Just as he was heading towards the bedroom, he came face to face with Rasha coming out of the bathroom. Her pale cheeks still had a faint rosy hue, and her hair was slightly damp. And… she was wearing a rather large silk robe.

“…Is that mine?”

“Ah, yes. I accidentally dropped mine.”

That was indeed Chedev’s robe. Its deep navy color was wide and oversized for her, discreetly revealing her shoulder line and collarbone. In the light coming from the bathroom, her silhouette could be faintly seen through the thin robe.

That precarious sight instantly fueled the desires he had suppressed all the way up here.

“Eek…! Chedev!”

“Shh, you’ll wake Artie.”

Startled by the strength with which he embraced her, Rasha let out a shriek, but quickly closed her mouth at his successive words. It was so unbearably cute that he leaned in and left a gentle kiss on her lips.

He carefully placed Rasha on the bed after removing the dark robe from her shoulders. Chedev lifted her calves and gently nibbled on the back of her ankles to avoid hurting her. His lips made a moist sound as they gradually traced her skin, leaving a delicate touch.

Instead of plunging his fingers through the thin fabric that barely covered the gap between them, he leisurely laid himself over her body, savoring the moment when the tension started to dissipate. He gently brushed his lips against the tantalizing area above the thin robe where her n*pples were.


Rasha moaned, covering her lips with the back of her hand. Her movements caused the red necklace around her neck to shimmer in various directions.

He teasingly flicked his tongue against the raised buds, intensifying the stimulation, and asked,

“Didn’t your wedding dress get w*t earlier? It seemed like milk came out.”

At the time, baby Artienne was still breastfeeding vigorously. Due to constantly nursing the baby day and night, Rasha’s br*asts had become swollen recently and were even more sensitive than during her pregnancy. Just by softly grazing her n*pples with his lips, they reacted instantly, peaking through the fabric and becoming moist.

“I-I don’t know. Mmm…”

“The servants would be shocked if they knew what was happening on their Madam’s chest during the sacred wedding ceremony.”

Rasha turned her blushing face away as if telling him not to say such things. Tonight, as he slowly undressed her, there was an overwhelming cuteness that he could devour in one gulp. Chedev lifted his head from her br*ast, which he had been gently teasing, and nibbled on her earlobe.

As if to prove that he knew Rasha’s er*genous zones well, he skillfully and persistently rolled his tongue, slow and relentless. Rasha’s hand gripping his shoulder trembled slightly.

After moistening her earlobe with saliva, he gently sucked on it, soothing the sensitive area. Starting from the outside and gradually moving inward, following his usual approach, the damp flesh teased the cartilage and eventually entered the inner ear. A faint sucking sound resonated in close proximity to her eardrum. Rasha trembled, clutching his neck tightly while her body shivered.

After swirling his tongue in her ear for a while, his lips moved away, and his elongated fingers grasped Rasha’s chin. Along his touch, her head turned in that direction.

At last, their lips were about to meet.


Both of them simultaneously paused. The sound of crying grew louder, as if to indicate that it was not a misunderstanding. Hoo, Rasha burst into laughter first. Chedev, too, smiled with a touch of disappointment and rested his forehead on her shoulder.

“It seems our princess noticed that she’s being left out.”

“She was sleeping well just a while ago… I guess I should go and check on her.”

“Alright, I’ll go and see.”

Chedev lifted his head, having aligned his mouth with Rasha’s temple. As he headed towards the reception room, the crying intensified. His leisurely steps, as if reluctant to move away from the bed, suddenly turned into a swift sprint towards the reception room.

Only a moment ago, little Artienne, who was sleeping like an angel, was now crying vigorously to the point where her fair face turned red. Chedev grasped the baby’s armpit and lifted her up, supporting her plump bottom with his strong arm. He gently rocked her, soothing her cries, but Artienne’s wailing only subsided slightly. However, it didn’t completely stop.

“Why are you like this, Artie?”

Every time I saw the dampness seeping through the golden hair resembling mine, it felt like an earthquake inside me. I wanted these beautiful eyes to see nothing but smiles throughout her life.

Chedev wiped away the tear stains on the baby’s cheek and continued to caress her tenderly. He tried to put her back to sleep quickly and go back inside, but there was no sign of her calming down. Artienne clung tightly to his attire, not ceasing her tears even in the embrace of her loving father. It didn’t seem like a simple tantrum.

With a sigh, Chedev reluctantly headed towards the bedroom.


Rasha, who had been leaning against the headboard of the bed, reached out both of her hands. Disappointed, Artienne struggled as if wanting to go straight to her mother, squirming her hands and feet. Her weight even shifted towards Rasha, clearly showing her determination. Chedev, without revealing his frustration, handed Artienne over to Rasha.

As Rasha cradled Artienne in her arms, soothing her just like Chedev did, she soon realized the reason behind it.

“It seems she’s hungry…”

Rasha w*t her robe and offered her br*ast to the baby, just in case. Artienne immediately latched onto her n*pple as if asking when she had cried. Chedev let out a somewhat disappointed chuckle.

“Artie, cut her some slack. It’s our first night in our own way.”

“Why are you talking to the baby?”

“Eat this and get a good night’s sleep, okay?”

Without yielding to Rasha’s reproach, he gently stroked Artienne’s head, as if casting a spell. Rasha raised her head as if unable to stop him. Artienne was diligently nursing, whether or not she knew her father’s burning heart.

After a brief feeding, Artienne spit out the n*pple she had in her mouth. Then, her eyes blinked as if getting drowsy again. Letting her burp was Chedev’s responsibility. After telling him to rest, he picked up Artienne and returned to the reception room.

The occurrence of such incidents was an automatic response to the baby’s arrival. It shattered the intimate atmosphere the two of them were trying to create. If it had been someone else, Chedev would have turned them away without a second thought. But because Artienne was someone who didn’t hurt even if he kept her in his sight, Chedev was always happy.

While carrying Artie, he came across a golden tray arranged on one side of the reception room. Rasha, who was usually weak, grew tired more quickly while breastfeeding Artienne more often. Even when it came to bedtime, it was no exception. Therefore, Chedev instructed to always keep light food like fruit in the golden tray in the reception room. It was for Rasha to eat.

When he uncovered the lid, he found a variety of sweet desserts, perhaps because it was the wedding day. Among them, Mont Blanc, which was made quite large compared to the others, caught his eye. Just then, Artienne, leaning on his shoulder, burped. Satisfied, she closed her eyes, lulled by her father’s touch as he stroked her back.

Gazing at Artienne’s lovely face, which had returned to being an angel, Chedev carefully laid her down on the cradle. And before returning to the bedroom, he didn’t forget to take the plate of Mont Blanc, piled high with whipped cream.

As he entered the bedroom, Rasha had untied and let down her robe, sitting with her back against the headboard. Her face, revealed in the dim light, kept drawing his attention. The lush eyelashes that cast a shadow under her eyes, the prominent nose, and the red lips. As he stared at them, her slightly exposed lower lip quivered.

Especially today, she seemed particularly satisfied with wearing his robe. Occasionally, after the act, he would worry about catching a cold and dress her, but there was a world of difference between what he dressed her in and what she wore herself. Chedev particularly enjoyed it when she touched, wore, or used something of his. As much as he wanted to monopolize her, it was only natural for her to have the same reaction towards him.

Rasha caressed his cheek, as she rode on top of him like a beast. Finally, the kisses that had been interrupted by the baby resumed. He grabbed Rasha’s chin and pressed his lips firmly beneath hers. He slid his tongue into the gap, gently tracing and licking the mucous membrane. Rasha’s hand, which had been stroking his marble-like cheek, gradually moved downward and began to undo the cravat.

“Today, you look so beautiful…”

The man’s voice, tinged with sensuality, stuck to her ear like mucus. Rasha’s face blushed slightly. She didn’t know why direct expressions from him still made her feel shy after so many years. Chedev brushed kisses on her nape while slipping his hand into the folds of her robe.

Climbing up her white belly, he ran his fingers down the edge of the open cloth near her exposed chest, causing the button to come undone and revealing what’s under the robe.

He confirmed that both n*pples were swollen and erect with a rosy hue, and he let out a breathless sigh. The color seemed richer than usual, perhaps due to recently giving birth and the increased intensity of the br*ast milk. Every day, he persistently sucked on the darker and more intense br*asts to stimulate the secretion of br*ast milk.

He grasped the full br*ast mound with his fingers and playfully flicked the erect n*pple. As a result, a milky-white l*quid formed droplets through the n*pple holes. He pressed firmly on the hardened and thickened n*pple with his thumb and forefinger, making the shape of the br*ast milk even clearer.

Before it could flow down like a stem,Chedev extended his tongue and delicately licked it. Teasing his tongue as if saying, “I will eat what was prepared for the baby,” felt somewhat wicked.

It all began with a dangerous glance.

One day, while closely observing Artienne breastfeeding, he continued to caress the br*asts and eventually, in the middle of the night, he sucked on the n*pple with his lips, savoring the taste on his tongue.

After that, during secret nights and even during the day, there were frequent occasions when he lowered his lips to the br*ast without warning. The act of smearing and nibbling on the half-numbed cheeks against the br*ast was quite explicit. The lascivious signal, asking him to quickly open the robe and let him suck on the swollen n*pple with tantalizing lips, was evident every time. Rasha was truly concerned about whether there would be enough milk left for the baby due to this insatiable greed.


Licking the n*pple was merely the prelude.

His agile tongue gently circled the hole where milk was being ejected. Then, with strong suction that made his Adam’s apple quiver, he began to suck vigorously. Each time he persistently teased the n*pple hole with his slippery tongue, Rasha keenly felt that everything accumulated inside was being sucked out. Her mind melted with the sensation, as if their souls intertwined and flowed together.

“Ah… Ah…!”

He forcefully latched onto the milky essence, sucking it greedily. Barely holding onto his head, which was vigorously sucking the rich br*ast milk, Rasha finally tilted her head back in surrender.

“Ah, it hurts. Stop…”

Gently stroking the milk-flower petals, he refused to be repulsed by her direct hand manipulation of the br*ast and moved closer, pressing their lips together. His tongue carried a milk-like taste, which followed the entangled saliva and flowed into Rasha’s mouth.

It was a kiss reminiscent of passionate s*x. His tongue was pointed, and he pushed in and out of her throat as hard as he could, the same way he’d lustfully dipped his ferocious p*nis beneath her, so hard that Rasha’s breath came in ragged gasps.

As if unable to control himself, his rough and fierce tongue that had been flickering and swirling suddenly withdrew. Chedev bit down on Rasha’s lower lip, then sucked it gently.



“Now do you understand? Why I go crazy for your br*asts like this.”

Not holding back his desires, Chedev, whose brain was buzzing, bit into the right mound this time instead of the left one he had sucked earlier. In his mouth, he tasted the bursting sweetness of br*ast milk and, suddenly, an image of Mont Blanc on the side table came to his mind. After sucking deeply, he kissed the plump n*pple and reached for the plate.

“We’re going to play rough today.”

It seemed better to replenish their energy in advance.

Chedev scooped up the dollop of cream adorning the Mont Blanc with his fingers and brought it to Rasha’s lips. Hesitating for a moment, Rasha opened her mouth and sucked on his finger. The sweet taste of the creamy globule digging into her mouth was excessively sweet. Slowly, she licked his finger with a sense of purpose, and Chedev’s eyelids immediately tensed. His erect lower region was becoming painfully stiff and tense.

This time, he lowered his head and applied the cream to Rasha’s lips, then sucked on her lower lip deeply. The exhilarating sensation heightened with each moist breath, leaving behind traces of ar*usal. Both of them indulged in the sweet cream instead of saliva, swirling their tongues for a long time.

“Ha… It’s sweet.”

As if their breaths were suffocating, Chedev gently pressed his forehead against Rasha’s forehead and let out a distant sigh. The impulsive act generated an incredibly pleasurable sensation.

Rasha straightened her uncomfortable, bent knee and inhaled sharply as a hot, hard object brushed against it. His c*ck was already standing upright, revealing its outline against his thigh like a club. As Rasha was taken aback by its grandeur, Chedev scooped out some cream and flicked it onto the n*pple he had been eagerly tasting just moments ago.


“How sweet do you think it will become like this?”

His touch tightly gripped the erect n*pple that had stiffened through the cream. A sweet tingling sensation spread as Rasha’s insides instinctively contracted, and her legs trembled.

Chedev spread his tongue wide and caressed the surface of the protruding n*pple. With dedication and persistence, just like a cat licking its fur. Rasha placed her hand in his hair and let out hurried breaths. The sight of the man’s red tongue smeared with white cream caught her eye.

“Haah, haah…”

He gently wrapped his lips around the mound, sucking it up. The desire to inhale not only the cream but also the collected milk within the protruding peak was distinctly felt. After the cream disappeared completely and the aroused n*pple swelled rapidly, he finally lifted his head.

As if trying to remember the taste that had saturated his mouth, he licked his upper lip. However, his lips were messy due to the cream that Rasha had spread all over her br*ast.

Rasha stared at that scene dreamily, her heart pounding.

“It’s… on your lips.”

“Wipe it off.”

With his eyes closed tightly, he brought his face close to hers. Rasha willingly extended her tongue and meticulously licked away the traces of the remaining cream. It was a bit late to realize that she could have wiped it off with her hand, but she couldn’t resist the temptation of bringing her tongue to it, so she continued to flick it back and forth.

The act of wiping away the cream was done with a blink of an eye, but the moment her eyes opened, their tongues intertwined and transformed into a lascivious kiss.

The hand resting on his shoulder was grasped and his finger slipped in between hers. When she turned her eyes away due to the slimy sensation, she noticed that his creamy fingers were buried between her own fingers. Strangely, it felt so erotic that she couldn’t take her eyes off the scene.

“Haah, it’s like my c*m.”

He whispered eagerly and hotly, pressing his lips against her cheek and then pulling away mischievously. It wasn’t untrue, really. Rasha stared blankly as she observed her hand covered in frothy bubbles, resembling c*m.

“It’s sticky…”

“Does my c*m also feel sticky like that?”

“I don’t know…”

Rasha frowned, wondering why he asked such a strange question. Her earlobe peeked through her black hair, and it looked embarrassingly alluring. Chedev planted kisses on her wrinkled forehead, calling her cute.

“…Rasha, we’re really a married couple now.”

He wrapped Rasha’s hands around his neck and brought his face close. He gently sucked on her slightly remaining lower lip and then released it with a smacking sound.

“Say honey.”


“Please call me honey.”

Rasha’s lips hesitated and trembled for a moment. Honey, a term that represented their marriage and the long period of time that symbolized multiple changes. It carried a feeling that encapsulated the moments between them.

At first, he was the master, then Chedev, and now, finally, honey.


Rasha whispered in a soft, hesitant voice, and Chedev chuckled in satisfaction. It resembled the expression he had when he saw her walking towards him during their wedding ceremony. It was a look that willingly threw oneself into the sea of happiness.

“Now it’s starting to hurt a bit.”


“Because I’ve been standing for a while.”

Chedev momentarily stepped away and quickly washed his hands in the nearby water. Anything that would enter Rasha had to be clean. After a few rinses, the white cream disappeared without a trace.

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