Chapter 2






As the woman’s video call screen lit up, Cheng Yi saw her slender waist sway gracefully from one side to the other, causing her thin, lacy dress to flutter as well. She was sitting down with her legs hidden beneath the table. She gently lifted the edge of her dress, revealing her thighs to him.


Cheng Yi’s eyes narrowed. He noticed that she wasn’t wearing underwear under her dress, allowing him to see parts of her womanhood.


Cheng Yi softly let out a “tsk” sound and whispered, “H*rny minx.”


He bit his lip. His d*ck was slowly becoming harder. He placed a hand over his bulge and began to massage it slowly. At the same time, the woman on the screen was also pressing a finger on the edge of her dress that barely hid her p*ssy. Her finger seemed so soft and tender. Cheng Yi looked amusedly at a growing w*t spot on her pearly white lace dress. She was already dripping with moisture.


Zhou Yao blushed furiously as she watched him massage his bulge that was expanding against his tight underwear. The tip was already peeking out from the side, like a naughty little thing. From her angle, it had a smooth, round shape that was a fiery red colour. She instinctively wanted to feel its heat with her hands and kiss it with her lips. Immediately, she was stunned by her own lustful thoughts. She never had such thoughts even when she was watching p*rn on her own.


Perhaps I’ve been a virgin for too long, She thought.


She synchronised her movements with his as she pushed her dress down and kneaded the area between her thighs. She had just showered not long ago so she didn’t wear her undies. The moisture that flowed out from her womanhood soon created a circular pool of w*tness on her dress.


Zhou Yao was so embarrassed by how quickly she got her dress w*t that she used her free hand to cover her burning cheeks. Although she knew the man on the screen would not be able to see her expression, she was still very shy and self-conscious of herself.


She was m*sturbating to a stranger after all. This was all new to her.


Cheng Yi caressed the tip of his sh*ft and decided to yank his boxers all the way down below his knees, revealing his full erect*on to Zhou Yao.


“Eek!”  Zhou Yao squeaked out in embarrassment and covered her eyes with both of her hands. Then, she slowly parted her fingers.


Apart from seeing another man’s p*nis in p*rn movies, this was her first time seeing it up close in real life.


Her eyes flickered over his messy public hair, his rigid, thick sh*ft with several red and slightly greenish veins, his tip that was as large as duck eggs along with the small orifice at the top that spurted little amounts of glistening, white juices, and the two plump ball sack at the sides.


Across the screen, Zhou Yao could almost feel the heat from his taut appendage. She bit her lip and carefully shifted her mouse to maximise his camera screen. All of a sudden, the jutting manhood filled the entire 28-inch computer screen. Zhou Yao’s eyes trailed adoringly over the enlarged video, admiring the length and size of his erect*on.


It was larger than what she envisaged for a normal Asian man. After watching the actor’s manhood in p*rn movies, she had thought than Asian men would either be short and thick, or long and slim.


This man could probably compete with the actors in foreign p*rn movies. With the size of that thing, if I really had s*x with him, would I be able to handle it?


Zhou Yao swallowed another few gulps of saliva. It looks…delicious… 


Although Zhou Yao had just finished eating supper, there was a strange thirst that began to heat up her entire body. The type of thirst where she yearned for it to fill the void within her.


As she slid her dress even further up her thigh, she suddenly remembered that she forgot to draw her curtains. So, she leaped up from her chair and swiftly pulled the curtains.


When Cheng Yi was enjoying the sight of the woman slowly lifting up her dress higher, revealing her upper thighs, she abruptly left the screen.


Cheng Yi raised his eyebrows incredulously. He quickly typed.


[What’s wrong?]


Within a minute, the woman ran back to her chair. As she ran, Cheng Yi’s eyes trailed over her slender waist and slim, long legs that were half-hidden by her lacy dress. Her dress fluttered in the air as she moved and Cheng Yi greedily prayed for it to flutter even higher up into the air.


She sat back down in her chair and typed in a reply.


[I went to draw the curtains.]


Cheng Yi was just about to reply once again but froze as he saw the woman continue her earlier display, by sliding up her dress, completely revealing her flowery core. Amidst the dark hair were the two tender, pink outer folds. She parted them open gently, revealing the succulent nub and her trembling, slippery slit. A drop of moisture was hanging by the inner folds. Cheng Yi waited for it to drip, but it didn’t.


“F*ck!” Cheng Yi swore under his breath. His mouth felt dry and the growing heat between his legs made him wish he could lick her p*ssy clean.


He had never thought there would be a day when he would willingly want to stick his tongue in another woman’s core. Only women begged to swallow his bulge. But, this woman had the most attractive v*gina compared to the past few women that he had a relationship with.


Besides, as a male chauvinist, he would never allow himself to bend down like a dog to lick a woman’s core. Yet, this woman made him change his mind.


His breathing quickened and he quickly enlarged her camera screen to the maximum. He watched as she used her two fingers to part the outer l*bia, revealing the inner slippery, tender folds.


I want to part her legs so wide until I could see that sweet, sweet hole of hers. 

Cheng Yi wrapped his fingers around his burning sh*ft and began to massage it. He slipped a hand over the top and smudged the white moisture all around his p*nis.


The woman began to move as well. She used her delicate fingers and massaged her tender flower.


Zhou Yao saw that his large palm had begun to move around his manhood, so she used her finger to gently massage her p*ssy. The two inner folds turned into a darker shade of red as she quickened her pace, causing a spurt of moisture to flow out from her v*gina. Then, she dipped into the moisture and rubbed it all over her core. Unbeknownst to her, her actions made her core glisten beautifully under the dim light, seducing the man to have a taste.


[Stick your finger down there.]


Zhou Yao saw the man send her a new message. She obediently did what she was told by slowly pushing one finger into her v*gina. Zhou Yao had tried to do the same when she m*sturbated in the past, but her canal was so tight it made her feel pain when she only stuck one finger inside.




“Mmm…Aaagh…”  Zhou Yao moaned as her body trembled.




M*sturbating in front of a screen to an unknown stranger and shamelessly doing what he asked her to do was clearly an act of debauchery. It certainly made her feel embarrassed.




But, more importantly, she felt immense pl*asure.







TL Note: There may be use of slurs in the future. I’ll try to avoid it, but the ML’s personality is rather crude, especially in bed.

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