The best way to dispose of her handkerchief, stained with man’s s*men, was to incinerate it. There were still no embers in the fireplace in Elise’s bedroom, and Lucas didn’t want to leave something that could cause trouble.


“Will you?”


Seeing Elise answer without much hesitation, his expression hardened.


“Be careful of the people around you. There is a high possibility that there are more undisclosed suspects.”


Although she seemed competent, it was her first time playing the role of an investigator. Lucas felt a bit uneasy.


“All right. Oh, but you… Do you know the possessed person just by looking?”


“No. All I can know exactly is the devil, the middle-ground investigator, or the same agent. That’s why the demons attract the third possessed and use it like a chess horse.”


(T/N: Third Possessed = Third Party possessors)


“Where are all those third-possessed people coming from?”


“The real world. They approach the souls of people who have little life left or who are on the verge of death, and lure them into contracts with words that skillfully mix lies and truth.”


Elise’s mind flashed back to her conversation with Rex. Whatever the terms, Cain Liberto must have fallen for the devil’s tricks and made a deal. Foolishly.


“…There must be a lot of people who fall for it.”


“Yeah. These days, the Illusionary world is in full swing, so they signed a contract without much resistance. It’s very rare, but there are definitely people who win the bet with the devil.”


“Hmm…. Haven’t you guys thought of something like that?”


“That is illegal.”


“… … .”


In response to Lucas’ answer, which seemed like it was not even worth thinking about. Elise thought that the devil, regardless of means and methods, deserved to prevail anywhere.


“By the way, next time we meet, I’ll introduce you to Mary, she’s a Middle-earth investigator I rescued a while back, she’s my personal handmaiden, and she’s incredibly powerful. I think she might be a good match for you.”


Speaking of innocence alone, he and Mary are indistinguishable.


“Mary… I will remember it.”


Lucas nodded and turned around as if to go out onto the terrace. The sun had already set and it was dark outside.


“Don’t get caught and go carefully.”


“Of course. Then see you next time.”


After a brief greeting, he disappeared from her sight in the blink of an eye. The curtains fluttered alone in the cool night breeze.


After looking at it for a while, she slowly moved towards the terrace.


“So cool.”


Muttering, Elise closed the wide open door.


She couldn’t believe how quickly Lucas had regained his composure. She didn’t mind being in a relationship or doing anything, but that was because she was experienced. He and she were on different terms.


If the situation had been reversed, Elise would have been nothing like Lucas. At the very least, she would have been unable to make eye contact or stuttered in embarrassment.


‘I guess not just anyone can become an agent after all.’


It was Lucas who met the difficult qualifications and became a resident of the upper world. It was clear that he probably regarded today’s work as a process to successfully complete the mission.


‘It’s not like there’s a paycheck for success. Do you still have a strong sense of mission?’


The desire to be successful, the desire to be rich, the desire to be recognized, the desire to be loved. She’d spent her life trying to fulfill all of them, and he was a man who could never understand those.


‘Whatever. It’s good for me.’


It was a relief to know that he wasn’t the kind of person who would blabber on about how you look like a woman. He’d help where he could, and she’d help where she could.






Lucas, who had escaped from the Archduke of Freizen, headed toward the imperial palace instead of going home.


‘Rex Russell is the devil.’


It was to directly confirm the information he had heard from Elise. Archduke Blake Freizen entered the palace about thirty minutes ago.


‘At least, it would be okay to listen to what kind of conversation is happening.’


As an agent of the upper world, he was good at ambush, stealth, and tracking. Not only the leader of Nephrus, the sword of the empire but also the devil with excellent magical abilities were laughed at by him. However, he just follows the rules because he shouldn’t subdue him or use force for no reason.


‘Above all, my identity must not be revealed yet.’


There was no demon in the realm of illusion who didn’t know Lucas. If he knew that he had accidentally taken over the male lead’s body, he would do everything possible to make him suffer.


While continuing his thoughts, he arrived at the imperial palace. The walls surrounding the palace were so high that you had to tilt your head completely to look up, but Lucas easily climbed over the walls of the palace without much effort. While Lucas was on his way to the crown prince’s palace, no one noticed his presence.


Lucas Clanton, the vice-captain of the Knights of Nephrus. his main job is to protect the Empress, so he has never met the crown prince since the <Fallen Lovers> scenario began. Of course, he did not know the structure of the Crown Prince’s Palace.


His eyes narrowed as he circled the outskirts of the palace with his senses on edge.


‘It’s true.’


The demon’s presence was felt very close. It was right over the wall where he stopped. It must have been Crown Prince Rex Russell’s room.


Lucas, immersed in the shade of the terrace, immediately expanded his senses.


“I’m sorry, Blake. I didn’t know you’d come tonight.”


He could hear the conversation inside the room.


“You say that? Rex, what the hell are you thinking?”


It was the voice of Rex Russell, the demon who possessed the body of the prince, and the Archduke of Freizen, whom Lucas originally had to possess.



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