Chapter 17


“As expected, this wasn’t enough, was it?”

Riven thrust his hips again forcefully. Anserina moaned in response and tilted her head back, shaking her head.

“N-no, it’s not that, ahn!”

“Right. Well. You like it when I go hard on you, Princess.”

Even though she shook her head in denial, a part of Anserina’s heart hesitated.

If she didn’t have feelings for this man’s p*nis, then what did she have feelings for?

She tightened her arms around Riven as the sensitivity of her n*pples, swollen and tender from having a child, rubbed against his body. The pain only heightened her ar*usal.

“Not t-too hard, the b-b*by.”

“Yes, our b*by might get startled.”

Anserina gasped, and Riven responded by thrusting his hips up again. Anserina was conscious of her lower stomach. It hadn’t swollen much yet, but it was big enough now that she could see it without her clothes on.

The father of the b*by inside her is him.

It’s not wrong, but it was wrong for her and for the child. She shouldn’t have had any other feelings for him.

And then.

“Heok, aht!”

Anserina moaned and shuddered with each thrust of Riven’s p*nis into the most sensitive part of her. Her waist rocked faster and faster in response. She bit at Riven’s shoulder blades.

“Hnnngh, hnngh…”

As his thrusting became faster, Anserina’s waist also shook faster in the water. Her body submerged in the warm water, while the parts that were outside felt chilly, making her stomach tickle irresistibly.

“Let’s kiss, Princess.”

With that, Riven grabbed Anserina’s chin, who was biting his shoulder, and pulled her up to kiss him. As he frantically sucked and probed inside her mouth, Anserina, too, sucked on Riven’s tongue without hesitation.

As soon as Riven tightly grabbed and pressed onto Anserina’s round b*ttocks, he ej*culated inside of her. Anserina, as she always did with Riven, squeezed onto him with her whole body. Even after it was over, she didn’t let go of his lips and she was so out of breath that her head felt dizzy.

Riven kissed her for a long time after he ej*culated, barely pulling away. Anserina was dazed, breathing while leaning on his shoulder, panting. Her lust-lidded eyes were telling him that she still needed more kisses, more s*x. Riven smirked, then kissed Anserina lightly on the lips.

“Princess, you have no idea how beautiful you look when we’re having s*x.”

“…Haaa, haa.”

“I keep wanting to f*ck your p*ssy, Princess, and you don’t even realize how much I’m holding back right now.”

Riven kissed Anserina lovingly, clinging to her. He caressed Anserina’s n*pples, which were pressed firmly against his chest, very gently.

“Your n*pples are still erect, Princess.”


“Do you want to do it again?”

He thought Anserina would refuse. He thought she would make an excuse that it was not good for the b*by to do it consecutively.

But instead, Anserina hesitated, avoided Riven’s eyes, and muttered, her eyes conventionally lowered.


Revin smiled broadly and laid Anserina in the bathtub with only her head and chest sticking out.

“I’ll be gentle, don’t worry.”

In the meantime, the p*nis that had ej*culated inside Anserina once was already erect again. Anserina felt her v*gina getting tighter as the p*nis slowly came to life inside her. She looked up at the ceiling and breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that she was not the only one driven by desire.


After another week of eating, sleeping, and having s*x, Anserina suddenly realized the problem at hand.

“I don’t have clothes to wear.”


Riven was surprised and asked in return. Still in her pajamas, Anserina looked serious.

“I have plenty of clothes you prepared for me, but now they’re too tight around my waist and stomach.”

“Aha. Uhm, I’m sorry, I didn’t know much about pregnancy, so I didn’t prepare well.”

“That’s not it, this little guy is growing fast.”

Anserina gently stroked her slightly protruding stomach.

“I’m going to have a hard time giving birth.”

“What a naughty little one. Already causing trouble for his mother.”

“Is that something you should say when you’re the one who gives me a hard time every day?”

Riven couldn’t go a day without making Anserina cry in bed. Riven shrugged and scratched his head in embarrassment at Anserina’s incredulous comment.

“Well, if the mom and dad get along, that’s good, right?”

“…Let’s talk about that later. Anyway, I need a lot of maternity underwear to change into….”

“Then I’ll call someone and get some maternity clothes for you.”

At that, Anserina hesitated and then asked cautiously.

“Can’t I go out?”

“Huh? Why?”

“I haven’t been out since I came here, except when I moved to another building…”

It was almost like voluntary confinement. After having s*x with Riven every day, she had no energy left to leave. Sometimes she couldn’t even lift a spoon. So today, before having s*x in the morning, she brought up the issue.

“Of course, I know it’ll be hard for me to go out. I won’t force you.”

“Uh, no. It’s not really a problem if you go out. No one here recognizes your face.”

“What about your father’s pursuers…?”

“I have sorted that out.”

Riven nodded. Anserina was a little surprised that Riven had found the time to do that, since they were always together.

“You must have been feeling stuffy here. You need to go out for a bit. Let’s go together.”


“You don’t know the area well. And I don’t want to leave you to Sam or one of his men.”

“Why not?”

“It pisses me off when you’re with another man.”

Riven answered simply. Anserina shook her head.

“I don’t mind going with you as long as you’re safe. But it’ll be boring to accompany me shopping…”

“What’s boring about going shopping with you? Let’s see. What should we buy? Clothes and underwear, handkerchiefs, gloves, shoes, a parasol and…”

“That’s too many…”

“And… hmm, hmm. Right.”

“What do you mean? I don’t need that many things. I can just go by myself…”

The moment she said that, Riven’s expression became more serious than ever before. Anserina swallowed her words and remained silent.



“Are you still thinking of leaving?”

Anserina could not answer.

“You know that my body has completely healed now. You’ve seen me n*ked all the time, and the fact that you didn’t leave… means you have a little bit of… just a little bit of affection for me, right?”


“I just need you to like me a little bit, just a little bit. Just stay by my side, and I’ll give you everything I have. But… you still don’t like me?”

A man whose sincerity is difficult to read. A man who doesn’t show his true colors. A man who is frivolous, cunning, and sly.

That man, who was biting his lips, waited for her answer with anxious eyes.

Anserina lowered her head and clenched her fists.

“Do we really have to talk about it?”

“If you don’t want to talk about it now, we don’t have to.”

Unexpectedly, Riven backed away.

“Let’s go shopping instead. The sooner the better. Don’t you think so?”

Anserina nodded, puzzled by Riven’s sudden change of demeanor. As Riven said, she couldn’t wear uncomfortable clothes forever.


“I’m buying it with my own money.”

“You haven’t even exchanged your currency yet. I’ll pay for it. I won’t ask you to pay.”

With that, Riven paid for all of Anserina’s clothing. Not just for now, but also clothes to wear in the future as the season changes.

When they finished purchasing everything, including underwear, handkerchiefs, gloves, shoes, hats, and a parasol, the sun was already tilting towards the center. They had left in the morning, but it was already afternoon. After the servant had loaded everything into the carriage, Riven stroked his chin for a moment, then turned to Anserina.

“Um, would you mind waiting here for a moment? I have somewhere to get to.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll just walk back first.”

“No, no. Just for a moment. I’ll be back soon. You can take a walk or something.”

After saying that, Riven disappeared into the crowd of people on the busy street. Anserina was perplexed for a moment, but didn’t suspect anything and unfolded the parasol they had just bought and looked up at the sky.

It was a clear day. It was such a beautiful day that it made her feel a little awkward, as they had been having s*x all day, regardless of whether it rained or the sun rose in this city.

Anserina looked around her. The main street was bustling with people, young and old alike, some carrying boxes and others pulling carriages.

Next to her was a small downtown park. It wasn’t particularly great, but there were benches on the walking path among the well-cultivated trees, and there was even a small artificial pond. Just as Anserina was about to take a walk over there, someone called out.


Anserina turned around, thinking it was Riven for a moment, but then realized it wasn’t Riven’s voice and gasped. Riven was the only one in the world who called her Princess anymore, and who would recognize her in the middle of the imperial city?

Stopping herself from turning around to look, she was about to climb into the carriage when someone grabbed her wrist. The silk parasol in her hand fell to the floor and rolled around.

“Princess! Are you Princess Anserina?”

“You’ve got the wrong person…”

Anserina said that, but then realized that the voice was familiar and turned around hastily.

Familiar blue eyes, beautiful face with silver hair distorted in confusion. Anserina’s lips moved unconsciously.


“Yes, you are indeed the princess! Oh, I’m so relieved! You’re alive!”

The man, Daniel, had tears in his eyes and tried to embrace Anserina, but she reflexively rejected him.

This man, Daniel Eodin, was the son of a Marquis.

He was the only man who had ever gotten close to Anserina during her time in the Kaitan palace.

And Anserina’s first man.

“What… are you doing here?”

“As you know, the country has been in chaos due to bandits, so I’m ashamed to say that I relied on my maternal relatives. What about you, Princess?”

Then Daniel lowered his voice.

“Have you come to the Empire with His Majesty the King?”

“No, I’m alone.”

Anserina shook her head.

“His Majesty the King would have gone to Mivnos.”

“Then why are you the only one here, Princess?”


At that moment, someone grabbed Daniel’s back and yanked him backwards.

Daniel stumbled from the sudden attack, and with surprising strength, the man threw him to the ground. He then stood in front of Anserina, right where Daniel had been standing earlier. It was Riven.


Anserina tried to greet Riven happily, but then was taken aback by his expression.

It was a look she’d never seen before. A cold, sunken look.


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