Ambrosia is a food that the gods eat along with nectar. Originally, it is said that ambrosia was made from clean water, olive oil, fruit juice, honey, barley, and so on.

Although it is food, it was also used like fragrant oil applied to the body. It was allowed only to humans who received the favor of the gods, and some heroes became as strong as gods by using ambrosia because it healed wounds and made them immortal.

Nectar, which is mentioned with ambrosia, was a drink that the gods drank. Although it was called a drink, it is speculated that it was actually a wine-like alcohol made from red grapes.

The origin of the word ‘nectar’ comes from ‘nec’ meaning death and ‘tar’ meaning to overcome. Nectar became the firewater that the gods drink, as a drink that overcomes death.

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