Chapter 3 Part 1



The rumors spread through the servants at the ducal residence faster than Leona had anticipated. It was fueled by the unfortunate incident involving Marquis Ashed, which piqued people’s curiosity.

The rumors spread uncontrollably. It even went so far as to say that Leona had been in love with the Marquis Ashed for some time and had deliberately spilled tea on him, but Leona remained silent.

Mary was fuming with anger. She insisted that Leona should immediately persuade Marquis Ashed and clarify that there was nothing going on between them. However, Leona just smiled and brushed off her concerns. She could only hope that the rumors didn’t travel too far down to the provinces, lest she receive a messenger from the Emperor asking her to come down to the Summer Palace.

To prevent the rumors from spreading further, Leona decided to visit the ducal residence every day.

Although Mary was anxious about the more frequent visits, she couldn’t do anything about it since her mistress, Leona, had made up her mind. With a resigned attitude, Mary tried to focus on the cookies and novels provided in the servants’ waiting room.

* * *

Leona’s raised b*ttocks trembled with tension. Ashed’s long and graceful fingers were slowly gliding along her back, following her spine. As she lay over the chair without a backrest, holding herself up only by her b*ttocks, her bre*sts swayed every time she squirmed.

Ashed gently massaged her bre*sts and traced his fingers along her back, even reaching between her b*ttocks to feel her reaction.


Leona could only tremble and endure it.

Now that they had arrived in the drawing room of the mansion, she undressed as if it were only natural. Following Ashed’s instructions, she took off even her underwear and assumed the position he directed, experiencing pl*asure from his touch.

Aangngh… Ash! Ahh…”

His approaching fingers parted Leona’s petals, revealing her swollen core. Her body, already familiar with pl*asure, involuntarily released lewd fl*ids. As if he had been waiting for it, Ashed lowered his head and licked the l*quid sensually.

Aah…, ah…”

Blushing with embarrassment, Leona let out moans. Would it happen today?

Even though more than ten days had passed since Ashed began touching her, they never went all the way. The original purpose of arousing Ashed and dispelling his fear of women was gradually fading away.

Every time, only Leona would undress completely, while Ashed never took off more than his shirt, making it difficult to tell whether he was getting aroused or not. Occasionally, she noticed a bulge over his pants, but Ashed never explicitly mentioned anything about it.

Ashed, who had melted Leona with his nimble tongue, pushed his fingers into her. As he gently licked and explored her innermost parts, Leona’s face turned red.

AhAang… Doing that at the same time, hngh…!”

His lips skillfully moved, teasing her sensitive petals with his tongue, and the stimulation Leona felt was intense. Given the lewd stimulation she had received every day, it was only natural for her to be extra sensitive.

“Please spread your legs a bit wider, Leona.”

With his hot, whispered voice, Leona trembled and spread her knees wider. The lips that had been licking her slick petals now swallowed them more smoothly, as if she was going to melt there.

Mmm…! Ahtaaah…!”

The inserted finger didn’t move much either. It was lazily probing, enjoying Leona’s tightness, as if it were checking to see how she was feeling.

Leona had noticed his teasing all along, but she couldn’t help but tighten around Ashed’s fingers.

HnnghnghAhaaht, Ash. Nnngh…!”

From Leona’s reaction of pulling away in surprise, Ashed realized that she was on the verge of cl*max. While other women might press their bodies harder to seek greater stimulation during cl*max, Leona, still somewhat innocent, tended to avoid the peak of pl*asure.

‘Where are you going?’

With a smile, Ashed sucked Leona’s petals. As he swirled his tongue around her flower bud, Leona’s body arched, reaching the cl*max.


As Leona collapsed onto the chair, Ashed swept his lustful gaze over her. Though she must have become more sensitive after reaching the cl*max, that only drove him to push further. He knew that if he stimulated Lenoa at this point, she would lose her senses and be consumed by pl*asure.

Ah. Ash…”

Leona panicked as Ash’s touch forced her to lift her hips once more. He placed his hand on her slim waist, and with two fingers, he gently probed into her side.


The petals were being sucked, and she was melting softly, but she was far from being completely undone. Despite squirming under the pressure and trying to escape, she couldn’t break free from his firm hold.

“Mine is much bigger than this. I’m not fully recovered yet, but if Your Highness tightens like this, I might ej*culate easily.”

Whispering, Ashed slowly withdrew his fingers and then pushed them back in. Leona gasped and focused on Ashed’s fingers.

Nngh…, aang…”

“I’ve never ej*culated inside a woman before. In that sense, you’ll become my first woman, Your Highness.”

As Ashed spoke, he began to move his fingers faster and faster. The w*t fingers, covered in love fl*ids, gently stroked her insides, creating a w*t squishing sound. With the friction between mucous membranes, Leona couldn’t help but blush from the explicit pl*asure that engulfed her.

Hnnghahng! Too fast…! HaaaAhh!”

“You seem to be tightening a lot.”

Whispering in a lustful voice, Ashed thrust his finger in furiously.

Squelch! Leona let out a cry that could have been a scream or a moan, as she writhed and squirmed in response to the thrusting.

Before she knew it, his fingers had increased to three, delving and teasing inside her. Skillfully twisting his wrist and stirring her insides, he made her vision go white from the pl*asure.

‘Now, for the first…’

He had heard from the butler how long it took Mary to finish a book. Aligning with Mary’s patterns was ridiculous, but it allowed him ample time to covet Leona without arousing her suspicions. Mary mustn’t find out about Leona’s relationship with him yet.


Leona moaned, drooling, as the thrusting started again. Her sensitive body was gradually changing to fit perfectly with Ashed’s taste.

* * *

The lewd sounds of saliva mixing spread throughout the quiet drawing room. Leona looked up at Ashed with a gasp, her eyes hazy.

Eight climaxes were all her body could bear. Afterward, Ashed held Leona on his lap, caressing her while kissing.

‘But if my lips swell again, Mary will suspect…’

However, Leona didn’t have the courage to refuse Ashed’s kisses. She hadn’t even confessed her feelings for him yet. She intended to reveal everything when Ashed truly became her man someday.



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