The moment her soul left her body, Ye Xiaoxiao realized that not every princess in the world could get a prince who would love them sincerely.


At the age of twenty-five, she had been married for seven years, yet not once had she experienced a second of her husband’s care and love.


As a young daughter of a wealthy family in City E, she was raised and cherished like a princess by her parents.


However, from the moment she entered university and hopelessly fell in love with Lan Ye, her eyes and heart were fixated on him alone. She even disregarded her parents’ opinions about him as not being good enough for her.


At the age of eighteen, she used all means to climb into that man’s bed. But after seven years of marriage, she only felt wronged but had no way to do anything.


As she closed her eyes, all she saw in her mind were Lan Ye’s cold eyes when looking at her, her mother-in-law’s ridicule and mockery towards her, and her mother’s disappointed look.


Now, her mind was only filled with memories of humiliation and embarrassment!


To tell the truth, after such a long time, she had already forgotten the throbbing feeling she had when she first saw Lan Ye. Now, all she could remember was Lan Ye’s extreme expression of disgust every time he looked at her.


In reality, she had long moved on from self-deception to enlightenment.


However, at this point, is there still any room for regret?


A painful feeling of regret spread from the bottom of her heart, constricting her like a ruthless vine around her heart, leaving her breathless in pain.


Ye Xiaoxiao swore that if there was another chance, she would never live like this again!


She wouldn’t sacrifice herself for that man, wouldn’t let her parents feel worry and regret, and wouldn’t allow anyone to ridicule or mock her.


“Ding—Survival will matches!”


“Ding—Reading brain waves!”


“Ding—Checking if it meets the requirements!”


“Ding—Requirements met, invading brain waves!”


“5—4—3—2—1—Invasion successful!”


After the mechanical voice, an intense pain struck Ye Xiaoxiao’s head.


She opened her eyes to find herself in a blank white space, lying on the ground.


Where is this?


Wasn’t she killed in a car accident by Lan Ye’s mistress?


Hmm… Why did it hurt so much? Can a dead person feel pain?


“Host, hello. I am the A-level strategy system, Xixi. Please note, not CC.”


“Who is it? What strategy system?”


Ye Xiaoxiao, who found herself in an unfamiliar space, asked nervously.


She was in a completely blank area with no one around her, so who was speaking to her?


“You cannot see me!” Xixi explained. “Host, please let me explain it to you. The strategy system is developed by the dimensional system. Your task is to complete the wishes of the body in different story world backgrounds, namely, to transmigrate into the body’s of female supporting character and win over the male lead’s favorability.”


“Xixi will choose an appropriate story background for the host, and when the male lead’s favorability reaches one hundred, the task is complete. Xixi will leave a duplicate of the host to continue to live in the world.”


“After completing the task, the host will receive reward points based on the completion level, a maximum of 1000 points and a minimum of 50 points. These points can be used to purchase items needed to complete tasks.”


“The host’s level will also increase based on the completion level. When you reach level one hundred, you’ll get a chance to be reborn.”


“Is the host willing to accept the task?”


Xixi’s voice was pleasant and clear, explaining without any superfluous words.


Ye Xiaoxiao, upon hearing this, couldn’t help but think of a gentle and serene girl.


However, what surprised her wasn’t the voice but the system’s existence.


“I’m willing, but… what happens if I fail the task?”


After years of repressed life, Ye Xiaoxiao has long learned to be cautious in times of safety.


She thought, if she couldn’t complete the task, wouldn’t she never gain a chance to be reborn?


“Host, if the task fails twice, the system will deduct all your previous points, and your level will drop to the lowest level. If you fail the third time, the host will truly die.”


Xixi’s voice remained gentle and sweet like that of a young girl, but Ye Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but shiver.


Death… real death…


No! She will definitely try her best!


God has given her this chance, and she’s determined to grab the opportunity to be reborn!


“I agree to accept the task!”


The author has something to say: the author is writing a quick-wear story for the first time, hoping readers will enjoy it!

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