I lost my mind again.


Even though she knew she shouldn’t be doing this again, Wooyoung had her hands wrapped around Jang Tae Jin’s head buried between her legs, letting out loud moans.


“Ahhh. Tae Jin, please, stop.”


Lifting his lips, which were glistening with lust, he sent her a greedy gaze.


“Just feel it.”


“I feel like I’m going to…”


“Go. I want to see you squirm.”


“You pervert.”




Even that faintly wicked smile is so captivating.


Wooyoung couldn’t resist the focused caresses on her cl*toris any longer and released ar*usal-filled l*quid. His face was streaked with her ar*usal fl*id, but he didn’t care and spread her plump thighs wide open. His eyes lit up with excitement at the sight of her lewd hole spilling out c*m.


“Ahhh, stop, don’t look, stop.”


Wooyoung’s body squirmed uncontrollably as she bucked her hips.


Her body, at heightened ar*usal, was completely out of her control.


As the ar*usal subsided, he climbed on top of her.


He trapped her with his arms, and positioned his gl*ns between her legs. After enough caresses, her body had melted, so it should go in more smoothly. With this thought in mind, he pushed his tip into her entrance, and a strong pressure enclosed him as he did so.


A dizzying sensation pierced through his head. It’s an ecstasy that feels maddening.


How wonderful it would be to experience this kind of pleasure every day. Just the thought of spending the night on the same bed and waking up together in the morning filled him with excitement.


Kissing her lips, still reeling from her own org*sm, Tae Jin exerted strength in his hips.


He thought he had made some progress yesterday, but the elastic walls of her v*gina had returned to their original position.




“Does it hurt?”


“It’s bearable.”


Yesterday, she was making a fuss about it being painful, but today she seems fine, having been accustomed to accommodate his genital properly.


Pushing his p*nis inside with effort, Tae Jin gritted his teeth due to the rising heat. Inside her, he could only suppress the urge to cl*max as he thrust his m*mber.


“It’s too tight.”




“Never mind.”


Cupping her throbbing br*asts in his hands, Tae Jin closed his eyes and admired the firmly erect n*pples. The n*pples were always there, maintaining their presence even when the br*asts were squeezed together.


The light brown areolae, which he would never tire of sucking on, looked incredibly enticing. His mouth watered. Come to think of it, he hasn’t sucked on it yet, he was too busy ripping off her clothes and pouring his desire into her c*nt. He still hasn’t enjoyed this cuteness to the fullest.


Tae Jin lifted her lower part of her chest upwards, gathering the n*pples to the center.


He began to touch the n*pples in earnest. The n*pples, moistened by saliva, glistened even more under the spotlight. The ar*olas hardened even more as his mouth sucked it, eagerly rolling his tongue over the bump.


“Ah, s-stop that.”


Her n*pples are tingling from all the sucking. But what a thrill that tingling gives


Shivers run down her spine, as Tae Jin’s lips had touched her shoulders, her br*asts, her p*ssy, her a$s.


“If it feels good, just say so.”


“Aaahhhh, ahhh, yes, ahh.”


He was undoubtedly relishing her struggle to cope with the pleasure. It was clear he was enjoying it at how much he continued to tease her.


As his throbbing c*ck, which had been teasing at the entrance, swiftly penetrated her, she let out a moan of surrender.




Her interior walls, filled with excitement, were stimulated by his thrusting c*ck.


She was overwhelmed with an intense sensation from his it, with each forceful thrust feeling like lightning flashing through her mind.


One touch can really render a person so incapable of controlling their impulses.


Her v*ginal walls shuddered. Her waist twisted and her weakening hands unconsciously clung tightly to his arms.




“Want me to go deeper?”


“Oh, no, not that, ahhhhh!”


She nearly fainted as his c*ck slid into her very deeply. Her body shuddered uncontrollably with insane pleasure.


Is s*xual intimacy between a man and a woman always this ecstatic?


How far could something penetrate to make the body tingle with electric shocks?


“I can’t take it, hmmmm.”


“Does it hurt?”


“Not really, it’s just so big…….”


After just a few rounds of thrusting, her stimulated p*ssy was turning red. The hole, which could barely accommodate even a finger, had swallowed his c*ck.


But he wasn’t going to stop here. Retreating from this realm of pleasure would be tantamount to asking him to die.


Brief thoughts about her narrow v*ginal walls flitted through his mind.


If only my c*ck were a bit smaller, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt as much. But what else can I do when it has already grown this way?


He remembered going to the sauna with his cousin. He realized then that his p*nis size was different from the average man.


Even though he wasn’t fully erect, his cousin had envied his size quite a bit.


Given the size of his c*ck, it was only natural that she was struggling now that it was erect. But with how w*t she was with ar*usal, penetration was possible.


Her juices oozed down in his sh*ft with his rhythmic movements.


The place where they connected was damp with her w*tness, and there was no need for lubrication.


“Aaah, aaah, haah.”


As she breathed, a thin stream of saliva flowed from her slightly parted lips. She completely loses all sense of reason in the face of intercourse.


He was quite pleased with her genuine physical responses.


“Like it?”


“Aah, yes.”




With his impending cl*max, Tae Jin’s movements became even faster. There was no reasoning with a male who moved purely on instinct. No one could restrain his pounding c*ck.


“No more……, ahhhhh!”


As his c*ck delved deeper and touched her innermost parts, she convulsed, and he began to spurt the c*m he had been holding back. He pulled his p*nis out of her, but only after the salt-laden c*m had already left its mark inside her. Pulling his gl*ns out of her, Tae Jin held her close as he slapped a thick, steady stream of c*m against her perineum.


Her exhausted body felt tender.


“Are you okay?


“Mmm, okay……, ah…….”


Her voice trailed off weakly. Tae Jin lifted his head and saw her heavy-lidded eyes.


Had she fallen asleep?


“Song Wooyoung?”




She didn’t respond, she had already lost consciousness. He hadn’t expected her to fall asleep so quickly. Looking down at his twitching c*ck, unsatisfied and yearning for more, Tae Jin pushed himself up, reached for his jacket, and pulled out his phone.


“Hello, Father.”


    • Oh, yeah.


“Are you with mother?”


    • Your mother and I are having a drink right now. What’s the matter?


“Wooyoung fell asleep. Would it be okay to send her home tomorrow?”


    • Where are you now?


“My apartment near the company.”


    • Have you been drinking?




    • If she’s been drinking, she’ll sleep like a log. Anyway, since you’re with her, it’s fine. Send her home tomorrow.




After getting permission and ending the call, Tae Jin lay down next to her, pulling her into his arms as she slept peacefully. He quite enjoyed the scent of her shampoo.


He pulled the blanket over her body, and his hand found its way to her br*ast. The soft, rounded sensation was like touching a cotton candy. If they were married, he could touch these br*asts every day, Tae Jin closed his eyes as he thought about it. The satisfying drowsiness that followed a gratifying session of s*x quickly lulled him into sleep.



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