One day, a giant tower appeared in the city center.

It was called the Tower of Disorder. It is said that the tower will grant one wish to anyone who reaches its top floor.

The people have only one wish. To close the door on the 173-year-old war with the Demon Realm and achieve eternal peace.

On the day the tower finally opens, a group of heroes from all over the land gather together.

Claiming to sacrifice themselves for the sake of peace, they ascended the platform and dazzled the nobles with their grandiose speeches.

But are any of them willing to put aside their selfish desires and grant peace to all?

Only one man in a ragged cloak, Lian Mora, drew the attention of the people.

He was known as a hero of the people, a man far removed from the formalities of the nobility.

Lian climbed the tower by blood and blood alone. Not for money and fame, but for the suffering people. For the peace of the land. The people believed him.

It was six years before the Tower of Disorder fell. The man who finally conquered it was none other than Lian Mora, who entered the tower with nothing but a sword.

The people rejoiced at the birth of a true hero. He was the hero of the people, the one who didn’t want materialistic desires.

They believed that Lian had prayed for the peace of the Empire.

‘I sacrificed my life for the sake of humanity and peace!’

Across the Empire, voices rose in praise of Lian Mora. Half a year passed before the gates to the Demon Realm opened again.

Now, people began to ask: ‘The traitorous Lian Mora, what did he wish for?’



✦✧✦✧✦Love Interests

⟢ Elion – The mansion’s butler who takes on the role of raising the possessed Rosé. He is hiding something.
⟢ Silvio – An imperial duke who has been celibate for 18 years due to a traumatic relationship with his ex-wife. He has a strong desire for possession.
⟢ Muho – The male protagonist of another work, he was transported to another dimension due to a system error. Usually appears as an old man.
⟢ Dain – A professor of monster biology at the Imperial Academy. He is rumored to be an eccentric and has an ogre-like appearance.
⟢ Emmett – He is the leader of the Blue Knights who attacked the gate with awakened abilities. He is a virgin.
⟢ Ariel – The First Princess, said to be the most beautiful woman in the empire. She is actually a cross-dresser.
⟢ Sergi – Head of the underground guild Pumont, and one of Rosé’s creditors. He is debauched and lewd.
⟢ Mob Men (nnn people) – Men of different races, professions, ages, fetishes, statuses, looks, and personalities, but all handsome and large. They mainly humiliate Rosé.

✦✧✦✧✦Female Lead

⟢ Rosé – An employee of Possession Holdings’ aftercare team. She is possessed by the game “Hero Saves the World with His Body,” which was accidentally declared hazardous and scrapped.

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