“I know, but….”

While waiting for his next words, Seo casually slid his finger into her p*ssy. Even though they were thin, his fingertips were brushing against her sensitive v*ginal walls, and the rest of his hand was supporting from below, causing Belze to let out a moan.

“…Does it feel good?”

Unless Belze was mistaken, there was no trace of the creepy smile on Seo’s face.

There was neither a sense of creepiness nor apparent pl*asure, nor even a hint of mockery, instead, a faint sense of restlessness filled the atmosphere.

Belje, faced with his incomprehensible expression, couldn’t utter a word. Seeing this, Seo frowned to hide his embarrassment.

“Damn, why ask something like this….”

Then, suddenly, the front of Seo’s pants was undone, and his m*mber, which had become erect without Belze noticing, penetrated about two inches inside her.

Though it was merely on her opening, and she was not fully relaxed, making it slightly painful due to his girth.

“Ah, ah!”

The sensation of pain and discomfort overwhelmed the pl*asure.

The heat from his stiff genital grinding against her quickly faded. Seo’s quick fingers rubbed and stroked her junction, drawing out sticky fl*id.

Between each thrust, Seo’s m*mber slid in and out, stimulating Belze’s intimate core, the initial discomfort quickly faded, leaving behind a tingling sensation. Belze trembled at the sensation and looked at Seo’s expression from above her.

With his lips tightly closed, face covered in sweat, Seo’s face remained inscrutable, leaving Belze unable to discern his thoughts. She secretly admired the intricacy of his own subconscious mind.

In such a situation like this, a man’s nature would typically be simplified into either a lustful beast consumed by desire or a love-struck madman with eyes only for their beloved.

That’s the norm and the easier path.

Following the standard and straightforward path is convenient. There’s no need to delve into unnecessary reasons as it only leads to confusion. One can simply indulge in physical desires and forget about them after a good night’s sleep. However, the Seo currently embracing Belze seemed to harbor a more complex state of mind than that.

The complexity of his thoughts was reflected in his body movements. His lower half moved without care, not paying attention to Belze’s state, while his upper half occasionally showed tenderness.

Seo’s lips and body alternated between being gentle and forceful as they explored her skin, sometimes softly pressing against it and other times nibbling and biting more fervently.

Sometimes gently and other times with more force, leaving smooth marks and reddened traces on the skin. Seo looked at the well-distributed marks with satisfaction and slowed down his movements, savoring the tightly clenched inner walls.

Seo looked down at her smooth skin adorned with marks and reddened traces, and he seemed satisfied with the collection of various marks he created. He slowed down the movements of his m*mber, relishing the sensation of Belze’s inner walls clenching around him in response to his movements.

“It feels just like the real thing. You’re so f*cking good at this.”

“No need to flatter me, heh, it’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing. Don’t say that. No one should feel ashamed of expressing their desires.”


Though she didn’t mean to say it that way, hearing it from Seo made her respond with resistance first.

Belze unconsciously closed her eyes. After saying those words, she recalled that Seo had gotten upset in a similar situation before.

The sensation of thrusting fiercely and deeply from last time came to mind, but surprisingly, it was calm down there.

Instead, he gently lifted his face that was buried in her chest and asked,

“Are you going to do it?”

Belze glanced at him, his face showed impatience. The dark circles under his eyes made it hard to express the question she wanted to ask. Her words were stuck in her throat, intimidated by his expression that seemed to discourage her from asking further.

Son of a bitch. He shouldn’t have looked like that.

A string of curses lodged in the back of her throat. But then she remembered that this was a dream, and she let go of the tension in her heart.

“You son of a bitch…. If you look at me like that, I… huh? Wait… huh? Uhh?”

“You what.”

“I’m getting all worked up because you can’t understand me. I must be going crazy… Seriously, I must be going crazy.”

“Say it clearly. Are you saying you’ll do it or not?”

Does he still not understand?

Belze thought he had good comprehension, but it seems his not catching on. Without thinking, Belze reached out and grabbed a handful of Seo’s hair.

Though Belze’s attempt to grab her short hair caused some pain and pulling, Seo only frowned and did but did not remove her hand.

He pushed his c*ck in slowly, his eyes urging for an answer. It was as if he had been acting like a persistent animal, demanding attention and recognition all this time.

His fierce and intimidating face suddenly turned cute, and this fact stirred a strange feeling within Belze. It wasn’t just her heart, but undoubtedly her emotions were swaying.

She couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of pl*asure, similar to the satisfaction of taunting an arrogant person and making them feel embarrassed, like when she played with Seo’s genital gave him a sense of shame. It made her heart race with excitement.

“What do you think?”

The erotic stimulation beneath her legs was almost too good to be true. Belze wanted to savor it a bit more, but Seo lifted his head and body high and moved away from her.

“It’s okay. Don’t force yourself.”

With irritation evident on his distant face, in the blink of an eye, Seo’s casual suit disappeared, revealing his n*ked body.


Belze have seen below his belly button, she had seen below his knees as well. She had seen his collarbone and the area below his ribcage. But seeing his entire body at once, from the space between the collarbone and the ribs to everything else, was a first.

As soon as the fair-skinned body came into view, Belze turned her head away. Even though such a sight was easily seen at swimming pools or beaches, it felt embarrassing to face it head-on.

But curiosity got the better of her, and her eyes and head slowly turned back to take another look. She had seen his body. A well-defined upper body with no excess fat, appropriately toned muscles, and smooth lines throughout. There were some scars near his abdomen, but overall, his skin was immaculate.

It was a body that couldn’t be easily forgotten. Her hands was suddenly raised up.


Her raised wrists were firmly tied to the headboard with his shirt. Her upper body lifted slightly, and a large, fluffy hotel pillow appeared to support her lower back.

It was a subtle but magical change. Her jacket and shirt, which were previously crumpled, had vanished into thin air, even though she hadn’t taken them off.

Belze swallowed dryly, realizing that both her arms were cooler. Her bralette was the only thing she had left between Seo and herself, and the moment she thought about it, the bralette was also unceremoniously removed by Seo’s hand, replaced by his large hand wrapped around her chest.


A moan escaped Belze’s lips as soon as the unfamiliar touch squeezed her chest. His touch felt so stimulating. Even though she knew it was about to happen, the moment it made contact, she crumbled. Whether it was cold, hot, or just rightly warmth, it inevitably sent shivers down her spine, and she couldn’t bear it quietly.

A thought crossed her mind that underwear might have been designed to carefully embrace those areas that would become aroused with just a touch of the fingertips.

“Hmph, hmph, ahhh, s-stop touching. You don’t have to touch.”

The plump, soft flesh seemed to bulge between Seo’s fingers. Her entire body was now fully exposed in front of Seo, even her n*pples, it felt embarrassingly mortifying. It was fortunate that Seo wasn’t the type to talk incessantly during intimacy.

No, no. This is weird. Seo wasn’t the type to stay quiet during s*x, right

Belze snapped her head around to face him.


Belze’s head snapped around, and what she saw was an abomination halfway inside of her.

“What, what, what did you put in there!”

She screamed in horror, speechless with panic.

Seo asked with his gaze, wondering what’s wrong while brushing his fingers over her armpit and chest. But, Belze’s attention remained fixated on Seo’s lower body rather than his hands or face.

“I, how could you put something like that in there? Are you crazy? You didn’t even put it all in?!”

Of course, Belze had seen Seo’s m*mber before. It was thicker than her wrist, and she had been both surprised and amazed by its size. He also had the thought that something like that might not fit inside her body.

But that was just a thought. Belze had never actually seen how that large thing could fit inside, given their previous positions of lying down, sitting, or being turned around.

She might not know how the signals of a cell phone travelled or how it operates, she still used her cellphone without any fears, she knew something could be inside without actually seeing it. Similarly, although she couldn’t see how that large organ could fit inside her, she was certain it was there and so she didn’t fear it. Despite the pain and discomfort, the pl*asure always followed closely, and if it meant less pain than breaking a bone or getting hurt, she could endure it willingly.

But what if she could see it? From that moment on, the situation felt different.

Leaning back against the bed with a large pillow for support, Belze got a good look at where Seo’s body joined hers.

Seo’s m*mber, inserted between her legs, seemed excessively thick. It was more than enough to fill the space between her legs, and it wasn’t even all the way in.

It would have been better if it had been buried deeply and not visible at all.

She felt so full that she thought it was all the way in, but she was puzzled to realize that there was still some length left. The eerie feeling she only felt with Seo now emanated from the slick m*mber pulsating with viscous l*quid.

“Dream? Is it because it’s a dream that it’s so big… Ahh! Ah, ugh, ah, ah!”

When Seo pressed gently, a nasal moan flowed out, but when he thrusted with force, it turned into a scream-like moan. Belze arched her back and shuddered.

The visual stimulation was also arousing, and watching his p*nis enter her made her chest tighten and her bottom clench. Nervousness and fear had made her nerves sensitive.

“This is the normal size. Only insecure bastards make it bigger in their dreams.”

Seo held Belze’s hips and gradually inserted his c*ck. Far above her p*ssy, inside her belly, he felt like he still had two inches left.

Tears welled up in her eyes, she barely managed to open them and gasped for breath. As their intimacy reached its peak, it became increasingly difficult for her to breathe with every passing moment, as he filled her up more and more.

“No, ah, it’s not possible. It can’t possibly go all in. How can you have no conscience, huh, uh, ah…”

“No conscience?”

Seo gently pulled his leg away from her thigh.. The sweaty skin made a squelching sound as it separated, and the sound was so provocative that it made her ears twitch.

“There’s, huh, none!”

“I don’t have a conscience, huh? If it really hurt, you’d be sobbing and screaming, but instead, you’re trying to act all cute with that flushed face.”

“Wh-who, ahhh, said that…!”

The sensory experience of sight and touch were already tingling, and now even the sense of hearing felt. The only senses left were smell and taste, but even the sense of smell seemed to have been impaired. Each time Seo’s tongue traced along her neck and chest, the scent that wafted to Belze’s nose was surprisingly not unpleasant.

There was a slight metallic smell, but it wasn’t perfume, it was his natural scent.

Just as she was about to stare at the still head pressed against her chest, Seo lifted his head and grumbled, his face twisted in judgment.

“But it’s a bit unfair. Why do I have to please you conscientiously even in a dream?”


“Do I have to be mindful of you feelings even in a situation like this?”

“Because you….”

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