In a room filled with the sinful sounds of flesh rubbing against flesh, I lost all sense of time.




Occasionally, when Seth pushed into me slowly, teasingly, my hips would tremble in response. It was instinctual, like my body was begging for him.




“If you wanted me like this, why..?”




Faintly fragmented murmurs in his low voice slid into my mind.




“Why did you make me wait until now?”




I would’ve tried to understand the inner thoughts of the dark personality I had created, but the tingling he was eliciting in me was too much to handle. I couldn’t even attempt to think.




While his hips languidly slid his c*ck all the way out and back into my dripping w*t center, his long, white fingers squeezed my br*asts together so roughly it almost felt as though they were going to burst. Just as I was about to groan at how rough he was being, a thumb gently rubbed my erect n*pples, melding pl*asure with the pain.




“My master is sensitive all over.”




As Seth whispered it, he lowered his eyes and took my soft peaks into his mouth. His tongue moved savagely, alternating between my br*asts and sucking on each n*pple feverishly while his hand kneaded the other.




As if the overwhelming pl*asure from my br*asts wasn’t enough, his c*ck continued to mercilessly thrust in and out of me with a w*t schlicking sound.




I clenched the sheets and twisted beneath him in response to the intentionally provocative sounds.




At this rate, I might really lose control. My head was going white.




“There, stop. Stop it–! Ngh…!”




Afraid that I wouldn’t be able to resist the pl*asure I was tasting, I pushed Seth away in a moment of panic. The first thing I touched was his chest. For a moment, I marveled at the firmness of it against my palm and unintentionally clenched my fingers against his well-formed pecs.




“Ah,” he murmured, almost a sigh.




A deeper desire accumulated in his eyes.




That’s when it started.




Seth began to greedily explore my lips, forcefully and differently from before. Already familiar with my body, he struck only the most sensitive parts.




“Mmm, ahhh…”




“Say my name.”




“Seth. Hnngh…! Seth….”




Each time I called his name, he thrusted harder. Every time his throbbing m*mber rammed in and out of me, it felt like sparks were flying before my eyes.




“Ah, Master.”




His husky voice struck my eardrums.




“Have you been resisting until now because you thought once you tasted it, you wouldn’t be able to let it go? Hm?”




Seth, who tightly embraced my upper body while continuing to rut and thrust into me, spoke affectionately but greedily.




“Squeeze me harder,” he commanded.




I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pounded into me more rapidly, like he wanted to rub every inch of my inner walls.




I wanted to be closer.




Without realizing it, I clutched Seth’s back hard. I dug my nails into his back, covering old scars, creating new wounds.




“I’m going crazy, Master,” Seth panted.




‘It’s me who feels like I’m going crazy, Seth.’




“It feels… so good,” he moaned, his voice hitching slightly as my nails sank into his flesh.




I flinched under his breath against my ear.




Seth let out a muffled curse. He grabbed onto my a$s and thrusted even harder, as if he couldn’t contain himself any longer.




“Nngh, Seth, not there–aghh!”




Every time I received him, pl*asure shuddered through my body. His c*ck filled me up so fully and so tightly that it almost felt hard to breathe when it was buried inside me. I reached a point where I couldn’t even catch my breath, let alone call out his name.




Crazy, crazy!




We clung to each other like beasts in heat, seeking each other senselessly, wildly. Somewhere in the haze of sweat and saliva and moans, I cl*maxed multiple times. And I wasn’t the only one.




All I could remember is the muffled sound of Seth’s voice groaning, and the additional heat spreading through my belly.




The sensation of his l*quid spreading inside my body was excessively intense and addictive, making me beg for more.




Every time, Seth hungrily kissed my lips and nodded in understanding before continuing to f*ck me after filling me up with his c*m.




After pouring his seed inside me multiple times, when Seth finally withdrew and moved his body back, an embarrassing amount of fl*id spilled out of my throbbing entrance and trickled down my thighs.




Seth, who had rolled off me and was now lying beside me on the bed, reached out to embrace me and kiss my forehead tenderly.




Amidst the changing sights and scents of our passionate session, I felt most paralyzed by the sweet and salty scent that permeated the room now, in the aftermath.




‘I guess we really did it.’




I was troubled by regret that I shouldn’t have done this, and by the fact that Seth Milan now felt like a living person to me.




(E/N: I guess nobody’s a real person until they f*ck the MC, eh?)




Could I bear the sins this man has committed and live with his twisted personality?




But it’s all because of me that Seth ended up like this. Shouldn’t I stay by his side, as he desires?




No, that’s the role of the heroine.




‘Everything is a mess.




What should I do from now on?’




Will Seth eventually drive me away? If so, then I can just go to the end of the world as originally planned. But if Seth doesn’t let me go…..




Where the hell is the heroine?!




Suddenly, Seth, who was examining my face, held me tightly.




“Why are you making that expression? Hm?”




I felt something soft brush against my ear. Then a hand slowly stroked my hair.




It was an overly affectionate gesture, made to feel all the more strange by the fact that it was Seth. A voice that still hadn’t lost its warmth pierced my ear.




“I wanted to make the person who made me this way suffer….”




‘Even if you do that, there’s no room for justification from me. I would deserve it.’




I wanted to say that, but as soon as I opened my mouth, I felt tears welling up, so I clenched my lips instead.




Still looking intently at my face, Seth paused, leaving his previous thought unfinished.




“It feels strange when the Master makes that expression. I don’t like it.”




The gentle strokes on my back made my eyes well up with even more hot tears.




“It’s my fault, Master.”




‘You don’t have to apologize, Seth.’




“It’s my fault, so don’t cry,” he continued, still speaking uncharacteristically softly.




“I’m not crying,” I muttered.




A sniffling sound escaped, but I forced myself to declare bravely.




“I don’t cry easily.”




“Hmm, really? Weren’t you crying just a moment ago?” Seth said, his lips curling slyly as he referred to ‘a moment ago’ to mean during the extremely overstimulating s*x we’d had.




“That was inevitable! Don’t you know about physiological reactions? It’s a physical response!”




How am I supposed to handle something you’re exceptionally good at?




Seth, who was smiling amusedly, gently tickled my cheek.




“Then what do you do if you cry over an emotional problem?”




“Well, I don’t know what I’d do.”




“If I catch you crying, you’ll have to do what I want you to do.”




“Fine! Wait, no, why should I?”




I blurted out my answer, but the wicked chancellor had already heard me.




“You said yes, I heard you.”




“What the hell do you want me to do? No, why can’t you just let it go for once?”




“You made me this way, so I can’t help it.”




Seth covered my mouth with his hand, efficiently shutting me up.




“Will you listen to what I want?”




The dark chancellor picked up on the fact that I was feeling guilty about the situation. Still, he didn’t give me a choice.




“…Alright. I promise.”




“Yes, good girl.”




There was a low whisper, followed by a gentle nibble on my earlobe, and then a w*t, rubbing sound as his tongue delved into my ear, but I couldn’t move.




It was as if I had been captured by this man.




Even in this situation, my eyelashes trembled, and my body grew hot. I could feel the heat building back up below my belly.




“So, what are you going to demand from me?” I asked, feigning nonchalance.




I made up my mind to open up about the fact that I was caught anyway.




“There’s not much I’m capable of.”




As he released me from his embrace, Seth lowered his eyes and smiled mysteriously. Even though it seemed like he was about to explode inside, he didn’t speak for a moment.




I opened my mouth involuntarily when I noticed the corners of his eyes, which were reddened, almost as if they were w*t.




I wanted to lick it lightly. I wondered how it would taste.




“You’re a fool, Master.”








“Or maybe you don’t know much about me.”








I don’t think that’s the case.




“I thought I’d expressed my opinion enough. I thought I was good at expressing myself, but maybe I’m not.”




Perplexed, I tilted my head, and then I felt something running lightly through my hair, followed by a tickling sensation on my scalp.




“If you don’t know, then forget it.”




“What is it?”




Somehow, my throat was dry, so I licked my lips slightly, involuntarily. Seth took advantage of it and said just one word.




“A secret.”




There’s nothing scarier than the word “secret” coming from the dark chancellor’s mouth.




Not knowing what to expect, I turned my head to the side, unable to ask. Then I heard a chuckle from above my head.




“You’re so lovely, I don’t know what to do with you.”








S*x is one thing, but love?




I don’t want to hear that I’m lovable from a male lead who was written to be a trashy male lead.




Isn’t this a death flag?




I tried to move to the side to avoid Seth, but he didn’t let go of me.




He pulled me into a hug with one hand, and the hand that had been tickling my hair tilted my head slightly to the side.




And then, he brought his lips to my exposed neck.




I bit my lip to keep from giving away my frantic heartbeat, but the heat rushing through me made me grip Seth’s hand even tighter. I dug my nails into the back of his hand as he sucked fiercely on the soft skin of my neck while he embraced me from behind.




“You know, Master,” he said, pausing in his quest to mark me as his.








“Master, do you know that when you panic, your pupils shake?”








“Your pupils also move when you make up things. And when you say something you don’t mean.”




I see.




“Other people might not notice it, but I can see it clearly.”




I couldn’t respond any further. He sees me too accurately.




Then, as if he had waited until I was distracted, the twitching rod that I hadn’t noticed pressed up against my backside slipped between my thighs and penetrated inside me.




Ahhh, it feels insanely good.




His voice, mixed with low, seductive laughter, settled over my head, which was trembling with pl*asure as he rhythmically slid his c*ck in and out of me. My body traitorously accepted him immediately and deeply.




In our sideways position, each thrust hit me tighter and more forcefully than  before.




“Hmm, my lovely Master. What lie will you tell next time?” He whispered before he licked the edge of my ear again.




…Damn it, so he found out?








That I lied about all of it?




Thrust–, Thr–!








I suddenly felt a little sad.

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