He slowly bit her back and pulled his c*ck out of her. Then he pushed the silver bead into her gaping entrance, which was filled with white soft l*quid. Elise’s body flinched at the unfamiliar sensation of something cold invading her secret place.

“Does it hurt?”

“No. It’s not like that… .”

After inserting the beads deep into her v*gina, he wrapped a black leather strap attached to a rod around her pelvis and legs.

“It is done now.”

Blake made a clicking noise as he looked closely at the leash attached to her body. The leather strap wrapped around the most intimate part of her white and smooth body looked like a snake.

“Does it feel uncomfortable somewhere?”

“It’s strange because there’s something inside.”

Although Elise had various experiences, it was the first time she had used this type of tool. She’d always resisted, afraid it would leave marks or cause other problems on her precious body, which was like a piece of property.

“You will get used to it in no time.”

Elise remained in her prone position, thighs together. As Blake had intended, the beads pressed and stimulated her most sensitive spots.

A moan of pain escaped her mouth as she pulled her knees and lifted her hips to sit up. It was because the leather strap was pulled and pressed between her petals.

He muttered in a raspy voice at the obsc*ne sight.

“It’s pretty. It fits really well.”

The desire to hold her again was intense. What Lucas? At this moment, his mind was filled with only imaginations of him violating her in dozens of ways.

“Blake, help me.”

Elise called out to him, unsuccessfully trying to get up on her own.

“… ah. All right.”

It was only then that he came to his senses and vigorously wiped off his drooling thing and tucked them into his pants.

It won’t go down easily, but it doesn’t matter. He had no intention of hiding his desire for her in front of anyone

Blake, who carefully hugged Elysée and lowered her to the bottom of the bed, encouraged her to stand properly. She pulled her waist and straightened her dress and hair.

“Let’s go.”

“Wait. Can I get some underwear….?”

Her gaze went to the small piece of white cloth lying on the bed.

“I don’t think you need to wear it.”

He cut off the hesitating Elysee and said.

“I think it will only make you more uncomfortable.”

As the culprit behind the delay, Blake urged her on quite a bit. Thanks to that, Elise had to leave her room without even looking in the mirror.

“Ugh. Ugh….”

Elise couldn’t walk properly at all. The beads, which were fine when she was lying down or standing still, made their presence felt when she started to move.

In the midst of that, going down the stairs was a real challenge. It was only natural that Elise’s pace, which was already slow, became twice as slow as usual.

“I can’t, Blake. I’ll just go back to my room.”

Although she had descended only about half the stairs, Elise was gasping for breath as if she was about to collapse at any moment.

Blake, who was still looking down at Elise, gently caressed her blushing cheek.

“Is it very difficult?”

His hand found its way to her waist, and a shiver ran down her spine. It didn’t matter what his intentions were. Her heated body responded sensitively to his every touch.

“Even if you’re not feeling well, you shouldn’t skip meals.”

“But right now, I can’t… .”

Blake swept her into a quick embrace, ignoring Elise’s pleas to return to her room.

“This is how it’s supposed to be.”

There was a hint of laughter in his low voice. Elise rested her head on the nape of his neck, exhausted.

“…You seem to be in a good mood.”

“I am.”

“Did your visit to the palace go well?”

“Well, not as well as I would have liked.”

“Then why… .”

Instead of answering the puzzled woman, he pressed his lips against her forehead. Even then, as if it wasn’t enough, he kissed her eyes and ears.

Melik, who had been waiting for them at the foot of the stairs on the first floor, widened his eyes when he saw them, then hurriedly lowered his head.


Blake asked as they made their way down the stairs and into the dining room.

“Still waiting.”


Now he had a completely satisfied look on his face. When they reached the entrance, Elise pulled on his collar.

“Now let me down. I can walk.”

But he shook his head.

“No need to strain yourself.”

“But it’s not polite to greet guests like this.”

“Lord Clanton is my wife’s brother, I’m sure he’ll understand.”

No matter what she said, he didn’t seem to be getting off, so Elise had no choice but to let him hold her.

As they enter the dining room, Lucas gets up. The moment their eyes met, Elise noticed that Lucas’ green eyes harbored ferocious emotions.


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