was it called? Eleanor? Ellison? It was a very difficult name….”

As Melissa mumbled, Laura, who had never heard of it before, said:

“Elixir, right?”

“Oh, that was the name. Anyway, it was said to be much better than a magic potion.”

“What does that mean?”

“Duke Tormaite might just create it!”


It was a bewildering story.

Duke Tormaite creating something that she couldn’t even make yet?

And he wasn’t even a wizard but an ordinary person?

Shocked, Laura sat still for a while.

“Madam, are you okay?”

“They say Duke Tormaite has found all the ingredients for the elixir?”

“Ingredients? What are they?”

“The first one is a phoenix feather that I gave him. The second one is a lizard’s eye. The third one is an ant’s heart. He found them all?”

“A lizard’s eye….? What’s an ant’s heart?”

Melissa was stunned by words she had never heard before.

Only then did Laura realize that Melissa didn’t know anything.

“Forget about that. Tell me more about this rumor.”

“I told you everything earlier. He will soon make that potion and accomplish something big.”

“Is that so….”

Disappointed with the flimsy information for a moment, Laura put her chin in her hand and fell into thought.

Duke Tormaite must not have completed the elixir yet.

If he had, the empire would have been in an uproar by now.

Then what should she do?

Laura tapped her cheek with her index finger and looked at the glass bottle lying on the desk.

“I have to see it for myself.”

Laura got up from her seat and quickly crossed the glass garden.

“Madam, where are you going?”

Melissa followed Laura and asked.

“I have to visit Duke Tormaite.”

If she wanted to find out if he had found all three ingredients or if he had really completed the elixir, she had to go there herself.

Laura’s eyes sparkled as she prepared to go out.

* * *

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