“Even if I don’t say it out loud, I’m still looking at it anyway.”

“Hey! Hey!! Aaaahhhhh.”

The shouting cry that came out once again gradually turned into a whimper then eventually faded away.

Belze felt tired after shouting loudly and also embarrassed when she realized that it was just a pointless thing to do.

As the gaze on her bare legs felt more intense, her voice choked with shame.

In the end, only a sound like ‘Uh, uh-huh…’ came out, almost like a continuous moan.

Seo waited until Belze finished her futile struggling, then looked down below with a nonchalant gaze. Even if she was smiling, she must have disliked it, as her expressionless face was uncomfortable in its own way.

“But wait, you didn’t dye it, did you? It’s the same color with you hair down there.”

She can’t believe he said that with no sign of excitement.

“Shut up… Shut up, just shut your mouth!”

“Should I take back what I said earlier? Stop being mouthy. You need to get your sh*t together. Are you shouting to attract attention or something?”


“But didn’t you say that this room doesn’t transmit sound well to the outside, so no one would come?”

“T-that’s a lie. I’m being monitored. My subordinates will come soon.”

“But that means that the others saw you messing with me…….”

“That’s a lie, actually! I only saw you! Only me! It was all a bluff! Huh? A bluff! Do you believe me?”

Belze shook her head in agitation. She was painfully aware that the level of revenge she’d be receiving would be determined based on the severity of her actions against Seo.

If a third party had been watching all this time, it could lead to an unpredictable situation, with someone using her actions against her.

She dared not believe it would go that far, but her legs were already shaking underneath her.

“Well, it seems like it’s just the two of us here then.”

“Yeah. That’s right. Just the two of us, of course.”

“Good then. I don’t have any hobbies that I do in front of others, after all.”



Belze almost turned white, barely managing to regain her composure and shook her head. Since she’d been crushed under Seo, her mind felt like it was constantly moving.

“No. It’s just a lie, right? You’re just trying to scare me off… trying to make me give up. Heroes don’t intimidate people just as they please… Ugh, aahhh!”

A cold sensation between her belly button and her legs wiped away the rest of her words. His fingers were scratching the underside of her l*bia.

Before she knew it, Seo moved away from Belze’s upper body, spread her knees and teasing her with his fingers rubbing the hidden spot where no one’s eyes would reach.

It wasn’t like he was intentionally tickling her, but the fact that his fingers were touching that intimate place where no one else’s eyes could see made her feel strangely uncomfortable.

Seo didn’t hastily push his fingers in but calmly moved them back and forth between the inside of her legs and thighs. He then spoke slowly.

“You’re too tense. As you said, heroes don’t just intimidate civilians.”

“Y-yes! That’s right! So true! You’re a hero! A public servant! On the side of justice! The people’s savior!”

Belze feigned a smile and mentally clasped her hands together in prayer. She had never been so grateful for Seo being a hero as he was today.

Let’s stop here. Please, let’s end it here. Let’s leave it at this. Let’s just learn! I understand that I am also at fault at some point.

“But you’re not a citizen I’m supposed to protect, are you?”


However, as much as Seo’s public reputation as a hero was elevated, he was equally ruthless to villains. Her hand that had been seized by the wrist was now gently released.

His eyes, which had lingered like a caress, softened, but no one would interpret it as affectionate. It might be chilling hypocrisy if anyone dared to call it that.

“Citizens should be protected. If someone lays a hand on their fellow citizens without permission, they’re a criminal, a scumbag. But you, my dear Belze, you’ve forfeited your rights as a citizen. You have no human rights in my eyes.”

“‘My dear Belze’?! You must be crazy. Who the hell are you calling ‘my dear Belze’… Ugh.”

Even though it was not an appropriate situation for the words ‘my dear Belze’ to slip out, they came out of his mouth without much thinking.

The reason for the interrupted conversation was that Seo extended his fingers to explore her sensitive area, and pressing down on it.

It was a gentle touch, but the stimulation from her sensitive area shook her mind even with the slightest pressure. She tried to suppress any moans, but even when she tried to cover her mouth, the sound still managed to escape.

“Even criminals are innately granted human rights, hah, stop… don’t… do this…”

The compelling tone, full of anxiety, gradually softened and became feeble. The strong sound didn’t even come out when something bigger than several fingers combined touched her.

Her whole body seemed to tighten as the weight of something more than just a finger pressed between her legs. Even though he hasn’t penetrated her yet, just hovering slowly over her p*ssy, that alone was enough to bring out a whimpering sound.

She was terrified of being completely at his mercy, the thought of being eaten by him, and the intermittent stimulations she felt since earlier were even more frightening. Belze pushed back the tears forming in the corner of her eye with determination and let out a scream.

“Hey, are you really going to do this? And you call yourself a hero even after doing this?!”

“You don’t understand. The violence I use against bad guys is righteous violence.”

“Ugh, hmmp, you’re just a scumbag worse than a criminal.”

“If you don’t like it, then why don’t you side with justice too?”

Seo pushed away Belze’s hands, which was trying to get between her legs and push his p*nis out.

Belze glared at Seo with resentment. Or rather, she tried to glare. If Seo had shown the usual delighted expression, as if he could freely roam around, Belze would have reacted differently.

However, Seo’s face showed clear signs of anger, narrowing his eyes, and Belze couldn’t help but avert her gaze. Seo’s angry and dark expression was intimidating.

“Isn’t that absurd? You break the law, and yet you tell me to follow it? You treat morality like a piece of street trash, and yet you want me to uphold it?”

The huge p*nis gradually and rapidly stimulated Belze’s lower body. Her b*ttocks grinding alternately between the floor and against his sh*ft. Each time, a slight tingling sensation and slight pain surged through her.

“You’re wrong. I’m not like those other guys. I stick to my ethics, and because of people like you who have no sense of responsibility, there are others who recklessly run around.”

Seo shifted his lower body. His black hair rustled as his upper body swayed in unison. A single bead of sweat, whether from his cheeks or his neck, drop near Belze’s stomach.

“If I forgive you here, you’ll think you can get away with this, and you’ll do it again to the others, so you need to be taught a lesson.”

The scowl face finally revealed some excitement. Belze’s face twitched with each movement of his p*nis, and she was responding in kind, as a trickle of sticky fl*id flowed down his sh*ft.

That was Belze’s only consolation, now that she couldn’t refute a single word against Seo’s.

Seo’s words were entirely correct. After all, a hero would never engage in such actions, that’s why she jumped foolishly. If she had known it would turn out like this, she would never have acted impulsively in the first place.

He narrowed his eyes, pushing his sweat-drenched palm into Belze’s shirt.

“You started this first.”

While saying it was all Belze’s fault, he also taunted her, giving her a mocking smile.

“Only when you experience something really awful will you know fear.”

“Ugh, ha, ah…”

If it had come this far, there was really no way to escape anymore. She’d literally exposed and mocked him, so it was only natural that he would return the favor, the same way.

Belze accepted the situation rationally and mentally prepared herself. He’d already committed things that were done to him, so there was only the unavoidable penetration left.

“Don’t be too upset. It’s for justice.”

“Oh, when have you ever cared about justice, you pathetic, yes, ugh, trashy hero!”

However, it didn’t mean she was going to give up easily. If she was going to face the consequences, she wanted to preserve her dignity at least. Besides, she disliked him wrapping his crude personality with a flimsy facade of righteousness.

Since when did that bastard care so much about justice?  He was the one who became the King of Suppression, Personal Sanctions, and Ethical Deficiency. His reputation as a hero was just a superficial image meant to please the public’s eyes.

Seo’s brow narrows as she shoots him a look of resentment.

“It’s a shame we’re both scum. If I’m a bad person, then you’re beyond redemption. A perfect gentleman has come to you, and instead of welcoming him warmly, you acted like a fool?”

It was a deliberate insult, but humiliating as intended. He squeezed her thighs so tightly that the flesh pinked between his fingers.

For a while, Seo had been pretending to laugh, but now he revealed his true feelings, seeming genuinely upset.

“Am I the only one who’s bad? I tried to touch you more gently so that it wouldn’t hurt as much, but you keep babbling…”

Clearly feeling hurt, their bodies drew apart.

In that moment when Belze’s emotions naturally subsided, a fleshy pressure pierced through her.

“Ah, f*ck!”

Her vision momentarily blurred as if she had been hit on the head, and a scream escaped her lips. Their lips started trembling, making it impossible to determine who reacted first.

Without consideration, Seo pushed himself inside her without giving her any time to adjust.

“Eek, ack, ah, ugh, no, ah, huh.”

As Seo thrust forcefully, Belze whimpered with each motion, feeling the pressure deep inside, repeatedly going in and out. Her body shook much more violently than when Seo’s p*nis were merely rubbing against her p*ssy, and her breaths became labored.

“No, I don’t like it. Please, stop.”

The sensation of Seo’s p*nis against her insides was peculiar. Unlike when she was in contact with other people, their point of contact felt hot, making her want to pull away.

The sensation of him entering her was over ten times more intense. Though firm on the outside, the feeling of his c*ck penetrating deep inside her body was soft. As his c*ck pushed against the tight spot, it ached but it tickled.

“Have you done this before?”

Seo asked, pressing near their point of connection while lowering his body. Their chests and faces drew close.

“Haa, ugh, w-whatever, hmm, w-why are you asking?”

“I asked because it seems tight down there. I wanted to see if I should go easy on you, but seeing you still trying to assert your pride, I guess you’re alright.”

“Eugh, ha-ugh. Hmmph.”

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