It was the weekend.

Just like last month, Rosé dressed in a uniform and headed to the practice field. But there was a problem.

‘I can’t believe how tight this training uniform is.’

The training uniform Elion had provided was far from the typical knight attire.

It was a black uniform that resembled something from a martial arts novel, supposedly a memento of Lian Mora, as she would later learn. It had been passed down from the sword master who came from the East, or something like that.

Before, Rosé had hastily repaired the cuffs and sleeves, but it didn’t fit her weak chest properly.

But things were different now. The loose uniform felt as if it was going to rip apart, hugging her chest tightly.

“Start running ten laps around the garden!”

At that moment, the master pointed to the distant garden.

Though Rosé felt like her chest would burst with each breath, she knew the determination of her master and had no choice but to run.

Huff… Despite putting her best effort into moving her legs, her speed slowed down because her bouncing chest hindered her. Even worse, sweat flowed down to her sternum, making the uniform damp.

Nevertheless, she managed to complete one lap. But after finishing the ten laps her master had commanded, Rosé became a sweaty mess.

“Haa, haa, Master, please, a break…”

Breathing heavily, Rosé wiped her sweat-drenched forehead with her sleeve. Due to her hunched posture, her fair bosom sagged downward.

Suddenly, the master’s voice disappeared. When she raised her head, she saw him blinking his eyes with a startled expression.


Could it be that she looked dirty because of the sweat? Embarrassed, Rosé wiped the sweat from her forehead with her sleeve.

Then, her cleavage naturally opened up as a result. It seemed like the master’s face turned redder.

‘What the. It’s me who’s done all the running.’

It was already hot, and now the uniform was tightly clinging to her, causing her temperature to rise even more.

Unable to bear it, Rosé unfastened the buttons of her uniform. As her sweat-soaked bare chest became visible, the master coughed uncontrollably.

“Are you okay, Master?”

She started to worry about the master’s condition. In case something was wrong, she approached him, but he propped up his cane and took a step back.

“One more lap!”


“Yes! Where do you think you’re resting!”

The sun was about to set. If it were like the last time, he would have been given a 30-minute break by now, but running another lap!

In defiance of the master, Rosé clenched her fists tightly, and suddenly her eyes widened.


The teacher was an old man with white hair, the kind that came down to his back like a hermit’s. But his hair roots were darkening to violet, and the color was gradually spreading down to where his eyebrows were.

Rosé had missed one important fact while admiring the changing color of his hair. The wrinkles on the teacher’s skin were becoming tighter and tighter.

‘F-F*ck! Get inside, go inside!’

There was a fatal flaw in his transformative technique. When he felt desire, he would revert to his original form for the purpose of procreation.

Since procreation was difficult for an old man with white hair, Muho was in the process of transforming into a young man who could mate with the woman in front of him.

“Teacher, your hair…”

Unable to resist her curiosity, Rosé reached out to touch the end of his hair. Muho had no choice but to use his last resort.

“I-I’m going to the bathroom!”

He couldn’t hold back any longer. His rejuvenated p*nis cried out to be released.

Rosé blankly watched her teacher’s back as he left, feeling both curious and disappointed.

He asked her to bring some chicken on the way back. She regretted missing the chance to say that.





In a hurry, Muho entered the empty stable and leaned against the wall, catching his breath.

The transformation from an old man to a young man happened in an instant.

As he pulled down his pants, his p*nis immediately stood at attention. Even now, it was about to burst with the urge to release its contents.

It had been years since he had felt such an erect*on. It must have been close to 200 years.

“Damn it. Why did it have to grow this much?”

He had heard from Elion that his student had visited Zaln Island, but he hadn’t expected her to change this drastically.

When I first saw the disciple, my heart was taken aback. Not just a pretty face, but her frail body was so obvious that one would believe she was a weak man even without it being said.

But now. Now. Dammit!

“Ah, my hands slipped. Haah…”

Anyway, just looking at it now, it had become so huge that it seemed like pre-c*m was pouring out. It had not only grown, but it was a br*ast that felt fluffy and soft when touched.

Swearing by it, it was the first time in Muho’s life to see such beautifully shaped br*asts. Even during his wild days, he had never seen br*asts as plump and jiggly as a disciple’s.

Muho, who had boasted that he had never lived like those black bastards before, didn’t have the confidence to not tease himself with those br*asts today.

His swollen c*ck adhered tightly to his lower abdomen with pre-c*m. Clear l*quid sprayed out through the cracked crevice.

Pre-c*m traced the ridge of the gl*ns muscle, reaching the p*bic hair. The entangled hairs looked dirty, like dough mixed with stickiness.

“Hah, hah…”

Muho grasped his erect*on as he would during intercourse. His passion-blurred eyes longed for someone.

The memory of his disciple’s chest, which used to sway powerfully with each leap, remained like an afterimage. The massive lump of flesh, too large to fit in his hand, constantly haunted him.

“F*ck, I want to…!”

Even though he spat curses, his m*mber craved to enter the cleavage between the br*asts.

I want to ram my long c*ck into her tight, straight sternum and shake it until I c*m. I want to make her lick my gl*ns with her tongue and end up spraying c*m all over her face.

She was nothing more than a useless body that heaves and pants during training, with barely any muscles. It would be better to take her to a cave, use her as a s*men receptacle.

After playing with her for about a hundred years…


Muho struck the wall with his fist. Did he come to this beastly world just to have s*x with one human woman? He felt pathetic and grew frustrated.

Apart from his old student’s request, the only reason he had decided to get involved in this world was to finish the war against the demons that had been going so slowly.

But now, he was in such heat…

“F*ck, ugh… Haah… Clumsy!”

For a moment, Muho gripped his pillar tightly. His erect c*ck quivered like a wriggling creature. Despite the d*sgusting feeling, his lower region grew larger for the sake of mating.

It was already dripping with a thin stream of water, so I guess I was halfway to c*m. My sperm-filled t*sticles swelled to an uncomfortable size.

Originally, the natural sequence would have been to keep ram it into her p*ssy and inflate the br*ast by hitting it as it was. But now, I have no choice but to squeeze them with both hands and try to induce ej*culation.

“Oh, oh… F*ck it.”

As ej*culation approached, Muho imagined something he shouldn’t have in his mind.

He wanted to strike that huge br*ast with his p*nis. He wanted to suck it until the n*pple became sore and then chew it slowly, piece by piece.

Since the v*gina of a human woman is usually so tight that even a fist wouldn’t fit, it might be better to tear it slightly.

Anyway, since there are healing properties in the divine creature’s genital fl*ids, it is inevitable that one would gain weight during copulation. Then, she would cry and beg again under the burden of his swollen p*nis.

F*ck. The corners of Muho’s mouth rose along with the sensation of ej*culation.

“Haah, haah, kkuhh!”

As he pulled up the foreskin, a milky stream spurted from the urethra. Multiple globules of s*men were ej*culated in succession, six times.

His whole body was drenched in sweat. His hands, which had been squeezing out the s*men, were no exception.

Feeling relieved that it was all over, Muho smiled and let out a deep sigh when he noticed the wall coated with his c*m. Suddenly, he became aware of reality and a solemn yet desolate feeling rushed over him.

‘Come to think of it…… that guy’s barrier seemed to have been broken a bit…….’

A master who should be worried about his disciple is m*sturbating in the stable.

Muho felt his dignity as a tiger shatter in an instant and fell into self-loathing.

“Master! Are you alright?”

At that moment, a concerned voice was heard from outside the stable.

Muho quickly pulled up his pants and returned to the appearance of an old man.

His cr*tch was damp. In this state, he had no choice but to open up to suppress any suspicion of urinary incontinence.

“Master… Ah! Master, are you okay?”

“Kkuhm. You imbecile.”

Muho casually waved his cane and made way. Though there were people, or rather, beasts, who lacked wits, Muho silently moved forward.

‘Hey. You ate something delicious alone again.’

Rosé, who was standing behind, clicked her tongue inwardly. A sweet fragrance wafted from the master who had just come out of the stable.

It would be unlikely for food to suddenly appear in a place where there was nothing but hay, so he must have secretly eaten the snacks she had brought. This was the same master who had eaten and drunk all alone under the gazebo before.

‘Is it honey wine today.’

Seeing the honey fragrance wafting in the stable, she wondered if he had brought it. The continued scent made her feel intoxicated.

She felt resentful that he had eaten that delicious thing all by himself.




Training continued even on Sundays. She didn’t want to exhaust herself too much since tomorrow was a workday, but the master would not allow it.

Sit-ups, squats, push-ups, running. After completing the grueling course and returning, Elion handed Rosé a chicken soup.

This soup, made by mixing milk and strawberries for added sweetness, was a special nourishing tonic prepared by Elion to enhance Rosé’s physical strength.


She tried swallowing it, but she immediately felt nauseated. It had a strange taste of both chicken and spoiled milk. Moreover, the sweetness from the strawberries made her stomach churn.

After finishing it all, the unpleasant taste rose up through her throat. Ugh! Ugh! Elion watched Rosé retching with a sense of satisfaction.

“I’m glad to see you becoming stronger.”

Elion smiled as if mistaking Rosé’s desperate struggle for vigor. Rosé glared at him and made an effort to hold back her retching.

“By the way… What about the master?”

The master, who was there just an hour ago, was nowhere to be found in the training area. As Rosé looked around and scanned the neatly trimmed lawn, Elion cleared his throat a few times before speaking.

“He went to the restroom for a moment. He’ll be back soon.”

“Is he not feeling well since yesterday…?”

Although she had felt bitter because he had eaten alone the day before, it seemed pitiful to see him constantly going back and forth to the restroom so many times a day.

In the morning, he had helped with her sit-ups, but suddenly his face turned pale and had to go to the restroom. He also had a severe cough.

“He’ll be fine. Don’t worry too much.”

For a moment, it seemed as if Elion’s mouth twitched. Well, if Elion said he was fine, then he must be.

“Actually, I have a favor to ask you.”

Rosé’s body flinched as she bent her knees to lie down on the grass.

The word ‘request’ was an ominous one. Elion, who took care of various menial tasks from being a gardener to mining minerals, was asking for a favor.

Rosé, feeling guilty as he even provided her meals, scratched her forehead while getting up.

“A request?”

Elion’s violet eyes shimmered intensely, almost like the sunset reflected in the water. Indeed, it was a foreboding request.

“I heard a rumor that mushrooms are growing in the Kunalki Estate. If it’s not too much trouble, could you retrieve them, Miss?”


“Yes, I want to try making ketchup1A/N: ketchup was made from mushrooms in Europe in the late 18th century with them. I would go myself, but I have to go to the construction site in the afternoon… I apologize.”

Rosé recalled the recipe book that Elion used to look at in the kitchen. It contained all sorts of bizarre cooking methods that a modern person would find incomprehensible, but surprisingly, the dishes tasted quite good.

Mushroom ketchup… I wonder how it differs from tomato ketchup?

“Do you think it’ll be difficult, Miss?”

“No, it’s fine. Since Elion is busy, it’s better if I go.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

Elion often took on multiple side jobs in a day, so it would be difficult for him to gather the ingredients himself. Furthermore, the cost of living had been tight lately, making it challenging to buy ingredients at the market.

But Rosé couldn’t help but feel uneasy about accepting the favor without hesitation.

“But Elion, I still have some training left…”

“Oh, I apologize. By the way, a little while ago, that person said the next training is to climb a tree and stay in a wing pose for one hour…”

“But if Elion requests it, I have to go! I can come back quickly!”

Rosé shouted at Elion with determined eyes. Good heavens. If she climbed a tree and stayed in that pose, the minimum outcome would be a concussion, and the maximum would be death. That’s absolutely impossible! It’s insane!

“Are you really okay?”

“Of course! Who are you asking!”

“Thank you, Miss.”

Elion bowed his head to Rosé, who was shaking her head as if it was dizzying. The corners of Elion’s mouth, as he looked at the ground, slightly curved upwards.

It was a feverish smile that Rosé couldn’t even imagine.

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    A/N: ketchup was made from mushrooms in Europe in the late 18th century
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