Chapter 16


Anserina realized she couldn’t push Riven away, but she couldn’t take her hands off his head.

When she first did it with this man, she couldn’t control her body and ended up giving in like it was her first time. And it still feels the same way now.

Riven’s tongue slowly slid into Anserina’s v*ginal opening and thoroughly sucked inside. She let out a hot, shuddering sigh as something soft and flexible, different from his finger and his p*nis, entered and swirled inside.

“Haa, ah…”

Her n*pples and cl*toris stood erect, her love juices flowing out with a gushing sound from below. She could hear Riven gulping it down and lapping it up greedily, and every time he did, her ears turned red all the way to the tips.

“D-Don’t drink it, it’s embarrassing…”

At that moment, the inside of Anserina’s v*gina contracted strongly. Her v*gina clenched and unclenched, contracting and relaxing again and again, and then with a final squeeze, it tightened all around his tongue.

Only then did Riven remove his mouth from Anserina’s p*ssy and wipe the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand.

“You’re c*mming so beautifully, Princess.”

“Haa, haa…”

Anserina shuddered, too weak to respond, still reeling from the afterglow of her cl*max. Before she knew it, his p*nis was already pressing against her v*gina.

His p*nis slid effortlessly into her v*gina, which was soaked in her juices and saliva. She had accepted it countless times and swallowed it, and each time she felt her lower stomach fill up. This time, it was no different. But before the man’s p*nis could reach deeper inside, Anserina pushed his stomach.

“W-Wait, the b-b*by…”

Riven looked dissatisfied for a moment, but he didn’t insert his p*nis all the way in, leaving about two-thirds of it in.

Then he pulled Anserina’s body into his, stroked her hair gently as he always did, and kissed her cheek.

At that moment, tears welled up in Anserina’s eyes. She knew all too well how this crude man’s body language could melt a woman during s*x. Holding her like this, acting like he was declaring his love for her so much that he would die.

But he would soon find another woman. That realization suddenly disintegrated into her.

“Why are you crying, Princess? Do you like my p*nis that much?”

Riven whispered in her ear and licked her tears away. Anserina sniffled and shook her head.

“Pregnant women are naturally sensitive.”

After saying such a fatuous thing, Anserina stubbornly turned her head away. Riven held Anserina’s cheek and gently turned her face toward him and kissed her again.

“Then I have to do well. As a father.”

“It… It doesn’t matter if you don’t become a father…”

“So you’re going to put up another bastard as the dad? And get f*cked by that bastard?”

Riven’s voice was somewhat rough, but the way he moved his waist was gentle and slow. He knew Anserina’s body inside and out. He knew where she responded most strongly to stimulation, and today, instead of thrusting in and out of that spot, he was taking his time, gently penetrating the entire length of his p*nis.

An uncontrollable stimulus was slowly and smoothly spreading through her body, releasing the tension and causing Anserina to feel relaxed, even as she was having s*x.

“What? Were you trying to get f*cked by another bastard?”

Riven asked persistently, stroking Anserina’s head. When did she do that? Anserina looked at Riven with an eyes that was wrongly accused.

“You’re the one who’s going to f*ck other women after I leave.”

“Not me.”

“You’re the one who asked me for s*x even after your side was torn.”

“Do I have to correct the Princess over and over again?”

Riven grumbled, gently swaying his hips again. Anserina softly moaned.

“Uh, nngh.”

“Princess, your chest has gotten bigger.”

Suddenly saying something irrelevant, Riven gently squeezed Anserina’s chest.

“Even the color of your n*pples is getting darker. It used to be light pink but it has gotten darker.”

“I’m pregnant, so I can’t help it.”

“No, it’s a good thing.”

Riven fiddled with Anserina’s n*pples.

“Don’t f*ck any other bastards, okay? Eat my p*nis for the rest of your life, Princess.”

“Don’t be unreasonable, hnng…!”

“Okay? Please.”

Anserina’s words were cut off by a moan as Riven suddenly raised his hips, his strokes insistent, never penetrating too deeply, just shallow enough.

“Hmm? Let’s live together. Please.”

Riven pleaded as he thrust. The hot pleasure that rose from his p*nis made Anserina feel like her head would melt.

“Please, please.”

Each time Riven’s pleas echoed in her ears, Anserina’s v*gina contracted tightly, squeezing the p*nis that entered her. As her ar*usal built up, Anserina hugged Riven tightly. The habit of embracing the other person when she was reaching cl*max was purely because of Riven, because he always held her close.

The smell of this man’s skin, the feel of this man’s skin, the sound of this man’s voice, his breath, this man, this man.

“I-I think I’m about to c*m, eu, euuut…!”

“C*m to your heart’s content.”

Riven gritted his teeth and said so, hugging Anserina just as tightly.

In the next moment, Anserina tightened around her waist, squeezing downward as she cl*maxed. While inside Anserina, even as he ej*culated, Riven restrained himself from thrusting his p*nis all the way in and exerted all his strength to not press his body against Anserina’s lower abdomen.


He murmured in a low groan and kissed Anserina’s forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks, and chin while keeping his p*nis still inside her. He gently stroked her waist and back until Anserina’s body stopped convulsing with org*sm and relaxed in his arms.

Finally, when Anserina’s entire body relaxed and went limp, Riven carefully withdrew from her and groaned while grabbing her by the side of her waist.



This time, as if feigning sickness, Riven raised his body shakily. However, he immediately removed his hand from her side and chuckled.

“Hey, don’t be fooled.”

“… Does it really hurt?”

Anserina asked in a worried voice.

Anserina’s slender fingers brushed Riven’s sweaty forehead. Riven’s eyelids trembled slightly.

“You’re a strange one. You act dramatic when you’re feigning sickness, but when you’re really sick, you pretend you’re not.”

“…Please don’t be like that. I might not be able to help myself.”

Riven chuckled wistfully. Then he quickly changed his expression and laid Anserina down again.

“Let’s do it again.”

“What? I don’t want to.”

“You didn’t say anything about a limit.”

“It’s not that. You’re hurting.”

Riven looked dazed for a moment. Anserina pushed herself up and forced Riven to lie down.

“Don’t strain yourself.”

“But still…”

If I don’t push myself even when it hurts, won’t you just leave me?

The words never left Riven’s lips, but Anserina had already heard them. Anserina hesitated for a moment, then spoke.

“I won’t leave today.”


“…If I go, it seems like you’ll end up bursting your organs on your sides from pain.”

When Anserina made such a terrible comment nonchalantly, Riven looked a little frightened.

“No, even if I’m in pain, I wouldn’t…”

“I think you would. Anyway, rest today. …I won’t go. For the time being.”

Riven smiled faintly at those words. Anserina’s heart fluttered at the sight of Riven’s innocent smile, which she had never seen before.


“Yes. I’m not leaving.”

“You have to keep your promise.”

“All right, all right.”

It seemed impossible to end her relationship with this man today. Anserina let out a sigh.


More than two weeks have passed since then.

They had changed their accommodation in the meantime, but it was still luxurious and immaculate as ever. And what they did inside was the same as before.

“Your br*asts seem to have gotten bigger, Princess.”

Inside the bathtub filled with water, Riven murmured as he cupped Anserina’s br*asts as she leaned back against his chest.

“They weren’t small to begin with, but they’re bigger than last time.”

“It’s natural since I’ll have to breastfeed the b*by when it’s born.”

Anserina did not care even though she was n*ked and in the bathtub with the man. Riven continued to fiddle with her br*asts.

“Can I drink the princess’s milk too?”

“Are you crazy?”

Anserina was startled, but Riven was persistent.

“I think the princess’s milk would taste good.”

“No, don’t say crazy things. -Ah.”

“Oh, come on.”

“Avoid my n*pples, please. They’re sensitive right now.”

Riven nodded and apologized. But his p*nis had swelled and was now firmly wedged between Anserina’s b*ttocks. Anserina felt it and let out a sigh.

“Why are you always hard like this?”

“Isn’t it strange not to be hard when I’m cuddling the Princess n*ked?”

Riven said brazenly and tapped Anserina’s b*ttocks under the water. It was his signal to do as she was told. Anserina obediently stood up and sat on her knees, facing Riven, and aligned her v*gina with the erect gl*ns in the water.

Without much caressing, her damp v*gina greedily swallowed the large p*nis. Anserina moaned and threw her arms around Riven’s neck, holding him lightly. Riven smiled with his eyes curved.

“You’re also w*t, Princess.”

“It’s because you keep touching me…”

Making an excuse, Anserina slowly moved her waist on top of Riven.

Just as Riven’s body reacted with an erect*on as soon as they embraced each other n*ked, now Anserina’s body would get w*t with just a touch from him. Even though she knew this wasn’t a good idea since they were going to part ways anyway, she kept telling herself just a little longer, just a little longer, just until he was fully healed, and kept making excuses and pushing back the date. And so, Anserina made love to him gently almost every day.

It was no longer about having a child. They had already had one, and the purpose had been achieved. There was no purpose for this s*x anymore.

Truly, it was just a physical act between a man and a woman who would get aroused at the mere sight of each other.



Riven called out to Anserina. With their bodies connected, he was acutely aware of her emotions. Sometimes more so than she herself.

What is this man thinking? About this delay. Unknowingly, Anserina was looking at Riven with longing eyes.

“What’s wrong, Princess? Are you disappointed because I’m not f*cking you hard enough?”

“…It’s nothing.”

F*ck emotional sensitivity, Anserina cursed under her breath, and then Riven lifted her hips. Anserina moaned and gripped Riven’s shoulders harder.

“Then why are you looking at me with such impatient eyes, huh?”

Riven whispered in Anserina’s ear as she leaned against his shoulder. Anserina leaned into Riven and shook her head.


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