Rosé was assigned to the laundry room located outside the main building.


It was where the servants working in the mansion washed their work clothes and rags, so hundreds of pieces of laundry were piled up in one corner like a mountain.


There were sounds of boiling laundry, rubbing clothes with soap, and beating w*t laundry with a washboard.


‘Is this what laundry is?’


It was a cacophony of sounds for Rosé, who had grown up with modern washing machines.


At that moment, Bell, who was boiling laundry in a copper pot, gestured to Rosé. She was famous for being a skilled worker in the laundry room and had a long, slender bottle of l*quid tucked under her armpit.


“Hey, newbie. Get me some disinfectant from that bottle over there.”


Disinfectant? Rosé tilted her head in confusion, so Bell pointed to a wooden box where there were numerous soap containers.


After a while of searching, Rosé finally found a glass bottle that looked like a sesame oil bottle and brought it to her. Bell laughed as she opened the lid of the glass bottle and held it up to Rosé’s nose.


“Watch and learn. Just one drop of this will make the smell go away completely.”


It was an incredibly strong ammonia smell that was hard to believe it was a disinfectant. Rosé’s expression immediately turned sour.


“What is this?”


Bell explained that it was necessary to disinfect the laundry to prevent disease. She dropped a few drops of disinfectant on the laundry she was boiling and said,


“This is fresh urine I brought from the stable this morning. It’s still hot and fresh!”


Oh my goodness…


When Rosé couldn’t answer and just made a disgusted face, the maids around her burst into laughter.


“You don’t know much since you came from the countryside, but you can’t just wash with water. You have to disinfect it!”


‘I thought they were joking, but they were serious. They even took pride in the method of disinfecting with horse urine.’


I heard that normal households use their husband’s urine for this, and that using horse urine is something only the wealthy can do.


Oh creator, there was no need to research this thoroughly. This is a fantasy world with monsters…


“Hey, newbie, peel off the scum from the pot next to me!”


Without warning, a washboard flew at her. Rosé barely caught it and sat down where the laundry board was.


The laundry had been boiled with horse urine, and then it was soaked in soap and beaten with a club.


“Oh my god…”


Sweat poured down Rosé’s forehead and armpits like rain. These people were insane. They did this hard work every day for just 10 sillas?


〈SYSTEM〉 Your ability values change based on your job activity.
Endurance -1
Sensuality -2
Charisma -2




Her ability values decreased just from doing this bone-crushing work. This was insane.


Rosé put away the washboard and opened the status window. As a result, some of the soap containers spilled, but she didn’t have the luxury to care.


If all ability values dropped below 0, she could die from cardiac arrest. Although it wasn’t too low at the moment, if she kept shaking the club like that in the future, she could suffer from cardiac arrest.


‘I can’t just earn money and be satisfied with it.’


“In the end, absorbing s*men is the most important thing.


Rosé exerted all her strength on her tired arms. Next to her, other maids were spreading out clothes that had finished washing onto the grass.


It seemed like they were paying attention to every wrinkle, as if they were ironing. They laughed and said to Rosé, who looked at them with an incomprehensible expression on her face.


“Hey, country bumpkin, don’t you know? White clothes need to be dried on the grass to bleach them. The grass breathes and cleans them front and back.”


The vast lawn was covered with white laundry, laid out flat. The explanation from the maids was surprisingly scientific.








While the laundry naturally bleached in the sun, the maids returned to the laundry room and opened a bottle of alcohol.


It was an unimaginable thing for servants of their nature, but the maids in the laundry room, where hard labor was the main focus, occasionally drank during the day.


Of course, as a newcomer, Rosé had to stack the laundry she had collected yesterday into the basket, even while the senior maids were drinking.


“Did you see the duke today? He was wearing riding clothes.”
“I slipped out during lunch to see him. I thought I was going crazy!”
“Oh, I didn’t see him! What? What?”


As the conversation went on, Rosé held the basket and occasionally dropped it loudly. But they were already too engrossed in their conversation to notice her.


“It clung right to his thigh! Ugh, it wasn’t a joke from his knee to his b*tt.”
“Damn it, I should go out too! Where else? Did you see him anywhere else?”
“I didn’t, but I heard that Lara saw him. She was cleaning the Duke’s room.”
“What the hell, what the hell. What did she see?”
“An eggplant was hanging down below his thigh.”


Everyone burst out laughing at Cody’s words. The only one who didn’t laugh was Rosé, who was holding onto dry clothes.


‘What eggplant.’


Rosé’s eyes narrowed into a triangle as she watched the senior maids. They raised their voices again, not even realizing that someone was watching them.


“It’s a shame, it’s a shame. Such a person is a widow now, but it’s already been 18 years.”
“It’s been 18 years since the divorce, but still…”
“Ah, that’s why he’s so sad.”


Bell pretended to strangle herself with her hand, and the noisy maids suddenly fell silent.


Silvio Ramford, Duke of Ramford.


The man who led the Vallaru War to victory at the young age of 18.


He had an older lover who he hastily fell in love with before going to war. But when he returned home after being ennobled, she was already dead, having hung herself with the chandelier. It was when he was 20 years old.


She was said to have been pregnant. There was no chance that the child was his, as he had spent three years on the battlefield.


The maids said that she had committed suicide before the duke arrived, fearing that she would be caught cheating.


Since then, the duke has never forgotten the shock of that time and is still in mourning.


‘What kind of person is he?’


As the maids’ conversation returned to the duke’s appearance, Rosé began to vaguely imagine what he looked like.


Neatly combed navy blue hair, deep gray eyes filled with emptiness. Despite retiring from the knighthood, his body is still firm and sturdy.


Then, as she thought of an ‘eggplant,’ Rosé shook her head vigorously.


‘Don’t play around with something that you eat. Go away!’


It was all because of the senior maids who were fooling around. Rosé tried to erase the image of the persistent thing and sorted the baskets.








Rosé entered her second week of work and was transferred from the laundry room to the annex kitchen due to her lack of arm strength.


“Are you Rosé Mora, the useless junior maid?”


〈SYSTEM〉 You have acquired the title ‘Useless Junior Maid.’
Stamina decreases.
Sensuality decreases.
Charisma decreases.


“Yes, I am Rosé.”


Rosé smiled weakly. The place where she would be working from today was different from the main kitchen, where meals were prepared for the duke and his guests.


Unlike the main kitchen, where they prepared meals for the nobility, the annex kitchen prepared food for the servants. It was a battlefield where they had to prepare food for 300 people every day.


“Do you see that over there?”


Following Kellen’s finger, Rosé looked at the wooden barrel in the corner of the kitchen. The round and oblong barrel was filled with onions, enough for one person to fit inside.


“Make sure to peel them all clean by lunchtime.”


Rosé looked at the junior maids in the same position as her. They were each preparing carrots and corn.


There was no other choice. It was all for the sake of communication expenses.


Rosé sat down in front of the barrel, keeping an eye on Kellen. It was when she grabbed an onion and started peeling off the skin.


〈SYSTEM〉 Your stats change depending on your job activity.
Stamina decreases by 2.
Sensuality decreases by 2.
Charisma decreases by 3.


‘It’s dropping even more than laundry, isn’t it?’


Rosé’s eyes shook. She began to feel a sense of crisis that she had to somehow find the man who had the strategy card.


“Hey! There’s no time to daydream! Hurry up and peel those onions!”


But the reality was just onion peels. Rosé wiped her droopy eyes with her sleeve. The descendant of a great hero was becoming a kitchen maid.








On the third week of work, it was a day to carry vegetable peelings on a cart.


Rosé’s expression was different from her first day, which was full of enthusiasm. It was now dry and withered, like a rotten apple.


But perhaps she was adapting. Her calloused hands had become accustomed to menial tasks, except for one thing.


〈SYSTEM〉 Your stats change depending on your job activity.
Stamina decreases by 2.
Sensuality decreases by 2.
Charisma decreases by 3.




As her stamina went negative, Rosé became increasingly irritable. Her sensuality and charisma were no better. It seemed to apply to her actual appearance, as Rosé looked like a country bumpkin to anyone who saw her.


A country bumpkin. Well, it wasn’t entirely wrong, but still!




Rosé got off the cart and lay down on the grass, placing her head on it. Seeing her ability stats keep dropping even though she was only getting paid 10 silvers made her lose her motivation. She really has to be a test subject after all.


‘Where does money not fall…..’


Slow-moving clouds helped to soothe her troubled mind. There was a cloud shaped like a star, one shaped like a puppy’s ear, and that one…




A horse’s tongue! Right in front of her was a horse’s tongue, trying to lick her lips.


Startled, Rosé jumped up and heard a strange voice at the same time.


“What are you doing lying down here?”


It was a cool, male voice. Rosé, who had been staring blankly at the horse’s tongue, finally came to her senses and looked up at the young man on horseback.


He exuded an air of upper-class authority. His hair was a dark navy blue that looked like the depths of the ocean, and his gray eyes were filled with skepticism about life. But that wasn’t all.


— Have you seen the duke today? He was wearing his riding clothes.
— It’s so tight around his thighs! Ugh, it’s no joke from behind his knees to his b*tt.


‘Oh my god, he’s got thighs like that.’


From the conversation she overheard on her first day at work, Rosé could immediately tell that he was the Duke.


His white pants seemed tailor-made for his thick thighs, and the navy blue frock coat that had slipped slightly to the side covered his lower body, but Rosé somehow knew. She knew that his b*tt was a work of art.


“I, I greet the Master.”


Quickly wiping the dirt off her apron on the grass, Rosé hurriedly bowed her head. She forgot that she needed to use a title in her panic.


The problem was that her speech had become too casual, as she had only been around maids. But she didn’t know why the duke was coming through the back door instead of the main entrance.




Rosé slowly raised her head to look at the duke. She put on a crooked smile, perhaps because she wanted to appear as neat as possible.


That’s when it happened.


Silvio Ramford (S-Rank)
Trait: The third-generation scion of the Ramford family, he is the only one of his generation capable of putting pressure on the Emperor. He currently lives in the Beastyman mansion due to his mistrust of power.
Appearance: Navy blue hair and gray eyes. As a former war hero, his muscles are rugged and well-defined.
G*nitalia: Right-side positioning. Very dark brown. Thick veins. Slightly larger than average. Very powerful output. Right-angled. Very strong rigidity.
Average number of ejaculations per month: 0 times
P*bic hair: Average density. Average length. Black. Slightly thick. Slightly rough.
Reward: Stamina 9, Charisma 8
Hidden f*tish: Spanking


‘Huh, a target card.’


This passage seems to be a continuation of the previous text and translates to:


S-class was indeed S-class, and his characteristics were tremendous. If Rosé had seen anyone else with such looks in a different rank, it would have been even more shocking.


But the detailed description of his g*nitalia seemed unnecessary. Rosé realized she had been unknowingly staring at the right seam of his pants and quickly turned her head.


And the fact that his hidden f*tish was ‘spanking’… she had never seen the Duke that way before.


Once again, as their eyes met, Rosé instinctively examined the Duke from head to toe, but quickly lowered her head in a panic. The Duke, who couldn’t take his eyes off her suspicious gaze, asked her:


“Are you new here?”
“Yes, Your Grace. I am Rosé, and I started three weeks ago.”
“I didn’t post a hiring notice.”


The Duke continued to scrutinize Rosé with a serious expression.


Rosé rubbed her cheeks, hoping she had gotten something on them, but the dirt on her hands made her cheek even dirtier. After a long pause, the Duke murmured.




It was a passing remark, but it was undoubtedly disdainful. As Rosé stood there bewildered, the Duke turned his head, clicking his tongue.


At that moment, the gatekeeper’s voice echoed as he ran towards them.


“Your Grace! I’m sorry. We didn’t know there was a boundary in the Heriana forest!”


‘A boundary? A gate?”’


The gatekeeper hurried after the Duke as he began to run. Rosé wanted to find out more about what was happening, but she had to get back to work as the wagon driver returned.


As the S-class disappeared like a gust of wind, Rosé bid him farewell from afar with a heavy heart, leaving only his target card behind.


At this point, all she could do was contemplate Elion’s words:


— If all ability scores drop below zero, the transmigrator’s function deteriorates and cardiac arrest occurs.


Damn it.


‘…… Absorbing the s*men of a hairy Duke.’


That was it.

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