After meticulously wiping my hands clean, Rasha firmly grasped Chedev’s shoulder as he prepared to resume his posture. They locked eyes, and Rasha hesitated for a while as if struggling to speak. Sensing her hesitation, Chedev patiently waited.


Rasha swallowed hard, whether due to thirst or intense nervousness.

“Today, you can do whatever you want.”


“You don’t have to hold back… You can do it.”

Chedev’s pupils dilated slightly. A wave of passion flickered through his eyes. It was a statement that blurred the bold line he drew to accommodate her during each passionate encounter. It instigated suppressed instincts, urging them to overflow recklessly.

“Even if I regret it later, I won’t blame you.”

Rasha cautiously nodded her head. She stared at Chedev, as if engraving each of his movements into her eyes.

Eventually, he spread Rasha’s l*bia and teasingly stroked her cl*toris with his sticky fingers. He gently separated the subtle folds that were moistened by the hushed sounds, making the throbbing cl*t obvious even without looking. Rasha twisted her back every time he raised his fingernails and scratched them, as if pressing them down.


“You’re already w*t.”

As he stated, it was truly evident that her hole was spasming and releasing fl*ids on its own accord. His sweet touch, which had persistently caressed only the outer parts, now directly reached her innermost regions.

He lightly flicked the hole with his freshly washed finger.


“How can you eagerly take my c*ck like this?”


“Haah… Can you hear the sound?”

With each flick of his finger that tantalized the inner walls, a moist, squelching sound followed. He firmly grasped Rasha’s hips, holding them in place, and lowered his upper body. Soon, a flickering sound could be heard beneath the mound as he teased her with his tongue, like a dog wagging its tail.

“Huh… Ahh…”

Thick and erect, he sucked and nibbled on the throbbing cl*t, stimulating her senses. Then, he opened the swollen v*ginal opening and pressed his tongue deep inside.

“Ah, ah, ah…!”

The frantic movement of the tongue, trying to taste the fl*id contained within, was irresistibly messy.

“It’s okay to put it in…”

Although the f*replay was shorter than usual, the hole was already stretched open and throbbing with desire, begging to be swallowed. He knew that better than she did, as he dipped his head into her p*ssy and carefully parted her l*bia to examine the inner opening.

With his fingers, now w*t and sticky with her juices instead of cream, he parted her slit, withdrew his achingly erect c*ck and rubbed it in, and that alone sent shivers down Rasha’s spine and made her twist her hips and curl her toes. Her breath caught in her throat at the thought of the thick, blood-red flesh swirling sweetly inside her.

Chedev leaned closer to Rasha and whispered in a secretive manner.

“Honey, I want you to f*ck me…… try it.”

Confusion flickered in Rasha’s eyes. He pressed the moistened gl*ns against her v*lva, smoothly moving it while locking eyes with her. Rasha realized that her heart was racing rapidly, and her abdomen quivered with tension that could consume her entirely. Taking a deep breath, she succumbed to desire and opened her mouth.

“Please, enter… Honey…”

“How deep should I go? Tell me directly.”

The husky sound of his voice could not be more sensual. Rasha, thirsting for him like never before, took a deep breath and pulled him closer by his shoulders.

“Until the end, all the way.”

“I don’t know where the end is.”

Resting his forehead on Rasha’s shoulder, he pushed past the fleshy folds on either side, sliding the gl*ns inside. An exhilarating pressure triggered an instinctive moan. Rasha arched her back, yearning for his massive p*nis to penetrate further, but unfortunately, his insertion ended at the gl*ns.

“Is here far enough?”

His playful smile was both infuriating and captivating. The word ‘here’ was ridiculously inadequate. Unfulfilled desires once again tainted her rationality with a hazy hue. She was rendered powerless by the restlessness that involuntarily made her squirm and crave.

“More, more.”

“You’re so greedy. But I won’t know for sure unless you tell me exactly.”

“Ah, baby…”


“As far as where the baby was…….”

She pressed her white fingers around her belly button. His gaze, capturing that movement clearly, intensified sharply. There was a strong tension in his jawline. It was not only Rasha who was enveloped in a fog-like sensuality.

“Ah, ah!”

When the gl*ns forcefully penetrated the tight, sensitive cavity she longed for, and vigorously stimulated the depths she desired, Rasha experienced a short yet intense cl*max. Every nerve in her body exploded with electric waves of pleasure, coursing from head to toe.

“Keuhk, f*ck. Did it… tighten?”

“Uhh, haa… Ahh!”

“Did you come as soon as I entered?”

Tap, tap. He forcefully pushed into the narrow, contracting inner space, intensely stimulating the still sensitive depths. With its impressive size and exceptional rigidity, his magnificent p*nis delved skillfully into the ecstatic cavity, causing a wave of pleasure.

He thrust at a rapid pace inside Rasha’s inner walls as she shuddered in a chilling cl*max.

“Huuh, I… hic, I… I’m coming… Ah!”

“I know, I can’t believe you can bite my c*ck like this.”

“Haa, hot, Chedev, Chedev… Mmm!”

“Why do you keep calling your husband’s name? I’m right here.”

Having properly laid Rasha down, he wrapped his hands around her calves, draping them over his shoulders, and sensually rocked his hips. At the same time, he quickly removed the clothes that hadn’t been taken off yet. From the shoulders down to the abdomen, the dense and firm muscles pulsated with pleasure, captivating Rasha’s gaze.

When the thick sh*ft vigorously thrust into her swollen, tight cavity, Rasha couldn’t help but let out an uncontrollable moan.

“Today, you seem to be quite w*t.”

He murmured, his gaze fixed on the explicit junction. Rasha also vaguely sensed it. The white fl*id, usually produced during his intense piston-like movements, made its presence known with a distinct, rhythmic sound.

“Are you in heat?”

“Ah, no, it’s, umm, yes, yes!”

“Embarrassed, are you? What if you’re in heat? I’ve been feeling that way for a while now.”

Due to being draped over his shoulders, her legs, which had been shamelessly swaying in the air, suddenly descended. He gently lowered Rasha’s legs and firmly pressed his hips against her. Her body, still aflame with desire, quivered with pleasure.

“Haah, would you like to turn over? That way, I can penetrate deeper into your favorite spot.”


As if asking for her consent, he effortlessly flipped Rasha’s body over. She arched her back and cried out in pleasure as the thick sh*ft of his p*nis scraped sharply against her insides. Once he had her properly on her stomach, he pulled his c*ck out. White foam stretched like a thread between them.

“Grab your b*ttocks and spread them wide so I can have a better view.”

At his explicit demand, Rasha’s eyelids involuntarily trembled. She reached back with one hand, gripping the bedsheet. Spreading apart one of her plump b*ttocks, she exposed the area that had been shamelessly violated. To the man directly behind him, the puffy, frothy hole was in plain view, and it made his heart thump loudly.


“Hold it tight. If you let go, I won’t put it back in.”

Suddenly, a hot, intense breath touched her, and he stuck out his tongue, teasingly licking her sensitive area. The squelching sound was loud and crude, resembling someone who had been fasting for days finally enjoying a meal.

“Ah, yes, ah…!”

He pressed his tongue against the cleft, unhesitant in swallowing the fl*id that formed from the friction. His merciless and rough approach ignited a shamefully thrilling sensation. Initially bashful and timid, Rasha found herself unconsciously moving her hips in response to the direction of his tongue.

“You’re moving your waist.”


“Are you resisting? Want me to forcefully shove it inside you?”

In response to her tantrum-like behavior, the thick gl*ns, flushed with ar*usal, pushed past the fleshy barrier once again. However, this insertion was far from refreshing, as the gl*ns only grazed the entrance without fully penetrating.

“Uhh, quickly. Hurry…”

Unintentionally, Rasha lifted her hips, craving more of his erect*on. In response, he slapped her b*ttocks with a loud smack. It wasn’t painful, but it stung. The sensation seemed to spread throughout her body. With a mix of anticipation and overwhelming desire, Rasha tightly gripped the sheets, desperate to be pulled out from this burning abyss that felt like impending doom.

As the breath of the excited man descended onto her exposed back, the throbbing c*ck that had been hovering near her entrance forcefully surged in with a single motion, penetrating her to the very root. The forceful thrust pushed all the way to the deepest point, leaving her breathless.


Ah, just like this.

It felt so good, a pleasure that made her spine tingle and her head spin. Saliva dripped from her lips that she hadn’t fully closed. However, swallowing was impossible. He had previously thrust slowly, but this time he completely flipped her insides, as if tearing apart her ut*rus from the beginning.

“Ah! Ah, oh! Uhh!”


Each time he pulled out, the explicit moans pierced deep into her ears. With every withdrawal, Rasha clenched, biting down and stimulating him. They were driving each other to dizzying heights of ecstasy.

“Hng, uhh!”

“F*ck me, as I thrust, is it good?”

“Haa, uhh, uhh! Good… so good…”

With each collision of the pelvic bone and b*ttocks, the bed made a creaking sound. He reached his hand underneath and groped Rasha’s bouncing br*asts as if kneading dough. Occasionally, he flicked his fingers against her erect n*pples, causing milk to gush out. There was chaos and frenzy, it dribbled down and up.

“Ah, Chede, Chedev, hnn!”

As the blood rushed, the thickened gl*ns spread apart each fold of the v*ginal walls and finally reached the deepest point of stimulation, causing a gushing release of fl*id from below. The flesh clung to his throbbing c*ck as it slid along the thighs, flowing down like a stream. The once pristine sheets had long been dampened by their mutual secretions.


The exhilaration, intensifying further, flashed before her eyes and electrified her brain. Finally, when Rasha brought her peak into view, he unexpectedly withdrew his p*nis, as if sensing the contraction of her opening. The sense of being filled disappeared, replaced by a profound emptiness akin to losing something precious. Rasha voiced her rising dissatisfaction.

“Why… hnn!”

“Because I want to see your face.”

With firm hands, he turned Rasha’s body to face him. After inserting his p*nis once more, he wrapped her legs around his sturdy waist and lifted her hips abruptly.

“Huh, ah…!”

Halfway in, it slammed deep enough to hit her womb spontaneously under the weight of his downward thrusts. He stumbled, holding Rasha in his arms as if she were weightless. She moaned frantically, clinging to his neck like a lifeline.

Chedev sat Rasha down on the window sill and spread her thighs wide. As her body shrank from the cool touch of the glass against her back, her opening involuntarily contracted, causing him to emit a deep groan. The mysterious dance began once again.

“Ugh, too much, haa…”

“Ah, hah, ahn…!”

It seemed like she had lost her mind. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so engrossed in such obsc*ne behavior.

“Do you like it? Mmm…?”

With his face buried in her br*asts, he asked, sucking in the milk that had spilled earlier. But Rasha was too overwhelmed to respond. She had no awareness of the reactions happening within her, nor did she know how they would be resolved. All she could do was sway uncontrollably in the pleasure he was giving, desperately wishing for it to end as soon as possible.

Perhaps it was the chill that ran down her spine, but she felt his heated c*ck press sticky against her tight opening. The intense temperature caused her heart to race rapidly. Thump, thump! The lewd friction echoed throughout the bedroom for a while.

“Ah, ahh… ugh!”

His hips bucked as he plunged his p*nis all the way to the base of her c*nt. The tight penetration brought Rasha to a mind-blowing org*sm. Her whole body stiffened and her toes curled in pleasure as she writhed in his arms.

He pulled away from her clinging body, forcing his c*ck out of her, filling her to the brim. Drenched in his pre-c*m or her juices, his p*nis slid out with a moist sound, bouncing against his belly button.

Chedev spread Rasha’s trembling legs across both sides of the window frame, exposing her lower region fully. Then, he slid two fingers into the empty and muddy orifice. Sensing what he was about to do, Rasha trembled and shook her head in fear.

“No, no, I can’t…”


“Hnn, I want to go, I want to go, ahh…!”

Rasha urgently extended her tear-stained face and gestured with her head. Amidst this, he continued the relentless motion of his fingers, rapidly scratching the inner walls of her v*gina. For her, wanting to escape was the same as pushing him away.

“It’s okay, don’t worry.”

“Hic… huff… let’s go to the bathroom…!”

Rasha gathered her strength and resisted, but he added another finger and brought his face closer.

“Then, come inside and c*m on my face.”

“W-what, what are you saying? I don’t want to! Ahh…!”

“If you don’t want to, then you’ll have to c*m here.”

“Hnn, Chedev, please… Mmm, ahh…!”

She desperately held onto his wrist, which mercilessly stimulated her sensitive depths. The sensation had already reached its limit, tightly coiling inside her abdomen. Trembling with her toes curled, Rasha quivered in every fiber of her being.

Chedev, who was quietly observing her face glowing red like a ruby, licked his lips and embraced Rasha once again. He seemed to comply with her intentions as they both walked steadily into the bedroom’s en-suite bathroom. It was a moment when she felt relieved, thinking that at least they wouldn’t engage in any activity in the bedroom.

“…Ah, ah!”

As he placed Rasha in front of the closed bathroom door, he suddenly lifted one of her legs and forcefully inserted his erect m*mber, which was throbbing a deep red. The inner flesh, already trembling with spasms, eagerly grasped onto him, stimulated by the intrusion.


“No, no! Stop…!”

Ignoring Rasha’s frantic hands that pushed and struck at his chest, he firmly thrust his rigid p*nis without hesitation. She could feel her womb shaking from the thrusts. This nasty man had planned this from the beginning.

After about five rough thrusts, the area from the cl*toris to below the navel trembled intensely. Sensing the sensation within, he skillfully and sharply withdrew his penetrating m*mber. Hot water began to gush from the spot where his p*nis had exited.

“Ah, huh…”


Eventually, Rasha’s body gave in, leaning against the bathroom door as water trickled down. He had murmured that this was not the couch1it actually said 소피 (Sophie) here but i assumed it was a typo for sofa, but the shame and humiliation were no different. Chedev still held one of Rasha’s legs up, discreetly observing as water streamed out from the stretched hole.

When the water flow beneath her legs ceased, forming a small puddle, Rasha trembled.

“Are you ashamed that were not on the couch.”

“You brought me to the bathroom…”

“If we’re going to do it inside or here, it’s the same thing.”

“…Huh, mm!”

Rasha’s mind was too overwhelmed to respond, as he forcefully inserted his c*ck once again and held her tightly in his arms.

“It’s hard, Chedev…… It’s hard…….”

Chedev awkwardly smiled as he watched her start whimpering after just a couple of times.

“I told you you’d regret it.”


“I said you would regret it.”

Placing a bunch of grapes from the Mont Blanc on the plate in her mouth, he comforted the teary-eyed Rasha. Then, after persuading her with great difficulty, he turned his waist again, like a young horse released from its reins.

Rasha felt firsthand how terrifying the first night of a married couple could be.

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    it actually said 소피 (Sophie) here but i assumed it was a typo for sofa
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