He didn’t stop kissing her as they were carried from the door to the wall and finally to the bed. He would gently brush his teeth or swirl his tongue in time with her clumsy rhythm, then suddenly break eye contact or take her breath away when she timidly responded.

She hadn’t realized how many different forms the kiss had taken, how much time had passed between them.

Yet, at no point did she feel her lips swell. He seemed to know her body to the point of being overly familiar. When she regained consciousness, she was halfway lying in his arms. Her top had almost slid down, revealing her round shoulders and bare chest, while her skirt was crumpled up on her waist, seemingly of its own accord.

Romeo continuously kissed her face, teasing her exposed chest. He caressed her entire chest until it formed a mound, then twirled his fingers around her n*pples.

She trembled as if entwined with a snake, overwhelmed by the stimulation he provided. Romeo skillfully trapped her tongue every time, not allowing her a moment to catch her breath.

“Hmm, ha, take a breath.”

As she gasped for breath, he finally released her lips slightly, lightly patting her chest with outstretched arms.

“There’s no need for restraint.”

Romeo, while playfully giving her a cheeky kiss, also gave a gentle rebuke. But his hands didn’t rest. Even during the brief pause, he flicked the sensitive tips of her hardened n*pples and pressed the gaps with his fingernails. Rosaline shuddered, arching her waist.


“Your n*pples are so sensitive, and you drool so well. Do you know Tybalt?”

He seemed to have a habit of casually speaking vulgar words. Just listening to him made her head spin. It was strange to hear the name ‘Tybalt’ in the midst of it all. Rosaline looked at him with blurred eyes.

“Why bring up Tybalt…”

“He proposed, didn’t he? Doesn’t that mean we all know each other.”

There was a mischievous glint in his eyes. When did he hear about that?

“No, that never happened. It was just a childhood joke… Ugh!”

As she tried to argue, Romeo lowered his body and took her n*pple into his mouth. The sensation of his cruel grip biting into her swollen flesh made tears well up.

“It didn’t seem like a joke.”

Murmuring, he caressed the painful marks left behind with his broad tongue, sweeping across her entire chest. The surface of his tongue fully captured the engorged n*pple. Her lower abdomen grew hot, and the tension in her inner thighs relaxed. Unconsciously, she murmured.

“It’s strange…”

As if hearing her, his sly smile turned more wicked. His tongue was just as unruly as his impolite mouth. He rolled over the sensitive ar*ola, sucked it hard, and then stuck the tip of his tongue up to squeeze her n*pples. And when he soothingly licked it clean, a deep sensation reverberated in her lower abdomen.

When she finally raised her head and looked at her chest, he was there, kissing her n*pples.

Despite being undoubtedly tormented out of the blue, there was something endearing about it. Yes, somehow it felt tender, so I raised my hand and gently stroked his head. When our gazes met, even though it could be perceived as harsh, he laughed.

“…Ah, I must seem like a dog.”

I wanted to deny it. But the pain pulsating in my chest was so intense that I could only gasp. The bite marks were vividly visible.

Leaning against his thick arm wrapped around her waist, her body twisted. As his hand that was caressing her chest moved downward, it glided as if in a caress and reached the sensitive area. His fingers slid along the slippery folds, and when he spread them apart like a butterfly, a dim inner core was exposed.

“Just a moment!”

As the sensitive flesh was exposed to the cool air, Rosaline instinctively closed her thighs. But his fingers ended up sinking deeper into the cleft. He laughed.

“Just a moment. The dog needs to be fed. Master.”

Acting so shamelessly. As he slowly moved his hand up and down, the slippery fl*id brushed against the entire sensitive area. Pressing and stroking the entire area with his fingers, he not only sucked on the n*pple but also teased it relentlessly, leaving her no room to resist.

As a slight tension was released from her legs, Romeo skillfully sought out the small fleshy part buried in the sensitive area, as if searching for it. He pinched the tiny cl*t between his index and middle finger, shaking the bud-like nub up and down.

“Hm, ah!”

“You won’t give it to me, so I’ll have to do it myself.”

Romeo was completely focused on caressing her, lifting her waist.

He pressed and flicked the nub, then pressed it firmly. He inserted about a joint of his middle finger into the deeply moistened passage and spread the fl*ids, burying them in the sensitive area. He applied pressure to the slippery entirety of the entrance and moved it up and down.

When both the bump and the opening were stimulated at the same time, it felt like my mind was melting. It was time to do as he said, open my mouth, drool, and give myself over to the sensations.

“You’re dripping… it’s a waste…….”


The vulgar words were followed by the simultaneous insertion of his middle and ring fingers into her tight, dripping hole. It was the second time she’d felt a foreign object in her v*gina, but she hadn’t gotten used to it. He pressed his lips to Rosaline’s forehead and murmured low.

“Does it hurt?”


“If it feels good, you should say so.”

“Yes… Hm, yes!”

As Romeo twirled his fingers around, the sound of w*tness accompanied the flickering of his tongue, and the fl*ids splashed onto the perineum and his hand. With each repeated thrust, his rough fingers scraped against the inner walls, delivering intense stimulation.

His fingers were long and thick, surpassing the point she thought they couldn’t reach. He pressed and inserted deeply. Overwhelmed by the peculiar sensation caused by his short nails, she grabbed onto his shoulder and trembled. Romeo licked his lips.

“It’s so tight.”

His middle and index fingers spread apart inside her like a pair of scissors.


“It needs to be wetter.”

That way it won’t hurt. He added, pressing the nub with his thumb. The sharp pleasure traveled up her spine, but he didn’t give her a moment to endure. He repeated the intense thrusts, bending his fingertips as he matched them with her rapid breathing. Every time the bent knuckles scraped against a spot on the inner walls, her vision flashed white.

“Mmm, ah, ah, hmm.”

Releasing soft moans, Rosaline leaned against his arm, arching her back. As her br*asts swayed like white dough, he willingly opened his mouth and swallowed. Simultaneously, his hand rotated forcefully.

“Ah, ah!”

The flowing fl*ids gushed out, and the pleasure spread throughout her body like lightning.

“Haah, uh, stop, enough.”

Though her entire body trembled, he didn’t slow down his hand at all. On the contrary, he added another finger, thrusting deeply and even twisting. In the never-ending cl*max, her mind was as muddled as her v*gina.

“Romeo… please.”

“Please, touch me. Rosaline.”

As he called me with a hoarse voice, my inner walls tightened. Romeo smiled, kissing her w*t cheek and whispered.

“Is this the spot?”

He pressed deeply enough to feel it on the back of his hand, pressing the upper part of her inner walls. Overwhelmed by the dizzying pleasure, Rosaline opened her mouth and tilted her head back. It was unbearable.

“Seems like it.”

“No, no… ah!!”

Even though she denied it, Rosaline could feel it tightening inside. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Romeo smiled, drawing a mischievous smile as wide as a file.

“Rosaline, you little liar.”

He pressed only in that spot. Everything was a mess. Her body curved as if to fall backward, and he embraced and supported her with his arms. In his embrace, her br*asts were pinched while her p*ssy was being teased. Her legs were already spread apart, clearly exposing her p*ssy. Meanwhile, Romeo sat comfortably without even removing his clothes.

“Think of this as a c*ck. Relax and swallow. Lift your hips.”

Rosaline knew the size of his c*ck that she could feel beneath her b*ttocks. She didn’t bother to call him out on his bullshit, but instead leaned against his chest, taking in the full sensation of his thrusts.

Slurp, squelch, along with the lewd sound of the transparent l*quid, hisingers plunged into her p*ssy, her cl*t squeezed and rolled under the pressure.

The senses of touch and hearing were overwhelmed. At the peak of cl*max, it was when her mind was engulfed by another peak of ecstasy. His hand, moving uncontrollably fast, forcefully penetrated her with a loud sound. The flesh of her c*nt crushed against the back of his gnarled hand.


Not even a moan escaped her as her cl*toris was equally crushed. Rosaline arched her back, feeling the full force of his hand as she cl*maxed. Her thighs tightened with intense pleasure. He pushed his finger deeper into her spasming v*gina, grinding inside.

“Ha, ah.”

Rosaline’s mouth fell open at the lewd gesture. Instead of feeling pitiful, he inserted his tongue and smiled.

“You’re beautiful, Rosaline.”

“Mmm, heup….”

As her breath was taken away, Rosaline suddenly thought to herself. Could she have done something wrong? She had never expected the sensation of intercourse to be so wickedly intense.

But she didn’t dislike it. It was oddly enjoyable. She lifted her free arm and cupped his cheek as he frantically searched her mouth. And in her own way, she responded faintly. She wrapped her tongue around his, sucking on it. For a moment, she could distinctly feel the texture of his tongue, which was much thicker than hers, but Romeo soon parted his lips.

Then he stared at her from a close distance.

“…What are you thinking?”

He didn’t trust her expressions. With a skeptical expression, he rolled his eyes mockingly. She stared at him intently, nibbling on his upper lip, like a playful kiss between children.

“I think you’re amazing.”

“We haven’t even started yet.”

He smirked with an incredulous tone he didn’t believe at all. His finger, still lodged inside her, moved as a warning. Rosaline tensed her abdomen and stroked his jaw, teasing him.

“I like it. I can understand why everyone goes crazy for this.”

“…If you’re trying to drive me crazy, you’ve succeeded.”

He bit her cheek.

“Do you want something?”

When they were in the heat of passion, the whispering was soft and delicate, but it still couldn’t erase the overwhelming sensation. But his eyes, dilated, burned fervently. Isn’t fire a form of light? She decided to focus only on his light. Rosaline caressed his jaw and hair, whispering.

“It’s my first time.”

She spread her legs wider, not breaking eye contact with Romeo. Even though she felt herself being consumed by the lewd act, she couldn’t stop.

“Just be gentle with me.”

Her request was interrupted by a deep kiss. His tongue, clinging to her like a prisoner whose shackles had been broken, seemed to explore more than just her breath. She had no way of knowing if he desired her mind or her heart.

“Gently, okay. Got it.”

He tilted his head to allow her to breathe. His eyes had completely lost their sanity. When their eyes met, their tongues intertwined forcefully, and saliva trickled down her throat.

But the thirst-quenching kiss was only momentary. After laying her down properly, he slowly wrapped his tongue around hers and then pulled away with a soft sound. He gently brushed her disheveled hair behind her ear.

“A good place, tell me.”

He touched her more slowly, discreetly, and softly than usual.

While nibbling on her earlobe, he inserted his tongue into her ear as if kissing it, slowly teasing. He explored her reactions by giving bird-like kisses behind her ear and along the graceful curve of her neck. Meanwhile, he skillfully caressed her round shoulders and inner arms with his large, diligent hands.

The tingling sensation spread throughout her body, gradually building up.

“You have sensitive ears.”

“Mm, yeah, I guess so.”

In no time, Rosaline had stopped speaking sporadically. Unconsciously, she pressed her lips against his cheek with hazy eyes.


His shoulder muscles swelled prominently, and the veins on his thick neck stood out. It felt like they would burst if touched too hastily, but she wanted to brush her fingers against his tanned skin, peeking through his shirt.

But before Rosaline could lay her hand on him, he cupped her perky br*asts in both hands, feeling the soft flesh move like waves in his grip.


As she let out a long sigh, she focused on the sensation of his lips on her shoulder. With his gaze fixed on her, he squeezed his hands, making her br*asts peak and become pointed. Then, he slowly licked and teased the firm tips. His tongue felt like it was sweeping over her n*pples.

With his mouth open, he extended his red tongue as far as possible, licking gently enough to provide pleasure without causing pain.


When he flicked it rapidly, an overwhelming sensation engulfed her senses. But his slow kisses left a deep impression on her skin, as if the feeling of his palm and lips were etched into her.

After sucking and making the already swollen n*pples darker, he finally released his lips. His whole body was covered in sweat, restraining the imminent explosion of pleasure, and she was equally on the brink of release.

With his refreshing and dense scent, their bodies intertwined, and as they lay together, their fatigue caused them to exhale softly. He breathed loosely, somehow tired, and kissed the convex mound of her p*ssy as he moved down along her bellybutton.

Rosaline was taken aback. It was one thing for him to touch her, but to use his mouth…


His nose maneuvered through the narrow crevice, brushing against the delicate folds. As if the tip of his nose wasn’t enough, his hot tongue traced a path from below, splitting the folds as it moved upward.

“What, what are you doing?”

“I’m doing it gently.”

He replied dutifully, spreading her c*nt, which was glistening with a mixture of juices and saliva. The red slit was exposed to the cold air.

“This…this is gentle…ah!”

He nibbled at the cl*t hidden in the flesh, the warmth of his breath and the moisture of his mucous membranes stimulating the folds, sending a sharp wave of pleasure through her body. Her whole body twisted in response to his rhythmic sucking.

She felt like she was losing her mind. It’s not even milk, is it okay to suck there? She cursed Romeo for being so stupid, and then her eyes flashed open as his tongue pressed against her cl*t.

“Hmm, ah…!”

Feeling like she might moan, Rosaline bit her lip. She didn’t want to make such a sound. Mocking her efforts, Romeo sucked on her nub and squeezed it with his tongue, then extended his tongue to flick her l*bia minora.

“You’re dripping too much, what a waste.”

It seemed like he was referring to the fl*id coming from the opening. Rosaline didn’t feel a sense of wastefulness at all. But he continued to use his tongue to seal the opening, as if plugging it with a finger.

Romeo’s nose pressed against her cl*toris, causing a tingling sensation as his thick and dense flesh pressed against a certain part of the delicate linings of her v*gina.


Her back arched as the sensations shot through my spine. She shuddered, embarrassed that her pelvic thrusts seemed like she was begging for more, but she couldn’t help it. Whether he knew what she was thinking or not, he pressed his thumb against her cl*t like a stamp and circled it. Her eyes squeezed shut.


Trembling, Romeo gripped her trembling thigh in the midst of reaching cl*max, but instead, he placed it on his own shoulder for better access. As he lifted her hips, her upper body naturally followed, revealing Rosaline’s heavily moistened p*ssy in her eyes.

“Romeo, Romeo…hnn!”

Seemingly enjoying being called by his name, he flicked his tongue against her, turning his head back and forth. His long nose rubbed against the folds randomly, and his Adam’s apple moved in sync, as if drinking water.

Her lower abdomen trembled, and tears welled up. But they were not tears of pain. She felt like she might lose her mind. It was truly bizarre.

Tears overflowed uncontrollably.

“It’s strange…huh, it’s weird. Romeo!”

As if he intended to drink her dry. Even though she should dry up, the moisture continued to gush out like a spring. It was a burning sensation that she barely managed to suppress by keeping her mouth open. In a sudden motion, he sucked strongly on the cl*t and then pushed his finger in, pressing against the previously swollen spot.


It felt like both her senses and mind were oxidizing as the same time. She turned her head to the side and trembled. It felt as if she would melt away, but as the fingers stuck in her throbbing p*ssy brushed against the swollen core, a sigh escaped her lips.


Regretful? The fleeting thought startled Rosaline, but she knew instinctively that she wasn’t done with the man in front of her yet.

A bit more. In this mansion where her unsatisfied mother still resided, in this room Juliet had prepared for her.

She wanted to defy a little more.

Emerging from the realm of pleasure like a bee buzzing in a honeycomb, she opened her eyes to find someone who could challenge her. Her blurred vision focused on Romeo Montague.

Romeo, with a satisfied expression, ran his fingers through the mixture of his own and her fl*ids and then proudly licked them. Then, slowly and deliberately, he trailed his index finger over her trembling belly, finally pressing on a specific spot, as if assessing the entrance.



“It will go in this far.”

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