Chapter 63 


Tae-seok closed his mouth for a moment. He looked down at her, who was listening, and made an indescribable expression. Unlike her, Tae-seok, who was hesitating, touched her eyes and muttered.


“I’m… nervous.”




“I don’t think you’re mine yet.”


A deep subdued voice ensued.


“Because I feel like someone else will take you away from me.”


He buried his face in Hyewon’s neck. He shook his head, and slipped his hand into her pajamas.


“Ah… ack.”


The skin of her whole body became tense at the touch of the man clutching her br*ast recklessly. Tae-seok grabbed her hand trying to push him away and pressed it down on the sheet at once.


“I want to take it off.”


Her nightgown was pulled down, exposing her rosy n*pples. Tae-seok put his lips on the pointy n*pple and then began to suck it hard. He was ready to brand the place as his own.


Hye-won shivered and swallowed a groan. The n*pple, which was quickly and licked by the man, was swollen as if it would burst just by touching it. Then he removed his lips.


He let out a languid groan through his mixed tongue. There was a sign of excitement at the physical contact after a few days. Tae-seok kissed and whispered.


“You are mine. Mine…”


As the desperate kiss continued, she felt like she was out of breath. As soon as she turned her head panting, what the doctor said crossed her mind.


“You should refrain from having s*x in the early stages of pregnancy.”


Tae-seok was like an animal when they had s*x. Once he got her, her legs were loose and she couldn’t walk properly. It was common for furniture to fall over and things to break due to unstoppable s*x. So if she gets carried away by him now, she might harm the child. Hyewon struggled to push him away and turned to lie down toward the window.


“Not yet… I’m not feeling well.”


“Did I just ask you to have s*x?”


A voice clouded with desire tickled the back of her neck.


“I’m not a pervert enough to f*ck a sick child.”


He began to stroke her lower abdomen with his long, slippery fingers.


She ignored it and tried to sleep, but his hands continued to grope through her pajamas. Then he dragged her underwear down.


Hye-won opened her eyes and hurriedly grabbed her underwear. However, he was already pushing his erect p*nis into a small gap between her thighs. Her cheeks flushed as she sensed the act that would follow.


“T-this… how is it different from s*x…?”


“This isn’t s*x. Putting my c*ck in your c*nt and thrusting it, then c*mming inside is s*x.”


Tae-seok kindly explained the difference between what he was doing and s*x. He hugged her as she struggled, and pressed his back.


Hye-won lowered her trembling gaze. It was uncomfortable as if she was holding a bat between her legs. Sure enough, the fully expanded gl*ns were located between her thighs.


The thick one hid its hideous figure between her own thighs, and then repeatedly appeared again. And every time that happened, the thick tendons sprouting from the pillars grazed her cl*toris.


The groan seemed to burst at the strange stimulus. When she buried her face in the pillow with her lips cracked, a husky voice tickled her eardrums.


“How much did you think?”


He squeezed her waist with his sturdy arms, and continued to irritate her cr*tch.


“Huh? Every night before you go to sleep, you look at that window and wonder if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, will I come when you open your eyes in the morning…”


His words sped up as if he had run out of patience.


He whispered something more with his lips attached to her ears, as he was roughly moving his bottom. She couldn’t hear it well because her mind was lost, but it was dirty and obsc*ne. Eventually, a moan that Hye-won had endured came out of her mouth.




“Make more noise.”


Tae-seok grabbed her br*ast as if he had been waiting. She shook her waist when she rubbed the bristled n*pple with hisbfingertips.


“You make a short noise every time I poke you at the bottom. Hm?”


“Ah, hakk. Ah….”


Her p*ssy was already so soft that it made a squelching sound with each slip of his p*nis.


Tae-seok slid his exploding p*nis toward her anus. Her chubby a$s twitched as he rubbed his gl*ns against her tight assh*le.


Hyewon grabbed his wrist tightly. Every time he stimulated it in a circle, her bottom tingled. When the hard gl*ns opened the hole halfway, she wondered if it would be pierced there.


But his d*ck went through the perineum and dug into her crack again. While rubbing the head of his c*ck there, he pressed the cl*toris in earnest.


“Haa, heuk. Haeuk…”


The sound of beastly breathing and slurping friction filled the bedroom. Excited, Tae-seok chewed on her ear lobe and moved his waist. And in a moment of cl*max, he put one of his fingers into her mouth.




Hyewon tilted her head back. Her toes curled up at the pleasure of splitting her whole body in half. A sob came out of her mouth.


She could feel his fingers digging into his mouth. He ran through her tongue and stabbed deep inside her mouth. As she inadvertently sucked it on, she trembled all over.


Only then did his finger slip out of her mouth. Hyewon looked down with an angry face. The s*men was spurting out of his heavy p*nis.


After a while he finished ej*culating and put his p*nis back. As if he wasn’t satisfied with what he sprayed on her thighs, he spread the s*men he had accumulated all over her body and smeared it.


Hyewon was limp as she had no energy to move. Tae-seok turned her to his side. And she stood still, his cheek was against the tender woman’s br*ast. Thump, thump... By the time her throbbing heartbeat had subsided, he opened his mouth.


“I’ll make you stay by my side, even if I break your ankle.”


Hye-won couldn’t understand what he said at once. ‘What?’ she asked quietly, and he replied.


“You asked me earlier. What am I going to do if you run away?”


It was only then that she came to her senses. Hye-won opened her eyes with a shudder. Before entering the bedroom, she remembered having an argument with him. He didn’t hide his desire to lock her up anymore, so she asked the question out of anger.


The bedroom became dead again. Hye-won was overwhelmed by a feeling of fear or embarrassment. She was only looking in the air for a while, and she heard a heavy breathing.


She looked down at him carefully. He was asleep with her n*pple in his mouth. He looked so calm and serene that she couldn’t believe he had said something terrible a while ago.


She just looked at his sleeping face, forgetting what to say. She slowly moved herneyes along the long eyelashes and slippery nose blades exposed.


Then, suddenly, she shrank by his breath that brushed the n*pples. He held her firmly even when her posture changed. As he instinctively found and bit the n*pple that had escaped from his mouth, he felt a determined will not to take it out even in his sleep.




“It’s done.”


A cheerful voice penetrated my mind. As I lifted up my dimming eyelids, my eyes met a woman through the mirror.


“I decorated it with a pink violet mood that matches my skin tone. I want to give a bright impression while maintaining your dignity for the charity party. Would this lip color be okay? Your hair… is it inconvenient?”


Hye-won finally realized that she was at her favorite shop and adjusted her expression.


“No, I like them all.”


“If there’s nothing special to modify, I’ll wrap it up like this.”


After speaking, the employee rummaged through the toolbox. Eventually, she tilted her head to see that she couldn’t find what she was looking for and left the place.


Hyewon straightened her posture and tried to shake off her sleepiness. She had been busy since morning for the charity party to be held today, and she kept falling asleep. Her hormones also fluctuated her mood.


I shouldn’t have come out.


She was lost in thought while looking down at her beautifully trimmed nails.


When he first brought up the party, all she could think about was going out. Anywhere would be fine as long as she could get out of that boring villa. If she looked at the lonely lake anymore, she thought she would be crazy.


However, when she thought about meeting people, she became nervous. She wasn’t the kind of person who enjoyed these events, and she still had no contact with her family. There are many things to see, such as concerts and auctions, but it was an inconvenience. Without Tae-seok, there is no one to deal with. So…Just because she got out of the villa didn’t mean she was out of isolation. She was still bound by him.


“Long time no see.”


She was thinking hard, and someone talked to her from the next seat.


Hye-won, who suddenly raised her head, smiled a ceremonial smile. He was a male actor whom she often encountered when she stopped by here. Everyone would know just by his name…


“You must have been busy. I saw you once or twice a month.”


“Yes, a little…”


“That’s why. You’ve been sleeping since you did your hair.”


The man put down the magazine in his hand and smiled. Hyewon asked mechanically.


“How have you been?”


“I didn’t have much work this year, so I traveled here and there.”


Perhaps it was time, the man continued his idle chatter. She wasn’t surprised because he had always wanted to talk to her whenever he saw her.


She was polite for a moment and then closed her mouth. To prevent any strange misunderstanding, she touched the neck with her hand while wearing an engagement ring. However, whether he was pretending not to know or not, the man did not lift an eyebrow.


“You must be going to a party.”


A subtle goodwill permeated in his charming voice.


“Where is the venue? Can I give you a ride?”


“No, it’s fine…”


Hye-won was relieved to see someone approaching just in time. She turned to the mirror, thinking that it was probably an employee who had been away for a while. At that moment her eyes shook.


Tae-seok, who was well-dressed through the mirror, looked at her. A rather languid reflection in his eyes. The deep blue suit doubled his characteristic cool and bracing atmosphere.


Tae-seok, who had been watching her for a while, uttered praise in a calm voice.


“You look like a doll.”



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