After Bai Luo left, Ye Xiaoxiao lay down.


There was no way, this body wasn’t in good condition, and she caught a cold again this year. Now, being the host, she could feel the illness completely.


(Xixi, are you there?)


[Yes, I’m here.]


Ye Xiaoxiao just asked casually, but she didn’t expect that someone would actually respond. If everything she thought could be known by Xixi, wouldn’t that be terrifying?


With this thought in mind, Ye Xiaoxiao suddenly felt a bit afraid.


[Host, please rest assured. If it wasn’t for your summons, Xixi wouldn’t have appeared.]


(Then how do you know now?)


Ye Xiaoxiao sweated and couldn’t resist asking again.


[Because previous hosts always asked such questions.]


A cold response from Xixi


(Oh, okay!)


Ye Xiaoxiao lay on the bed and had a good sleep. Once her body felt better, she began thinking about how to capture the male lead.


In the previous life, it was really pitiful because Bai Luo and the female lead got married when he was already thirty. Now he was only twenty-four, which means that they had spent fifteen years together.


Fifteen years were enough for a deep bond to form. She liked Bai Luo but lacked the courage to confess.


Now, things are different. Bai Luo’s ex-girlfriend had passed away just two years ago, and he hadn’t married Tang Kexin yet, let alone had children. So everything was still possible.


Currently, they are on a world tour after five stops. According to her memory, after these five stops, there were three more countries to visit.


But after this year, Bai Luo’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away soon after.


Bai Luo’s feelings for Grandma Bai were extraordinary. He only found out about her illness after her death, making it the biggest regret of his life.


Although Ye Xiaoxiao had been deeply hurt by Lan Ye in her previous life, she still believed in the existence of pure and beautiful love. Bai Luo might not have been her favorite type in the past, but she didn’t want him to have regrets in this life.


When Bai Luo returned, he brought a bowl of porridge and a few light side dishes.


He placed the small dining table in front of Ye Xiaoxiao and arranged the dishes on it one by one.


“It’s not too hot now. Go ahead and eat.”


Ye Xiaoxiao took a bite, savoring the authentic Chinese cuisine.


Being in a Western country, getting such authentic Chinese food was not easy. Moreover, she had just woken up when Bai Luo returned, indicating that he must have spent a long time walking before buying it. She was so moved to the point of tears.


This treatment is not what a supporting character would usually receive, it is more like that of the female lead!


In her previous life, when she had a cold, she had to endure her mother-in-law’s harassment. She didn’t dare hope for someone to take care of her when she was sick.


“Brother Luo, thank you!”


Ye Xiaoxiao sweetly smiled, revealing two dimples on her face. This sweet and cute smile was what a seventeen- or eighteen-year-old girl should have.


Bai Luo’s heart quickly relaxed.


Because Ye Xiaoxiao was quiet and introverted by nature, her father often reminded him to make her more lively. He feared that she would develop psychological problems due to her introverted nature. Now, seeing her as lively as any normal girl her age, his heart felt much better.


“It’s okay, you go ahead and eat!”


Bai Luo gently touched Ye Xiaoxiao’s head and joked. “Actually, our family’s Xiaoxiao doesn’t laugh much. If she smiled, she would be a stunning beauty! When you grow up, many boys will pursue you!”


Hearing this, Ye Xiaoxiao almost bit her tongue and shook her head repeatedly.


If she were pursued by other boys, who would fulfill the host’s wish?


“No, no! I want to be with Brother Luo forever, and I don’t want any other boys to pursue me!”




Bai Luo also laughed, then continued to tease Ye Xiaoxiao. “What if there’s a boy even more handsome than Brother Luo who wants to pursue you?”


“No, no! I just want Brother Luo. Brother Luo is the most handsome! ”


Ye Xiaoxiao put down her chopsticks and hugged Bai Luo’s arm tightly.


“Hmm? I remember you used to say your dad was the most handsome before. How did I become the most handsome now?”


Bai Luo pretended to be puzzled and couldn’t help but pinch the girl’s tender cheek in his arms as he asked.


Ye Xiaoxiao lifted her head and playfully blinked her eyes. “In the past, I was ignorant when I was a child. Now that I’ve grown up and understood aesthetics, Brother Luo is naturally the most handsome!”


“Alright, stop flattering me. Eat up!”


Ye Xiaoxiao smiled and nodded, feeling really hungry now. So she buried her head and started eating the porridge.


She somewhat enjoyed this atmosphere, an atmosphere she hadn’t experienced before. But why didn’t she hear the system notification sounds? Are they not warm enough?


Yet this warmth was something she had never felt in her past life.


Halfway through the meal, she turned to see Bai Luo watching her eat. She suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.


With the way she looked like a hungry ghost eating just now, how could she possibly charm the male lead?


Wiping her mouth, she slowly scooped a spoonful of porridge and handed it to Bai Luo.


“Brother Luo, you should eat too!”


Bai Luo looked at the spoon with a slightly furrowed brow. He immediately thought of the indirect kissing scenes he had watched with Xiaoxiao in idol dramas. But then he considered that Xiaoxiao was just a child, so he opened his mouth and ate the spoonful of porridge.


Ye Xiaoxiao blinked her eyes and leaned close to Bai Luo, asking, “Brother Luo, is it delicious?”




Bai Luo nodded, his movements somewhat stiff.


The sudden closeness of the girl made him smell the sweet fragrance emanating from her body.


Inadvertently, he shifted backward. He couldn’t help but sigh. Xiaoxiao was already seventeen years old.


“Well, Brother Luo, eat a bit more!”


Ye Xiaoxiao scooped another spoonful of porridge and brought it to Bai Luo’s mouth.


Bai Luo felt a bit uncomfortable. “Brother can do it himself; you should rest.”


“Oh! Alright! “


Ye Xiaoxiao reluctantly put down the spoon and watched Bai Luo eat.


After finishing the meal, Ye Xiaoxiao walked to the window and looked outside. The sky was covered with dark clouds, and it was drizzling. The weather today was not good at all, and the air was damp.


She felt a bit down for some reason and closed the window.


Honestly, she didn’t like cloudy or rainy weather at all. Her mood became, inexplicably, gloomy.


After eating, her body felt much better.


Seeing Bai Luo earnestly looking at the computer, she took out her own laptop, bounced over to the sofa next to him, and sat in the closest spot.


“Brother Luo, Brother Luo! Come and play games with me!”


Bai Luo heard her and shifted his gaze away from the computer. He frowned and spoke in a tone used to coax children, “Xiaoxiao, you can’t! You’re still sick. No playing games. Go rest!”


Ye Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at his words, thinking the host was already seventeen years old. He shouldn’t be speaking to her as if she were a child. He really treats her as a child.


Suddenly, she felt that she had a clear direction on how to pursue the male lead.


At the very least, she needed to make it clear that her relationship with Bai Luo wasn’t familial. It wasn’t familial, not familial! Three times!


“Brother Luo, just this once.”


Bai Luo, who lived with Ye Xiaoxiao for nine years, was firm on this. “Absolutely not. Even once is not allowed. Wait until Xiaoxiao is better, and we can play for a long time, okay?”


Ye Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes inwardly once again.


For a long time, for a long time. He didn’t specify a time or duration, did he?


Despite this, she still closed the laptop. “Fine!”


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