3. When a stoic knight goes into heat


He rotated his hands in circles and rubbed her br*asts. Estella’s moans scattered in the air as he swallowed her quivering n*pples with his mouth.




The sensations all over her body stood on edge as his tongue passed over her lips, sucked the nape of her neck, licked her ears, and grazed her collarbone. It was the first time Estella knew that her body could be so sensitive.


The moment Michelle swallowed her chest, she came upon the realization that the aching and itchy stimulation she felt a while ago was just the beginning.


Her n*pples, dainty like bright red cherries atop a cupcake but a sexier color, rolled around his mouth.


“Haah, haah.”


He meticulously licked Estella’s n*pples, sucking on them as if he were eating candy. He chewed on them lightly like he was squeezing on grape juice. Michelle lazily teased her with his tongue and pressed her n*pples repeatedly. Every time that happened, Estella’s nasal voice resounded and her back twitched. The stimulation was so arousing that Michelle had to press his weight to keep her down.


‘It feels strange.’


Estella couldn’t find any other expression to name this feeling. She was losing her mind at the sensation she felt for the first time in her life. Within a single stroke of his tongue, she was thrilled to the point that her hair stood on end.


‘But I don’t hate it.’


She wanted to feel more of Michelle. Estella wanted to see her drunken knight begging for more.


She slowly loosened her tangled legs and trapped Michelle between them. Soon after, Michelle raised his upper body slightly and pressed her down. His masculinity further revealed its presence between his thighs.


She began feeling even more strange…




Michelle’s erect p*nis, which she had been gazing at, pressed against her delicate flesh. It swelled and seemed to increase in size. Every time he pressed between her thighs, an unknown l*quid flowed out from her p*ssy. The piece of cloth that had been used to confine and protect her secret area became stained and stuck to her skin.


The more Estella exhaled in excitement, the stronger Michelle pushed against her hips. He began to rub his protruding g*nitals against her dampened bottom hole.


“Heung, ha, huk.”


Estella’s waist weakly bounced. Michelle, while holding her br*ast, lifted her head to meet his gaze.


Estella was unintentionally seducing Michelle with her cheeks reddened in heat, her moistened eyes, and her lips smeared with saliva.


Their gazes once again intertwined in the air.


“I will have you.”


Michelle confessed firmly in an affectionate voice. Estella nodded slowly. He yanked off his underwear and removed Estella’s undergarments, which were none more than the size of his palm.


Their n*ked bodies met again in the middle of the bed.


Estella closed her eyes, unaware of where to direct her gaze.


Thump, thump.


She could hear her heart beating loudly as if it was right beside her ear. As she felt a shadow cast over her, she bit her dry lips lightly in anticipation of another kiss. But nothing happened.




“Ahng, ahh!”


Michelle buried his face underneath Estella’s stomach and opened her thighs. There existed a deep valley covered by a dense forest. The moist l*quid flowed out bit by bit, clearly presenting the extent of her excitement, but Michelle did not act impatiently.


He leisurely slid down and spread his tongue, working his way through.




Estella, appalled, pulled the blanket over tightly. It was a secret place that not even her maids had been allowed to touch. Michelle’s lips and tongue were invading that very spot.


Michelle spread her p*ssy using his hand. Because of her white skin, the bright red color stood out. The moist l*quid flowed out. He sucked on her soft spot with a slurping sound. Estella’s legs trembled, but Michelle held on tight with his hands, minimizing her recoil.


He persistently attacked the round ball that occupied the upper part of the p*bic area. As his tongue pressed down on her cl*t and sucked on it, it grew redder and hotter, like a pomegranate ready to explode.




Estella’s moans gradually increased. She couldn’t control the sounds flowing out of her mouth. Estella’s bottom hole clogged as the l*quid began to seep out. Michelle opened and turned her petals with his hands. He rubbed the l*quid that soaked her flesh all over her genital area.


His high, straight nose tickled the gap between her valley, constantly enticing reactions from her. Michelle produced even bolder sucking sounds with his lips as her sticky juices flowed.


“Ah, haaah!”


Even as he proceeded to lust over her body, Estella tried her best not to let out any sounds, but it was all to no avail.


Even if she wished to, Michelle’s tongue was moving so erotically that it made the deepest of her insides churn. She couldn’t get her mind off the tongue that was filled with desire.


Michelle didn’t stop. He caught both wings with his two fingers and brought his tongue towards the hole which her juices gushed out. He raised his tongue and sucked on the flesh, then spread wide as he entered the v*ginal opening. As he licked from the bottom of her v*gina, Estella’s hips twitched about.


Before she knew it, the l*quid passed from under her b*ttocks to the bottom of Michelle’s chin and neck.


She couldn’t believe it. Was it normal for so much l*quid to come out from her bottom?


Estella felt awkward. It seemed she had lived a life completely unaware of her body’s wonders.


She had never felt so sensitive before.


The thrilling sensation rushed in like static electricity from Michelle’s touch, and now an unbelievable amount of l*quid was pouring out of her lower hole. Michelle drank the thick juice that flowed out of her secret place like spring water.


As if the l*quid were holy water, he thirsted for it and did not separate his lips, with the intention of consuming every drop. As the unbearable sensation did not stop, Estella gasped in fear that she would dirty his face. This would cause serious trouble for her. Her breathing shortened.


“Michelle…! Ha, haah.”


She called his name and moved her hand from the bed sheet to Michelle’s hair. As she brushed against his hair, which had dampened from sweat and fl*id, he raised his face abruptly.


“I wanted to tease you more, but this seems to be enough. Hah.”




“I will take responsibility, Estella.”


Michelle gathered his breath and wiped his lips using the back of his hand. The figure was so sexy that l*quid poured once again from Estella’s hole. She felt both shame and pl*asure seeing her fl*id glisten all over his face and hands.


Soon after, Michelle reached forward.




His g*nitals, which she had felt a moment ago, could be sensed this time as well, but without a single layer of clothing to conceal it. It was so hot and hard that the term ‘pillar of fire’ popped into her mind from a book she had previously read.


‘It really is like that…’


Michelle stared at the ceiling, refraining from pushing the obsc*ne pillar into her gaping v*gina as she had initially anticipated. Instead, he rubbed his d*ck up and down until it became w*t, then placed it at the opening of her hole. The dark red pillar swelled to the point where it could no longer grow. The bulging blue veins wrapped around his c*ck seemed to burst.


Estella snuck glances at his figure then closed her eyes. She didn’t know it would grow so big.


It didn’t look too different from the size of her forearm. Just the touch of his tongue down her hole gave goosebumps all over Estella’s body and blackened her out.


She blackened out just by his tongue licking her hole, so how painful would it be when that thing came into her?


“Don’t… worry.”


At that time, Michelle ran a soft hand through her bangs as if he were aware of Estella’s thoughts.


“Mine is a lot bigger, but, hah, I think it will be fine with this much love juice.”


He was consoling her, right?


Michelle tried to comfort the nerve-stricken Estella to the best of his abilities, but her face flushed even more at his words.


He grabbed one of Estella’s legs and spread them wide apart. Naturally, her deep valley widened. Estella caught her breath, preparing for what was about to come.




However, it was not Michelle’s p*nis that climbed her inner wall and penetrated her secret place. Two sharper, thinner yet firmer fingers penetrated her v*gina.


Estella’s p*bic area became very stiff at the first feeling of a foreign invasion. Her walls bit into Michelle’s fingers and refused to let go.


He raised his fingertips and began digging into Estella’s most sensitive locations. He alternately pressed and scratched the bottom and top of her inner walls, just like when he penetrated all corners of her mouth earlier with the kiss.


“Do you like it here? I like it here too. Estel, what’s this, hmm? It’s all red.”


“Ha, heuk, haa.”


Michelle’s naughty questions continued nonstop. Although Estella wanted to respond, she couldn’t keep her moans from erupting.


It wasn’t her fault, it was entirely his. Estella thought so. Michelle deliberately found her most sensitive spots and stimulated them.


Her inner walls, fighting to push away the impudent guest who came without warning, soaked and ate his fingers well. As Michelle curled his fingers and scratched her stomach, her hips and waist synchronized alongside his gestures.


As he turned and moved his fingers downward, Michelle’s big, firm knuckles pushed against her walls. The lower part of her private area soaked and dripped l*quid, allowing his fingers to slip anywhere as they pleased.




Michelle, who had buried his face in the nape of her neck, lowered himself between her br*asts and began sucking on her n*pple. At the same time, he stimulated Estella’s upper and lower back, causing her waist to bounce. The dizzying pl*asure seemed to double in size.


Michelle chewed on her erect n*pples and twirled his fingers inside of her. She couldn’t stand it and let out a scream.




Estella bit her lip and tried to silence herself, but she surrendered. The more she endured, the more Michelle skillfully raised the intensity and stimulated her.




“Haah, hng.”


Michele called Estella’s name, her n*pple still inside his mouth. She could hardly get herself together.


“It’s so sweet I’m going crazy.”


“More than the chocolate?”


“That… I’ll have to delve even deeper to find out.”


Estella summoned up her courage to ask him the question. However, the answer that returned wasn’t affirmative. She was embarrassed at the meaning behind his response. Michelle sucked on her br*ast, then raised his head and straightened his back. He pulled her legs apart to tuck in his inner thighs and brought his p*nis into the deep valley.




His convex gl*ns hardly touched her v*ginal opening. Estella raised her head in amazement at the stimulation she felt just from the simple touch.


The dark red pillar rubbed her genital area and settled down before entering her secret hole. The movement was so n*ked and erotic that it added heat to her reddened cheeks.




Michelle grabbed the inside of her gaping thighs and immobilized Estella from moving. He proceeded slowly. The tip of his c*ck was pushed in without difficulty thanks to the soaking w*t v*ginal hole.

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