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Yuju clung to Sehan’s body and cried out loudly. She shook her hips and rubbed her lower body against his, begging him to do something. Her underwear was soaked and made squelching sounds. Sehan’s c*ck, which had been bent to the right, stiffened firmly and straightened out.

“Do something, please…!”

Sehan, once inside the safety of the camping car where there were no people nor monsters, tore off Yuju’s clothes as she sobbed and begged.

In this situation, they couldn’t afford to casually discard a single piece of clothing, but neither was he in his right mind. Somehow, they managed to get into the camping car and lock the door, but Sehan was no different from her, who had been bitten by that strange dog.

He didn’t think a creature that appeared in a world overflowing with monsters would be ordinary, but he never expected this situation.

Perhaps some sort of aphr*disiac seemed to be in its teeth as he felt an intense s*xual desire. While Sehan was undressing Yuju and himself, Yuju couldn’t resist and inserted her finger into her g*nitals.


Her swollen insides split open, swallowing her two white fingers. The dry fingers were soon soaked and tangled up in silver threads. Yuju, who was vigorously rubbing her p*ssy and making a squelching sound, sobbed as her lips quivered.

“I can’t reach, huegh… inside, Sehan, Sehan…!”

“What can you do with two thin fingers? If you’re going to m*sturbate, do it properly.”

Her shyly hesitating legs spread wide without hesitation. Sehan spread Yuju’s legs wide and tore open the condom wrapper.

Ah, hurry up… put it in quickly, heugh!”

“You want me to ram my d*ck inside you that much?”

“Yes, please, please hurry up…”

“F*ck, why are you whining again?”

Sehan’s pupils gleamed with a menacing light as he was about to put on the condom. He looked at his leaking p*nis covered in pre-c*m and her p*ssy clenching around her white fingers. He had the most visceral urge to throw away the condom and just go ahead with the s*x.

“It’s admirable how you’re saying that your fingers are not enough, and you want to swallow my d*ck.”

He cruelly pinched the cherry-red cl*toris.


Clear love juices splashed between his fingers that were teasing her sensitive cl*toris. Yuju, trembling and convulsing, moaned in response to his gesture of squeezing her cl*toris.

“You’re passing out? You’re whining that you want me to touch you, but now you’re passing out? How are you gonna know that you like it when I touch you? Should I punish you?”

Slap! His hand harshly slapped her p*ssy.

Ack! I was wrong… Heut!”

SlapSlap! He displayed an almost superhuman level of patience as he vigorously rubbed his erect p*nis between her pale thighs, causing the flesh to turn red. He then proceeded to put on a condom.

Sehan, pulling her body firmly against his as she sobbed, inserted his p*nis into her while her trembling, stretched legs were spread wide open.

Ah, my finger is still inside… Big, heuut, it’s too big…!”

“And who told you to put your fingers inside without my permission?”

A p*nis the size of Yuju’s wrist and her slender fingers pressed firmly inside her. Yuju, who had been sobbing, arched her back and writhed. It was an area that she was especially sensitive to.

“You didn’t even know how to touch yourself properly.”

SlamSlam! He thrust his hips hard, as if chastising her for daring to invade his territory. The intense pressure of his forceful penetration made Yuju’s fingers gradually slip out.

“Did you get aroused while m*sturbating in front of me?”

Heugh, no… Heuuu!”

“You whined that you couldn’t swallow it all if I thrust all the way in, but why am I now deep inside you today? Do you know how soft and warm it is inside you?”

Yuju, who normally would have been embarrassed and ashamed by his words, actively pulled him closer.

“More, heuu… there… harder… please, ahAhh!”

“Harder? Yesterday you were crying, saying your stomach was about to burst. You even told me my d*ck looked like an electric eel.”

He laughed at his witty metaphor and grabbed both of Yuju’s b*ttocks roughly and spread them apart. Her sticky, moist flesh tangled with his bulging p*nis. He thrust forcefully, as if to strip her of her flesh.

As he pounded into her, his forceful movements caused the headboard to hit Yuju’s head. With one hand wrapped around her head, he pulled her down.

His erect p*nis, like an enraged snake, struck against her sensitive outer l*bia.


Yuju’s eyes rolled back as she shuddered and cummed.

“You’re c*mming again? Who said you could?”

He sternly spoke as he spanked her white b*ttocks.

“Don’t… l-look, I was… heugh, wrong, aahh!”

She tried to cover herself with her hands, but fl*id splashed, wetting his abdomen.

“So you know how to be embarrassed? How long do I have to put up with you complaining? Huh?”

“I’ll be good… EughheutHik!”

Without giving Yuju, who was trembling intensely in ecstasy, any respite, he thrust forcefully. The splattering droplets reached the edge of his jaw.

As he reached the root of her s*x, his t*sticles bounced off her body with each powerful thrust. The viscous fl*id coated his p*bic hair, sticking to it. He grabbed Yuju’s hand, which was covering her eyes, and pulled it down, forcing her to witness her promiscuous form.

“Since we’ve been bitten, we might as well enjoy it. How long are you going to tighten? Until my d*ck explodes?”

Even though it was inserted every day, the tight inner passage struggled and quivered against the thick, long p*nis. After completely pulling out his p*nis, he nervously observed the opening that was contracting and expanding, and then firmly thrust it back in.

The gap between her white legs widened, revealing a deep red p*ssy that engulfed his dark red p*nis.

Sehan, who ej*culated in the soaked condom, wasn’t satisfied with just one release and stuck his tongue into her sticky and slimy v*gina.

“N-Not there…!”

“What’s wrong? You said you wanted me to suck it all up. I’ll lick every part you find embarrassing.”

It was different from urine, but Yuju felt intensely embarrassed. As he gently caressed the inside of her trembling thighs, which were squeezed together, he seductively asked.

“How about we make it fair? We’ll both lick each other clean.”

He leisurely spread his legs, revealing a sticky, slippery p*nis that was moistened with a viscous fl*id. His p*nis touched the small corner of Yuju’s mouth, and the pungent smell of fishy chestnut blossom wafted over her. Rather than feeling unpleasant, her insides became chillingly damp.

“I usually suck it three times, but would once be enough? Doesn’t it itch here?”

He laughed as he licked deeply with his tongue, seemingly not disliking her damp and moist insides.

“Suck it clean, and I’ll f*ck you like a dog in heat.”

In this situation, no, precisely because of this situation, his s*xual desire boiled even more.

In a world teeming with monsters, the reason Yuju remained sane was because there was someone like him who shared his body heat with her.

She didn’t hesitate long before taking his m*mber into her mouth. By some chance, her tongue happened to slip between the opening of his p*nis, causing the already gruesome thing to contort its veins.


With his lips buried in Yuju’s p*ssy, Sehan violently ravaged her lips with his dark red p*nis.

Yuju passionately sucked on the throbbing p*nis, tearing her lips apart, and swallowed it deeply into her throat. It was wanton and lewd as if it were her last time.

It was courage she wouldn’t have had if she hadn’t fallen into this world.


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