The bathroom, adorned with white marble walls on all sides, was a luxurious sight in Arsha. Despite the steam created by the hot water in the bathtub obscuring the vision, the Incarnation of Kata knew that he must be prepared to enter the water and cleanse himself immediately after battle.

Rosaline stood before the bathtub, clasping her hands tightly, reminded by Gabriella’s warning.

“Refrain from unnecessary words. Silence is golden. Keep your head lowered. If by chance your eyes meet, it could cost you your life.”

The words revolving around the Incarnation of Kata, or rather Romeo, did not resonate with Rosaline, despite the warnings from the high priest. Her beloved Romeo had a rough side to him, but he was not devoid of compassion.

But as the situation of facing Romeo approached, she grew anxious. Even if he was still Romeo, Rosaline found herself in a more helpless position than the priests whose ears were cut off.

If she had any sense of propriety, she knew she must heed the high priest’s words and keep her head lowered, refraining from speaking.

She could do it. If she knew her place, she could surely…

“Why is the prince so uneasy that he insists on assigning people to me?”

Her chin, held firmly in a grip of strong force, was lifted up. Fierce gazes pierced through like fiery arrows.

It was Romeo. She hadn’t even sensed his presence, but there he was right in front of her, as if emerging from the ground. Rosaline stared at him in a daze.

His burned skin and the exposed chest between his tunic. The finely sculpted cheekbones and jawline. The color had changed, but the empty eyes remained. His face and chest were stained with blood of unknown origin, yet it was not intimidating but rather captivating.

Overwhelming tenderness flooded in without a hint of shame. Throughout the year in Arsha, she thought all her anger, affection, and lingering emotions had died down. Yet, as soon as she met his face up close, the desolate feeling concealed itself and a flood surged in her previously desolate heart, like a deserted wilderness suddenly bustling with life.

Rosaline wanted to embrace him and call out his name, using the longing she had been suppressing as a stepping stone. It wasn’t surprising. He was the one who had shattered all her rules and shields from the beginning.

His hand that held her chin was merciless, without any consideration, and his lips held nothing but cold indifference, causing her heartache. But love triumphed nonetheless.


His brows creased with displeasure. But as Rosaline couldn’t see his expression, she gently held onto his wrist, the one that tightly gripped her.

“I’m sorry… Sorry for appearing in front of you again, and yet, I’m sorry that you willingly accepted me.”

Romeo let out a cold chuckle, but Rosaline held onto him as if fearing he would slip away. In a state of disbelief, she willingly pressed her cheek against his palm, which had lost its strength.

“I thought if I ran away with you, you’d be dead. No, the truth is, I didn’t trust myself.”

She exposed her hidden flaws without reservation. They were like two whimpering dogs, comforting each other.

“I knew I would become a burden, and I was afraid that you would blame me and leave someday. In the future I saw through Juliet’s death, I was afraid that I would resent you.”

She didn’t say those words in hopes of being forgiven or accepted again. They burst out like a cough. No, there was no more hypocrisy. Now that they had met again like this, she wanted to hold him. If possible, she wanted to be forgiven.

Please shake me.

I hope you longed for me as much as you resent me…

“So what?”

But the words that came back were only cold. Rosaline was taken aback. He had been sharp when he first faced her, but he wasn’t as heartless as she had thought. The current him was as cool as extinguished fire.

“Did you want to say that you could have chosen me obediently if you had known I was Kata, knowing that your lady would live even if you became mine?”

His words felt like a slashing blade against Rosaline.

But as his blade was directed at himself, Rosaline felt both agony and ecstasy.

“You must feel like standing on the edge of a cliff, truly abandoned.”

With each word Romeo uttered, the entire bathroom vibrated from beneath his feet. Rosaline was more afraid of his emotions of hating her than the bathroom crumbling down. At the same time, she was willing to accept it.

She felt like she was losing her mind.

“You must have been afraid of living and dying alone. So, even though you don’t want me, you come to me because you can’t bear being alone.”

He revealed this and spoke in front of her. His appearance, marked by red blood, seemed to depict formless emotions rather than a person.

“No, no… Romeo.”

What an extraordinary love it was, only lasting for a few months. There was no way to blame it. That’s why Rosaline loved Romeo so deeply. She loved him as the person who first understood her, who first told her he loved her, as someone who was everything to her.

“You didn’t choose me. You left!”


“You broke me!!!”

His last words, almost a scream, echoed through the bathroom. She had always thought about it, but he acted as if she had abandoned him countless times. She didn’t find it strange. No, she didn’t even have the opportunity to think so. As Rosaline remained frozen, Romeo whispered almost inaudibly.

“This is the truth.”

His echoing voice gradually faded, and the trembling in the room stopped. He moved away from her, looking remorseful, as he had stared at her until his heavy breathing subsided.

“What on earth am I doing….”


“You don’t even know me.”

Coldly, he entered the bathtub fully dressed. As he sank into the water, it started to turn red with blood. Without any intention to wash it off, he sat there, resting his elbows on the edge and touching his forehead.

“Go, Rosaline. We won’t ever have to meet again.”

The command that came at the end of a long breath was dry, as if the emotions that had been raging just moments ago had disappeared. He closed his eyes as if it was all over.


His heavy eyelids lifted when ripples formed in the water of the bathtub. Rosaline, who had entered the spacious tub, trembled as she undressed with trembling hands.

In his gaze as he looked at her, there was no sign of desire or longing. It was a dry gaze, as if observing a caged animal, watching over it.

With a sense of shame, Rosaline sat between his legs and wiped the dried blood off his cheek. The remarkable sight of his open wounds healing on their own had already unfolded, but Rosaline paid no attention and kissed his wounds. Cheeks, neck, collarbone, and his sturdy chest. One by one.

“Please forgive me.”


He tilted his head.

“It was no sin to leave me.”

Rosaline cried like a child and lowered her head. She hoped he would consider it a sin so that she could be forgiven. He, who had just shouted at her, seemed like a dream. She wanted to hold onto him again. Any kind of response would do… She just wanted to confirm that she still mattered to him in some way.

She pressed her lips against his jaw and clung to him, pleading.

“For your sake, I’ll do anything, please….”


“Please don’t abandon me. Please don’t just say things as if we’ll never see each other again. I’m begging you….”

She clung to his waist tightly, fearing that he might push her away. He appeared truly non-human, devoid of any expression or emotion, and Rosaline lost her sanity as if the last trace of salvation had vanished.

“I’ll do anything….”

A sigh-like utterance escaped from him. Rosaline raised her head like someone holding onto hope. Still devoid of any notable expression, he spoke in a calm tone.

“If I told you to spread your legs and move your hips right now, could you do it?”


“Like a dog, moving barely like a mere beast. Just as I did to you.”

Seeing Rosaline frozen and unable to speak, he chuckled as if he had expected it. Rosaline had awakened to the fact that even if she died and came back to life, she was truly no more than a dog of a woman.

If she had been truly devoted to Juliet or her ugly mother, if she had given up being human, she wouldn’t have been swayed by Romeo’s words.

Rosaline was an existence that, like others, longed to be loved. She only sought love from someone other than Romeo. In the present moment, she might act lonely, but ultimately, if there was a place to lay her body, she would surely leave again.

“I-I’ll do it. I can do it.”

Romeo, who stared at her trembling figure with indifferent eyes, gestured as if the edges of the bathtub were armrests, indicating for her to try. His gaze held no expectations as if questioning what she could do. It was when Rosaline assumed a shaky posture.

“Don’t touch me.”

It was a chilling voice. Rosaline reluctantly pulled her hand away from him and firmly grasped the edge of the bathtub, lifting her hips slightly. She clumsily tried to accommodate his already hardened c*ck, but even though only the tip grazed her entrance, it felt as if she would tear apart.

“Ha, huk.”

It was a size that felt heavy with each entrance, even though it was already soaked. No matter how much it was in the water, it was difficult to insert it all at once. Rosaline lowered her hand and directly spread her l*bia, widening the opening. Yet, the blunt head only grazed the entrance as if teasing, unable to fully enter.

Rosalyn pursed her dry lips in frustration, then repositioned her hand. She found the hidden bump in his flesh and began to rub it. As if that weren’t enough, she rubbed her l*bia against the head of his c*ck and rocked her hips back and forth.

“Hu, ah.”

His rough and firm m*mber grazed her cl*toris and her hand, and she weakly pressed and pulled on her own nub with a weakening grip. It was a gesture driven by instinct, but compared to the passionate caresses he had given her before, it was feeble. It felt like something was missing, but she tried her best.

She closed her eyes and tried to recall their lovemaking. But what came to mind was the relentless thrusting of a man from her dreams. The sensation of his blunt gl*ns pressing somewhere she felt, expanding, and Rosaline firmly pressed on her cl*toris, experiencing a shallow cl*max that made her thighs tremble and her head tilt back.

With her mouth agape like a fish, she attempted a penetration again. But it didn’t go smoothly and repeatedly slid out with a slippery motion. The sensation of his c*ck grazing against her perineum made her thighs involuntarily tremble.

“If I try again… it will work. I can do it.”

Anxious Rosaline, instead of teasing his gl*ns again, slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. With worried eyes, she looked at him carefully, without fully touching him.

Still, she made an effort and pressed her p*ssy against his solid erect*on. Her p*ssy gaped open and wrapped around his c*ck. Feeling the size crush all of hers, she rocked her hips until she came again.


Romeo stared at her.

The faint sound of splashing water, the quivering mound following her movements, the tangled hair clinging to her disheveled body, and her eyes, reddened as if seeking help.

Did this woman know how she appeared to him? Romeo, who ended up helping her with her m*sturbation, couldn’t help but burst into laughter. It was a blatant mockery. It was a self-deprecating response to his inability to push away a desperate woman clinging to him. Misinterpreting his laughter, Rosaline, filled with fear, moved more actively.

“I can do it.”

But Romeo, instead of responding to her submissive attitude, realized how desperate she was.

Yes, desperate indeed.

With a faint cl*max, Rosaline tried to take more of him into her loosened insides. She awkwardly moved only her hips, not wanting to release the arms that embraced him. But it ended with just the tip barely entering. Unbeknownst to herself, she whimpered.

“If you help me a little…”

Romeo grabbed Rosaline’s b*ttocks and forcefully pushed her down hard. He penetrated her deeply, splitting her core in one swift motion.


Rosaline moaned, arching her back. As her walls were pierced by the gathered sensitivity, she convulsed intensely. The disheveled face of a woman tightly clenching and unraveling was a spectacle to Romeo, who grinned with elongated canines.

If he were to close his tongue on Rosaline’s w*t eyes, it would surely taste sweet. The sensation of her fleshy walls clinging to him as if he hadn’t denied them was also horrifyingly ecstatic.

Damn it.

He bared his fangs and fiercely struck from below.

“Heuh, ah, wait.”

Rosaline begged with her slipping hand, sweeping his shoulder. The tip relentlessly pressed against the spot that drove her to unbearable cl*max. A powerful premonition struck her that she would be overwhelmed if he moved even a little.

“Wait, what?”

His m*mber pushed further inside. No end in sight.

“Should I stop for a moment at your whimper?”

With a splashing sound, he plunged deeply. Her v*gina swallowed his c*ck to the root.

“Is that the attitude of someone who claims to be sorry?”

“Romeo… Hmm!”

Rough thrusts continued. Romeo held onto her b*ttocks and pounded his c*ck from top to bottom, showing no hint of consideration. The firm and fast pace allowed her to fully feel each thrust as he forcefully rotated his hips. He pressed firmly against the swollen spot inside her walls.


The pleasure was almost unbearable, taking her breath away. But she was too exhausted to fully embrace the long-forgotten sensation. She needed to let it go quickly. While trembling and enduring, Romeo bit into her pleasure before it completely faded away.

Her inner walls tightened around his throbbing sh*ft as if devouring it.

“As expected, you’re tightness is useful.”

He whispered as if dealing with an object rather than a person. His words were sad, yet his voice ringing in her ears was enchanting, reigniting the excitement. Before she knew it, her back was on the floor. Somehow, the water in the bathtub had disappeared as if by magic.

“What? Are you aroused by such words?”

As he felt the tightness inside, Joy snickered. He placed one of her legs, casually draped, over his shoulder and pressed himself harder. Mixing with other desires and accompanied by low moans, pleasure upon pleasure surged. While being overwhelmed by the pleasure, he slowly withdrew his c*ck. As he slid out through the flesh of her entrance, her walls clung to his sh*ft, providing a complete sensation and further stimulation.

It was almost unbearable, but if he were to withdraw and end it like this, she felt that she could somehow bear it. The futile hope of him stopping rushed through her.


A different angle pierced to the breaking point. Rosaline was violently thrust into, a sensation that was a mixture of pleasure nearing pain, shattering her consciousness. Stop, please, stop. But he didn’t stop.

He skillfully moved his hips, grazing her c*rvix. The w*t scrotum pressed against her perineum, and the throbbing crimson sh*ft, coated in her fl*ids, continued its thrusting motion, appearing blurry in her hazy vision. Her white calves trembled aimlessly, on the brink of reaching cl*max. With great effort, she gently caressed the back of his hand that held her pelvis, pleading.

“Kiss me…”

Romeo always kissed her breathlessly when he was c*mming. She longed for the sensation of sharing moans that escaped their lips together as they reached cl*max. Romeo’s eyes flickered, but his gaze remained relentlessly cold as he smirked.

“What kind of dog wants to exchange kisses?”

As if in punishment, he arched his back and took the slap, and his c*ck, writhed, releasing seminal fl*id. Pleasure, already bursting from the rhythm of his throbbing p*nis, shot up her spine and spread throughout her body.

With an ej*culation akin to urination, the concentrated s*men pierced her contracting inner walls. He shuddered slightly, pulling out just until only the gl*ns remained, before thrusting back in for a prolonged penetration.

“Answer me, Rosaline.”

She could feel his breath on her nose, and her erect n*pples brushed against his hard chest with each shudder of her hips. When she couldn’t answer, only gasping for air, he pulled out hard. The mixture of love juices and s*men smeared against the v*ginal walls, while her legs, splayed obscenely, convulsed along with her innermost being. Not even a moan escaped her.

“Hu, ah….”

She barely lifted her tear-stained eyelashes. Perhaps it was because of the habit of always making eye contact and talking with him, the thought of needing to meet his gaze came to mind first. But when she met his eyes, burning like the blazing sun, it seemed to touch his emotions. His throbbing c*ck, fully filling her womb, slid out and thrust back in rapidly.

The speed was incomparable to before. While his waist moved incessantly, his steel-like upper body pressed against her entire body. With each rapid thrust, her swaying br*asts glided against his skin, and opaque love juices splattered from her engorged p*ssy. Successive waves crashed down like hammers.

“Please, ah, please stop.”

She raised her hand like a hook, scratching his forearm in an attempt to escape from the sea of pleasure, but her attempt was in vain. His hand tightly grasped her pelvis, leaving imprints on her skin, refusing to let go.

“Kiss me, stop, you demand so much.”

As if mocking her plea, he spread his hand, smoothly caressing from her abdomen to her gr*in. His thumb, intruding into her sensitive spot, pressed firmly with his extended nail.

“Ah, aah!”

Under the intense stimulation, Rosaline whimpered, her neck twisted. With each deep penetration, he pressed against her sensitive spot and rotated his hips in a circular motion. Her thoughts became chaotic, her trembling waist shivered, and drool dripped from her parted mouth. Pleasure, sensation, and sanity were torn apart.

“That’s right…”

Romeo looked down at her deteriorating state and let out a self-pitying laugh.

“Only dogs like us can do this.”

With a forceful thrust, his c*ck filled her completely, pressing against the cl*max, and their lips met. It had been so long since she had felt the breath of a lover. Rosaline swallowed his hot breath and let go of her mind.

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