Chapter 15


The name of Riven’s friend was Sam. Sam was the manager of the building, Riven’s butler and aide, a very capable and busy man.

“That’s why he is a f*cking nasty bastard. Money, ah, he pays me a lot of money, but I need time to spend it. I have a lovely wife and children waiting for me at home.”

Every now and then, whenever he had to come to Anserina to deliver something, Sam would grumble. Anserina asked Sam, who seemed to be about the same age as Riven, out of courtesy.

“Are you married? You seem about the same age as Riven.”

“Isn’t everyone getting married at this age? That Riven, he’s been talking about not getting married or having children since he was young.”

That insignificant comment made her feel hurt and stung her. Sam didn’t seem to notice and continued to chatter.

“So I was a little surprised when he brought his wife. I’ve never seen him bring a woman before.”

“We’re just in a contractual relationship.”

Anserina said flatly. Sam felt a bit awkward, but Anserina went on again.

“It’s been about two weeks since we came here. How is Riven’s recovery?”

“Yes? Ah, that…”

Sam hesitated because he did not know. He was surprised that she hadn’t gone to see the room next door even though it had been two weeks. However, he soon answered honestly.

“He has gotten much better. It was just a little tear to begin with, so it wasn’t a big deal. Now it’s almost healed.”

“Then I should meet him today.”

Anserina said and stood up, as if Riven was the reason they hadn’t seen each other in two weeks.

“Unless he has a special schedule, I want to meet him. Right now.”

“Ah, yes. Yes.”

Sam was a little surprised, but he obeyed and led Anserina out of the room and into the next room. Sam knocked, and Riven’s voice drifted through the door.

“Come in.”

Sam opened the door and let Anserina in, but did not go in himself.

“Please have a talk both of you.”

With that, Sam closed the door.

Anserina looked back at the door, a little flustered, then at Riven, whom she hadn’t seen in two weeks, thinking that she should face the problem.

Riven was now sitting upright in his chair. Judging by the fact that he was no longer unstable like he used to be, it appeared that his wounds had all healed. It was an amazing recovery.

“Long time no see, Princess.”

Riven spoke in a friendly tone and smiled, extending a hand to offer her a seat.

“Don’t stand and talk, sit down. You’re going to hurt your legs.”

“Is your body okay?”

After making a formal greeting, Anserina approached Riven and sat down on the chair opposite him. Riven nodded nonchalantly.

“Yes, well. Anyway, what brought you here?”

That short statement alone made her feel suffocated. Of course it did. It was Anserina who wanted that they would not meet without a reason, and Riven had merely complied.

There was absolutely no reason for her to be hurt.

“I came to ask what happened to the money and identity you promised me.”

“Ah, that.”

With that, Riven stood up and headed to a display cabinet drawer, pulling out a thick paper envelope and handed it to Anserina. Anserina looked back and forth between Riven and the envelope with suspicion, then took it, untied the string that held the opening shut, and pulled out the contents.

There were several documents inside, and the first page was an identity certificate. The back page contained a birth certificate and a letter of guarantee.

“Emma Brans…”

“That’s your new name. She’s the daughter of a baron and married a while ago, but her husband died, leaving her a widow.”

“The real Emma Brans?”

“Dead. She fell ill along with her husband a month ago.”

Riven said simply.

“Her family easily sold her identity. They’re doing a good job keeping their mouths shut, so there shouldn’t be any problems. It’s a clean identity. No criminal record, no children.”

“… I see. The money?”

“You’re impatient. Look at the back page.”

As Riven had said, behind the identification documents were various bonds, bills, and checks. The bonds were stamped with the seal of the Imperial Central Bank, and the drafts and checks were authentic. Anserina took out the massive amount of money, closely examined the amount and certifications, and put it back.

“Great. With this…”

Why was she hesitating to finish her sentence? Why was Riven staring at her like that?

Anserina bit her lip once, then said it.

“It’s over.”


Even after hearing Anserina’s declaration, Riven looked at Anserina with heated eyes. It was Anserina’s job to end this.

Anserina organized the documents, closed it, and got up from her seat.

“Then I’ll be going now.”


“I can’t say thank you, but you…”

She stopped breathing for a moment.

“Should take care.”


In the end, Riven did not say anything.

Anserina turned her back on Riven and walked away. Don’t look back. Never look back. It’s all over now. She told herself over and over again.


Just then, a groan came from behind her.

Anserina turned around in surprise. Riven was clutching his side and groaning. Anserina unknowingly threw the envelope in her hand and ran to him, sitting beside him and examining his wound. Riven frowned, clutching his side and trembling.

“Are you okay? Are you still not healed? Quickly let the doctor…”

At that moment, Riven’s lips suddenly kissed Anserina.

Anserina was taken aback by the man’s tongue that suddenly entered her mouth, but the tongue persistently sought and tangled with Anserina’s tongue. As Anserina was trying to figure out whether to struggle against the man’s tongue in her mouth, Riven’s large hand grabbed and grabbed her br*ast and rubbed it. His other hand lifted her skirt and slipped between her legs.

As he frantically kissed her, his hands stimulated her n*pples and v*lva. The right hand on her chest impatiently rubbed, pinched, and tugged at her n*pples, while the hand between her legs searched for her cl*toris and rubbed it so hard that it was painful.

“Hnng, hnnggh…!”

Anserina tried to protest against this aggressive act by raising her voice, but because her lips were covered, and her tongue was entangled with his, no words came out.

Should she bite it off? Should she really do that?

But until Riven released her lips, Anserina could not break away from his tongue. When Riven finally removed his lips, she gasped and drew in a breath, then pushed him away, fuming.

“What on earth are you doing…!”

“Princess. Live with me.”


Anserina asked in disbelief. But Riven’s eyes were turning red and he wasn’t laughing.

“I’m serious. Live with me.”

“Are you now regretting that you gave me money-”

“You can have all that. You can have everything I own. And you can have me too. It’s not a loss. Okay?”

Riven pleaded desperately.

“I was going to send you away. But, as expected, I can’t let you go. I’ll be good. I’ll be really good to you, Princess. I’ll even give you this country if you want it. So come live with me.”

“What are you talking about now…”

“Please. Live with me.”

Anserina’s mouth dropped open in disbelief, then suddenly glanced down to see Riven’s p*nis straining against the front of his pants.

“It seems like you’re letting lust cloud your judgement right now.”

“No. It’s not like that.”

“Or you mistook your desire for love. As you often said, you like my body. And that’s why you’re confused now that I’m about to leave. If you sleep with a woman who is prettier and has a better body than me, you’ll soon forget about me…”

“Why do you talk about yourself like that?”

Riven cut off Anserina’s words as if he was frustrated.

“Do you know how long I’ve been thinking of you? Even before you knew of me, do you know what I was thinking when I looked at your portrait?”

“……what were you thinking?”

“I’ll tell you everything. I’ll tell you all about it. So please live with me.”

Anserina looked at Riven’s desperate expression for a long moment.

‘Let’s get married someday and live together, Anserina.’

It wasn’t as if there had never been someone who had said that to her before. But in the end, what had happened?

‘I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. You know that too…’

And that was how it ended.

Anserina sighed deeply. And she started taking off the plain dress by herself. In front of Riven, who was staring at her with wide eyes, Anserina took everything off, even her undergarments, leaving herself exposed. She then calmly declared.

“I’ll have s*x with you. But that’s it.”

“-I don’t want that.”

“Then this is the end.”

Riven looked at Anserina with yearning eyes for a long moment, then stood up.


“Okay, then lie down and…”

“You didn’t say how many times.”

With that, Riven grabbed Anserina’s wrist and led her into the bedroom. Anserina was flustered and pulled her arm back, but she was unable to resist Riven’s strength.

“How can you be unreasonable? Of course, we’ll only do it once!”

“I don’t know about that.”

With an unreasonable whining that was unlike him, Riven took Anserina to the bed.

Anserina alternated her gaze between the bed and Riven, then sighed. If she does enough, he will soon give up. If he c*m once, he will soon lose his desire.


It was a complete miscalculation.

“N-No, don’t do it!”

As soon as Anserina was laid down on the bed, Riven spread her legs wide and stuck his tongue out at her p*ssy. Shocked by the sight of him, she tried to push his head away. Riven gripped Anserina’s thighs firmly in her hands, spreading them apart and rolling her cl*toris with the tip of his tongue. Anserina moaned.

“Princess, your p*ssy is really beautiful.”

“I-I already told you I don’t like that!”

Riven had tried to lick Anserina’s p*ssy several times before, but she had vehemently refused each time. Although they had a s*xual relationship where he had seen all of her p*ssy, she still didn’t like it.

After tickling her cl*toris, Riven asked.

“Then will the princess suck my p*nis?”

“-I’d rather die.”

“That’s right, so I’ll suck yours.”

Then Riven patiently licked her cl*toris and then began to suck with his lips.

Her sensitive spot was already tingling with the mere touch of his fingers, but when his w*t tongue and lips began to suck, she couldn’t endure it. Her soft thighs in Riven’s hand tensed and trembled.

“You’re really feeling it with your p*ssy, Princess.”

Riven murmured, removing his mouth once, and then licked Anserina’s p*ssy from the bottom to the top. With the w*t sound, a shiver ran down Anserina’s spine.

“Hnngh, hnng…!”

“Look at you squirting. You’re already w*t.”

Riven teased, licking Anserina’s p*ssy at a leisurely pace, then flicked his tongue at the entrance of her gaping hole.


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