Rosé, who was confused by the shock, woke up the next morning with an uneasy feeling.

She wanted to believe it was a nightmare, but seeing the cobwebbed walls and furniture made it clear that it was reality.

She plunged her face into a bronze-colored water pot that looked like a cooking pot. She dipped her face deep enough to get the mucous off, and she lifted her head like a fish just caught. Then she saw herself reflected in the mirror.

Rosé Mora. The only daughter left behind by the hero who conquered the Tower of Disorder.

She was a beauty with red-orange hair and dark brown eyes. And her eyes, nose, and mouth were strangely similar to her original appearance.

‘Is this an option…’

Named it the ‘It wasn’t actually a possession’ option. It is an option that makes only the hair and eye color brilliant like those of this world and implements facial features similar to the person’s appearance before possession.

It was said to have the effect of relieving the guilt of taking someone else’s body by possession.

Rosé thought that she might have received the ‘It wasn’t actually a possession’ option under the protection of the creator god.

No, it didn’t matter what happened. She had to go back to her original world before this empire disappeared into history.

Rosé took out an ivory-colored dress that looked relatively safe from her travel bag and put it on. She felt like she should wear it with the flower-patterned collar coat next to her, but it was a difficult decision for her who was not yet accustomed to the local dress.

As she went down the stairs, she met Elion, who was putting down dishes with food. He was wearing a sky blue apron that didn’t match his slim suit.

“You’re awake, miss.”

Rosé hesitated for a moment before answering.

“…Thank you for moving me to the bed yesterday.”
“It was something I had to do.”

Despite the awkward gratitude, Elion politely bowed his head. Rosé stood there awkwardly for a moment before going to the seat he had prepared and sitting down.

The food was simple, but each dish was carefully made. Cream stew with carrots and onions and butter rolls. Baked sausages and scrambled eggs, and fragrant apple juice.

As she savored the delicious smell, she suddenly asked Elion.

“Was there a chef here even though there didn’t seem to be anyone else yesterday?”
“No, I made it myself.”

When Rosé opened her eyes wide and looked at Elion, he hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“I am the only servant in this mansion. Actually, I was going to tell you when you woke up….”

Elion lowered his voice as if he was going to say something important.

Rosé leaned towards him. But if she had known she would hear these words, she would have never done so.

“The master has a debt.”
“I managed to solve most of it through part-time jobs, but there is still a remaining amount to be repaid. So we can’t hire any workers.”

He’s called a hero. Didn’t he conquer a tower or something that’s aimless and endless?”

“But I’m glad you’re back. Finally, we can repay the debt.”
“Um, Elion?”
“Yes, miss?”
“That debt….”

As Rosé mumbled, Elion approached and poured apple juice into her glass. It seemed like a last gesture of goodwill before leaving a bombshell.

“You inherited the mansion from yesterday. But don’t worry too much. As I mentioned earlier, most of the debt has been resolved.”

His voice, which sounded tired from cooking since dawn, seemed to brighten up a bit.

“I never said I was going to inherit it.”

Rosé looked straight at Elion, raising her chin. She had to be confident, especially at times like this. But he looked even more smug, like someone who was more godlike.

“Didn’t you use the will I gave you yesterday? By inheriting his knowledge, you also inherited his debt.”

— This is a copy of the will of Lian Mora, a hero who conquered the Tower of Disorder. If read carefully, you can inherit some of the memories and knowledge he had during his lifetime.

This con artist! There was no mention of inheriting debt anywhere! But he shrugged his shoulders as if he were innocent.

Rosé put down her spoon with a deep sigh. She lost her appetite.

“Anyway, tell me how to go back.”
“Didn’t I tell you? You can’t go back….”
“You said I couldn’t go back by ‘normal means’!”

Rosé remembered exactly what Elion had said yesterday. It was quite accurate for someone who had just received the shocking news that she was actually adopted.

“By normal means, no. You can’t go back.”

Then there must be a non-normal way.

Elion nodded his head as if he had given up, but Rosé didn’t realize that it was his plan all along.

“As a reward for conquering the tower, one can make a wish.”

Rosé stared at Elion with suspicion. I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday. Wasn’t this a tower-climbing thing, a 19+ reverse harem that promotes a culture of lewdness and decadence?

“It is known that the Tower grants any wish to its conqueror. Even if it is a wish that violates human ethics and defies the principles of the world. If you wish to return to your original world, the Tower will grant that wish. However….”


“The tower only appears when a qualified hero appears. When the master climbed the tower, it was said to be the first time in 70 years.”

Rosé’s eyebrows, which were once even, wrinkled. 70 years? She would be a pile of bones by then.

“Don’t worry. Debts aren’t the only thing my master left you.”

Elion faintly smiled as he looked at Rosé, whose emotions were written all over her face. Then he flicked his finger and brought up a status window in front of Rosé.

It was the same blue screen as yesterday, but it was different. Rosé clenched her lips when she unexpectedly saw her ‘ability stats.’

Stamina 10/1000
Strength 5/1000
Sensuality 0/1000
Charisma 0/1000
Intelligence 40/1000
Faith 0/1000
Sociability 30/1000
Manners 30/1000
Morality 30/1000

“The left values are your current status, and the right values are the conditions for the tower to appear.”

She knew there was a development system mixed in, but she never thought it would be this elaborate. When Rosé couldn’t find the words to say, Elion added an explanation.

“You can acquire ability points every time you seduce a man who has a ‘target card.’ To be precise, it’s based on s*men absorption.”

Se-s*men absorption?

“Let me explain with an example.”

As Elion moved his finger as if pushing the screen, a translucent white screen appeared next to the ability stats window.

It was an example of a ‘target card’ with John Doe set as the default.

John Doe (C-Rank)
Trait: A virtual target character randomly selected by the system.
Appearance: Default system appearance.
G*nitalia: Default system g*nitalia.
Average number of ejaculations per month: Default system fequency.
P*bic hair: Default system conspiracy.
Reward: Stamina 2, Intelligence 3.
Hidden f*tish: Deep throat.

“In the case of this example, you can gain Stamina and Intelligence every time you absorb John Doe’s s*men into a part of your body. The total number of stats you can gain decreases as follows: S Rank (17), A Rank (11), B Rank (7), C Rank (5), D Rank (3), E Rank (1). Finally, the amount of ability stats you can acquire from F Rank is 0.”

Rosé let out a hollow laugh with her mouth agape. In typical development simulation games, one had to learn something or achieve a quest to gain ability stats. But in this ‘spiritual body possession’, she had to absorb s*men.

“No. Even if that’s the case, why is there a useless genital profile…?”

Rosé glared at the target card with a disgusted expression. She realized that this was a transmigration story that had been judged as harmful material.

“Ah, I forgot to mention something about fetishes. Each target has a hidden desire. In the case of the example above…”
“Stop! Why does that even exist?”

Rosé, who was worried that the words ‘deep throat’ would come out of Elion’s mouth, asked loudly. Elion calmly explained.

“If you conquer a hidden f*tish, a critical hit occurs. Depending on the situation, the amount of possible ability stats you can acquire increases by an average of 1.5 to 2 times.”
“So, if I do that, my ability stats will double?”
“Yes, if you do deep throat.”

Ahhhh! Rosé covered her cheeks with both hands and let out a silent scream. Meanwhile, Elion casually brought up another window.

John Smith (S-Rank)
Trait: A virtual target character randomly selected by the system.
Appearance: Default system appearance.
G*nitalia: Default system g*nitalia.
Average number of ejaculations per month: Default system frequency.
P*bic hair: Default system conspiracy.
Reward: Charisma 7, Faith 10
Hidden f*tish: Spanking

“As you can see, the higher the rank, the greater the reward.”

Rosé chewed her lips. As he said, to get out of here, she had to absorb the s*men of the target characters. Especially those with high ranks.

He had to admit it. This was a bizarre cultivation method that deserved to be labeled as harmful.

Creator God, what on earth…

“What does becoming a hero have to do with s*men?”

Elion thought Rosé’s point was quite valid and cleared his throat. But he couldn’t do anything about the predetermined system. Eventually, he came to a calm conclusion with a calm expression.

“Perhaps it means that the hero who is loved by many is the true savior.”

It was the kind of lousy reasoning you’d expect from a game designated as harmful.

“Ha, well, to satisfy all the abilities, you would have to meet hundreds of people.”

It was an absurd statement to tempt so many people. He doubted whether he could fulfill all the abilities before the continent was extinct. But Elion reassured Rosé, who was worried.

“The number is important, but what’s more important is establishing a continuous relationship with the target character. By doing so and building a bond, you can increase the obtainable abilities.”

Ah, I think I saw this on the screenshot printed on the package. As Rosé tried to recall, Elion opened a new screen.

It was a ‘character dictionary.’ There were three types of relationships that could be developed: friends, lovers, and fiancés.

“If you have s*x with the target character for the first time, you will become friends. But there will be no change in ability at this stage. Ability changes occur only when you progress to the lover or fiancé stage. You can increase your obtainable abilities in these two relationships.”

“So, to get a lot of abilities, you have to date or get engaged with the target character.”

“That’s correct.”

“And you can do it with multiple people at the same time?”

“Yes, that’s right. If you wish, you can date or get engaged with multiple people.”

Rosé frowned for a moment and cleared her throat before nodding her head.

It was against her conscience, but if she thought of it as an inevitable path to becoming a hero, it wasn’t something she couldn’t understand. The fact that it was designated as harmful material in the first place made all of this nonsensical situation common sense.

“So, I have to somehow engage in a fiancé relationship with a high-ranking target character… with around 10 or so people, if not more…”

Rosé realized what she was thinking and lifted her head. She hadn’t even decided to become a hero yet. Wait a minute. But what if she gets caught?

“Um… What happens if it’s found out that I’m seeing multiple people?”

Elion checked the manual displayed in the administrator window and replied.

“If you are caught having a relationship with another man, you will immediately enter the ‘hardcore zone.’ So it would be best to be careful not to get caught.”

The hardcore zone. It was an unwritten rule that the transmigrators had established that you should never mess with anything that had the keyword ‘hardcore’ in it.

This was because there had been many cases of possessed people claiming permanent mental damage after transmigrating to a package description that read ‘hardcore’ as a joke.

Rosé had decided that she would never touch anything with the hardcore keyword if she ever transmigrated, even if she didn’t know what it meant.

‘But hardcore?’

I’m so dead, really.

“What is the hardcore zone?”

Still holding onto a glimmer of hope, Rosé calmly asked Elion. Expecting the question to come, Elion had already read the manual and briefly turned to look at Rosé.

“It means that you will be subject to various constraints from the target character such as interrogation, surveillance, confinement, obsession, and imprisonment. But if you leave the zone, you will return to your normal life as if nothing had happened. It sounds like he’s placed a memory restriction on you.”
“That’s a relief.”

When Rosé replied in a voice devoid of emotion, Elion smiled as if it were obvious. It wasn’t really a relief.

What if she just endured it with the expectation of dying in three years? Perhaps the creator god might take pity on her and release her…

“Just in case, I would like to inform you that if all ability scores drop below zero, the transmigrator’s function deteriorates and cardiac arrest occurs.”

Well, if I endures it, I’ll die instantly.


A sigh of anticipation for the rough storms to come flowed out. Rosé shrugged her shoulders.

“Don’t worry. As long as I’m here, nothing dangerous will happen to you, miss.”

Rosé, who was almost about to crush her forehead on the table, lifted her head slightly.

Yes, there was an administrator. As with all cultivated beings, there was always one to help the possessor.

“Is it possible for someone like me to become a hero?”

“Of course. If you allow me to assist you.”

Elion flicked his finger and brought up the system window in front of Rosé. After checking the screen, Rosé took a deep breath.

〈SYSTEM〉 Would you like to set ‘Elion’ as your ‘caretaker’?


“Originally, he had planned to become a caretaker and help raise the young lady, but he said it’s difficult due to a meeting with the Possession Material Review Committee.”

Usually, it is customary for a creator god to emerge and help the possessed individual grow in a nurturing water. But the situation was different for this ‘spiritual body.’

Wasn’t it even designated as harmful material. It was more advantageous to persuade the Possession Review Board than to raise a possessed individual who had just accidentally arrived.

“Of course, it doesn’t matter if you manipulate the system on your own. But I recommend that you appoint me as your caretaker for smooth growth.”

Rosé asked with a skeptical look on her face.

“What’s the difference?”
“A caretaker can share your vision and offer advice. And through location tracking, they can rescue you in dangerous situations. And also….”

As he calmly explained, Elion’s eyebrows twisted at the end. He pursed his lips as if in protest, then took a deep breath and fixed his expression.

“…I will become a target.”

Rosé gasped at the unexpected news. She had forgotten that Elion had openly declared his plans to monitor and track her.

“Elion also has a target card?”

Elion’s Adam’s apple slowly bobbed up and down.

“I intend to help the young lady as a caretaker with all my heart.”

Rosé looked at Elion, hoping to see his target card. They were past the formalities now.

Elion bit his lower lip, feeling the tension rise. He realized that he couldn’t avoid the situation with such a vague answer.

“… This is the card I have.”

Elion (B-Rank)
Traits: A butler who has served the hero Lian Mora for most of his life, and is now caring for the daughter he left behind.
Appearance: Black hair cascading down his back, dark purple eyes. Muscle-bound body below the collarbone. Firm abs. Thick thighs that part whenever necessary.
G*nitalia: Unknown
Average number of ejaculations per month: Unknown
P*bic hair: Unknown
Reward: Strength 3, Etiquette 4
Hidden f*tish: Unknown

Rosé widened her eyes and read Elion’s target card carefully. But she was shocked to see that despite his exceptional appearance, he was only rated B.

Was it because of his status as a servant? Perhaps the results reflected not only his appearance but also his conditions.

The shock did not end there. Disappointment appeared on Rosé’s face.

“Why is it marked ‘unknown’?”

The most important information that she should know was missing. Elion was embarrassed and wiped his face with one hand before answering.

“That…I hid it with administrator privileges.”

Rosé’s lips drooped slightly, revealing her dissatisfaction. But she was a wise person who barely managed to refrain from showing her true feelings.


Rosé scratched her forehead as if she were innocent, pretending not to be interested but actually asking out of curiosity.

“…It’s surprisingly accurate, and…”

Elion stumbled over his words, then cleared his throat and lowered his voice. He seemed to be getting hot, pulling down his shirt slightly as he spoke.

“You don’t have to worry about my target card.”
“After all, I’m just a caretaker who will look after the young lady. Isn’t that right?”

After hearing that, Rosé had nothing else to say. She scratched her cheek and reluctantly replied,


〈SYSTEM〉 Would you like to set ‘Elion’ as your ‘caretaker’?

“Okay, I understand. I just have to press ‘Yes’, right?”

Elion made a solemn expression when she wasn’t looking, but when he saw her press ‘Yes’, he bowed his head.

“I will do my best as a caretaker to look after you without disappointing you, Miss.”
“Oh, Elion.”

Despite her willing acceptance, Rosé’s slender eyebrows furrowed seriously.

“Suddenly, I thought of something. It’s about the communication service. Elion said there’s no way to leave except by going to the top, but if we talk to the company, maybe something can be done. After all, I’m an employee of Bingye Holdings, like a middle manager like Elion.”

As someone who had realized the secret of her birth last night, her head was rarely clear. But the determination of a worker who would leave work no matter what situation she was in had been manifested even after being reincarnated.

Elion remained silent for a while, probably anticipating Rosé’s reaction that would come next.

“Could you please take a look ahead, Miss?”

Elion pointed to the status window of the reincarnated person with his fingertips.

Current funds: -5,714 Silla

“5,714 Silla?”

Elion said firmly.

“It’s negative.”

Minus 5,714 Silla. So, the money I have now is not a plus but a minus…

Rosé mumbled the number like a dazed person. It was a clueless attitude, not understanding or not wanting to understand.

“As I mentioned earlier, it’s the debt left by the master to you, Miss.”

Oh, right. He did say there was an inheritance debt.

Rosé laughed. Ha ha ha. Her mouth was wide open, but it was a strange silent laughter.

After laughing several times into the air, Rosé finally regained her composure and looked at Elion.

“…How about converting it to the standard of the possessor?”

It seemed to be her last hope as she clasped her hands together.

Although Elion tried to persuade her that she didn’t need to know to that extent, Rosé was stubborn. Finally, Elion gave up and answered in a somewhat tense voice.

“1 Silla is equivalent to about 35,000 won, so it would be roughly 200 million won.”
“No wayyyy!”

It was her second shouting after yesterday. Elion, who had now grown accustomed to it, covered both ears without saying a word.

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