Stamina 0/1000
Muscle strength -5/1000
Sensuality 4/1000
Charisma -15/1000
Intelligence 66/1000
Faith 0/1000
Sociability 39/1000
Etiquette 30/1000
Morality 0/1000

Before going to bed, Rosé had a time to check her ability score while holding her pillow.

Although her ability score had increased slightly due to the Duke’s w*t dream panties, the decrease in score due to her job activity was higher.

She didn’t expect an S-Rank, but it would be nice if an A or B-Rank appeared. Her only coworkers were maids so she wasn’t in a position to meet another man.

Elion frowned when he heard Rosé’s long sigh. He was sitting by the bed, applying ointment to her injured calf.

“Did you really get hit on your calf as a punishment?”

Rosé turned her head slightly to look at Elion after closing the status window. His face was really cold, as if he was really angry.

“It’s okay. Actually, the Duke’s hidden f*tish is spanking.”

Elion scoffed as if he knew. By now, Rosé’s curiosity began to creep up again.

What is Elion’s hidden f*tish? If he reacts so much to spanking, he seems to have a very simple taste. Just as she was about to ask, Elion spoke in a dry voice.

“He’s a low-quality man. Consider finding another partner.”

“But he’s an S-Rank, isn’t he?”

In addition, he had a splendid appearance and physique, making him a target that Rosé didn’t want to miss.

Although she couldn’t tell Elion, today’s events weren’t bad either.

She was surprised before getting hit, but after getting hit, it felt good… to some extent.

“I disagree, miss.”

But Elion disagreed.

“Well… SM play is a matter of taste.”

Rosé nodded absentmindedly. It was a sign of respecting his taste, but it seemed that Elion took it as a sign of quitting her job.

Elion applied ointment carefully to Rosé’s calf, and his cold touch made her body tremble without realizing it.


At that moment, Elion’s hand stopped.

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

His voice was stiff after hesitating for a while. After applying the ointment quickly, Elion lowered the hem of Rosé’s chemise.

“It’s getting late, so I’ll leave now.”

Elion, whose ears turned red, left the room. Rosé waved her hand to say goodbye and bit her tongue as soon as the door closed.

‘He’s so innocent.’

It was a pity. But the innocent man turned out to be a huge pervert… lying on the bed, Rosé moaned and thought.

‘It must be……. delicious.’

Hugging her pillow tightly, Rosé closed her eyes like a shrimp and let her imagination run wild.




Rosé overslept and didn’t go down to the dining room until the sun was high in the sky.

But when she reached the stairs, a mouth-watering smell hit her nose. Could it be…?

“Please have a seat, miss.”

Rosé sat down on the chair that Elion pulled out for her and swallowed her saliva. There was a huge meat pie in front of her. It was incredibly big.

“Elion, how did you…?”

Didn’t she say it was difficult to buy meat due to living expenses? Also, you said that it was difficult to even get chicken or eggs due to rising prices.

Elion just smiled without saying a word. In front of the meat pie with a savory smell, he looked like a kind priest.

“Ah, it looks so delicious…”

The steam rose up from the freshly baked pie. The tart crust was crispy and moist with butter, and inside was a whole lot of greasy meat seasoned with salt and pepper.

The sweet and rich smell of milk unique to tarts, the savory flavor of meat, and the freshness of onions finely chopped to reduce greasiness.

“Mmm! It’s so delicious!”

“Please have some soup too, miss.”

Rosé stuffed a mouthful of meat pie into her mouth and swallowed a spoonful of vegetable soup. The flavorful soup went down smoothly as it surrounded the meat pie that could potentially get stuck in her throat.

“Mmm… so good. Ahh…”

If there was a food-eating system that gave you abilities, Rosé would have proposed to Elion without hesitation.

“It seems to suit your taste, I’m glad.”

Elion smiled shyly as he watched Rosé moan with pleasure while swallowing the meat pie. Rosé’s cheeks also turned red.

‘If it was for his cooking, I would have proposed…’

Elion’s face, basked in the morning sun, looked like an angel sent from heaven. If he was wearing a fluttering white robe, he could easily be mistaken for a prince of the Holy Empire. Or maybe a monk.

How could that face be only B-Rank? Rosé’s evaluation of Elion didn’t seem to stop and was soaring high into the sky, perhaps even to SS or SSS grade.

“It seems I’ve done well catching squirrels since dawn.”

Rosé’s jaw, chewing on the meat pie, dropped weakly.


“Embarrassing as it is, I hunted the squirrel myself.”

Rosé swallowed hard instead of spitting it out and stared blankly at the meat pie on her plate.

The shiny brown meat began to resemble a cute squirrel. It seemed to plead with its pitiful tail, asking why it had been eaten.

“Also, I’ve canceled the swordsmanship lessons. It’s better for you to rest.”

Despite Elion’s continued consideration, Rosé was becoming increasingly annoyed. She felt a sudden anger, and no wonder her stomach didn’t feel good.

“Well, thank you. Elion. Ugh.”

“I’ll continue to pay more attention to your meals for your health, miss.”

Rosé pushed the plate with the pie aside and instead ate the vegetable soup aggressively. She couldn’t openly ignore his care, so she had to occasionally fork some of the meat pie as well.

“What’s your schedule for today?”

“I’m going into town and coming back, ugh.”

Rosé replied with a strained smile as she forced down a small piece of tart crust covered in meat grease. She could almost hear the sad cries of the squirrel, and cold sweat dripped down her back.

Elion hesitated for a moment before pouring tea and answering.

“Then please eat all the meat pie so you can have a full stomach.”

In addition to Elion’s words, he added a comment to Rosé, whose eyebrows had risen.

“My little favor for your health, miss.”

Damn it. Where on earth are the efforts for my own well-being.

“Cough… Elion, you’re also a pain.”

Clang! The sound of a fork being roughly poked echoed loudly in the dining room along with the sound of happy laughter.




After declining Elion’s invitation to eat more, citing her shrinking stomach as an excuse, Rosé left the manor on a carriage.

As the carriage moved away from Blue Rock, her pale complexion regained its former healthy color.

She didn’t know what was going to happen at the mansion cursed with the death of a pitiful squirrel. It was fortunate to get away from there right now.

When she arrived in the city, the central square was bustling with people, probably because it was the weekend. There were many shops around the high courthouse clock tower, each with its own unique features.

There were shops selling desserts of various colors made by chefs from Monchen, and there were also pharmacies that displayed patented medicines from Zaln Island.

Some stores advertised that they had the latest product, a parsnip ointment. It was likely to be a medicine developed by the doctors in Room 3. Rosé turned her feet in amazement.

The purpose of going into town was one thing, to buy items. She planned to buy items that would help fill her stats with the remaining visa funds.

But she didn’t expect this situation.

〈SYSTEM〉 You cannot enter ‘Weapon Shop’ because your ‘Strength’ stat is insufficient.
Required stat: Strength 100

〈SYSTEM〉 You cannot enter ‘Clothing Store’ because your ‘Sensuality’ stat is insufficient.
Required stat: Sensuality 100

〈SYSTEM〉 You cannot enter ‘Bookstore’ because your ‘Intelligence’ stat is insufficient.
Required stat: Intelligence 100

〈SYSTEM〉 You cannot enter ‘Pharmacy’ because your ‘Sociability’ stat is insufficient.
Required stat: Sociability 100

〈SYSTEM〉 You cannot enter ‘General Store’ because your ‘Etiquette’ stat is insufficient.
Required stat: Etiquette 100

‘Why do you need etiquette in a general store?’

Even if it’s necessary for other places, why a general store…?

The answer was right in front of her. The general store owner’s arm was as long as a lamppost when he came out to shoo the children away. He was indeed of a physique that made one involuntarily lower their head.



Was it really this empty?


At that moment, a medicine bottle hit her foot and stopped.

Rosé picked up the medicine bottle and looked around, then found a counter in front of a shabby building. Was it an item that fell from up there?

As she placed the medicine bottle on the counter, she examined the building. It was a three-story building, but strangely, the entrance to the ground floor was locked, and only the door leading to the basement was open.

Rosé put her foot on the basement stairs. The system window indicating that she couldn’t enter hadn’t appeared yet.

‘Maybe here.’

Maybe she could go in.

Rosé pulled her lips and went down the stairs. It was dark, so she couldn’t see well, but it was a shabby building, so she thought it was okay. And finally, when she stepped on the last flight of stairs,

〈SYSTEM〉 You have entered the ‘Suspicious Dark Pharmacy.’
〈SYSTEM〉 Your ability values are changed due to outdoor activities.
Morality -10

She didn’t know that her ability values would drop just by entering a store. And on top of that, the store’s name…

“Welcome, guest. You’re the first person to come at this time of day.”

Of course. The name is ‘Dark Pharmacy’…

“Take your time to look around. We have many medicines prepared for passionate guests like you.”

The boy standing behind the counter was mischievous but had a pretty smile. Above his head was a small strategy card.

Pharmacy Boy (B-grade)
Characteristic: Pretty boy. Manufacturing illegal drugs.
Appearance: A cute pretty boy with a small height. Freckles make him look younger than his age.
Genetalia: Right-side positioning. Slightly dark ivory color. Slightly thin build. Average balls. Average output. Right angle. Average stiffness.
Average ej*culation frequency per month: 47 times
P*bic Hair: Average density. Average length. Very light brown. A little thin. Very soft.
Reward: Sociability 4, Etiquette 3
Hidden f*tish: Breeding

‘Breeding, that’s no small thing.’

Rosé tried to calmly turn her gaze to the display case. It looked like nothing but illegal drugs.

A white powder in a bag that was only the size of a finger joint… It was a type of drug that she had seen frequently on the news before she has transmigrated.

No way, right? With a glimmer of hope, she picked up the bag.

Happiness Powder for Nasal Inhalation (Grade F)
A colorless and odorless powder. Snorting it will give you extreme happiness.
Effect: Life +
Durability: 1/1

“Is it true?”

A suspicious dark pharmacy. No, it was just an illegal drug store.

“How about the product next to it, guest? It’s a popular item these days.”

A boy who looked too young to be anything but a schoolboy kindly offered Rosé the product next to the drugs.

As she accepted another bag in the cold air, the product description appeared before her eyes again.

Paper with a Single Drop of an Angel’s Tear (Grade E)
A piece of paper with a small amount of drug applied and dried. Licking it off your tongue will take you to a fantasy world.
Effect: Life +
Durability: 1/1

“Here, we also have large quantities.”

The boy grinned and showed her a product as big as a canvas. Rosé quickly put it down and waved her hands.

“That’s not what I need.”

“Oh, then how about this?”

The boy gave her an ominous smile and led her to another display case in a dimly lit area.

“A lot of young married women come looking for this. It’s very useful when your husband has erectile dysfunction. Take a look.”

3-Second Cl*max (Grade F)
A colorless and odorless l*quid. Drinking it will bring you to cl*max after 3 seconds.
Effect: Life +
Durability: 1/1

What’s the use of an instant result without any process? Rosé shook her head and put the product down.

Then, the desperate boy came back from the corner with a bottle of white powder. It was a half-hearted effort to increase sales.

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