Romeo Montague was sincere. Overwhelmed by his unyielding momentum like a stone wall, Rosaline stuttered. She had said that her heart was not genuine and was incomplete, yet he wanted it? She had never been able to understand him from the beginning, but now it was even more difficult.

“No, it’s impossible. It was a strange request from the start.”

Rosaline burst into laughter and lifted her head.

“You’re not Juliet, you’re Romeo. How can I treat you with the same heart when you’re not the same person?”

“If you can’t treat me with the same heart, then treat me with a different one, with a different attitude.”

His forehead touched hers. His eyes, as if they would never waver, pierced through Rosaline.

“Like you’re angry at me.”

Their shoulders drew closer, and their lips met. Romeo wrapped his arms around her waist, embracing her without hesitation as she gasped in surprise. He pressed his lower lip against Rosaline’s, tilting his head to reach deeper. Their tongues intertwined, exploring their gums and tasting the saliva.

“Open your mouth wider.”

Whatever was so urgent, he inserted his thumb into her lips and forcefully pried them open. Unable to control his excitement, he intertwined their tongues and chewed on them. His sharp nose pressed against her soft cheek, and their boiling breath mingled through their entwined lips.

“Please, hmmp. Romeo!”

After Rosaline hit his shoulder, Romeo detached his lips and buried his nose and mouth in her ear while embracing her.

“Ah, good.”

A mixture of ecstasy and self-disgust, a sigh-like whisper, awakened Rosaline’s senses. She struggled to break free from his embrace but remained motionless. Instead, he laid Rosaline down, pressing her arms against the floor, and pressed his lips against her ear and neck. His hands and lips that encased her sent shivers down her spine, while her lower body nestled between her legs felt as solid as a rock.

Rosaline’s heart raced as she experienced a sense of tension for the first time in her life and the weight of the man descending upon her.

“I thought you said you didn’t want m-my body.”

“I said I didn’t need it.”

Even without hearing the unspoken words, ‘not that I didn’t want it,’ she could understand.

He tilted his head back and laughed. His black pupils were clouded like those of someone under the influence. Romeo’s gaze slowly swept from Rosaline’s round forehead to her straight nose. It seemed as if he was looking at a precious treasure and treating it like fragile glass.

Their lowered dark eyes met. He had been restraining himself until now, but he was melting with desire to the point of astonishment. No, there was something more than mere desire brewing within him.

Something densely accumulated like the age rings of an old tree.

Sensuality dripped from his pelt like nectar. A shiver ran down her spine in the heightened atmosphere. Just the act of locking eyes was enough to intoxicate her and cloud her judgment. He pressed his hardened lower body against the exposed underwear and bare thighs that peeked through as her skirt rode up. A well-endowed man pressed firmly against the thin fabric of her underwear.

He grinned through bared teeth as Rosaline shivered from the cold air and the shameful situation.

“I should change my approach. Just as you said, your lady and I are different.”

His jaw was firmly grasped. Using his thumb and index finger, he squeezed her cheek and parted her lips, then swirled his small tongue and sucked. Even as he clumsily swallowed the saliva of the woman, he released his saliva and instructed her to swallow it calmly. Not content with that, he persistently pressed against the roof of her mouth and the soft inner walls.

With one hand still gripping her chin, his other hand groped her trembling body, as if touching a w*t bird. Her tense body reacted sensitively to every place his large hand touched.

He stroked her white thighs through her skirt in a soothing manner, then grabbed the fleshy mound near her hip. She flinched, and his tongue, almost laughing, probed deeper. It was hard to think straight.

This is not right. Not only with Juliet, but she had never been so intimately entangled with any man. She had never considered it, never desired it. Although she had not lived in a monastery, she had led a life just as secluded.

Unconsciously, Rosaline bit his tongue. Startled, she widened her eyes, but the man she faced was more excited than before.

“Bite. It’s okay.”

He laughed.

“You can even chew on it if you want.”

He delved deeper, reaching the base of his tongue. The sound of chewing and sucking echoed in her mind. She mustered up all her strength to resist him, but the hand that had been caressing her thigh suddenly moved up and firmly grasped her chest.

The sensation of his callused hand pressing into her softness felt almost cutting, as if a razor-sharp blade. As Rosaline flinched at the strange and tingling sensation, he obediently pulled his lips away.

Then he raised his waist slightly and surveyed the body beneath him as if appreciating a work of art. Thanks to the clothes that had ridden up to her chest, her marked br*asts and pale stomach were exposed. And even her thin and worn-out underwear.

His sudden intense gaze met Rosaline’s teary eyes.

“You said you belong to Kata, but you look so pitiful. What should I do?”

“…I… Hmph!”

Before she could respond, he immediately descended and bit her earlobe and jaw in succession. He extended his tongue, licking along her jawline. His w*t tongue descended, biting and sucking repeatedly, causing pain in her throat. Tears streamed down her face, and from below, his hand that had been teasing her br*asts suddenly gripped her n*pple and twirled it. Amidst the unfamiliar and erratic sensations, his whisper reached her ears.

“You’ve never done this with Juliet, have you?”

He intentionally mentioned the lady’s name to provoke her. Rosaline glared at him, breathing heavily, and he grabbed the tip of her n*pple and pulled it forcefully, causing pain.


Rosaline let out a rough moan and opened her mouth, and he laughed as he inserted his tongue and explored for a while. He touched her br*asts as if kneading dough, and every time she twitched, he wickedly pushed his tongue inside. But what was even more wicked was what he did below. She was soaked to the skin at his every touch.

As her strength waned and her mind grew hazy, he pulled back with a sound, trembling. Just when she thought he was stopping, he pressed her arms to the floor and opened his mouth.

What was he doing? It was when she furrowed her brow with mild curiosity. He swallowed her br*ast in one bite, leaving his teeth marks.

Swallowed? Her br*ast?

The warmth of his oral cavity membrane was felt through the peak. Before Rosaline could be astonished, her n*pple was bitten around.


Due to his squeezing and twisting, the sensitive n*pple caused pain. After teasing her, he opened his eyes and looked at her, as if inspecting a toy. The disheveled soft br*asts pulled into his mouth and his innocent eyes created a strange sense of dominance.

Rosaline grabbed his hair with trembling hands. Romeo licked gently as if soothing her. His broad tongue swept across the erect n*pple several times. Suck, suck. The thin sound made her tremble all over. The strange sensation…

“You’re… too much…”

Good. This pain that seemed to cross a line, this unfamiliar stimulation, everything was good.

“Do you like it?”

As if reading her mind, he asked without removing his lips from her chest. The hot breath scattered on her skin as if mimicking the shape of words. Rosaline swallowed her saliva.

“You’re not answering.”

“…No, hah!”

He started sucking the erect n*pple tightly, like giving a punishment or a b*by nursing. While struggling with the intensity that caused pain, her dim vision met the gaze of the carved figure of the god Kata.

In a temple, under the watchful eye of a god, being suckled by a man. It felt like her head would melt with guilt, but strangely, it was exhilarating. Perhaps it was because she was defying the rules of the temple that her mother had driven her out.

But her resistance lasted only a moment before the sense of guilt overwhelmed her. She had to push him away. Since Romeo’s hand was holding onto her waist, Rosaline weakly pushed his head away. But instead of pushing him away with strength, she ended up stroking his blonde hair as if surrendering.

As if interpreting it as a signal, his broad tongue lightly flicked over the n*pple and then sharply pressed against the split gap of the ar*ola.


Rosaline tightly sealed her lips and suppressed her moan. Then, his tongue, pressing firmly against the n*pple, recessed into the center of the mound. Each flicker of his tongue made her whole body tremble.

It was strange, something was strange. It felt like the explosion of gunpowder building up throughout her body, and her chest felt both numb and suffocating.

After nibbling on both br*asts, he finally lifted his head. He hunched over and whispered as he rested his head on the tightly closed lips of the sobbing woman.

“Make a sound.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his hand, which had been roaming below her chest, slipped into her underwear. Like delving into a split crease, he explored and touched the hidden bump between the flesh. Rosaline, surprised by the tickling sensation in her abdomen, instinctively reached out and grabbed his shoulder.

Since his back was upright, they ended up facing each other in a momentary posture. With her legs spread apart, her p*ssy on display. When Rosaline looked up in panic, her eyes locked with his. Romeo’s eyes clouded over, and he stroked the plump flesh of her c*nt with his palm. A trickle of fl*id followed his hand and coated her entire p*ssy.

“Isn’t it better when you’re honest?”

As his rough fingers pressed against her cl*toris, the tension in her entire body loosened, and the sensation of guilt subsided. Ah, this is pleasure. Romeo, who recognized her realization, pressed his middle and index fingers against the bulge and vigorously rubbed it up and down. The stimulation was too intense.

“Ha, ah. Gently…”

“Yes, gently.”

His hand showed no mercy. He scratched, flicked, grabbed, and then used his long fingers to press against the split gap and shake it. Each time, she felt something flowing out from her v*ginal opening. Her abdomen, her head, everything was overwhelmed, and she couldn’t control herself. Afraid of collapsing, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

But it was a wrong choice. As she lowered her head, all she could see was his hand and his strong forearm ravaging her pale skin. When her eyes met his kneading hand, her head throbbed with a strange sense of submission.

“The truth is painful, but sweet.”

Without thinking much of it, Romeo kissed her trembling arm and spoke. His eyes flickered, and his voice was low. It resonated through her body like a rough voice, as if cursing.

“Aren’t you glad you got angry at me? You felt relieved, didn’t you.”

Romeo laughed cruelly, one arm around Rosaline’s waist as she tried to move away, his other hand ravaging her p*ssy.

“Be honest, make some noise. Rosaline. Admit it.”

“Ah, haah!”

“Now, that’s good.”

Finally, when her moans burst out, he bit her lower lip in approval. His movements became stronger and faster. His fingers lightly grazed the juces that had come out from her v*ginal opening, stimulating her cl*toris. The sound of flesh rubbing against flesh was similar to the gentle touch of water’s surface.

As her entire p*ssy became wetter like crushed juice, an unfamiliar and excessively stimulating pleasure swept through her abdomen.

If she went on a little more, something would explode. Everything she had built up would burst.

“More, please.”

In response to her pleading, he smiled with his eyes shaded in a sinister manner. In a dangerous moment, he inserted his fingers into the tight opening. With his firm fingernails and prominent scars, his finger curved and pierced a certain spot, while his thumb pressed against the cl*toris slowly and deeply.


Rosaline shuddered, spreading her legs and curling up on her toes. If he would just remove that relentless hand, the pleasure wouldn’t last long. But he continued to feel her convulsing insides, pressing and swirling around her cl*toris. Rosaline pressed her cheek against his cheek, opened her mouth, and moaned.

“Hmmm, ah.”

She felt her juices flowing from the thrusting fingers. Romeo playfully stirred inside her and then withdrew his finger. It felt as if he had whispered something. Rosaline trembled with embarrassment and a gentle thrill, and he briefly kissed her neck, where a lingering bruise remained.

“If I receive even your tattered heart, I will leave cleanly. I’ll disappear as you wish.”

So release me. The deal is not over. Understanding his intention, Rosaline slowly lifted her head. As if unable to refuse, he confidently met her gaze. When Romeo tilted his head again, Rosaline pushed him away by his shoulder.

Not expecting her to move away, he stared at her as if observing her departure. Rosaline struggled to hold onto her unruly emotions and composure as she adjusted her clothes.


“Give me time to think.”


There was anger in his tone, as if questioning the need for such contemplation. Rosaline took a few steps back, as if warning him not to come closer. Her limbs trembled with lingering tension and fear.

“You want sincerity from me. You want me to be truthful.”

When thinking of Juliet, it would be appropriate to comply with his demands as before. But Rosaline’s lies were powerless in front of him, and every sensation intensified when she was with him.

It simply couldn’t be a lie.

No matter where her heart may lead, she was undeniably drawn to him. And for some reason, he desired her as well. If she were to let go of the remaining shreds of reason and stubbornness, she would undoubtedly fall headlong into it.

But regardless of Romeo’s intentions, Rosaline was meant to leave Verona as a nun. Was she to give him her heart only for it to be thrown away again?

What she’s saying is not that she simply doesn’t want to be separated.

It’s that she didn’t want to be discarded.

These two were clearly different. Moreover, especially to him, who knew her situation entirely, she didn’t want to be discarded even more. She wasn’t foolish enough to believe that her debts were merely an excuse.

But even if she wasn’t a fool, Rosaline was ignorant. She didn’t know how to avoid being discarded. Therefore, she needed time to contemplate.

If Romeo had claimed to love her, she might have pretended to reciprocate. But he was undeniably thrilled by her displayed anger and vulnerability. Just moments ago, didn’t he harbor resentment towards her?

This couldn’t possibly be love.

Furthermore, as long as Juliet remained Rosaline’s weakness, she also had to find a solution in his eyes. If she recklessly offered her heart to someone whose intentions were unknown, only to be cast aside, she would undoubtedly shatter beyond repair.

“Very well.”

In an instant, he closed the distance, grabbed Rosaline’s cheek, and pulled her towards him. With their lips almost touching, he whispered.

“Since the answer is already decided, it’s best not to waste unnecessary thoughts.”


“I can’t give you much time. You should know that I have no patience.”

Take care of yourself. With a threat-like statement, he pressed his lips down. Just before Rosaline’s mouth could be forced open, she managed to escape from him. More accurately, Romeo had let her go.

She left him behind and ran. When she glanced back at the entrance, he didn’t chase after her and stood there as if rooted to the spot. The statue of the god Kata towered behind him, consumed by darkness. But his shadow appeared as if it could reach out at any moment to grab hold of her.

Rosaline ran again, unaware of what she was fleeing from.

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