He pulled her legs together, exposing her c*nt, and laid her on her side. Then he lay down behind her, just as he had earlier. He had already been told by his doctor what positions he could take during intercourse. He grabbed her creamy and soft b*ttocks, spreading them apart, and gently scraped his gl*ns against her perineum.


Just that alone caused sweet moans to escape. Rasha regulated her breathing slowly, then clutched the pillow tightly as she felt the sensation of the gl*ns penetrating her moist v*gina. To calm her down, Chedev licked the exposed earlobe hidden within her black hair. As he meticulously licked her ear and cartilage, a thrilling sensation passed through her spine. After a moment’s tension, the slick c*ck pushed her entrance wide open and plunged in.


Since she was already w*t and moist from the previous caresses, the insertion was not difficult. However, because it had been a while since their last union, they needed some time to adapt. Unlike men’s d*cks, which usually have a large gl*ns and taper from the sh*ft, Chedev’s was similarly thick from the tip to the t*sticles. And hard, too. When he was erect to the point where veins were visible, it felt like a club. With it penetrating her depths, there was no way she wouldn’t feel the pressure.

“Huh, uh…”

“Ha… Rasha. Does it hurt?”

The sensation of the flesh probing and nibbling at her from the gl*ns was overwhelmingly stimulating. It was intense enough to burn away any remaining sanity. Chedev barely managed to regain his composure. Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, the restraint he had always exercised during their s*xual encounters yielded positive results.

“Hmm, it’s… fine. Even if you… enter…”

The urgency was momentary, and Rasha wholeheartedly indulged in the voluminous sensation that tickled her insides. Chedev spread her b*ttocks a bit wider and inserted himself further. Gradually, inch by inch, he advanced until his pelvis and her tailbone made contact, reaching deep inside. Perhaps due to the different angle and direction, the p*nis that entered at a different position than usual fully filled Rasha’s inner walls.

“If it hurts or becomes too much, tell me… I understand.”

“Ung… Ah!”

Before she could even respond, Chedev flexed his waist halfway and slightly lifted himself. Even though it was on a relatively mild level compared to before, her body felt heavy, whether it was due to the slightly swollen womb from carrying a child or something else. Holding one of her br*asts in his hand, he pinched the n*pple and teased her, intensifying her pleasure.

It was clear that she was trying to control herself, but Chedev realized that he was involuntarily thrusting her waist back and forth. However, it was inevitable. How could he not push into this tight space that he had been starving and craving for months? he almost wondered if there was some kind of aphr*disiac inside.

“Ah, yes, haah…!”

“Isn’t it good when I thrust here? It’s so deep that even my fingers can’t reach.”

Pressing on the sensitive spot as if firmly grasping the round gl*ns, she pressed it firmly. Rasha tightened her inner walls with pleasure that made her fingertips and toes tingle. In response, a short breath escaped from Chedev’s mouth.

“I… wanted you to thrust like this, vigorously.”

“Hah, yes! Huh…!”

“No? The sound like water is not a joke.”

The taunting words brushed against her ears, making her feel restless. However, she couldn’t argue against the continuous force pounding from behind, which caused her moans to endlessly escape. It was also not a false statement. Rasha could barely swallow as the pleasure flashed before his eyes. She could sense that the grinding of his hips and a$s had turned into a distinctive splashing sound.

“Ugh! Ah…! Wait…!”

For a moment, he lost control and slipped out, then fiercely plunged back in, hard enough to open her c*rvix. The flesh against flesh made a popping sound of friction. The stimulation was so intense that Rasha gasped for air. Her eyes burned from the stimulation of his thrusts inside her, and she quickly burst into tears.

“Gently, h-haah, gently…”

“Yeah, gently…”

Chedev repeated the word ‘gently’ as if casting a spell, suppressing the urge to act out in anger. He repeatedly swallowed the fact that his seed was inside her womb. Suddenly, he wondered what this would be if it wasn’t torture. It was a frustrating feeling to constantly restrain himself from aimlessly pounding her inner walls.

“Hoo… Rasha.”

“Yeah… Ah, huh…”

Chedev’s trembling pupils landed on Rasha’s delicate shoulders. Even that alone made his body tingle. He couldn’t see her face clearly in this position. Was she making any expression? Was her face blushing and twitching? It was a strange feeling to be having s*x and still feel lust.

He was the kind of man who had to have his questions answered. Gingerly, he lifted Rasha to her feet and straddled her waist. Grabbing his c*ck, which was still slick with her juices, he brought it back to her hole and pushed it in steadily. Unsure of what to do, Rasha gripped his abs and bent her knees, inch by inch, until her head was thrown back by the thick presence of his vertical penetration.

“Ah, ah…!”

“I don’t think I can hold back if I do it myself. Try moving yourself.”

As she said this, a hint of embarrassment flashed in her watery eyes. Chedev rubbed her hips with a thirst he couldn’t tell how many times. He felt like he was seeing all sorts of stimulating things converging on his vision. Rasha’s pretty face was lovely, of course, and so were her n*pples, which stood erect and ready to be touched, and the jet-black p*bic hair tangled with his red one between where desire intertwined. But it was her belly, round and swollen with his child, that drew him in more than anything else. It was like a fire in his belly.

“Mmm, yes…”

Rasha hesitated for a moment, looking confused at the suggestion to do it herself. Then she timidly began to move her hips, holding onto his body as a support. Even with her fidgeting movement, her inner walls tightened diligently, and her face flushed, which made Chedev ecstatic.

Rasha entered vertically, and it felt like pressure reached all the way to the base of her neck, causing her to release her breath continuously. It was hard, but it felt so good. Every cell in her body seemed to tremble with excitement as if they were floating in an overwhelming thrill that had been absent for so long. Following that pleasure, she unconsciously started to rotate her hips more actively. Her body had lost control, succumbing to pleasure.

“Mmm, deep, ah, ah…!”

And Chedev continued to gaze at her without a blink, with an unwavering stare. Every time Rasha noticed that gaze, she felt a shiver. It was as if she could feel his s*men emanating from his eyes. His gaze evoked a mixture of longing and yearning.

At some point, his pupils, which had only perceived lust during s*x, were now filled with undeniable affection.

“You’re beautiful, Rasha…”

As if to confirm her suspicions, he purred in a voice that sank to the depths, and strangely enough, it drove more intense pleasure than the merciless thrusts of his c*ck inside her.


Rasha couldn’t hold back any longer and reached cl*max in that moment. Her whole body trembled with an intensity beyond measure, her eyes widened and couldn’t even blink. The mocking tightness between her thighs made her unable to bear it, as if she had been teased. Her knees involuntarily came together. It was understandable. With a violent org*sm, her juices flowed profusely, drenching his flesh.

Chedev had to exert superhuman patience in order not to thrash against the squeezing walls that were squeezing him. He had to resist the urge with an almost supernatural endurance. The action of raising his hips slightly, as if sympathizing unintentionally, was close to a momentary impulse that he couldn’t even hold back.

“Uh, lips…”

Still on top, barely recovering from the afterglow of her cl*max, she whimpered.

“Haah, what?”

“Wanna kiss, huuh, ah…!”

Truthfully, every time Chedev leaned in to kiss her, she had almost instinctively responded. It had become an unconscious habit. When they were together, their lips overlapped so frequently that it had become an uncountable occurrence in just one day, almost like second nature.

And now, amidst the trembling sensations below, Rasha wanted to share that connection.

Chedev desperately wanted to hold her cheeks and passionately suck on her adorable lips. However, due to their position, it was a bit challenging. While it would be quickly resolved if he lowered her, he didn’t want to interrupt the awkward harmony by moving away.

He quickly found an alternative. He inserted his index finger into his own mouth and w*t it a few times before reaching it close to Rasha’s lips.


It was a signal to part her lips. Previously, Rasha would have panicked and refused, but now intoxicated by the thrill of the moment, she unconsciously held his wrist. Then she carefully licked the index finger smeared with his saliva, as if passionately kissing it.

Chedev, who had been watching her without averting his gaze, furrowed his brow and let out a deep sigh.

“I can’t do this anymore.”

He lifted Rasha’s body so that she was standing on her knees, and increased the speed of the piston-like movement that he had been withholding all this time. Rasha shuddered and cried out at the sensation of what she’d been swallowing on her own being plunged in and out of her in rapid succession. She swayed as if she were going to fall forward or backward, but Chedev’s two hands held her firmly in place, and she barely managed to hold on.

“Hat, ha, ah…! Ahh, yes…!”

“Huh… Rasha, damn it, haah…!”

Their breaths quickly grew heavy. Every time his c*ck delved into her winding valley, stimulating her pleasure points, fl*ids gushed out from below. Having already reached cl*max several times, Rasha continued to ascend in intensity, desperately holding onto his forearm.



Finally, Chedev slammed into her, his c*ck sinking deep into her depths. At that moment, both of them reached the pinnacle of pleasure.

A thick stream of fl*id sloshed against her fleshy, heated inner walls. Rasha shuddered, her knees clenching together once more.

Chedev quickly withdrew his partially inserted p*nis and laid Rasha down. To prevent her stomach from being pressed, he leaned his upper body forward and greedily sucked on Rasha’s red lips without restraint. Rasha could only escape from him once her lips had become swollen.

“It all leaked out.”

What a waste.

Chedev looked wistfully at the c*m that oozed out of her hole, then he used his firm gl*ns to scoop it up and pushed it back inside. In the process, he teasingly grazed her inner walls before reluctantly pulling out due to Rasha’s complaining. Even though he had ej*culated, his p*nis remained stiff and erect, and Rasha turned her head away with a look of disgust. She barely managed to stop herself from continuously engaging with his lips, finding his expression even more endearing.

Finally, as he kissed her forehead, and then pushed himself up. A well-endowed male, untouched by the morning dew. The moment his back was fully in view, Rasha’s heart dropped.

She remembered the other nights before they parted, when he’d slipped away, leaving her alone. The miserable sensation lingered like an aftershock, shaking her to the core. The feeling of being refreshed by his warmth threatened to spiral out of control once again.

The curtain, tainted with the essence of the night, was lifted, and Chedev reappeared. He sat down by Rasha’s feet.

“I know you might feel uncomfortable with the sweat, but it seems like bathing would be too much of an effort right now.”

Then, he carefully wiped Rasha’s arms and legs with a towel soaked in lukewarm water. Every time Chedev’s hands moved diligently, his sculpted muscles twitched delicately. Was it really necessary to concentrate so much on wiping someone’s body? His expression seemed somewhat cautious, as if wondering about it. However, as it was also a familiar sight to Rasha, she unintentionally became teary-eyed.

While Chedev tirelessly moved his hands, he suddenly paused at the sound of a sniffle. When he raised his head, he saw Rasha burying her face in the blanket. Chedev stared at the round back of her head buried in the blanket with sunken eyes.

He now knew why she was showing such a reaction, or rather, he knew what mistake he had committed towards her. He knew very well the feeling of heat turning cold after being left alone in this bedroom.

He hesitated for a moment, then lifted his lips with a determined expression.

“Let’s get married, Rasha.”

Rasha’s hand, gripping the sheet, trembled. She turned her partially hidden face towards him. With one eye as if stealing a glance, she stared at him. Her eyes were tinged with sadness, and there was moisture in her purple pupils. Through that, a somewhat disheveled appearance became clearly visible.

“Is it because….. I’m now considered a nobleman’s daughter?”


“Or….. is it because we have a child?”

That was a bitter reminder of the incident that had disrupted their relationship. She had decided to trust him once again, but the deep-seated resentment within her didn’t vanish in an instant.


Chedev’s hand brushed away her disheveled hair.

“Because I love you.”


“And now, you’re no longer afraid of marrying me.”


“I made you wait for too long…..”

Rasha blinked her eyelids, and the tears that had been welling up all along finally streamed down her face. Strangely, even before those tears could flow down her cheeks, they were caught and wiped away by Chedev’s touch. Somehow, with just that touch, the burning tears seemed to calm down.

Silently, Rasha gazed at him, then held onto his hand that touched her cheek and pressed the tip of her index finger against her lips. It was a gesture indicating a kiss.

Her response remained unchanged from the previous proposal and this one.

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