Rosé’s face was tense as she waited for the carriage.

Her hands, shaking with a travel bag containing five days’ worth of clothes and snacks, trembled along with it. Today was the day she would become a test subject.

Finally, the sound of horse hooves could be heard, and the coachman stopped in front of the fence. Phew. Taking a final deep breath, Rosé tightly held her travel bag and got on the carriage.

The coachman, seemingly unable to believe the destination, asked again, “Are we really going to Zaln?” Rosé nodded with a determined expression, and only then did he reluctantly take hold of the reins.

Zaln Island, a fortified city that was said to have been converted from a mental hospital.

It was a secret research institution that had been continuing for a long 152 years as the only place outside of the Freeholds that was free of Imperial interference.

Only authorized personnel could enter and exit through a special transport vessel. But finally, today was the opportunity for ordinary people to board as well. More precisely, today was one of the three annual days designated for the transportation of test subjects.

Rosé recalled the recruitment notice she received from the system last night.

〈SYSTEM〉 Announcing the recruitment of ‘test subjects’ available for support.

〈Study on the Performance of the New Contraceptive Device〉

Experiment Purpose: To test the performance of a new contraceptive device made of seal leather.

Experiment Supervisor: Doctors of Medicine from the Imperial Academy.

Experiment Subjects: Women experienced with commercial contraceptive devices.

Duration: 3 days

Compensation: 80 sillas

〈Research on the Efficacy of Red Giant Rosé Extract〉

Experiment Purpose: To observe the positive effects of the extract of the Red Giant Rosé found in the Upper Boundary on humans.

Experiment Supervisor: Doctors of Bioengineering from the Imperial Academy.

Experiment Subjects: Women with smaller-than-average chests.

Duration: 5 days

Compensation: 150 sillas

〈Study on the Efficacy of Parsnip (a vegetable known to have aphr*disiac effects in modern western society) Ointment〉

Experiment Purpose: Researching the aphr*disiac effects that occur when ointment with parsnip added is applied to the g*nitals.

Experiment Supervisor: Doctors of Pharmacy from the Imperial Academy.

Experiment subjects: Women who have no discomfort with being touched by multiple men while being fixed to a wall.

Duration: 5 days

Reward: 200 sillas

“Um, could it be changed even now?”

The first emotion Rosé felt upon seeing the notice was regret. She had never expected the experimental content to be so unconventional, even though the term ‘test subject’ didn’t sound good at all.

It was understandable to study the effectiveness of contraceptives for sales purposes, even if it was a vegetable cream applied to XX. But even the test subjects were not ordinary.

‘Being touched while fixed to a wall….’

Rosé briefly entertained a disturbing imagination and quickly shook her head. Being pinned against a wall and attacked by men… Yes, it must be a misunderstanding. It had to be a misunderstanding.

In the end, Rosé reluctantly chose the second notice. She never knew having a small chest would be helpful here.

Disappointed by her chest, which made no difference even when she has possessed. It had been a month since the disillusioned Rosé was appointed today as a ‘woman with smaller br*asts than average’ and was heading to Zaln Island.

The carriage stopped at the Jarel Harbor, near the remote island. Conveniently, two special transport ships were waiting for boarding at the harbor.

The familiar scent of the sea, the damp breeze, and the seagulls flying around were no different from the seas Rosé had seen before.

Rosé went to the transport ship and revealed her place of residence and name. The crew guided her to a temporary cabin.

Glancing at the adjacent transport ship, Rosé noticed that the intended test subject she expected hadn’t arrived, and two crew members were pacing restlessly.

The ship carrying Rosé gradually sailed into the sea along with the sound of the horn signaling departure. Beyond the deck, she could see the foggy island of Zaln.

It was her first trip out of Bistiman.


The transport ship dropped anchor at Zaln Island as the clouds began to gather.

The fortress Rosé looked up at seemed like a tower where ghosts lived, as if lightning could strike and rain could fall at any moment. The thick fog made her reluctant to climb up.

The castle was situated at the edge of a cliff. The administrator of the castle handed Rosé her coat and explained that she would have to walk a little.

“Administrator, which floor should I go to?”

Rosé asked intermittently, but the administrator only glanced at her with meaningful eyes without giving an answer.

The cold wind or perhaps the eerie atmosphere made her teeth chatter.

After walking for a while, she saw the gate leading to the castle. She warmed her trembling arms with her palms and continued on.

Finally, the administrator told Rosé to go to Room 2 on the 5th floor.

Entering the castle, Rosé straightened her tousled hair and walked up the stairs. The wooden staircase, adorned with velvet carpeting, was in a relatively good condition compared to the decaying stone stairs.

As Rosé reached the 5th floor, her breath became heavy. Leaning against her knees, she searched among the doors with various numbers and found the one labeled ‘2’ on the mahogany door.

Beneath it hung a nameplate that read ‘Dr. Dain Hindley, Genetic Biologist.’ Rosé hesitated for a moment, then knocked on the door three times.

But there was no response, not even a sound telling her to come in.

She was certain it was Room 2 on the 5th floor… When she took a step back, the door suddenly opened, revealing a man.

“Rosé Mora, is it?”

Though his voice sounded groggy as if just awakened, it carried a kind tone. Rosé widened her eyes and scrutinized the man.

His disheveled curly hair was so unkempt that one could call it a ‘bedhead,”’and his dark circles extended down to his cheeks.

His eyes were squinted as if he hadn’t slept for days, and his posture was hunched, likely from working at a desk all day.

Yet, strangely, a pleasant scent emanated from him. It was refreshing and soothing, as if entering a forest after rain.

“Yes, I’m Rosé Mora, the test subject. Are you Dr. Dain Hindley?”

“Yes, I’m the one in charge, Dr. Dain Hindley.”

The two exchanged a brief handshake and entered the laboratory. Despite expecting it to be small and cramped due to the tiny wooden door, Room 2 turned out to be the size of a typical home with three rooms.

Among them, Dain led Rosé to the middle room, mentioning that she would be staying here for the next five days.

“The bathroom is inside, and the meal will be brought by the assistant. I’ll use the room on the opposite side. Ah, don’t worry too much, it’s for focused observation.”

“Oh, okay. But for the experiment…”

“I will explain now.”

Dain took Rosé to the smallest room. Even though it was the smallest room, it was about the size of a regular reception room in an ordinary mansion.

The problem was what it was filled with.

“Please have a seat, Ms. Mora.”

The chair where Dain sat was a segmented leather chair, similar to the one seen in a dental clinic. It had armrests like a rocking chair and a wooden footrest.

While swallowing her saliva, Rosé asked:

“What should I do now?”

“Just apply the medicine simply. Oh, except during sleep, please record your condition every hour.”

Dain said as he took a vial of red l*quid, causing it to ripple, from a drawer.

“It’s an oil extracted from a red giant rose. It’s as potent as it is toxic. The commercially available version that has undergone safety testing will probably be diluted compared to this. The effect will be much weaker. Ms. Mora is lucky.”

“So, you mean I will be applying a medicine that hasn’t undergone safety testing… something like that?”

“It’s a test conducted due to the extremely unlikely probability of side effects. Don’t believe in those cowardly idiots, Ms. Mora. But still, we have to explain the side effects, as we have ethical standards for experiments.”

Wearing gloves, Dain opened the bottle of medicine and said. The moment a fragrant smell spread, Rosé wanted to run away even now. Cold sweat dripped down her spine.

“For a day or two, there may be swelling. There may also be tingling pain. At that time, it would be effective to gently stroke or slightly suck on the swollen area.”

“Um… so, where should I apply it?”

As soon as he received the question, Dain reached out his hand to the buttons on Rosé’s blouse. Before she could react, the third button came undone.

Damn, what an assh*le! Rosé belatedly clung to her blouse and bravely rebuked him.

“I came here as an test subject, Mr. Hindley!”

“I know, Ms. Mora.”

Dain softly replied to Rosé’s indignant self-introduction. He wondered how naive she must be to be a female test subject for the first time in a year. But he didn’t disappoint her.

Dain even showed a kindness by raising both hands above his shoulders for this pitiful lamb.

“The red giant rose is a strange plant discovered recently in the Upper Boundary. When a forensic scientist tore off a petal out of curiosity, it inflated his hand by fifty times. That’s why we’re researching it. For two body parts that would benefit from being enlarged on a human.”

“Crazy. Then what was the reason for choosing a woman with small br*asts as the subject of the experiment?”

“I am currently researching whether it is possible to enlarge women’s br*asts and men’s g*nitals.”

As soon as Dain finished speaking, Rosé stood up abruptly from her chair. Her br*asts getting larger. That was good. A very good thing. But 50 times larger would be inconvenient.

“I want to go home.”

Dain shrugged his shoulders, unable to hide his disappointment.

“The ship to the mainland will arrive in 5 days at the earliest. And didn’t you sign the documents on the transport ship?”

“Yes, I did sign them…”

Dain chuckled.

“Well, then you’ll have to donate 1,000 sillas to the island as a penalty.”

Rosé slumped back in her chair, burying her face in her hands. It was undoubtedly a mistake to choose the option of receiving a bonus by volunteering for an experiment, thinking she could earn 150 sillas at once.

“Don’t worry. We’ve removed all the toxicity, so it won’t grow to the point of causing imbalances in the body. Well, it will reach its maximum size within reasonable limits.”

“How much exactly…”

Dain gestured with both hands, as if holding a ball. Not enough to fill one hand. A volume that seemed to flow between his fingers. Maybe he was trying to depict that.

Rosé blinked her eyes rapidly and took a deep breath.

‘Why were they small when this game is supposed to be a harmful waste.’

It was a development where her br*asts grew after birth.

‘What should I do now?’

Rosé slightly opened the edge of her blouse, looking down at her ample chest. They were maiden genetic br*asts that had never grown in her twenty-six years of life.

‘I can’t afford to pay the penalty.’

She couldn’t afford to add a penalty to her pile of debts. Then it would be difficult to earn enough money for communication fees for many years. Especially when the continent would be in ruins in three years…

‘I’m just a transmigrator. So, I’ll just…’

This body was a possession. So when she came out of this transmigrated world, she would return to her original body. It would be better to participate in the experiment than to pay a non-existent sum of money.

‘Let’s just give it a try. I can pretend that I bought the option for a big chest and a plump b*tt.’


Rosé bit her lip to conceal her fear. Dain looked at Rosé, who appeared pitiful as if she couldn’t resist his threat, and smirked.

“I’ll apply the medicine to your n*pples. It’s safer that way.”

“Uh, ah…”

The voice that quickly subsided instilled a sense of unease. But Rosé unbuttoned with trembling hands, determined.

Dain, who applied oil to the cotton swab, smiled reassuringly at Rosé.

Rosé raised the corner of her mouth awkwardly upon seeing his strangely suggestive gaze. I never thought this would come to mind.

Dain Hindley (S-Rank)
Characteristics: A graduate of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, specializing in bioengineering. Avoids sleep and exercise, always plagued by fatigue. Known as a madman among the research team.
Appearance: Ashen curly hair, mustard-colored eyes. Often sitting, appearing slouching and frail outwardly, but inherently slim and sturdy with a muscular physique.
Genetalia: Left-side positioning. Very dark brown. Very thick veins. Slightly larger t*sticles. Very potent output. Very curved. Very strong rigidity.
Average ej*culation frequency per month: 0.1 times.
P*bic hair: Average density. Average length. Deep gray. Average thickness. Slightly soft.
Rewards: Sensuality 7, Intelligence 10.
Hidden F*tish: Bondage.

“It might sting a bit.”

While Rosé read the target card with a bewildered gaze, Dain casually applied oil to the n*pples and moved on.

The sensation of cold l*quid touching the n*pple column felt vivid. Only after applying the remaining oil to the other n*pple did Dain open Rosé’s blouse.

“You may experience side effects in an hour or two. If it becomes too difficult, don’t hesitate to come to the lab.”

Ah, right. Side effects.

― For a day or two, there may be swelling.

Swelling, in the n*pples?

“Yes, the n*pples will become swollen more than usual. Then, go back to your room and rest.”

Dain, noticing Rosé’s curiosity, stood up from his seat and added. But it was not enough to change Rosé’s disgusted expression.

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