The next morning, Elion, who came down to prepare breakfast, unexpectedly ran into a shadowy figure. It was Rosé.


“I got up early. Elion.”

“Yes, I did too, to prepare breakfast… but you…”

“Oh, me? I’m checking my stats.”

Come to think of it, she had a notebook and pen in her hand. Elion’s eyebrows rose at the sight of her writing something down for the first time.

“Did I surprise you by getting up early? I have to go out at 8 o’clock. I’m going back to being a maid from today.”

“Are you starting work already?”

“The pay is low, but I’m used to it now.”

Rosé, who replied like that, looked back and forth between the system window and the notebook while humming a tune. Elion momentarily lost his words at the sight of Rosé’s bright face.

She had been crying all night until dawn. But the Rosé in front of her looked no different from usual. No, she seemed to be overflowing with more energy than usual.

“Did the communication end well last night?”

“The communication.”

Rosé smiled and spoke softly. Elion couldn’t say anything again.

“At work, they said they couldn’t help me. So, starting today, I’m going to do my best.”

Shrugging her shoulders, Rosé spoke as if it was nothing. But the trembling fingertips represented the emotions she was hiding.

“So you checked your stats.”

“Yes, because I need to become a hero quickly and climb up the tower.”

Elion couldn’t meet her gaze. Unconsciously, his eyes went down to the ground. His chest felt tight for some reason.

“You don’t have to prepare a meal. I just had some bread and milk.”

Rosé grinned and pointed to the empty plate and glass. Out of consideration for him, she had wandered around the kitchen and found bread and milk.

Before Elion could say anything, Rosé got up from her seat. She didn’t want to burden him.

“Well, I’m going to exercise in the morning. My teacher told me to run around the garden ten times every day.”

Stretching, Rosé walked out without looking back.

Elion finally went to the table and looked at the plate she had pointed to. The bread was so hard that even the crumbs felt like bricks.

It was just one meal, so why did he care so much? His hand holding the plate trembled.




She became a lowly maid. Again.

Rosé looked up at the magnificent duke’s mansion and clenched her fists. Giving up on what had already happened and crying was over as of yesterday.

She was going to become a hero and return to her original world. But first…

‘An S-class target.’

“I thought you gave up because it was too hard, but you came back?”

The head maid, Ciela, snickered as she spoke. Unlike before, Rosé greeted her without hesitation.

“Yes, I will work hard to do my best!”

“Okay. Let’s see how long you can hold on for.”

Although she said that, Ciela seemed pleased with Rosé’s enthusiasm. She knew that Rosé had not been lazy during the past month as a servant.

“Change into a maid uniform and go to the kitchen. You’ll be given work there.”

“Thank you, Head Maid Ciela!”

Rosé changed into a maid uniform and headed to the kitchen in the annex. But as she arrived, her fellow maids’ eyes all gathered on her chest, making her scared to go to work. They couldn’t help but stare and mutter in envy and admiration as her br*asts were now much larger than before.

Every step she took, her br*asts swayed up and down.

Her blouse, which had been dragged down by the bulk of her br*asts, showed every inch of flesh. If it had gone any lower, her n*pples would have been visible.

Sighs of envy and lust erupted around the kitchen, and she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for herself.

She tried to pull it up as much as she could, but her br*asts fell out and her blouse slid down. Rosé groaned inwardly.

‘I didn’t think of the size.’

She’d forgotten that the maid’s dress had been tailored to fit her previous bust. The blouse, unable to cope with the extra bulk, was becoming increasingly damp.

If it was made of bad fabric, it would have torn already. No, it was already on the verge of tearing…….

“What’s all the fuss about!”

Kellen, who pushed through the crowd, exclaimed. It was a rumbling noise, and when she came closer, she saw the enlarged chest of the newcomer right before her eyes.

Oh, my goodness. In shock, Kellen covered her mouth with a handkerchief.

“I’ve gained too much weight, haven’t I? I must have eaten too well during my break….”

Weight? No, these rich and voluptuous br*asts were not because of gaining weight. Instead, they seemed closer to the will of the gods, vanished from the empire.

Kellen’s eyes sparkled as if admiring them. Truly, they were divine br*asts.

Not only fitting into one hand, they seemed to overflow, with a texture so white and soft, as if just born.

Since then, a calculator began to spin inside Kellen’s head.

‘It’s the kind of chest they’re looking for in the Imperial Palace. If it’s the right one, they say you’ll receive a hefty reward.’

It had happened three months ago when Kellen, on vacation in Monchen, came across this official announcement posted on the central square bulletin board.

⟨Imperial Palace News⟩ Seeking Individuals:

Looking for a woman to assist in the care of the First Princess.

If you are a woman known for having a large chest or know someone who fits this description, please contact us.

The selection process will be personally conducted by Her Highness the Princess, and the chosen candidate will reside in the palace for one month.

Compensation: 100 Phondo

Support Center: 1st floor, 3rd division of civil affairs in the central agency.

If there was anyone in the empire who didn’t know about the princess’s incurable disease, they were few and far between.

The beginning of that misfortune traces back to the first birthday of the First Princess, 19 years ago.

At that time, the First Princess was the first child of the empress, who had captured the emperor’s love, and he was in an exceedingly jubilant state on her first birthday.

Thus, without discriminating between commoners and nobles, he opened the palace gates to everyone, and the palace was filled with people celebrating the birth of the First Princess.

Among them was Kellen, who came from the capital. At the age of 16, she was a mischievous little troublemaker, unable to contain her excitement while darting around the splendid banquet hall.

But then, in an instant, a gust of wind blew through the open doors of the banquet hall.

The sky, which was clear, became covered with dark clouds, and lightning struck down.

When the chandelier candles flickered and went out, everyone, including Kellen, realized that danger had engulfed them.

Things didn’t go well afterward. The guards were only second-class, and unfortunately, the knights guarding them were absent from the gathering.

The Emperor intentionally excluded them because he feared the tainted blood of the demons would reach the First Princess.

Kellen vividly remembered the Princess who was swallowed by the demon that day. Its face was human, but its hair was a strange creature resembling a snake.

No one could save the Princess because, at the sight of that demon, their bodies froze like stone. With time passing, the barrier disappeared, but the Princess was no longer the same as before.

Rumors have it that her body has become grotesque like a monster’s exoskeleton. She wonder if there’s any truth to this baseless gossip. Some of Kellan’s close servants said that the First Princess never takes baths or changes clothes.

Even if she does take a bath, she insists on going alone.

Kellan firmly believed that the First Princess must have contracted a dreadful skin disease from her encounter with the demon that day.

It was somewhat surprising to hear that they needed someone with a big chest, but there must be some special reason behind it.

‘I should report this to the capital.’

Kellen’s expression changed at the thought of winning a prize.

“You look healthy and great, Rosé. Just follow the recipe without peeling the onions today.”

“Than… what? Follow the recipe?”

“It’s not difficult. Just mix the ingredients as I teach you.”

Rosé scratched her cheek, a puzzled smile on her face. It was good to escape from peeling onions, but for some reason, Kellen’s gaze at her seemed ominous.

Meanwhile, the commotion around the dramatic personnel change grew louder. Everyone was speechless! Finally, under Kellen’s intimidating stare, they all lowered their heads and returned to their positions.

Looking back at Rosé again, Kellen smiled brightly. Rosé responded with a bashful smile.

‘I guess I shouldn’t have said that…….’

Rosé couldn’t imagine having the same thought again in the future.




“Oh, my God, look at me!”

It was noon when Kellen, kneading bread dough, widened her eyes and shouted.

Rosé, who was quietly organizing the salt container next to her, asked,

“What’s the matter?”

Kellen often acted clumsier than she looked. Wondering what could be wrong today, she listened carefully as Kellen hurriedly took off her apron.

“I completely forgot we needed honey for the chef! He might be coming too!”

Today was the annual ingredient evaluation day, and among the items up for evaluation was the honey Kellen had been sourcing since last year.

If she received a good evaluation, her salary would skyrocket. It was an opportunity she couldn’t afford to miss.

But for that to happen…

“I can’t go like this.”

Kellen sighed deeply as she looked down at her maid uniform, all messy from the flour.

The problem was how to take Rosé to the capital. She completely forgot that today is the day of the review.

“Should I get some new clothes? If we rush to the lounge now…”

“That would take another 30 minutes. It’s about to start.”

The review started during the break before the evening preparations. If she changes clothes and go, her turn might already be over.

After much contemplation, Kellen turned to Rosé. Rosé, who didn’t know anything, blinked her big eyes.

“Rosé, let me ask you for one favor.”

Clang. A copper key fell into Rosé’s palm. Kellen held her hand as if telling her to hold onto it and spoke.

“Bring the honey to the pantry for me.”

But the pantry was in the main area, and Rosé, a lowly maid, couldn’t enter freely.

Kellen reassured her and looked at Rosé with wide-open eyes.

“I can handle it. It’s just for a day, so no big deal.”

“Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Yeah, sure! I’ll guarantee it. You’re leaving, right?”

Kellen headed somewhere and came back from behind with a honey jar with only a few ostrich eggs.

‘Damn it, this is crazy…!’

“This is for you, Rosé.”

Rosé received the honey jar with both hands. It was as heavy as its size.

Kellen reluctantly pushed Rosé, hugging the honey jar, out of the room.

There’s now about 30 minutes left. She should make it to the main dining room in that time.

Kellen started running towards Rosé outside the door, waving her hand.

“Right, you need to use the back door, not the main entrance! Rosé!”

Responding to her urgent voice, Rosé started running even faster.

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