Chapter 1




“Look Love” is a legal virtual s*x site where users would need to pay two hundred yuan to register. In their privacy policy, it was stated that they would protect the user’s information and allow for compensation if there was any data leak.

Users would only need to upload a picture of their private area as their profile picture and enter their gender and s*xual orientation. Other information such as age, a photo of the user’s face, or body measurements are not necessary. Users could then choose who they wish to have virtual s*x with. They could also choose to do it with multiple users.

On the homepage of the site, several articles were displayed, detailing how certain users had met in real life (IRL) and got together whereas some users even got married. From another perspective, this could be seen as a dating site as well.

Zhou Yao was a successful entrepreneur who opened her own fashion boutique. On normal days, she would be so preoccupied with work that she had no time for relationships. Besides, she was quite an introvert, so she would rarely go out to make friends proactively. As time passed, she was now 25 years old and was still a virgin.

Her family had often persuaded her to go on blind dates, which she begrudgingly did a few times. But, during those occasions, due to her introverted personality and lack of experience with men, she didn’t know what to talk about with the other person and she would be overwhelmed with immense awkwardness. After that, she was determined to not go on blind dates anymore.

Zhou Yao was relatively good-looking. She didn’t have an oval-shaped face, which was presently considered the most attractive face shape. Her face was more rounded, with almond-shaped eyes. With her timid personality and soft, pale skin, she exuded an aura of gentle elegance. She also had a slender body with just the right proportions in the right places.

Since young, there were a few men who tried to woo her, but she never felt any romantic chemistry towards them. She refused to settle for less when she hadn’t met the right person. But, as time went by, her unsatiated s*xual desire gnawed at her from the inside. When she watched p*rn on her own, she had a hard time suppressing her aroused lust and her p*ssy would pulse with w*tness, eager for something else.

When she stumbled upon this website, she hesitated for quite some time as she was afraid of any unexpected consequences. But, since her real identity would not be revealed to other users and the site seemed pretty legitimate, she decided to try it out. After she paid the two hundred yuan registration fee, she ticked “Male” under “S*xual Orientation” and “1v1” under “Number of Partners”.

For someone who lived as a goody-two-shoes her entire life, this was her first time taking the initiative to do something wild and exciting.

She suppressed her own embarrassment and swiftly took a photo of her own p*ssy. The photo showed her tender flower hidden in the center of her dark public hair, the w*t inner folds peeking through the orifice.

Once her account was created, she received countless private messages. But, upon checking their photos, Zhou Yao wasn’t aroused and didn’t want to respond to them.

After a few days of work, she quickly logged in again on Sunday. There were about ten new messages since then, but Zhou Yao didn’t read them. She merely scrolled down to scrutinise their photos.

“Mm! I found it!” Zhou Yao said ecstatically as she spotted one photo that interested her.

As she clicked on his photo, her heartbeat began to quicken and she felt herself getting aroused just by staring at the large, bulging appendage. She greatly admired the length of his sh*ft and the intense shade of maroon around it.

She gulped and clicked on his message. It was sent two days ago on Friday evening. There was only one simple word.


Zhou Yao hurriedly typed her reply.


Then, she wondered if he was by his computer right now and if he saw her message right away. She worried she seemed too disinterested because she only responded two days later.

Beep Beep

It was the alert sound for incoming messages. It was from him. He replied a minute after her message.

[Let’s do it.]

Then, he sent a video call invitation to her.

Zhou Yao hesitated for a few seconds and quickly checked her attire. After she adjusted her camera to focus directly between her thighs, she accepted the video call.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she kept her eyes glued to her screen nervously. Once the call was connected, she saw a glimpse of the man’s long fingers flitting across the screen. Then she saw the man’s taut muscles on his abdomen and lower waist. Even under the dim lighting in his room, she could tell that the man has a slightly darker skin tone and was very tall.

From his refined muscles and sexy V-line trailing all the way down to his thighs, she could see some of his public hair peeking out from under his grey boxers. What caught her attention was the huge bulge that was hidden under his boxers.

Zhou Yao covered her eyes out of embarrassment. Then, she realised he couldn’t see her upper body anyway, so she lowered her hands to her side. Her cheeks flushed a bright shade of red as she stared at the screen, envisaging her hands teasing his p*bic hair. In the past, she had thought that men’s p*bic hair was revolting, but now, she thought that it looked extremely sexy on him.

Cheng Yi was introduced to this site by his close friend Li Mingxuan. He was satisfied with the site’s privacy policy and the fact that it did not require his personal information to be registered as a user. As he owned a logistics company, he did not have the time to find a girlfriend due to his work schedule. Even when he felt like having s*x, he didn’t want to do it with random women. He would rather m*sturbate.

But Li Mingxuan convinced him that virtual s*x would be more fun than m*sturbating. So, he created an account soon after.

When he was browsing the site, he noticed Zhou Yao’s picture immediately and knew that this flower had not been penetrated by any other man before. The w*t slit was surrounded by supple, tender folds on the two sides. It was so adorably tender that he almost wanted to reach through the screen and lick the pink tenderness.

He instantly messaged her and waited patiently for her reply. As days went by, his initial excitement was almost extinguished completely. He had tried browsing through other photos but he did not feel aroused again. He merely find that the other photos were repulsively ugly.

Today, he had just gotten online to check his inbox to see if she replied. Yet, he realised there were tons of messages from other users flooding his inbox. After he frustratingly deleted them all, he heard the alert sound, notifying him of a new message.

It’s her! That little virgin replied to me!

He excitedly opened her reply. There was only a simple “Mm”. Cheng Yi swiftly typed in his response, inviting her for a session right away.

Once he adjusted his camera, he waited for her to accept his request.




TL Note: For those of you who don’t know, IRL stands for In Real Life. I chose the abbreviation as the title because it captures the meaning of the original title perfectly in a playful way.


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