The creaking sound of a knob being pulled resonated dimly.

Rasha, sitting at her dressing table, raised her eyes silently. Chedev, who had entered the room with a start, spotted her and stopped. It was so late that he thought she had already fallen asleep.


Approaching her from behind, he swept her jet-black hair to one side. Her delicate neckline was revealed simultaneously in the mirror and his line of sight. Leaning forward, Chedev pressed his lips against her neckline. Rasha observed his actions through her drowsy eyes in the reflection of the mirror.


Just as he was about to speak, she caught a whiff of his cologne on his proximity.

Her stimulated sense of smell replayed unwanted scenes in her mind.

A man and woman strolling together under warm sunlight, like a newlywed couple. Lady Robeni linking her arm with my man’s. The closeness of their bodies. The discreet upturned corners of their mouths.

In that moment, Rasha tightly grasped his collar and kissed him. Startled by the sudden kiss, Chedev’s broad chest twitched. However, it was only for a moment. He immediately slid his fingers through her hair and opened his mouth.

Their lips clashed fervently, accompanied by a sticky sound every time they separated. Chedev held her head in place and pushed his tongue into her small mouth.

His tongue playfully intertwined with Rasha’s timidly responsive one, sensually caressing and sucking it. From the tip of her toes, a ticklish sensation traveled up her body, causing it to twitch involuntarily and tense up. Amidst it all, her hand gripping his collar remained firm.

Hoping that her grip would mask the scent.

“Open your mouth wider……”

Pulling his tongue, which had been swirling inside her mouth, he grumbled in a deep voice. Even for such a trivial command, Rasha obediently opened her lips. Chedev pounced on her like a famished beast. The hand that held her head gradually descended to her waist, ensuring it didn’t collapse.

Soon, his other hand delved into the inside of Rasha’s thighs.

Before his hand could fully penetrate her gr*in, Rasha stood up from the chair, causing Chedev to consequently pushed back a step. She immediately pressed herself against him and initiated another passionate kiss.

He responded immediately, unable to resist. He greedily sucked her lips, exchanging saliva and embracing her slender waist hidden beneath the negligee. His large hand, pulsating with engorged veins, ventured lower, kneading Rasha’s b*ttocks.

Their jaws twisted as their noses grazed against each other again and again. Chedev forcefully sucked on her tongue and nibbled on her lips like a predator probing the depths of her mouth. The stimulating sensation of their intense contact was tickling. Faint currents spread through her fingertips and toes, making her mind go bright.

“Under, huh… Sleep…”

As Rasha tried to say something, Chedev persisted in exploring her without hesitation, ​​seemingly crossing the point of no return. He nibbled gently on her exposed earlobe which was nestled between his jet-black hair. The stimulation of this sensitive area caused Rasha’s breathing to become erratic.

Ignoring the hazy heat spreading, she reached out her hand. The destination was his bulging pants. As she cautiously caressed it, Chedev’s body noticeably stiffened.

Suddenly, Chedev withdrew his tongue that had been teasing the inside of her ear. A fierce glimmer flashed in his eyes. Rasha calmly gazed into those desire-filled eyes and opened her mouth.

“I’ll suck it.”



Teasing playfully, she traced his prominent outline with her fingertips. His pupils flared with heat. His brow tightened, like a man faced with something too much to bear, then lightly bumped his lips against Rasha’s cheek, holding it in his grasp before releasing it.

“Forge it. What’s the point of when you can’t even go all the way through…..”

She know why he’s resisting. It’s because of the memory where she was boldly taking his p*nis in her mouth and only shedding tears.

Back then, Rasha opened her mouth as wide as possible, but she couldn’t fully engulf him. It was partly because her mouth was on the smaller side, but his p*nis was also ridiculously large. Just touching the gl*ns made her cheeks swell, and if she took it in even a little, it would immediately poke her throat, making it almost impossible for her to moan.

But Rasha overcame his protests and persuaded him to sit on the bed. Then she positioned herself between his spread legs. The negligee was thin, so even in the dim moonlight, the fair flesh was clearly visible without any filter. Chedev’s gaze was overt and hurriedly examined every inch.

Rasha gently cupped the p*nis, with its contours clearly visible up to the mid-thigh. Chedev watched her with eyes uncertain of whether to stop her or let her continue.

Meanwhile, Rasha diligently moved her hand to pull the p*nis outwards. The fully erect m*mber, accompanied by the fabric, slid down and then bounced back up near the navel with a thump. Despite having taken it in several times before, its magnificence was still impressive.

As she wrapped her fingers around the gl*ns, Chedev exhaled a low ‘Hoo’ and released a breath. The erect p*nis had veins protruding and, in addition, there were exciting traces of pre-c*m which were sticky.

As she stroked from the gl*ns to the base of t*sticles, feeling its hardness and irregularities under her fingertips. His head tilted back at Rasha’s touch. His exposed Adam’s apple was both savage and sensual.

Rasha stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of the p*nis, which didn’t completely fit in her hand. The bitter scent of pre-c*m wafted up. She licked in a stroking motion, digging into the halved urethra, before lazily lapping at the gl*ns.

“Ha, Rasha…”

A moan of satisfaction escaped Chedev’s dry mouth. The size which remained unchanged weighed heavily on her from the beginning. Even though she had only put in the gl*ns, her jaw was already stiff. Rasha teased the end of the p*nis with her lips.

Chedev grasped the bed behind him with one hand and wrapped his other hand around her head, as if to say that he would go along with this mediocre f*llatio.

“It feels like I’m burying it in your p*ssy.”

“Uh… hmm.”

“It’s narrow and hot…”

The lingering pleasure intensified with his admiration. Rasha mustered up the courage and took the p*nis a little deeper into her mouth.

The sh*ft, which she had been working hard on with her tongue earlier, was immediately rammed down her throat, making her gag. Despite that, she endured and continued with her inadequate moans. Chedev had already lost half of his composure since she started licking the gl*ns, so there was no need to debate whether he liked it or not.

Instead, he was trying not to give in to his impulses. If he lost control even a little, he would grab her head and thrust his hips wildly. The sensation of his p*nis brushing against the reddened, moist mucous membrane was so ecstatic.

However, his patience was wearing thin. If this continued, he might become reckless and aggressive, so he eventually grabbed Rasha’s chin and forcefully pulled her away.

The swollen flesh which looks like it was about to burst, scraped against her small mouth and came out sticky and slimy. A long line of silver saliva stretched between his gl*ns and Rasha’s w*t lips, and the lustful sight sent a heavy rush of blood to his lower abdomen.


An excited shiver resonated through his spine, and without pause, it reached its peak. C*m spurted from the hole of his throbbing gl*ns, splashing onto her br*asts. The odor was still quite foul, and there was plenty of it, despite having s*x almost every night. Rasha’s negligee was dampened with it.

Chedev wiped off a droplet of c*m that had splattered on her chin. Then he embraced Rasha’s waist and quickly changed positions.

Before she could regain her senses, she found herself sitting on the bed while he knelt on the floor. He quickly grabbed her legs and spread her knees apart. His actions were forceful, but his hesitation afterwards was the same. Where he expected to see her underwear, her plump mound was exposed instead.

“Why are you like this today?”

That was what Chedev had longed for so much.

Although Rasha was shy, even though they were in a bedroom for two, she always wore underwear under her negligee. Actually, taking it off would be a simple task, but this was nothing more than the desire of a man’s dangerous instinct.

Chedev squeezed and played with her mound, then spread the swollen l*bia with his fingers. The moist flesh that appeared cautiously was slightly damp.

As if to remove that moisture, his middle finger swept up from below, brushing against her cl*toris. A soft moan escaped from Rasha’s mouth. The tangled black p*bic hair felt so messy to his fingers.

“Have you been waiting like this…… until I come?”

Rasha shook her head.

That was as far as Chedev would go. The strings of reason that held him together snapped. He forced her knees apart and sank his head into her exposed p*ssy.


Rasha sucked in a breath, startled by the motion of his tongue as it flicked around her sensitive slit. The damp, w*t flesh greedily lapped up the little bit of juices that had pooled at her entrance, then delicately parted her l*bia and slid between them.

“Hmmm, mmmm……!”

Rasha’s head jerked at the suddenly intensified stimulation, and as she instinctively drew back at the waist, he grabbed her hips and pulled her towards his face to prevent her from escaping. A trail of his catch ran down my white thighs. His sultry breath against my p*ssy was greedy. Above the white thighs, his touch scattered like traces. His hot breath against her p*ssy was undeniably lustful.

“Oh, yes, yes…! Huh, ah…”

The tongue that had been flicking between her gaping v*ginal slits turned upward a little and swirled over her swollen cl*toris. Rasha arched her back as the v*ginal fl*ids, which had been confined to a moist level, began to quickly overflow.

Chedev, with his lips pressed against the moist entrance, eagerly sucked in the flowing secretions. The dripping l*quid from below all flowed into his mouth. It resembled the act of drinking a fruit’s nectar. He didn’t forget to rub his upper lip over her hardened cl*t for added stimulation. Having caressed her down there so many times, he was skilled at c*nnilingus.


Rasha grunted, unable to hold out any longer, and rolled over onto her back. Chedev grabbed her by the b*tt and pinned her to the bed. Her drenched p*ssy was now more fully exposed and uncovered.

Using his finger to stroke the cl*toris, Chedev slowly slid his tongue into the v*ginal opening. The sound of slurping grew louder, and Rasha’s moans gradually became thinner. Desperate, she clutched the sheets, twisting them as if trying to escape.

Rasha truly wanted to escape. The sensation of him teasing her lower hole, gently swirling his tongue inside, was an unfamiliar feeling that she couldn’t easily accustom to. With a thrilling ecstasy, her stomach twisted tightly, and occasional flashes appeared before her eyes.

“Ah, ah, stop… please… hnngh…”

Somewhere in her body tickled frantically. It was a precursor to cl*max that Rasha knew all too well.Her toes curled, and her waist shook involuntarily. Rasha gasped and hurriedly moved her hand downwards.

Gripping his hair, which ravished her inner thighs like an aroused male, she moaned with intensity.

“Put it in now, right now! Hnng! Right now, thrust it in…!”

Chedev didn’t listen. He couldn’t. Immediately, he raised himself and grabbed hold of her w*t p*ssy, pressing his throbbing c*ck against her v*gina. The sound of their meeting could be heard as their already moist g*nitals collided.

The f*replay was enough, and the slick p*nis pushed the entrance open with ease. When I pushed it in a little, the weight of it pushed her up and she arched her back with a popping sound. It fit like a f*cking glove.

“Ah, hnngh!”

“Goddamn… Seriously, today, haah, did you deliberately want to drive me crazy?”

From her sucking to her underwear,and to top it all off, a vulgar budoir he wasn’t even expecting. Chedev pushed down on her legs, feeling like he was truly drowning in her. Rasha grasped his broad and firm shoulders with difficulty and asked.

“Is it good…? Hnngh, do you like it?”

“I’m dying of thirst. Rasha. Please…”

The tightly stretched inner walls clenched around his thick c*ck, claiming it as their own. He managed to withdraw the p*nis from the inside, which did not want to come out, and forcefully thrust in again, making a slapping sound. Rasha arched her back like a cat, enjoying the pleasurable stimulation of her sensitive spot being prodded.

Soon, she pushed Chedev’s shoulders, widening the distance between their upper bodies. Then she raised her hand above the negligee that was still covering her. Chedev, who seemed to be distracted by the thought of exploring the tight hole, halted his movements when her fingers began unbuttoning the first button of the negligee.

The trembling body stopped, and the erotic breath in the air came to a halt. All that remained was an almost bursting, tantalizing s*xual tension.

Sensing his gaze fixed on her fingers, Rasha continued to unbutton one by one. His gaze moved slowly, following the deepening collarbone and the round br*asts peeking from beneath. His pupils were constricted like those of a male in heat.

Gradually, as the n*pples that had been teasingly hidden beneath the fabric fully revealed themselves, his Adam’s apple twitched violently. Unable to hold back any longer, he grabbed the negligee that was still fastened with buttons and spread it wide to both sides. The powerless fabric tore to shreds, revealing Rasha’s immaculate nakedness.

He threw the drenched negligee aside and delved back into her inner walls, swallowing the moist mound in one gulp.

“Ah, ahn…!”

Rasha’s waist arched sensually, forming a seductive curve. Chedev first licked her n*pples all over. It was an area that she’s particularly sensitive. His red tongue left w*t traces along the tender n*pples. Just touching her br*asts made the n*pples swell and erect.

“Haah, ha…!”

Sensing Rasha’s breath gradually quickening, he wrapped his lips around her n*pples and sucked them.

He nibbled on the nub, then sucked hard, causing her eyelids to flutter open. The hand that had been gripping the headboard slid down and cupped her other br*ast. It squeezed so hard that the flesh popped between the rhythmic fingers.

Soon his thumb and middle finger were squeezing the prominent n*pple. The barely erect peak throbbed in his fingers, crying out in pleasure. As if on cue, Rasha’s inner walls tightened and became wetter, simultaneously stimulating Chedev, who was connected to her. He exhaled a lustful sigh.

Rasha squeezed her eyes shut as she was teased by a tongue on one side and a finger on the other. Meanwhile, the tantalizing movements in her slick insides slowly resumed, and the pleasure was endless.

“Ah…! Ugh, mmm, haang…!”

He sucked on her drenched br*asts with enough force to make her groan. The pointed n*pples glistened with his saliva. They resembled the core of an opened fruit. Chedev rubbed them gently, then cupped them as he would a br*ast. His c*ck flexed like a vein in a spring of water. Rasha’s thighs, spread wide between them, strained against him.

“I’ll devour you. You’re so enticing, Rasha…”

“Ha, yes… Ahh…!”

“Ha, f*ck.”

The tightly sealed voice seemed to suppress the profanity that was about to burst out. Along with it, the distorted expression of pleasure on the man’s face was as alluring as it stimulated the depths of the woman’s desires.

His breath, falling from his stomach, was hot as a boiling lamb. The sultry heat reminded her of the beginning of a summer day, and though it was the same night as now, his feelings were different. He had been so happy then, soaring in the sky, and now he felt as if he were stuck in a filthy dungeon…….

Even as the excitement took over her nerves, the scenesheI had seen earlier in the day reared its ugly head and took over her mind. The woman who stood proudly at Chedev’s side. A woman who was the polar opposite of her in every way, whether it was appearance or status…….

Flashes of her whispering in his ear, her arms around him, her body pressed against his, her eyes flashing like sparks. Rasha’s pride had been shattered by the undeniable chemistry between them.

The feeling was the same now as it had been then, and the jealousy was unbridled.

Rasha lifted a precarious gaze, her whole body shaking from the thrusting.

She could see Chedev’s face, completely drunk from the s*x. He still hadn’t taken off his clothes. If I were to pull him like this, the collar would still emit a strong scent of perfume. Unable to hold back, her eyebrows furrowed.

Her slender finger cut through the air. In that moment, Chedev felt Rasha’s touch caressing the collar of his neck, and suddenly, a powerful sensation surged within him.

“Ugh! Ha… You too, huh, you take off your clothes.”

In no time, the other hand, which had been clutching the sheet, also moved toward him. Rasha’s hands slipped under the collar of his shirt as if she wanted to rip it off immediately. A hand reached out to caress the man’s collarbone.

With a tight expression on his face, Chedev quickly moved his hand. The neatly adorned buckle slid smoothly over his skin. Undressing was quick.

And finally, their body temperatures came into perfect contact. The sensation of being pressed against his heated physique felt like it had been a long time. These days, she often made love to him clothed.

He removed his erect c*ck that had slipped out while undressing and brought it back to her moist p*ssy. With his fingertips, he held open the stretched hole and gently teased the gl*ns. There was a faint sound of friction coming from the area where they were rubbing against each other. Chedev shifted his hips, burying his lips in her taut cheeks.

The already elongated p*nis entered smoothly along the narrow passage. Rasha’s lips trembled as it sensually grazed against her inner walls. He resumed his erotic strokes. Her vision whitened with each hard thrust as the thick t*sticles slammed against her gaping hole.

“More, harder…”

Rasha said, looking up at him as he groveled blindly at her feet. He paused, pinching her n*pple between his fingers as he continued to fondle her br*asts. Rasha wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed down on him.

“Harder, please.”

Chedev’s eyes showed a bewildered expression.


“You can be rough…”

“Rasha, uh, don’t push down.”

As he applied pressure to her inner thigh, her v*ginal walls tightly contracted. Rasha gripped his shoulders, licking her lips in frustration as she continued to contract and relax below, and as if that weren’t enough, she reached up and rubbed the back of his neck, his er*genous zone.

Chedev quickly succumbed to her. He firmly embraced her while raining down vulgar words in her ear, then passionately thrust into her.

“Haah! Ahh!”

The rhythm, the force, the speed of the p*nis piercing downward was different than it had been a moment ago. It sprang into her with such intensity that her legs couldn’t help but tremble. Rasha was enveloped in pleasure, unable to escape the overwhelming sensation.

He withdrew his m*mber skillfully and thrust back in with precision and sharpness. Transparent fl*ids gushed out between the tightly closed l*bia. It splashed onto the sheets and mixed with Chedev’s sweat. It was heavy, but it was a clear proof that she was also experiencing pleasure.

He withdrew his c*ck with the swiftness of a beast, then thrust in with more precision and sharpness. A gush of clear fl*id burst from between her tightly closed l*bia, splashing indiscriminately onto the sheets and Chedev’s sweating upper body. It was overwhelming, but it was more proof than anything else that she, too, was feeling pleasure.

“Uhh, ah, ah…!”

Rasha dug her nails into his forearm as if it were a lifeline. She drew long, raw lines across the firm flesh. However, Chedev, immersed in the pleasure, only focused on the intense thrusting, paying no attention to whether it hurt or not. It felt as if a giant golden needle was piercing her, riding on top of her.

Although she was mentally prepared to some extent, it still surprised her. The reason he charged forward so relentlessly was because it was difficult to endure. It was hot, hard, intense, and blindly driven by desire.

Rasha was both pleased and saddened that he was so obviously aroused by her. It was proof that he hadn’t completely lost his mind. But it was never quite the same as it had been before…….

It was too pitiful for her to regained his warmth only through s*x and desire.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the tears streaming down her face didn’t seem to be a manifestation of emotion. It seemed as if she was sobbing under the onslaught of pleasure. Her body became increasingly heated, while her heart grew colder.

“Huh! Ahh!”

But soon, her distress faded away. The moment Chedev changed angles and thrust inside, the cl*max surged throughout her body.

Her head instinctively tilted back as she reached org*sm. Her entire body tensed up, and every cell in her body felt like it was on fire. She could barely swallow as she felt a shiver run through her, a shiver she’d never experienced before. She felt like her sanity had been worn away and was about to crumble. Her heart was pounding like it was about to explode.

It didn’t compare to any of my previous climaxes. It was so good that it was almost painful. She felt like she was about to pass out.

“Ha, hoo…… Rasha, breathe.”

With a breath as intense as hers, Chedev partially regained his lost reason.

“I’m sorry. I got too excited.”

As he caressed her trembling thighs and waist, still twitching from the pleasure, Chedev whispered in a rough voice. The calmness that usually settled on his face had descended. Rasha, who noticed the change, grabbed him as he tried to withdraw.


Her voice trembled with the lingering echoes of ecstasy. She had pushed herself that far, and it was overwhelming to handle him to that extent.

And yet…

“More, continue… Do more.”

“What on earth…”

Chedev’s pupils dilated as he stared at her.

“I love you.”

Rasha whispered her confession while caressing his flushed cheek, and she repeated it several times. With each repetition, Chedev helplessly wavered like a drifting fragment in the waves, eventually succumbing without resistance.

Afterward, the bedroom was filled with tumultuous cries and the lingering scent of passion. Throughout their entwined bodies, Rasha experienced both pleasure and pain simultaneously.

Tears streamed down Rasha’s eyes, tracing a long path along her cheeks. I want to drown in you like this, but if I do, I feel like I’ll sink……

The night was gradually coming to an end.

The night of desire, their night.

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