Thanks to Romeo’s cooperation, the tidying up was finished earlier than expected. But Romeo seemed to have a different thought as he frowned, not stopping after polishing the last bronze ornament.

“There’s more to prepare than I thought. Have you two been doing all of this?”


Rosaline nodded her head and placed the golden decoration she received from him in its original position.

“Usually, it’s not this much, but there are a few things to take care of before the mass. Still, I finished much faster than Friar Lawrence because I’m with Romeo.”

“The sun has already set.”

Preparing the words he had prepared for the occasion and the holy water to be used in the ceremony, the sun had gradually set. Romeo scratched his chin and wiped his hands clean on the cloth he used to wipe the holy water.

“Well… Do I have to clean the decorations with pigs or something engraved on them?”

The golden decoration he cleaned was a small ornament placed on the altar, engraved with four-legged animals like cows and horses. Since the ornament was placed on the altar instead of a living sacrifice, it had to be cleaned just like preparing a sacrificial offering.

“Yes, you have to clean it. It’s in place of a sacrificial offering.”

“It will serve as a good substitute.”

Leaning against the altar, he smirked at her beneath the carving of Kata.

“… Rosaline, you’re quite audacious. No, I should say you’re virtuous.”


“A would-be priest, boldly bringing someone dishonest to the temple.”

“If I said I completely lack guilt, it would be a lie, but honestly, I’m not that afraid.”

Rosaline smiled at him.

“Doctrines are not absolute. They have changed dozens of times depending on the society and politics of the time.”

“…Especially not what a priest would say.”

“Lady Juliet told me. I’m convinced well enough.”

She spoke while placing the carefully cleaned ornaments side by side.

“But if a god exists, I believe He wouldn’t punish a mere woman for having contact with a man. I just think that way.”

Rosaline didn’t mind if he thought she was a woman who acted recklessly. Even she didn’t know, but after meeting Romeo, she realized that was indeed the case. Being with him made her discover aspects of herself that she didn’t know before. Getting angry, raising her voice, sulking.

Romeo’s gaze on her was intense. It didn’t take long for his mischievous eyes to draw closer.

“Why do you want to become a priest?”


“I can tell you like it here, but I don’t think you’re very religious, or you wouldn’t be doing that sh*t with me.”

He struck a nerve. But Rosaline wasn’t flustered or angry. Partly because she had become accustomed to his way of speaking, but also because he himself seemed more uncomfortable speaking those words. Even though he spoke with such audacity, it felt that way.

“The Capulets invested a lot of money to make me a priest. Juliet also cared a lot.”

There was also the request from her mother, but since the Capulet family itself was so distant from the temple, they could gain a good position by volunteering as a patron for her to become a priest.

“So, I can’t just quit like this.”

“You can’t quit, but you’re meeting me.”

He sneered.

“It will be dangerous.”

“Because at the moment… I wanted you. Enough to… ignore the risk.”

Perhaps it wasn’t only Juliet and Romeo who had a relationship that shouldn’t even begin, but Rosaline and Romeo as well. Rosaline sighed, closed her eyes, leaning her cheek against his chest.

“Romeo, you knew too, didn’t you? Weren’t we meeting with the promise of separation?”

Despite enduring all the risks, the reason Rosaline could surrender to her impulses was ultimately because she would leave. It was something she had anticipated enough, but it pained her when the words of parting came out of her mouth.

“When that time comes, I will truly… truly feel regretful.”

What is this emotion exactly? No, even though she had a vague sense of it, she refused to give it a name. To give it a name and make the emotion come alive would only make it more agonizing.

Rosaline raised her head and met Romeo’s unmoving gaze.

“Juliet and I may not be friends, but can we be friends, at least?”

Even if she couldn’t name her emotions, she didn’t want to remain nameless in their relationship. It was a fleeting moment when she wrapped her arms around his waist as if pleading. He tightly embraced her, pressing his lips against her forehead.

“It’s an absurd thing to say.”

Was it a rejection? In that moment of distance, he hastily continued speaking.

“No matter where you go, I will follow. Whether pretending to be a faithful devotee faithfully protecting your side or becoming a knight, I won’t let go like a shadow.”

As long as you don’t abandon me. Romeo added while chewing on his words, lifting her up and laying her on the altar. Their lips intertwined in an instant. He fervently ran his fingers through her hair and disheveled the attire that proved he was a child of God.

“How can you so easily abandon what you owe, even taking what belongs to me and throwing it away so easily?”

“Ugh, Romeo…”

As his hand tightly grasped her chest, his touch crumpled and intensified the tense atmosphere. The fact that they were engaged in such acts on the altar excited her.

When she placed her hand on his hand, which was wandering haphazardly, his eyes grew even darker. Romeo drew closer and lowered his other hand, sweeping her secret part from bottom to top.

“I sucked your lips, do friends make you w*t?”

He continued to rub his moistened middle finger against her repeatedly torn perineum.

“What crazy fucker does this to their friends. Don’t tell me it was you?”

“No, no… Ah!”

“While I was away, did you do this with another friend? Is that why you’re saying such things? Did you suck each other off? Or was it with that father of yours?”

I don’t understand why he only says such wicked words. Even when Rosaline shook her head in protest, Romeo punished her by spreading her flesh and pressing against her swollen bud.


As if that wasn’t enough, he simultaneously inserted his index and middle fingers, scraping against her inner walls. Sharp waves of pleasure crashed over her one after another.

“Never say such things again.”

Rosaline had no intention of rejecting him. Instead, she absorbed his intense emotions, feeling herself become filled with them. Rosaline willingly spread her legs, pressing her p*ssy further into his hand, and stroked his thigh with her foot.

“Romeo, I really like you.”

She finally let a part of her emotions out, speaking aloud. Then, facing him with a defeated expression of her own emotions, she slowly raised her hand and began to unbutton his undone shirt.

With trembling hands, she traced his elegant, masculine neck like a sculptor. She caressed his chest, which rose and fell with breath as if proving its vitality, and then moved to his tightly defined abdominal muscles.

Now she understood why they gave him the nickname ‘Kata.’ He was truly a perfect work of art.

Having always touched him as if holding onto a lifeline, she now carefully and earnestly held him in her hands. From his smooth skin and warmth to the long scars that traced along his body. Everything attached to his body was both pitiable and tender. Extending to his muscular forearms, especially the fingers that were buried inside her.

Her emotions were about to burst. Pressing her lips against his jaw and nose, which were within her reach, she whispered frantically.

“I like you, really… Ah!”

He squeezed and pressed firmly, stimulating the sensitive spot, then withdrew without showing any consideration for her trembling body. While Rosaline’s mind melted in the midst of overwhelming pleasure, a blunt sensation made contact.

No. Instinct warned her. Her insides, now slowly melting, hadn’t even begun to feel the slightest bit of pleasure. Recently, they had engaged in too many encounters, so Romeo would usually give her a break when she reached her peak. But if he pushed so urgently like this, she wouldn’t be able to endure it.

It was time to stop him.


Romeo grabbed her waist and shoved his swollen c*ck all the way in. Not only had the tip of his p*nis already moistened the pillar, but her insides were loose enough that it was easy to slide it in, but she had to squeeze downward to accommodate the heaviness that filled her lower belly.

“Ha… Rosaline.”

His eyes were completely dilated. His voice was rough like sand that had been swept away by the tide. Romeo lightly lifted and pressed against the tightening walls, unable to just lightly stroke her contracting inner muscles, so he stood upright and swung around inside.

“Aahng, huhh!”

Rosaline arched her back, shuddering with the excruciating pleasure. He looked down at her lower belly, appearing utterly indifferent. It was narrow and hot. Warm. There she is, spreading her legs toward me, looking so harmless, so helpless. The same black hair clings to every inch of her skin, moving with her breath.

Superficially, she seemed like a sweet prey, but this was always a poison that killed him. Even though he knew she was toxic, he still indulged in consuming it. What was he, after all?

He persistently tormented her while twisting his waist. When Rosaline’s wandering eyes met his gaze, they filled with a contained laughter.

“I’m going to f*ck you so hard.”

He held her waist and started thrusting inside her. He pulled out enough to reveal the gl*ns, then plunged down to the root until his scrotum bumped against it. Pleasure chewed at her mind as the hard sh*ft and vicious pole scraped against her inner walls.

She couldn’t even think of holding onto him amidst the sudden onslaught, causing the surroundings to become chaotic. The offerings and candles that were set up for the gods fell and scattered.

“Yes, ah, ah, ha!”

“Tell me, again…”

He ej*culated with a loud, unexpected thrust, his deeply embedded c*ck pressing against the tip, squeezing her c*nt. Her stomach flipped, her inner walls squeezing against his c*ck, and a shudder ran through her. Rosaline moaned into his neck as if his approaching body was her salvation.

As he continued the slow and vigorous thrusts, a mixture of thick c*m and juices leaked out, flowing white between the meeting point of their holes. As her eyes clouded over at the obsc*ne sight, his hand, which had been lazily latching onto her br*ast, reached down and touched her lower belly.

“Say it again, please.”

Tell him what? Rosaline could only stare, unable to really think of anything. But instead of answering her, he pressed his hand against her lower belly, his c*ck still hard. I thought he was simply stroking, but that illusion was quickly dispelled. She had initially thought it was just a gentle touch, but that misconception evaporated in an instant.

“Ah, aah!”

He spread his palm to apply pressure on her entire lower abdomen, while his thumb pressed against her cl*toris. Unlike before, his movements were slow and deliberate, allowing her to keenly feel the shape of his p*nis deep inside her. Each time his c*ck pulled out, red flesh of her c*nt clung to it, and as it entered, it went in deep with a hollow sensation.

Romeo must have known that slow thrusts would make Rosaline cl*max longer and deeper. She couldn’t blame him for knowing that, but the ecstasy of the sensation was too much for her to handle, and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Tell me, Rosaline.”

He tightened his grip, leaning down and pressing his lips to hers. Despite her struggling appearance, he was arrogant. It was due to the continuous stimulation of his c*ck, firmly pressed against her sensitive spot. Rosaline did her best to recall the previous situation and found her answer.

“I like you, Romeo.”

Was it worth going through so much just to hear those words? A smile crept up on Rosaline’s face, finding it both exhilarating and ridiculous. His eyes grew darker as he observed the curve of her lips.

The angle of his thrusts changed, tilting at an angle. From the bottom to the top, his pulsing c*ck rose to its limit. With his continuous pressure on her lower abdomen, her v*ginal muscles contracted, and pleasure exploded. It felt as if there was no one else in the world but them, with no deities, no Juliet, and no mother.

“One more time, say it.”

“I, I like you… hng!”

Romeo rolled over on top of her and mingled their lips, skin to skin. Firm and forceful, his thick c*ck pressed against her, pushing deep inside. The ridge of his p*nis grazed against the muscles of her v*gina, eliciting a deep indentation. The pressure against her c*rvix released another surge of thick c*m.

“Ah, hng, hup.”

Every time their tongues brushed against each other, he shuddered and eagerly pressed his c*ck inside her. She lightly ran her fingers along his waist, holding him tighter with her delicate arms.


The lowest, most vulgar c*m, born from their lustful indulgence, trickled down their thighs and pressed against the curve of their b*ttocks. Beneath the gods, they kissed each other tenderly, revealing their vulnerability like silk.

Their filthy kiss seemed to go on endlessly.

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