From the moment he entered the room, his manhood, which reacted to her, swelled to the point of bursting his pants.

Elise’s tiny white lace panties easily fell off her body just by pulling the ribbon around her pelvis. Her body, radiating soft light, was as beautiful as a statue that wouldn’t exist in the world.

He gently bit his molars. He controlled his breathing so it wouldn’t leak out in increasingly ragged gasps. With an impatient hand, he undid the buckle and took out his own.

Blake pushed his dripping p*nis between her hip bones. He parted the thick petals and rubbed her slowly and gently.


Elise groaned softly and rubbed her thighs as if she felt pl*asure even in her sleep. Her squeak grew a little louder as his and her fl*id mixed together.

He wanted to take her more leisurely, but he thought of Lucas waiting in the dining room. It was too late and it was difficult for him to return. There was a clear purpose in rushing to hold the sleeping Elise without permission.

Gently biting down on the inside of his mouth to control his excitement, he slowly pushed himself into her.

Elise’s shoulders trembled as if she had just woken up at the sensation of digging into her stomach and filling her bottom.

“Ugh… Blake…?”


Blake pressed her shoulders gently so Elise couldn’t look back at him. Then he picked up her black eyepatch from the bedside table and covered her eyes.

“What’s this?”

Grabbing her hand as she was suddenly groping for the blindfold, he held it tightly and strongly lifted her back.


He didn’t make any sound to give himself away, just exhaled a hot breath and concentrated on violating her.

“Ugh, yes…. Ah, Blake… !”

She groaned and shook wildly. Blake’s demeanor grew wilder whenever his own name was intermingled.

He licked and sucked hard enough to leave marks on the nape of her neck and shoulders. Elise’s white skin was stained red. Blake spread her legs as far as they could then pounded into her until her coveted a$s was spread wide.

Her tightly clenched insides were forced open as his c*ck slid in and out of her, nakedly announcing his presence.

Elise shuddered and squeezed as if to break his hold, but it only made his thick sh*ft, which had pierced her, thrust inward, more viciously.

“Aaah, aaah…!”

Her juices soaked the junction and dripped onto the sheets.

His hand, now inside her chemise, grabbed her br*ast. He pinched her n*pple between his fingers, twisting it and squeezing it until he left a handprint.

Elise cried and groaned at the strong stimulation given from above and below. The pl*asure given to the inside, which became sensitive after going several times, was close to violence.

“Mmmmm, Blake….”

For the third time already, she called his name. Ha, ha, he smirked, and finally, she heard his voice.

“Yes, Elise.”

“Now stop… It’s painful.”

Her voice, almost sobbing, was even pitiful.

“What can I do?”

He whispered softly, chewing on her ear lobe.

“Where can I feed mine?”

“Oh, inside… I want you to c*m in my belly. Come on, quick.”

Her lower mouth was urging and begging him as much as the words she hurriedly spat out.

“Okay, then, with pl*asure.”

As if he’d been holding back all this time, he gave a short, hard thrust.

“Huh, ah, ah, ah… .”

The knuckles of her hand clutching the sheet turned white. With an audible pop, he thrust into her, hard. His c*ck pulsed as it buried itself in her womb, spurting c*m.

“Aahhh, Blake….”

Her body trembled pitifully. As if he didn’t want to miss her even for a moment, Blake watched her without blinking. Her crimson nape, her shoulders, her slim white waist, and her attractive hips were captured in his eyes as if engraved.

Elise didn’t know what expression he was looking at because an eyepatch still covered her vision.

“Kiss me.”

Even as she exhaled heavily, Elise begged him to kiss her. Twisting her body, she reached out and groped his face.

Tilting his head, he captured her full lips. Slowly, he moved his hips to push the last of his c*m into her, licking her lips gently. Her tongue slipped out to meet him, and he invaded her again, lapping and sucking.

The kiss ended only after drinking a lot of salivae and sharing a breath. With his lips still on hers, he spoke in a low voice.

“Lord Clanton is waiting for us.”


She sounded understandably surprised. She undid the knot in her eye patch, revealing her mauve eyes beneath the flowing black fabric.

“What brings him here at this hour?”

Kissing the corners of her eyes, Blake smoothed her hair with a loving touch.

“We met on the way out of the imperial palace. It was still early, so I invited him to dinner.”

“Oh… Well, I guess I’d better get downstairs then, I need to hurry up and wash up….”

“No. Let’s just go down.”

Elise blinked at his firm words.

“If I don’t wash it, it will leak.”

“It’s okay. I’ll stop it from leaking.”

Kissing her again, he reached out and picked up something from the nightstand.

“Blake? What is that?”

At first glance, it looked like a lollipop. It had a silver bead on the end, a slender rod that was also silver, and a black leather strap attached to the end of the rod.

“This is a tool for times like these. Stay still and don’t move for a moment.”

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