That night, the sound of rain became the background for their numerous conversations.

They discussed the complexities and conflicting emotions surrounding marriage, their past circumstances, the hidden relationship with Lady Robeni, and Rasha’s birth. They gradually brought up the feelings of love, sincerity, and what could be seen as fear or even possessiveness that they had buried, one by one.

“Even though I knew, I didn’t go…..”

Chedev was shocked by the fact that Rasha had known about the secret of her birth yet chose to stay by his side. Regret engulfed him to the point where it was deeply distressing. As if expressing his remorse through his actions, he buried his face in the nape of Rasha’s neck. His gesture tickled her, and she let out a small laugh. Chedev, on the other hand, felt his heart tickled by that laughter.

“I think there was also fear. I was afraid that someone like my half-brother might use me in some way…..”

The aristocratic world that Rasha had witnessed was cold. Of course, it is highly generalized since each person is different, but the image of the nobility left by Chedev’s parents was deeply engraved in her mind. The ruthlessness and cruelty that drove people into a vortex for power and status. It inflated her fear of Count Lippe.

“Well, fortunately, the Count was a good person.”

“Did he treat you kindly?”

“Yeah….. He even asked about my well-being first.”

Rasha nodded quietly. Chedev whispered that it was fortunate and kissed the nape of her neck. Her petite figure and soft skin that snugly fit into his embrace still felt like a dream. Chedev pressed his body against her as if he wanted to be forever immersed in her. Rasha’s willingness to not push him away brought him immense happiness and peace.

“Has it been difficult for you?”

It was clear that he was asking about the hardships accompanied by pregnancy. The fact that he couldn’t take care of her by his side during that time had been bothering him. As soon as he returned to the mansion with her, he called a physician to check on Rasha’s condition. He listened and listened again to everything about childbirth until it was deeply ingrained in his mind.

Of course, the questions he asked and the answers he heard were mostly on the unsound side.

“Hasn’t it been difficult? W-well….. Chedev…..”


“Y-you, stop touching my chest.”

During their lengthy conversation, Chedev’s hands roamed all over her body. Among them, he continuously caressed and fondled her soft br*asts. It wasn’t just simple contact, deliberately, he occasionally raised his fingers to gently tease her n*pples, which made it impossible for Rasha not to react. The thin negligee she had changed into, instead of the damp clothes from the rain, made his touch even more intimate and stimulating.

“Mmm, I-I’m getting a bit….. sensitive.”

Gradually, as the last month approached, her br*asts became sensitively swollen as if preparing to release br*ast milk for the b*by. The milk ducts inside seemed to be swelling. Sometimes, even a brush against her clothes would make her n*pples stiffen and protrude. It was not easy to deal with, even when confined here with Chedev.

Despite her resistance, he did not withdraw his hand. Not only did he not withdraw, but this time he used his index finger to gently scratch the dusky n*pple over the negligee. The cluster of nerves on his fingertips made her entire br*ast tingle.


Rasha arched her back like a cat. Her intention to escape his touch was evident, but Chedev tenaciously clung to her, intensifying the stimulation. Following his touch, the negligee wrinkled uncontrollably.

“Have you ever done it alone while being away from me?”

His hot breath teased her earlobe. Rasha flinched and pressed her cheek against the pillow. It felt like her belly was heating up at his provocative question. For a few months, she had forgotten, but now the intense nights she had lived through flooded back, leaving her in a state of uncontrollable desire.

“Stop….. Please…..”

“But I did.”


“Not just once, but dozens of times.”

“While imagining the times you moaned in pleasure when I thrust deeply inside your lower hole….. Haah, I f*cked you so hard until I was completely empty. Rasha.”

The nights he spent with Rasha over the paste few days brought him both joy and exhaustion. He had to constantly make an effort to suppress his throbbing c*ck due to her scent.

There were also nights when he stared at her while she slept, holding his erect m*mber like a boy from his inexperienced days and vigorously shaking it.

Even when Rasha was not present, he still reached cl*max, albeit without the same intensity. He would release a cloudy fl*id like pre-c*m, keeping her close by his side. Her soft cheeks, lush eyelashes, and occasional smudged lips would bring him to the brink of ej*culation in a heartbeat. He’d unleashed days of lust that way, not daring to touch her for fear of waking her. However, those nights were still insufficient and lacking.

And now, too.

From the moment he pressed his nose against Rasha’s neck, her lower abdomen tingled uncomfortably, and his c*ck shamelessly poked its head, always rude and disrespectful in her presence.

Rasha’s grip tightened around his arm, and her hand trembled with a slightly flushed face.

“…..Me too.”


“I did it too.”

Chedev, who had been gently teasing her erect n*pples, reminiscent of ripe fruits, with his fingers, paused. Rasha couldn’t say anything more and tightly sealed her lips. Even without looking in the mirror, it was obvious that her face had turned red, almost as if she had been caught in the act. Chedev forcefully turned Rasha’s face towards him, as she stubbornly stared straight ahead.

“You did it alone too?”

Rasha remained silent, feeling embarrassed. However, her flushed face was a clear testament to her involvement in the intimate act. Chedev, sensing an irresistible charm, kissed her lips briefly before letting go.

“Tell me how you did it….. Did you use your finger and rub it in a circular motion?”

“Uh, no.”

“Then, did you stimulate just the cl*toris? Or the surrounding area?”

The question was somewhat explicit. Rasha couldn’t overcome her embarrassment and turned her head away again. Chedev narrowed his eyes. It was as if he wanted to swallow up the redness that extended all the way to her neck in one bite. How could I almost let go of this adorable girl with such a lack of composure? Resentment and self-deprecation from the past surged like a spring.

“You did it while imagining me….. right? Hmm?”

He lightly tapped his forehead against her, leaving a mark, as if reprimanding her. Rasha tightly closed her eyes in response to his persistent questions.

That day, even Rasha herself didn’t know why she had done it.

She fell asleep and woke up to find that a light rain was falling. The bed she lay on felt unusually cool, and in moments like this, she couldn’t help but remember his touch. The act of him touching her in the middle of the night came to mind, and her body naturally began to heat up.

Rasha’s fingers, which had been gripping the pillow, gradually moved downward and stealthily delved into the inner part of her thigh. Firmly rubbing. She tried to soothe herself, but it had little effect. Occasionally, her throat would become dry, and saliva would involuntarily gulp down.

Rasha was lying on his back, legs shoulder-width apart, rubbing her cl*toris. intimately teasing the sensitive area between her thighs. As she grazed her sensitive cl*toris, a tingling sensation surged up. The w*tness below felt incredibly vivid.

Reliving the pleasure of his thrusts inside her longed to insert something into her gaping hole. She thought about using her finger, but she didn’t have the courage to go that far.

Eventually, she vigorously stimulated her swollen cl*toris, reaching a shallow cl*max. That night, the stream of water flowed not only outside the window but also between her legs.

It was a secret midnight affair that she couldn’t tell anyone, but strangely enough, it flowed out naturally in front of Chedev. Perhaps it was because his explicit confession of desire had rawly stimulated her instincts.

“You must have so w*t.”

Chedev disdainfully stuck out his tongue, licking his dry lips. It seemed to be an action to moisten his lips, yet at the same time, it appeared as if his throat was parched. In reality, she regretted the wasted secretion poured out by her on that night. If he had been with her, he would have eagerly licked them before they could flow freely.

As if expressing it with gestures, his hand, which had been teasing the n*pples so far, gradually moved downward. It gently caressed the inside of her thigh, passing through the plump belly like a bump. Rasha took a deep breath and repeated the process of inhaling and exhaling. It was a sign that she was beginning to feel s*xual tension.

Chedev naturally raised his body and positioned himself between her legs. Pulling down the underwear that was clinging to her waist and spreading her thighs, he noticed that the lower opening was moist and slightly open, most likely due to teasing her br*asts earlier. Instinctively, Chedev swallowed his dry saliva. There was no way to resist the urge.

He soon got his wish. He flipped them open with his fingers and licked the sticky flesh off the densely packed moisture.


Rasha’s feet immediately curled up. Chedev gently caressed her calves as if to ease the tension. Even the well-groomed toes that caught his eye were irresistibly cute. I’ll have to suck on them later. Where on earth is there an unattractive spot?

With a renewed admiration, he flicked his tongue through the parted l*bia.

“Mmm, ah…”

Licking the sensitive entrance with a w*t and slippery flesh was an incredibly stimulating act. Especially when Chedev used his tongue to caress the underside, Rasha found it difficult to endure. It was because he had mastered the art of c*nnilingus during the seven years, and his tongue was exceptionally flexible. He knew very well where to scratch with just the right amount of force to make her come.

“Ah, haa… Aaah!”

His tongue touched the moist cl*toris along the swollen l*bia. He twirled the pointed tip of his tongue around the swollen bud. It was far more skillful than the clumsy touches she made. Pleasure-filled moans flowed incessantly through Rasha’s parted lips. Her purple eyes had lost focus and had been void of strength for a long time.

He gently nibbled on the cl*toris, avoiding causing any pain. It instantly transformed the dull stimulation into an electric sensation, and Rasha’s lower abdomen involuntarily tightened. A trickle of fl*id poured out from her v*gina. Chedev’s lips curled into a smile and he gulped down the juices.

It was a mind-blowing taste. The low desires that Chedev had hidden in his heart had explosively swelled up. Like a mole digging a tunnel, he buried his face between her thighs and greedily lapped up the flowing water without a moment’s hesitation. Meanwhile, one of her hands that had descended began to moisten the trousers and grabbed the p*nis, shaking it roughly.

“I’ve missed this, ha, like crazy…….”

“Ah, aaah!”

“Relax, Rasha.”


“I’m going to suck all of it, so c*m all you want. Right.”

Even as he swirled his tongue like a patient suffering from an addiction, he never forgot to seduce her obscenely. Each time he opened his mouth, his languid breath against her flesh made her even more aroused.

“Ah, ahh……!”

Rasha sucked him below until he almost lost consciousness. At times, she experienced the cl*max that made everything before her eyes turn hazy. Each time, a thrilling sensation surged through her body, causing her body hair to stand on end. When she felt the org*sm, it seemed as if her vision spun around and collapsed.

Even though her hole widened and poured out fl*id, the sheet beneath remained clean. It was because everything went into his mouth. The masculine heat buried within a woman’s cr*tch trembled repeatedly. After the moist tongue thoroughly licked even the hidden folds below the v*gina, it gradually withdrew.

The sticky moisture that drenched the bedding seemed more like saliva than the excited secretions.

“Haah, haah, ha…..”

Rasha seemed to lose her mind at the long-overdue act. Chedev stroked her quivering thighs until she calmed down, and soon her wildly rising and falling br*asts regained their rhythm, an unexpected regret evident.

“…..The doctor said it would be fine after passing the stable period.”

And Chedev was well aware of her desires. Of course, he wanted nothing more than to make love to her at this moment. Chedev cupped Rasha’s opening with his fingers, teasing her, and locked eyes with her, as if urging her to request it.

“What should we do?”

He already knew the answer but detested complying so easily. He knew it was a question with an obvious answer. Chedev loved Rasha actively seeking pleasure in their s*xual encounters. As if wanting to prove that he was not the only one driven mad by this lewd and obsc*ne act, he always desired to express it as explicitly as she did.

Though he still didn’t want to give in to her demands easily, the heat he had kindled still lingered in him like a puddle. He knew how to relieve this through the nights they had spent together for the past seven years. At present, her instincts also yearned to writhe in the vulgar pit of desire.

“……Do it.”


“Put it in…..”

Though it may seem insignificant, the desire surges relentlessly without fading away. Chedev’s erect*on was raging, sweeping across the throbbing flesh near his navel. His entire sh*ft was already slick with pre-c*m.

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