Her chest, which had rarely been touched except when she’s showering or changing underwear, was now being roughly kneaded by his touch.

With every alternating bite to her n*pples, the sensation of suckling was so intense that even milk, which had never appeared, seemed to form.

“Aaah. Haaa. Aahh.”

Pleasure emanated from her n*pples.

An erotic sensation spread throughout her body in an instant, engulfing her entirely. As the intensity of his caress heightened, her panties were now embarrassingly damp. She resented the fact that it was her body yet she had no control over it.

What made her even more bewildered was his hand that slipped into her skirt. As his fingers, moistened by her fl*ids, began to explore her sensitive area, an exquisite pleasure surged that made her b*ttocks quiver in response.

“Hmmm. Ahhh, no…”

Despite her verbal refusal, her legs were already weakly parting to welcome his fingers.

A paradoxical situation where her mind and body are at odds, each going its own way.

As her legs spread wider, her short skirt rose up and revealed her thighs, and her exposed c*nt from where her panties were removed, fully visible to the world.

I have to stop this.

That thought kept echoing in her mind.

But it wasn’t easy to give up the exhilarating feeling of his fingers. Struggling for breath, she reached for his head which was busy sucking on her n*pples.

“Hey, that’s enough……, hmmmm.”

“It’s odd that your words are different from what you mean.”

Losing focus, her half-closed eyes gaze at him as he released her n*pple. He smiled wickedly at her and sat up on his knees, then leaned lower and pressed his lips against her c*nt, revealed by the panties he had pulled aside with his own hand.

“What is this now… hmm!”

Well, what the hell.

A different kind of pleasure than what his finger could give. Wooyoung’s eyes lost focus in shock at the movement of his tongue, licking over her plump l*bia.

The most intimate part on a person’s body. It’s the one place you can’t let anyone see, and today, that secret door had been blown open by a man she’d never seen before.

Wooyoung barely managed to steady herself from falling backwards and brought her hand to his head, which was tucked between her legs.

“St-Stop… haaah!”

With every movement of his tongue, her warm l*quid spilled out.

Still, he didn’t mind and continued to suck her intimate area. How could he passionately lick a stranger’s private part like this?

Is this how men naturally are?

Before her l*quid could flow out completely, they were sucked into his mouth. The pleasure grew increasingly intense. Her head shook involuntarily, and her hips bucked up.

Wooyoung, you should stop now.

She clenched her teeth, attempting to resist, but the pleasure emanating from her intimate area left her feeling helpless. Her approaching org*sm caused her chest to heave in anticipation.

“Haaha. Hmph. No…….”

Sensations heightened throughout her body, and the pinnacle of ecstasy surged without end. Her mind went blank, her waist began to shake uncontrollably, and at the same time, a burst of warmth erupted between her thighs.

Jang Tae Jjin looked at her in disbelief.

There couldn’t be anything more embarrassing than this.


The hem of her skirt were damp with what she released. She had heard that women also experience ej*culation when aroused, could this be it? Whatever it was, the situation was undoubtedly embarrassing.

Glaring at him, Wooyoung slid down from the table and smoothed out her skirt that had ridden up.

“This is all because of you.”

“Who said anything?”

“I’m going to go home now.”

“You’re just going to leave after having all the fun and I’m not?”

“W-who had fun? And, just stop it.”

Unlike her half-n*ked self, he was still quite neat except for a loose tie and a few loose buttons on his shirt. She blushed at the sight of him, annoyingly clean.

Covering her chest with her arm, Wooyoung reached for her clothes, but he snatched her hand away.


“It should be a win-win situation, don’t you think so?”


With his other hand, he unbuckled his pants. As he unzipped and pulled down his pants, she caught sight of the prominent bulge beneath his waistband. Wooyoung’s eyes widened.

She gulped.

Upon seeing the visibly swollen bulge, Wooyoung felt like she had turned into ice in an instant.

Looking at her, he took her hand that he hadn’t caught and led it towards that tented area. The sight of it was enough to make her hands tremble in apprehension.

In his heart, he wanted nothing more than lay her down and thrust himself into her tender opening right then and there.

“Can you feel it?”

The man’s c*ck throbbed eagerly at her touch.

His c*ck, straining against the fabric of his briefs, was so huge that it seemed ready to burst out at any moment, boasting its imposing size.

Why is it this big?

The underwear he was wearing swelled up at the front as if it were about to burst. And in that moment, Wooyoung had an intuition. This man’s p*nis was superior to those of other men.

Seeing her wide-eyed with uneasiness, he placed his hand on his waistband and pushed his briefs down, revealing his impressive and throbbing c*ck.

Wooyoung’s breath got caught in her throat. She’d known it was big, but big didn’t begin to describe the real thing. The length of his p*nis and mushroom-shaped gl*ns stretched out through his p*bic hair, and it was so thick that it seemed almost too much for her to take in.

He gripped her hand tightly as she tried to back away.

“Are you scared?”

“Wh-who said I’m scared.”

“Alright then, let’s get started for real.”

“What? What are you… Oh my!”

Her body was lifted into the air. Before she could protest, her body was carried to the bed.

Her back was against the bed, and she tried to push herself up and out of it, but failed. The zipper of her skirt was unzipped and the skirt fell down.

“Jang Tae Jin, are you really going to go all the way?”

“You did the provocation first.”

This man seems to have no intention of stopping. She couldn’t do anything. And quite honestly, the sensitivity of her ar*usal was too deep to stop now.

Besides, her vague curiosity at the sight of his towering p*nis was keeping her from stopping.

Well, since he had already seen everything there is to see, let’s go all the way.


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