He murmured as he lightly lifted her hair and swept his fingertips down her neck.

She was already wearing the necklace hidden by the collar of her top.

His finger traced the outline of the necklace as he tilted his head slightly and coldly looked at the part that his finger touched.

“Can I see what kind of necklace it is?”

“It’s just a pendant.”

That’s right.

What she was already wearing was an amethyst pendant.

A necessary tool for manipulating mana.

Without it, she couldn’t use magic.

But telling him that it was just an insignificant pendant didn’t seem to work, as he exuded coldness.

It was clear that he was very annoyed.

Laura slightly lowered the zipper on her back and took out the pendant.

She raised her gaze with the pendant in both hands.

He looked at Laura and the amethyst pendant alternately.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

“Well, we haven’t attended many parties together.”


“And I have a lot of jewelry.”

“I understand what you’re saying, but it’s strange.”

“What do you mean?”

“Among so many jewels, why did you wear that one? And why hide it under your clothes?”


Laura stiffened as she held the pendant tightly.

The reason why she couldn’t show the pendant outside and had to hide it in her clothes was to avoid being recognized by someone who knew about the existence of this pendant.

The amethyst pendant was like a symbol of Laura Tauler.

The Archduchess Isabella Lucendorf seen wearing such an item?

If someone recognized the pendant, it would be a suspicious situation.

‘Besides, I have to be more careful now. Warren knows best about this pendant, and he’s wandering around.’

But Laura couldn’t tell Killian about all of this.

She rolled her eyes and pondered.

“This is… this is, well…”

As she struggled to answer, his expression became even more suspicious.

“Did Edward…?”

“My father gave it to me!”

“…Your father?”

“Yes! He gave it to me when I was very young. I don’t remember much because I was so young. Hahaha.”

He glanced suspiciously at the pendant.

“I found it by chance while organizing my jewelry recently. I was so happy. He probably gave it to me to use when I became an adult, but I completely forgot about it. So, I will wear it diligently from now on.”

“…So you can’t wear this one.”

He looked at the pink diamond necklace he was holding.

“No, I want to wear it!”

Laura wanted to scream.

Who would dare to refuse such a beautiful and gorgeous necklace?

But she couldn’t take off the amethyst pendant.

Laura shrugged her shoulders and put the pendant back in her clothes.

She was so depressed.

Her heart was aching as she refused the necklace her husband had given her.

As Laura zipped up her dress, she suddenly had a good idea.

“Why don’t I just wear it on top of my clothes?”

Laura reached out her hand, proud of herself.

“Okay then.”

But Killian raised the necklace he was holding up high.

As a result, Laura had to hold her arms up in the air with a pouting expression.

Killian threw the necklace into the box as if he were throwing it away.

Disappointed, Laura looked at the scattered necklace with restless eyes.

“This will do.”

He lifted the earring with a careless touch. The earring looked small in his big hand.

But the pink diamond, which was only as big as a fingernail, was not small at all.

The teardrop-shaped pink diamond hanging under the rose gold chain was dazzlingly beautiful.

“Yes, it’s all good….”

Laura stared at the earring with ecstatic eyes.

The maids next to her also sighed in admiration.

Before he approached Laura, he glanced at her ear to make sure nothing was there. Then he walked slowly.

Laura stood quietly and waited for him to put on the earring.

Finally, his chest stopped right in front of her eyes. Then his warm breath tickled her forehead.

The refreshing forest scent filled the air.


Laura took a deep breath without realizing it.

“Stay still.”

As she kept moving, a sharp voice cut in.

Laura held her breath.

His fingertips grazed against her soft earlobe.

Her hair stood on end.

It tickled, and she wanted to scratch her ear, but she held back.


Does it really take this long to put on one earring?

No matter how long she waited, she didn’t feel the sensation of the earring being put on.

It was just a light touch, as if something was brushing against her ear.

“Can’t you find the hole?”

Seeing his hand wandering around, she thought he couldn’t find the pierced hole in her ear.

“…I know.”

With a gloomy voice, his thumb pressed firmly on the pierced spot.


“Sorry. It’s a verification process.”

She didn’t know what he was verifying, but there was definitely some mischief in his fingertips.

After going through twists and turns, the beautiful earrings were finally hanging on both ears.

“How does it look?”

“It’s beautiful.”

Though his words were blunt, she could tell he was satisfied.

“You look really pretty, madam!”

“You will definitely stand out among the ladies attending today!”

The maids chirped like sparrows.

Laura also looked into the mirror and glimpsed her reflection.

Indeed, the dazzling pink diamond elevated the perfection of the dress she wore today.

“Thank you, honey.”

Through the mirror, Laura’s gaze met Killian’s.

He calmly observed Laura with an expression that revealed nothing of his thoughts.

“You’re going to give me the necklace, too, right?”

With sparkling eyes filled with anticipation, Laura asked.

Of course, she wouldn’t wear the necklace even if she received it, but it’s always nice to have something valuable.

“You don’t need it, do you?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Still, I want to keep it.”

“…Do as you please. It’s yours, wife.”

Killian turned his head to the butler, Simon.

With his gaze, Simon organized the necklace and placed it on the table.

“Now let’s go!”

Laura smiled widely and held onto his arm.


But he just looked down at her silently without moving.


At her call, Killian stood still without a word.

He looked like someone who still had something to do.

“We should leave now so we can arrive on time. Or did something else come up?”

Laura tilted her head in confusion.

Then he frowned slightly and let out a low sigh.

“Everyone, leave.”

He ordered the people in the room with a cold voice.

The maids who were enjoying watching the sweet Archduke suddenly looked very gloomy at the sudden order.

In the blink of an eye, they rushed out of the room.

Laura looked up at him with a nervous gaze as he stared at her intently.

“Do you have something to say to me?”

“I’m going to kiss you, wife.”


Laura’s eyes widened and she covered her gaping mouth with her hand in surprise.

“Lower your hand. It’s getting in the way of the kiss.”


She lowered her hand and closed her eyes.

“You boldly demanded a kiss from me, but then you forget about it when it comes to actually doing it.”

He muttered.

“Well, I never know when you’re going to kiss me. If you had set a time, I wouldn’t have forgotten…”

“Shut up.”

Killian swallowed Laura’s mumbling lips as if pouring out all the patience he had kept until now.

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