As a result of last night, Rosé gained a large amount of s*men and ability points. Moreover, that was not the only thing she gained.

“I sent compensation to Miss Mora from Room 3. Here, it’s 50 sillaa.”

Adding the compensation of 50 silla to her salary of 150 sila, Rosé was able to earn 200 silla in just five days. She swallowed hard and put the 200 silla in her red travel bag. With this, she could communicate with the company.

“Your n*pples have settled down a lot, and your br*ast size has developed well in proportion to your body balance. With this, the experiment is over. Miss Mora, you’ve worked hard.”

Dain didn’t bother to tell Rosé that he had mixed up the experimental drugs.

The giant rose extract was disposed of last night due to his improper storage method. Although his research had failed, he didn’t want to cause unnecessary worry by revealing the truth.

He smiled and asked Rosé for a handshake.

“Thank you. Mr. Hindley.”

Rosé accepted Dain’s handshake. The first experimental subject’s work was successful in its own way.

She had been worried about getting pregnant during the experiment, but later learned from Dain’s explanation that he was infertile.

“That’s why he bought that expensive birth control option.”

89% of the R-rated reverse harem novel’s readers buy the ‘Don’t think about the outcome of that pill’ option, which costs 3 billion won. With this option, the protagonist won’t get pregnant for the amount of time set by the creator without any additional contraceptive devices.

But now that was not something Rosé had to worry about. As long as she could connect with the company, they would help her return.

“Miss Mora, are you okay?”

Dain called out to Rosé with concern as she was lost in thought for a moment.

His eyebrows, which had been pressed against her so fiercely the day before, looked so desperate that she couldn’t think of him as the man he was.

“Um. It’s time for the boat to come in, and I’d better get going, Mr. Hindley.”

It was when Rosé stood up with a blunt expression. Dain, who had been sitting in the examination chair all this time, grabbed her wrist.

“Ms Mora, no, Miss Rosé.”

Dain, who calmed down his tension and softened his voice, spoke.

“Would you like to be friends with me?”

He bowed his head deeply in embarrassment. The nape of his neck, slightly exposed, was red.

Rosé chewed on his words. Friend? Ah, could it be what Elion said…

— When you have your first night with the target of your conquest, it will develop into ‘friendship.’

“I hope we can be friends who occasionally ask about each other’s well-being and have meals together, Ms Rosé. Come play in Zaln Island when you have time. At that time, don’t come as a test subject… Ah, of course, you can come as an experimental subject, but… I mean, as a friend who is my experimental subject, ha… damn it.”

He groaned at his own foolishness, messing up his hair. When he practiced in front of the mirror this morning, he was definitely cool, so why was he crumbling in front of the person concerned?

In fact, he wanted to say something more dignified. But Rosé was a lady living in Bistiman and he was a hired employee in Zaln Island. That’s why he ended up saying things like this.

“If you come again, I will double your salary.”

〈SYSTEM〉 Congratulations! You have received your first promotion in the job category ‘Test Subject.’
The title ‘Test Subject’ will be changed to ‘Test Subject Embodied.’
The salary will increase by 2 times in all experiments supported from now on.

“I got it, Mr. Hindley. Now, this is…”

But Rosé didn’t feel much about the promotion.

She would leave this harmful material of possession and return home. The debt she inherited, becoming a hero, and everything else would end today.

“So, will you be my friend?”

Rosé nodded dryly. Dain, who had been relieved, smiled broadly.

“Then call me Dain next time we meet.”

Rosé lost her words at his bright face. She didn’t realize it because of the bangs that invaded his eyebrows, but he was really handsome.

S-class, yes, but also S-class handsome. He had an unrivaled beauty like that of the Duke she had never stopped admiring. Compared to the war hero, he had a slimmer face, but still a beautiful one.

“Ah… I got it. Dain.”

“Thank you, Rosé.”

“At the moment they faced each other, a new phrase was engraved in the character screen.

Dain Hindley (S-Rank)
Relationship: Friend


Rosé returned to Blue Rock after suffering from seasickness for a full five hours. But the house inside was not in good shape.

Dust on the furniture, a table with food that wasn’t cleared, and chairs and candlesticks that were somehow scattered around.

What happened while I was gone?

“Have you arrived, Miss?”

Elion, covered in charcoal all over his body, came down from the second floor with a thud. He looked tired, wearing blue work clothes and a miner’s hat instead of his usual black suit.

There was an unknown red l*quid scattered on his chest, which looked like blood at first glance. But Rosé concluded that he had probably painted it.

“Elion, did you come from somewhere else to work?”

From being a miner to painting, what are Elion’s limits? She felt both sorry and respectful as a colleague.

Elion checked his work clothes belatedly at Rosé’s question and frowned. He looked puzzled.

“Oh, yes. I had an urgent matter while you were out… I’m sorry. I was careless about the mansion work.”

Elion couldn’t look up for a while. But Rosé felt grateful that he didn’t run away. He was the only servant working in this large castle, after all.

“Thank you for understanding, Miss.”

Elion smiled and raised his head. He always felt this way, but he had a face that looked elegant beyond this old mansion.

If someone saw him, they would believe he was a prince who lived somewhere. In fact, isn’t he prettier than that handsome Duke in terms of looks alone?

Ahem. Rosé finished admiring his beauty for the day and cleared her throat loudly.

“Elion. I’m sorry to bother you while you’re busy, but could you connect me to the communication?”

Rustle rustle. Silver coins came out of her bag. She took out 170 silas generously and handed them to him.

“Is this enough for the fee? We’ll do it over the phone. We’ll talk in person.”

Rosé’s mouth curled up at the thought of asking the company for help.

Elion looked momentarily stunned by the amount she handed him, then said, “Ah.”

“I understand. But I have to request a communication device for you. If you go rest in your room, I’ll prepare it.”

“Oh, right! Take your time, Elion.”

“Thank you, Miss.”

After cheerfully finishing what she had to say, Rosé brushed past Elion and went up the stairs.

Elion watched her back for a moment before slowly descending the stairs. He let out a sigh between his stiff lips after the sound of her footsteps had faded away.

He had almost been caught.

“Damn it.”

As he wiped the bloodstains off his clothes, Elion ruffled his hair roughly. What was the point of cleaning? He hadn’t even noticed the bloodstains on his clothes.

It was all because of the sudden appearance of the boundary that could penetrate Asker’s sword. Could there be any foolish demons who would break through it and come in?

“I’m getting old too.”

Sitting on the last step, Elion lamented. It was a ridiculous situation. He could do laundry or work in the garden, but he was creaking in the one thing he did well.

But this kind of life would soon come to an end. If that woman filled up her stats, then he would…

〈SYSTEM〉 The ‘stats’ of the foster child have changed.
〈SYSTEM〉 Completed quest ‘Blue Rock Gate.’ Please check your rewards.
〈SYSTEM〉 The foster child has requested ‘communication.’ Will you accept?
〈SYSTEM〉 Additional income has been generated from the job group ‘Miner.’ Please check your rewards.
〈SYSTEM〉 The free will of the foster child has been set to 100%. To end the automatic nurturing system, please target the foster child.
〈SYSTEM〉 Please complete quest ‘Last Salvation.’

His only goal was to see the ending of this damn game.

So he could leave his role as a ‘player’ and return to a quiet life.

Three years until the end of the game. He had to raise Rosé Mora, who had been selected as his foster child in that time.

It was when the veins on Elion’s fists flared up. A new notification appeared on several system windows that he couldn’t close because he was attacking the boundary.

〈SYSTEM〉 Asker’s sword has detected magic. Displaying gate information.
Appearance location: Kunalki Estate, northwestern Bistiman
Expected grade: C (mutation)

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