Chapter 69 


On Tae-seok’s right cheek, there was a scratch like a hatch. As soon as she returned from the lake, Hye-won asked for her room, and Tae-seok, as always, ignored her wishes and entered the bedroom. That selfish attitude got on Hyewon’s nerves.


She was pregnant, so she was sensitive. Eventually, she had a quarrel with him and made a scratch on his cheek with an engagement ring.




Hye-won fumbled at it with her fingertips. She heard there is an interview with the media today. She wondered what reporters would think when they saw the scar on this smooth cheek.


His lips came down while she was lost in thought.


The moist, hot tongue stirred every corner of her mouth. The kiss, which seemed to be reminiscent of s*xual activity, filled the bedroom with obsc*ne enthusiasm. Hye-won’s lips quickly swelled red, and the front of her pajamas were half ripped off by him, who was excited. Soon after, he took off his lips and said, wiping off the w*t corners of his mouth.


“Don’t whine from the morning.”


Tae-seok, who got up from his seat, headed to the bathroom to get ready for work. After a while, when he came out of the next room after getting ready for work, Hye-won was sitting on the bed.


“Tomorrow, I’m going on a business trip. To New York.”


Looking blankly out of the window, she turned to Tae-seok. Tae-seok stood in front of the mirror with his tie around his neck.


“You look relieved when I say that.”


“I didn’t.”


“It will take about five days.”


He said, moving his hands busily.


“I’m going to take a vacation when I come back. Let’s stop by the hospital together then. Tell both families about your pregnancy. Let’s have a proper conversation about the kid. As you wish….”


It was then that he stopped.


Tae-seok’s mouth became stiff as he was staring in the mirror. The hand holding the necktie also put strength on itself. It was because of her reflection in the mirror. Hye-won was licking her lips with the tip of her tongue, which was sucked by him a while ago. Without even knowing that one side of the chest is exposed through the ripped pajamas.


Tae-seok looked at her with a blank face. Hye-won had the unique glow of a woman with a child. The clean skin was glossy, and the long hair was disheveled, doubling the innocent yet languid atmosphere.


Eventually, he approached the bedside like a magnet.


Standing by the bed, he patted her warm cheeks. When Hye-won looked up and stared at him, he slowly sat on the bed. Tae-seok called her name in a low voice.




The hot breath tickled her lips.


“Can’t you love me a little bit?”


The white cat, which had been rubbing its head in its hand until not too long ago, was now on high alert. Saying that she didn’t want to see him, she was preparing to hiss with her back erect and her tail puffed up.


Tae-seok smiled bitterly because the thorny figure was both pathetic and cute. He rubbed her cheek with his thumb.




Hyewon was unexpectedly calm. When she refused, he leaned toward her. Patting her fragile neck, he pushed his tongue into her mouth. A strong hunger for her engulfed him.


Tae-seok quickly made her n*ked. And spread her thighs wide in her M shape.


He unzipped the zipper, took out his erect p*nis, and rubbed it against the hot v*ginal opening. Then, he inserted only her gl*ns into the woman’s hole and began to lightly move his waist.


He shook his back with regular, moderate intensity. Every time that happened, the woman’s reddish flesh covering her gl*ns appeared and then disappeared. Tae-seok gently pushed his p*nis up into the hole.




At that moment, a violent desire to c*m hit his lower abdomen. The p*nis hardened, and the l*quid burst out and soaked her cr*tch.


After a while, Tae-seok caught his breath and removed his p*nis. Halfway down his bristly p*nis, his s*men trickled down to her cr*tch.


As he let go of her ankle, her slender legs drooped on the seat. Tae-seok grabbed her cheek and kissed her. He kissed her swaying br*asts and pointy n*pples once and then raised his body.


His eyes didn’t fall off Hye-won even as he zipped up his pants and buckled his belt. The male s*men was dripping from her weakly stretched cr*tch. Then, he heard the engine start outside. Mr Park seemed to have completed preparations.


“Is there anything you want to eat?”


Tae-seok asked, putting on his jacket.


“Or anything you need. I’ll order Mr Park and bring it to you.”


“There’s something I need to bring from your apartment.”


Tae-seok, dressed in a full suit, approached her again and sat down. He swept her sweaty hair away.


“What is it?”


“A comfortable bag and shoes. And the makeup pouch… ”


“If that’s the case, I can buy you a new one.”


“New things are uncomfortable. I don’t have the energy to be fancy, and it won’t be good for the b*by. I just…. need something comfortable and familiar.”


“Okay. Write down the list and send it to me. I’ll check and ask Mr Park to bring it later in the afternoon.”


“You need to check that too?”


“You can check me too.”


Tae-seok said quietly.


“Who are you meeting today? What you ate. What did you say? What’s inside the cell phone. I get reported on everything.”


It was a wishful look. However, Hye-won turned her head without answering.


“Are you coming… back later?”


“I think it’s going to be difficult because I have to make the flight in time. I have to prepare for a business trip.”


As if he didn’t want to leave, he rarely thought about getting up next to Hyewon. Fingers crossed her cheeks, swept her eyelashes. He put his finger in her mouth and touched her tongue as if playing around.


“Aren’t you going to say goodbye?”


Hye-won, who was leaving her body to his touch, finally raised her eyes. When their eyes met, she spoke in a relaxed voice.


“Have a safe trip.”


“Goodbye kiss.”


Tae-seok pushed her right cheek.


Hye-won, who hesitated for a while, put her lips near his wound. He kissed Hye-won’s cheek this time, as if he was sad to kiss her away, leaving only a faint touch. He folded his hot lips over her lips and touched her tongue.


Hyewon did not resist.




When she woke up, a carrier was placed in the drawing room on the second floor. The items that she asked to bring seemed to have arrived.


Hye-won opened the carrier and took out a pouch from it. When she unzipped the inner pocket, a thick envelope appeared. It was an allowance from Tae-seok’s aunt at a family event held at Tae-seok’s parents’ house a few months ago. There was no place to use it, so she put it in a pouch and put it in the dressing table.


Looking down at the envelope with an expressionless face, she put it in a cross bag with her cell phone. She also took out sneakers that are easy to walk and put them in front of the bedroom. And she headed to the bathroom to get ready to go out.


“Are you going for a walk?”


As Hye-won came down the stairs in light outdoor clothes and even a cross bag, the bodyguard who was drinking coffee in the drawing room on the first floor looked up. There were sneakers in the woman’s hand that he had never seen before.


“I have a stomachache.”


In response to the unexpected answer, the bodyguard sprang up from his seat.


“Are you all right? Do you want me to help you?”


“I can walk alone.”


Hye-won calmed him down and spoke in a calm tone.


“I need to see a gynecologist.”




Video interviews with the economic channel were always conducted in a friendly atmosphere.


Kwon Tae-seok, head of the Business Strategy Division, who raised Mujin Construction to an unrivaled position in the industry at the young age of 32, was the main character of the day. As he was a difficult recruiter, the passion for recording was also great. In-depth conversations continued not only about his achievements, such as winning the largest redevelopment project in Korea, expanding the hotel business, entering the North American market, and signing a technical agreement with Swan H&N, but also about his outlook on life and ownership. Everything went smoothly. Before he got a call from Director Park.




After the recording, Mr Park approached Tae-seok with a nervous face. Tae-seok, who was talking to the program PD, looked back at Mr Park.


“What’s going on?”


Taeseok’s eyes were filled with wonder.


As soon as he saw Mr Park’s frozen face, he felt that something unusual had happened. Tae-seok asked the producer for his understanding and walked out of the studio with Mr Park.


“Tell me.”


“I got a call from team leader Yoon Sang-joon a while ago.”


At that moment, Tae-seok’s footsteps stopped towering. Yoon Sang-joon is Hyewon’s security team leader.


As if foreboding bad news, the flow of air surrounding the placenta rapidly changed. Mr Park only looked at Tae-seok. He had no idea how he would turn out when he learned of this emergency.


Mr Park, who was hesitating, continued with great difficulty.


“Madam…is said to have disappeared.”



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