“A maid. I see you’ve chosen to play it safe.”


Elion, rising from the dinner table, checking Rosé’s choice as he prepared dinner. Rosé, feeling ashamed, rubbed her neck and replied.


“I thought I should stay alive for now.”


The truth was, she needed to take a risk to make a quick buck, but Rosé was far from daring.


It was odd that she, an unassuming, ordinary office worker, should suddenly become defiant and reckless when possessed.


So she decided to get some experience with the maid first, and then turn to Elion for advice. Fortunately, Elion was supportive of her choice.


“Good choice. Of course, test subjects and auction slaves can sometimes earn upwards of 150 sillas, but they’re also more demanding…….”
“Why are you telling me that now!”


150 sillas? It was an amount that could be covered by communication fees at once. If she had known earlier, she would have chosen one of those two. Damn it!


“Just a moment ago, you said you should stay alive…”
“It’s 150 sillas!”


Rosé couldn’t shake off her regret. Even the lost 150 silver coins seemed to loom before her eyes.


Clenching her fists tightly and closing her eyes tightly, Rosé sighed… Huh. What the hell, she’ll take the ten silver coins she can get.


“Next time, I’ll definitely be a test subject!”


Or an auction slave!




Elion held back what he wanted to say. He was curious about what Rosé’s reaction would be if he told her about the average experiences of experimental subjects described in the manual, but he thought it would be better not to tell her. In the end, he also wanted Rosé to pay off her debt quickly so he could get out of his part-time job.


Although he didn’t show it, it was quite tough for Elion to do both butler work and mining at the same time.


After keeping silent, Elion eventually went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for the original purpose of coming down.


Left alone, Rosé sat on a chair that seemed like one of her legs would break soon and rolled her eyes. She wondered if there was any emergency fund hidden somewhere, but there was no way there would be such a thing in this old place.


It was about thirty minutes later when Elion returned to the dining room with food. Rosé, who was about to rest her forehead on the table and lose her concentration, quickly stood up when she heard his footsteps.


“Um, meat?”


Surprisingly, a well-cooked steak was on the table. As a conscientious and intellectual person, Rosé tried to avoid the beef and watched Elion’s reaction.


When did the person who went mining for minerals yesterday buy beef? It was a surprising thing for Rosé, who had made sandwiches with bread and sliced ham in the kitchen for lunch.


“There was one last piece left in the underground storage. You have to eat well to go to work tomorrow.”


The eyes that were filled with frustration disappeared, and Rosé’s clear brown eyes trembled towards Elion. It could have been burdensome to look at him so passionately, but Elion didn’t even flinch. He simply poured wine that would go well with the steak into a glass with a business-like attitude.


“The shared carriage will arrive at 8 a.m. tomorrow. You can take it to go to work.”
“Carriage? Isn’t that expensive?”


When Rosé narrowed her eyes with concern, Elion added,


“Bistiman’s shared carriage can carry six people and the fare is relatively cheap. Besides, you don’t have to pay for it as a national merit recipient.”


So there was such a thing as a national merit recipient. Rosé breathed a sigh of relief.


Yesterday, she was in despair because of the small pension amount, but the fact that the transportation fee was free made her feel a little better.


The fare was settled, so she cut a piece of beef into a large piece and put it in her mouth. Was this what melting felt like?


When Rosé shuddered her body in an exaggerated way, Elion coughed lightly. Then, he noticed the sauce on Rosé’s mouth and handed her his own handkerchief.


There was a dry cloth used for meals, but it had been covered in dust for several days due to the lack of staff. He couldn’t recommend using it.


But Rosé thought a little differently about Elion’s actions.


‘Why are you being so kind to me?’


With a shy smile, Rosé blushed and looked at Elion. That’s when one of Elion’s neatly arranged eyebrows was slightly disheveled.


“There’s a visitor.”


Rosé looked puzzled. She didn’t hear any bell ringing, and she didn’t see anyone outside the window.


“Who’s coming, Elion?”
“I’ll check and come back.”


After a while, Elion went out to the main gate and came back with a shabby-looking man dressed as a priest.


It was actually a priest’s robe in form, but it was smeared with lye and looked like a sacrilege. Still, the man who took a prayer posture, perhaps wanting to show that he was a priest, greeted Rosé.


“I am Ormite, a priest of the Great Cathedral of Bistiman. Thank you for allowing me to visit late at night.”


It was just a cathedral, why did he say ‘Great’?


Rosé greeted him with a cold breath and glanced up at Elion. Elion, who noticed her curiosity, whispered an explanation.


“Due to the Emperor’s policy of suppressing religion, all temples within the Imperial Territory are closed. The priest here, Ormite, was a senior priest at the closed Bistiman Temple.”


Ah, come to think of it. A few lines of imperial history that Rosé learned through her father’s will passed through her head. The story went like this.


When the gates started to open, witch trials were held in some temples.


The priests mistook the awakened ones, who had the ability to fight against demons, as ‘witches.’


As a result, the number of awakened ones decreased exponentially due to the witch trials, and the gates expanded accordingly.


The former emperor, who could not bear the tragic situation, implemented an extreme religious suppression policy of closing all temples in Kithlode.


Then, the offspring of the witches, namely the children of the awakened ones, were made into the Imperial Knights under the royal authority to attack the gates.


Over time, order was restored in the empire.


But the deeply-rooted religious ecosystem collapsed completely as priests and believers who did not participate in the witch trials were imprisoned and tortured or executed in prisons.


Inspired by this situation, the current emperor invaded the Holy Kingdom of Moir without any justification, which had been a thorn in his side.


Due to the actions of some ignorant priests, the very existence of religion disappeared from the empire.


“Please have a seat, Father.”


Rosé became lenient when she realized the situation, and pulled out a moldy chair for Ormite to sit on.


But he refused and just placed one bag on the table. Despite all the hardships he had gone through, he still exuded the aura of a saint.


Moved by his humility, Rosé clasped her hands politely, as if she had become a believer, at least until he opened the bag.


“Father, what is this?”


Inside the leather bag, unfolded like a handkerchief, all sorts of items were haphazardly arranged. Nothing looked ordinary.


Ormite smiled at Rosé with a sacred smile that was unique to saints.


“Take a look around, Sister. They’re all good things.”


Did he suddenly become a peddler? Surprised, Rosé looked at Elion.


He stood behind Ormite, closing his eyes and nodding his head. It seemed like a common occurrence in Bistiman.


Rosé realized the cruelty of the ruling power that could turn a priest into a peddler overnight due to religious suppression.


“Take your time, Sister.”


Ormite subtly urged Rosé with a smile. She had nothing but debts, but it was difficult to refuse the situation all at once.


〈SYSTEM〉 Peddler ‘Ormite’ presents the following items for sale. Would you like to purchase any?


‘Even the system is calling him a peddler?’


Rosé was briefly shocked by the system’s personality, but then her eyes narrowed as she looked around at the items.


Wooden d*ldo imbued with holy energy… 3 don


The Complete Kama Sutra, compiled by the Red Dragon… 6 don


Ancient Hittite dress… 10 don


Underwear stained with ogre s*men… 15 don


Incubus’ elixir… 20 don


Ormite… 40 don


“No, thank you!”


Rosé covered her mouth with her hand, almost bursting out in disbelief. Ormite thought she was moved and beamed with delight.


“I buy them at a high price and sell them cheaply. As my first customer, I will give you a special discount.”


As soon as Ormite finished speaking, the system window changed.


〈SYSTEM〉 Peddler ‘Ormite’ has lowered the prices of his items. Would you like to purchase any?


Wooden d*ldo imbued with holy energy… 2 don


The Complete Kama Sutra, compiled by the Red Dragon… 5 don


Ancient Hittite dress… 8 don


Underwear stained with ogre s*men… 12 don


Incubus’ elixir… 16 don


Ormite… 30 don


“What do you think, Sister?”


Rosé received Ormite’s burdened gaze and sweated profusely. Okay, she could give up on selling the other items. But what the heck was the last item?


“Well, the last item is a new product that I just launched today. So…”


Ormite suddenly leaned over and whispered in Rosé’s ear.


“If you buy it today, Sister, you’ll be taking my first time.”


She couldn’t believe it. He was really selling his own body! Desperately, she looked at Elion for help, but he was lost in thought.


Ormite still looked at Rosé with a holy smile, as if hoping she would buy his most expensive possession, his virginity.


But she didn’t have that much money, and she didn’t have the courage to do that either. Rosé swallowed her saliva and finally spoke up.


“Father, the truth is I don’t have any money…”


She couldn’t bring herself to complain in front of a priest, so she just smiled weakly. Even without her saying it, Ormite probably already knew that she was broke.


The dress she was wearing was something she had been wearing for 10 years in her hometown. As a result, the sleeves and hems were all frayed.


It was a rare dress to find in the countryside, but in the city like Bistiman, it would look like a servant’s outfit.


Surprisingly, Ormite didn’t give up easily. His clear smile was hiding a dangerous determination.


“Sometimes, there are people like you who don’t have any money. That’s why we have products in partnership with the Triana Chamber of Commerce.”


Ormite took out a thick piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Rosé. As she read through the paper, her eyes widened.


〈SYSTEM〉 Peddler ‘Ormite’ is offering a zero-interest 3-month installment plan. Would you like to purchase an item?


Rosé was flustered and replied,


“Well, even if there’s a 3-month installment plan, I don’t have enough money…”
“Rarely, there are people who really don’t have any money. We also have financial products for those customers.”


〈SYSTEM〉 Peddler ‘Ormite’ is offering a low-interest 6-month installment plan. Would you like to purchase an item?


Even though Rosé looked embarrassed, Ormite pulled out his secret weapon from his pocket.


It was a handkerchief soaked with tears. Ormite wiped his dry eyes with the handkerchief and said,


“The hungry priests are waiting for me in the ruined temple. Please take pity on them with the same heart that cares for the temple, Sister. I dare to ask you.”


There was nowhere else to retreat. Rosé, who had Charisma 0, couldn’t muster up the courage to refuse Ormite’s false tears.


In the end, she picked up one item with a smile that looked like she was about to cry.


Wooden d*ldo imbued with holy energy… 20 don (6-month installment plan)


‘At least this is the cheapest. Cheapest,.’


Ormite waited patiently and handed over the revised contract.


“For the 20 don installment plan, you can send the amount to me every month for 6 months.”


At the bottom of Ormite’s contract was Triana Chamber of Commerce’s address. After signing with the pencil he offered, Rosé received the wooden d*ldo and said,


“Thank you for your purchase. May the light of Aramista shine on your path, Sister.”


After blessing Rosé as a priest, Ormite quickly packed up his bag and left. Rosé, who had agreed to pay 20 don per month, bid him farewell with a sad smile.


After a while in the reception room, Rosé asked Elion.


“Elion, I feel like I’ve been duped just now.”
“You’ll be paying 20 don per month for six months, which is a total of 2 silla and 20 dun. Considering that the discounted price was 2 sila, it seems like you bought it at a slightly higher price.”


Rosé looked at Elion with resentful eyes, as if asking why he didn’t help her. Elion covered the screen before explaining the reason.


“Miss, why don’t you open your storage, I mean, your inventory?”


Rosé opened her inventory, pretending to be deceived.


Numerous slots appeared before her eyes, and in the middle of them was a wooden d*ldo as thick as a forearm.


Rosé frowned in disgust, thinking that she shouldn’t have looked at it, and clicked on the slot. Then, the system displayed a description of the wooden d*ldo.


Wooden d*ldo imbued with holy energy (D-Rank)
A wooden d*ldo made from the millennium tree of the old Bistiman Temple. Inserting it into a w*t v*gina allows the user to borrow the power of the goddess Aramista for a one-time use.
Effect: Strength ++
Durability: 1/1


Whose idea was it to cut down a millennium tree to make a d*ldo? And why does it have to be imbued with Aramista’s power? Why does it have to be a d*ldo? What kind of god is that…


“The peddler usually procures items for the possessed with a high probability. It would have been better if you had bought something more expensive, but today, it couldn’t be helped.”
“Elion, he’s not just a peddler, he’s also a priest.”
“Oh, yes. He’s a priest and a peddler.”


Elion didn’t give up the title of ‘peddler.’ Rosé seemed to understand the reason why. A priest who gives away his body without reservation…


“Anyway, I won’t be using this.”


Rosé put the wooden d*ldo she was holding back into her inventory. Then, she went back to the dining table and started chewing on the meat.


‘Well, there’s no way I’ll ever use that thing.’


At that moment, Rosé didn’t know. She didn’t know that it was the most dangerous spell in the possession genre.








Rosé struggled with a nightmare about the wooden d*ldo chasing her until the next morning. She was covered in cold sweat and strangely damp all over, and then she started to hear a suspicious sound.


Creak, creak.




The sound creaking echoed. It came through the bedroom window, which was lit by the sunlight.


Rosé forced her tired body to get up and peeked out the window. A tree branch had been cut and was falling.


“A wooden d*ldo… No. Is it the gardener?”


But there were no other servants around, as she had been told.


Rosé untangled her disheveled nightgown and approached the window. Even though it was spring, the tree, which had not grown a single leaf, looked as old as the aging mansion.


Then, a branch was suddenly cut off right in front of her. Startled, Rosé took a step back, and someone sitting on the tree leaned forward and spoke.


“Oh, you’re awake. Miss.”
“Is it possible that you’re also the gardener?”


Elion didn’t answer. Rosé didn’t ask any further questions either. She could feel his hard work in his brown pants covered in dirt.


After witnessing that pitiful sight, Rosé quickly got ready for work. She couldn’t afford to complain when even the manager was struggling financially. Being a manager was a tough job anywhere.


‘Being a manager is a difficult profession, after all.’


She thought back to the three years she’d spent working for minimum wage and winced. Even that small, precious paycheck would have to wait until she gets out of here. Damn it.


Anyway, to do that, Rosé stood in front of the main gate with a handbag. Two brown horses and a six-person carriage appeared, moving slowly.


The coachman checked Rosé and stopped the horses. He was a middle-aged man in his late 40s, wearing a linen shirt, black pants, and a brown hat with a visor.


“Please get in.”


He gestured for her to get on as if showing her the imperial veteran’s certificate that she had shown him. He seemed to already know her background through rumors.


Blue Rock. The second-largest mansion in Bistiman, bestowed upon the hero by the emperor. But Blue Rock, which had become a ruin, was famous in the village as the face of the fallen hero.


So, it was easy to guess that the woman riding here was the daughter of the hero, the woman of the rumor.


A little later, the carriage carrying Rosé departed. Rumble, bang! Thunder sounded from the cloudy sky, which seemed like it could rain at any moment.


There were lots of clouds as if it was going to pour down soon. Rosé’s excitement was short-lived, as a sense of foreboding tightened her throat.








〈SYSTEM〉 You have acquired the title of ‘Lowly Maid.’
Stamina decreases.
Sensuality decreases.
Charisma decreases.


As Rosé got off the carriage, the system window suddenly appeared unexpectedly. Decreases? Is it possible that working here will lower her abilities?


‘Suck the flea’s liver out1a way of saying ‘Get lost!’ or ‘Go away!’ in a playful and humorous way, as if to suggest that the person being addressed is as powerless as a flea with its liver sucked out., hey.’


As it turns out, her ominous premonitions are never wrong.


“Are you Rosé?”


At that moment, the lower maid, Ciela, approached her from behind. There was a vague sense of contempt in her informal address, omitting the honorific.


Wearing a neat dress with a white apron, Ciela looked like she had worked in this mansion for a long time, even at a glance.


Ciela stared at Rosé from head to toe, evaluating her with a keen eye rather than just looking at her. It was an intense glance that seemed to be evaluating her.


“Thanks to the recommendation letter, you got in. It’s surprising that someone from the countryside like you came to the master’s mansion.”


Ciela turned around with a tongue-clicking sound towards Rosé, who was greeting her. Seeing her gesture without any respect, it seemed like she was telling her to follow.


For a moment, Rosé was stunned by the derogatory term ‘someone from the countryside.’ She quickly brushed off the stone she had picked up from the tip of her toe, as if denying the harsh reality.


“I’m the only daughter of the hero…”


She followed Ciela’s back hastily.

  • 1
    a way of saying ‘Get lost!’ or ‘Go away!’ in a playful and humorous way, as if to suggest that the person being addressed is as powerless as a flea with its liver sucked out.
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