Adrian was quite… talkative. He had the gift of gab that could make a conversation out of the color of a passing bird’s feather for hours.


And through his words, Elysia came to a clear conclusion.


It seemed that I had applied to a beanpowder school. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t that I applied, but rather I was dragged here by chance… Anyway, this place is beanpowder1used figuratively to describe someone or something as insignificant, weak, or ineffective. It implies that the person or object lacks strength, power, or influence.


Every system was absurdly bizarre. Even if this entire worldview was constructed for the sake of romance, it was hard to understand.


“So… you have to join clubs that are affiliated with your own department?”


“It’s not mandatory, but, um, if you join a club from another department, you’ll face strict reporting ceremonies and won’t be treated well.”


“Why… why should I join a club from another department?”


“That’s the thing. There are only two central clubs where students from all departments can join, and the rest are department-specific clubs.”


‘I can’t open it, really……’ Pretending not to hear Elysia’s voice grumbling, he stood in front of the sloppy door.


Elysia glanced at the shabby entrance, which looked like the door had been ripped off and haphazardly reattached, and then pointed to the magnificent door across the hallway.


“What’s that?”


“That’s the Student Council room. Oh, there’s also the Central Club over there.”


Elysia looked at the gilded white door that seemed fit for a shrine with a weary expression and then shifted her gaze to the modest door in front of her. It looked like a door people would pass through, but…


Using the tip of her index finger, Elysia pointed at it to confirm.


“…A hole?”


Adrian, whose confident face instantly turned flustered, defended himself.


“It’s not a hole!”


“Oh, really?”


I also realized that the door was so low that I could stick my head through it if I didn’t bend over backwards. Naturally, I thought it must be a hole.


With a creaking sound, Adrian pushed the door open, gesturing politely as if to invite me inside.


Bending at the waist, I walked into the room with small, careful steps. The scent of books that would befit a library and the strong aroma of ink tickled my nose.


It was a modest space that fit perfectly with the low door. Warm-colored wooden bookshelves filled three sides of the walls, and the only wall without shelves had a window.


In one corner of the room, there were burgundy-colored curtains hanging. As she surveyed the room once, she murmured to herself.


“…It’s awfully cramped.”


“We only have three members, after all.”


Wait, did I mishear something? Only three members? Judging by Adrian avoiding her gaze, it seems he included her in that count.


“Wow. How did this club survive and not get disbanded? Did the principal feed it money or something?”


“It can’t be disbanded. It’s not an important club, you see.”


This is ridiculous. Adrian took a step back in surprise as she approached him. She raised her arms, showing no intention of attacking, as if to signal that she had no ill intent.


What a weakling… Can’t even hold a conversation.


“Logically, if it were important, there would be more people. Are you kidding me? Earlier, you said it’s common for students to join clubs under their own departments. Isn’t this club under the chemistry department? Where are the other chemistry students?”


“Um… You don’t know?”


The one who asked the question was her, but she was also the one receiving a bewildered gaze. Adrian, with a vacant look on his face as if he hadn’t expected this, began to fiddle with his lips using his finger and started pacing around the narrow room.


At that moment, a pleasant low voice resonated from behind the curtain.


“You’re the only one who entered the chemistry department this year.”


“Ai, f*ck, that surprised me!!!”


Naturally pulling aside the curtain and stepping out, a man with black hair casually muttered a curse as he was taken aback. Seeing Elysia’s startled expression, he furrowed his brow as if finding her surprise distasteful.


He had an impressively upright demeanor. With his proper posture as if he were commanding, “Stand up straight, shoulders back,” Elysia unknowingly straightened herself and exerted strength on her leaning body.


The right wrist of his wrinkle-free white shirt was neatly folded up, and beneath it, his exposed wrist had surprisingly bony and a firm.


Beneath the deep black hair that calmly fell over his forehead, there were green eyes that casually gazed at her.


He had a gentle impression with droopy eyelids, but for some reason, Elysia was reminded of something else.


“So, you’re… the president?”


“Just call me Evan. Whether you address me as ‘senior’ or not.”


“Sister, I mentioned there are two central clubs, and this is one of them. It’s the leadership council.”


“……And you only have this many people?”


She began to understand why it hadn’t been disbanded despite having such a small membership. If it was a leadership council that should be present in any school, they couldn’t disband it even if the number of members was extremely low.


However, usually such groups would have a large number of members. She thought of the student council room. Perhaps it would be different from this place?




Setting aside that question, she asked the most curious thing first.


“Chemistry department-exclusive clubs? And why am I the only freshman?”


“D-Did you not know? The clubs in the medical department were created because of this senior, and the clubs in the chemistry department were created because of me. Minerva established departments based on student applications but also disbanded them when the students graduated. Typically, students from these small departments join clubs in other departments. So…”


“So… they’re the ones who pioneered the unpopular departments, and since there are no affiliated clubs, the losers who are too scared to join clubs from other departments gather here at the leadership council?”


Adrian subtly glanced at Evan, gauging his reaction, as Elysia summarized it in her naive and ignorant way.


There was no hint of resentment or disdain on Evan’s face. He simply crumpled and sat down with an intense expression, maintaining an attitude that if Elysia had any questions, she should ask.


In that moment, Evan felt a pang of confusion and alarm at the sharpness of the silver-gray gaze that seemed to scrutinize him. It felt as if his heart had been pierced by an owl’s talon, sinking deeply and causing his heart to skip a beat.


“By the way, wait a moment, medical department?”


“Why does that matter?”


“…I thought you were in the military studies department. It’s surprising. I thought you were a soldier.”


A chilling silence descended.


Elysia casually touched the cover of a book on the rectangular table in the center and then raised her head.


“What’s the matter?”


The first thing that caught her eye was Evan’s pale face, and behind him, Adrian with a crazed look, tilting his head and making X’s with his arms.


Did I say something I shouldn’t have?


“It was just a comment based on your gestures and expression, which gave off a military vibe.”


There was no response, instead, a pink system window appeared.


♥ system: Evan Sylvester’s likability -50 ♥


What was once a mere curiosity now became frustrating as she checked the system window. She couldn’t understand why he would react so sensitively to being compared to a soldier.


She looked at him with disbelief, her posture slightly askew.


“If I made a mistake, I can correct it and move on. Why are you making such a fuss about it?”


Unintentionally, their eyes met, and she froze in place, caught off guard.


Anger, disdain, embarrassment, and countless other emotions intertwined in his emerald eyes, making it difficult to discern his true colors.


Evan hastily left the room as if a gust of wind had blown, passing by her frozen figure, as if to say he couldn’t bear it any longer.


As he passed by, the air stirred, causing her brown short hair to flutter. It wasn’t until the sound of the door closing, ‘thud,’ that she snapped back to reality.


Seems like I didn’t make a good first impression… What a mess.


Perplexed, Adrian walked over and pulled a chair to sit down before asking the question.


“……Sister, are you a ghost?”


“What nonsense? Of course, I’m human.”


“But it’s our first meeting, and I-I didn’t mention his name on purpose.”


“Of course it’s the first time, so what about the old one?”


“Wo, wow… Is this some kind of intuition or instinct? Animalistic senses? Something like that?”


“Oh, stop speculating. Just explain it properly, will you?”


Irritated, she raised her palm, and Adrian jumped back in shock, chair and all. The noisy sound of the floor being scraped echoed through the room as he secured a safe distance from her. Then, as if whispering a secret, he said.


“That senior, he was a real soldier.”




As expected. Adrian’s expression turned into one of bursting frustration as he nodded in agreement with Elysia’s gesture.


“Why aren’t you surprised?”


“Because you’re so f*cking lame! Can’t you tell?”


Adrian, with his plump face, stared down at his own fingertips, looking frustrated. He bombarded Elysia with questions.


“Where are you from, exactly? How considerate and meticulous he is! It’s common for no one to notice until the senior reveals his last name! Everyone just assumes he’s a commoner who got in on a scholarship, don’t they?”


“Just, a feeling.”


It’s been a while since my sixth sense, or should I say hightened senses, developed to an animalistic level. No wonder I had to be on my toes, never knowing when or where a bullet might come from.


It wasn’t a matter of using logic to analyze people. It was just a feeling. From Evan’s footsteps, she was reminded of a well-trained military dog. Of course, the unintelligible system window from ⟨Panic in the City,⟩ which she’d followed all the way to this game, helped a bit.


system: Random information about the individual has been delivered through the passive skill ‘Beast’s Touch.’ Would you like to confirm? Y | N


system: Slight scars beneath the collar of the shirt → Presumed to have multiple combat experiences


With that, I blurted out, “You’re a soldier, aren’t you?”


No, but I was skeptical, I didn’t really expect it to be true. If I had known, I wouldn’t have casually said it like that, would I?


“Is he a noble? That senior.”


“How did you even notice that?”


Don’t you just mentioned that there were rumors about that senior being mistaken for a commoner on a scholarship……


But the envy in the young man’s eyes as he looked at her with a twinkle in his eye didn’t seem too bad, so she shrugged her shoulders.


Adrian, looking at her with admiration, asked,


“Wow… Are you perhaps a beast?”


“Where did you hear that a human being is called a beast? Do you want to die? By the way, what’s the big deal about it? Why did he away?”


Did that comment about being like a soldier become a reason to run away?


Elysia felt uncomfortable as she recalled those green eyes that seemed to pierce through even her flesh. It was unsettling to think of him as a frightened little puppy, unable to properly capture his own expression and running away.


Adrian, with an anxious expression, scratched his disheveled hair and stood up from his seat.


“Ah…… I don’t know. Why don’t you two talk it out yourselves? I have no idea. Anyway, I’ll take you back to the dormitory, so take a rest for today.”


“Ah what the hell!!! ou’re not going to tell me?!”


“That’s the part I can’t tell you! Ah, don’t hit me!”


“I didn’t hit you. Why do you think I’m a gangster? That girl did something to deserve a slap— Oops.”


Come to think of it, there seemed to be a slight bleeding from her fingertip, accumulating continuous damage of -50. She hastily opened the HP window to check her health status.


System: HP -900 (100 / 1,000)
HP remaining: 100. Entering ‘incapacitated’ state.


Upon seeing her HP rapidly decreasing towards the ground, she grabbed her neck. Suddenly, her vision started to be tinged with red blood spreading.


Wait, wait a moment. Did I die from a paper cut?

  • 1
    used figuratively to describe someone or something as insignificant, weak, or ineffective. It implies that the person or object lacks strength, power, or influence
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