Chapter 3.7



His p*nis stood upright, displaying prominent veins, fully erect. It was almost frightening, the way it throbbed, spurting pre-c*m into the delicate mouth.


“It’s fully erect now.”




“Now, what should I do?”


Sarah, showing his erect member that stood high, asked as if she was a student who needed to have her homework graded. With it standing like this… he can’t deny it.
“Come closer and spread your legs.”




“Lie down here.”


Felix gestured impatiently toward the table. Judging from his breathing, it seemed like there was no time to make it to the bed.


“On the table?”


“Don’t make me repeat myself.”


Since it was going to be inserted, it didn’t matter doing it on the table or the bed, as long as it fit.


“May I lie down now?”


“Don’t ask for permission for everything. Do as you please.”




Sarah pushed the teapot to one side and obediently climbed onto the table, spreading her legs and placing her arms above her head.


Felix stood up to be able to insert himself immediately. He sat right in front of her on the chair and spread her legs wide.


‘Since it’s right in front of you, you can consume it directly, Your Excellency.’


It seemed like he had already warmed up by sucking. The area between her legs also felt slightly moist from anticipation.


Sarah was fully prepared for Felix’s c*ck to penetrate her deeply in this position.


Since she was lying on the table like this, she hoped it would look like a ‘feast prepared for him’, but…






As expected, reality differed from imagination.


“You want me to undress you?”


Oh no. It was not only because of her position; nothing could be seen beneath the voluminous dress.


“Oh, no, I… “


Sarah fumbled and reached for her skirt. Felix’s composed expression turned impatient. He was annoyed to see that she couldn’t even handle her own clothes properly.


“Let me do it.”


Felix raised her skirt with impatient touch. As the hem of her skirt lifted, a white garter belt and underwear were revealed.


Annoying. She wore so many layers.


Felix roughly stripped off the garments that clung to her thighs. Underneath the damp fabric, a luscious private area was exposed. The swollen folds of flesh revealed a reddish hue. It seemed a bit too tight to force it in haphazardly. It was evident that attempting to forcefully penetrate would only lead to injury, and Felix knew he would be blamed for it.


He licked his lips, considering his options. Well, she was quite demanding. He spread her legs wider and positioned himself in the middle.


“You won’t put it in?”


“Fearless, aren’t you? Already thinking about penetrating?”


“Well, um, that’s why I’m here.”


“You seem desperate to tear it apart.”


Felix gulped down whiskey as if his throat was parched. Then, he wrapped his arms around her smooth legs. Seeing him staying between her thighs without mounting, it appeared that he intended to give her oral pleasure.


Caught off guard by the unexpected turn of events, Sarah tensed up and tightly crossed her legs.


“You don’t have to do this.”


“Shut your mouth.”


“But earlier, you said you didn’t care if I was satisfied…”


“Don’t underestimate me. Do you think I’m doing this just to please you?”


Felix was planning to put his lips on her area but carefully observed her legs instead. Her trembling ankles seemed quite delicate, as if they would snap with just a little force.


His fingertips brushed against the translucent, snow-white skin. It felt as if the blood was pulsating beneath the taut skin, indicating how tense she was.


Resisting the urge to grasp tightly, Felix pressed his lips against her legs. Surprisingly, when his breath touched an unexpected spot, Sarah flinched and her body trembled.


Useless, really. Her slender legs lacked any significant muscle. One might question whether she could even walk in a garden with such insignificant limbs. She would probably pretend to walk for a while and then whine, asking to be carried by a servant.


The man who lifted her would feel the ample, voluptuous br*asts against his back and secretly become aroused. Unaware of that fact, he would continue his actions, taking advantage of her complaints and foolish behavior to satisfy his desires. The behaviour truly resembled Sarah Abbot that it made him chuckle.


Drawing a long trail with his lips, he paused on the inside of her thigh. Between the quivering flesh of her b*ttocks, a moist and enticing groove was revealed. Its red hue made it incredibly tempting.


The space between her thighs trembled, a sign of how tense she was.




Felix gripped her milky-white b*ttocks, parting them confidently, and gave an arrogant command.




Sarah was quite docile. Following his orders, she allowed it to open. Felix, with an arrogant expression, cautiously touched his lips to her private area.


As he put his lips around the cl*toris and gently sucked, the vibrant pink vulva quivered, releasing a viscous fluid.


Damn, why is it so sweet?


The intense sweetness of the fluid, reminiscent of ripe fruit, made his head spin.


He wondered where the sweetness was coming from. Could there be sugar in her stomach? The taste of the sticky fluid on the tip of his tongue was unbearably sweet.


Ah, it was delicious. Why had he not discovered this until now? He wanted to let go of all pretenses and greedily indulge in sucking.


Sliding the cl*toris between his lips and rolling it with the tip of his tongue, he elicited a shuddering response from her trembling opening, releasing more of the sweet liquid. Well, it was quite satisfying to make her moan like that.


Felix, enjoying the sensation of his upper lip being coated with her secretions, continuously licked her sensitive bud, stimulating it without pause.




The intermittent cat-like moans that escaped her were not bad at all. Each time, he pressed the tip of his tongue against her cl*toris as if tormenting her, causing it to throb. She gripped the tablecloth tightly, her waist trembling, as she struggled to endure the intense stimulation.


“Haah, Your Excellency, I’m fine, so please… stop…”


“Do you want me to penetrate you?”




Why was Sarah so impatient even though he was doing such a good thing for her? She kept urging for penetration.


“What’s rushing you? Why are you in such a hurry?”


“Th-That… because of… that.”


“That? Speak clearly so I can understand.”


“I want it.”






“Are you talking about my c*ck?”


Felix purposely asked in a spiteful way. He wanted to hear those dirty words coming out of her tiny lips.


“Yes, Your… Your Excellency…”


“What? Huh? Tell me exactly.” Read ahead here.


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