Chapter 5

Chapter 2: You’re a Newbie. A Newbie.

‘Why is the male lead standing before me?’

The ‘distinguished guest’ mentioned by the warden was a noble of high standing. As the heir to a duke in this novel, the male lead falls under the category of esteemed nobility. But why didn’t the term ‘distinguished guest’ put the male lead in mind?

‘It was quite different.’

In the novel, the male lead didn’t enter this prison as a noble. He came in as a normal prisoner. Therefore, neither the guards nor the inmates knew his true identity.

“My father put me in this prison.”

In the original story, he expressed his anger at his father suddenly putting him in this place. He found a way to escape and became the first escapee of the prison.

Upon returning to society, he intended to confront his father, who had unjustly imprisoned him, but his father had already been murdered.

It was at this time that the male lead meets the female lead, who helps him release his pent-up mental stress, obsessions, and anxieties in an explicit manner.

The sensual and beautiful heroine accepts all of this from the male lead.

The story continues with the male lead regaining his composure and unraveling the conspiracy that led him to prison, ultimately seeking revenge on the royal family, who were the culprit.

‘It’s not a happy ending, but well, that’s the nature of this kind of story.’

I had known for ten years that he would come to this place. There was a time when I waited only for the male lead, but that was no longer the case.

The reason I readily accepted the warden’s proposal was simple. I didn’t want to wait for the male lead to escape. Furthermore, the narration only mentions that the male lead ‘found a way to escape from here’ without describing the detailed process.

‘But anyway…’

A chance came right in front of me.

The chance was for me to train this newbie. At this point, I had no intention of grabbing onto the male lead.

‘I can’t wait for the escape process that I don’t even know well.’

My decision was still to accept the offer from the warden. It was easier and more convenient for someone like me who had become a leader.

‘But helping a newbie… that’s another story.’

Come to think of it, I think I understand why the male lead was referred to as a distinguished guest. In the novel, the guards and prisoners didn’t know his true identity. How could they be this unaware, especially that bald warden when they saw him? Well, the novel didn’t mention anything about it, and I was also not curious about it.

I looked carefully at the male leader, dressed in a neat prison uniform.

His skin was fair and beautiful. His tousled hair showed signs of the hardships he had endured before coming here, but even then, his silver hair remained untouched, shining like a sacred sword from a divine temple.

His elongated eyes had a mysterious charm, like precious gems extracted from a cave. He was both handsome and beautiful. Furthermore, the three moles beneath his eyes were the culprits that provocatively disrupted his pristine appearance. And so, people could easily tell he was a noble.

Nobility, sanctity, and allure, all combined in one face. That was my modest way of describing it. If I were to use the rough language of the rough prisoners, I would say, ‘He looks damn good.’

On the other hand, his expression was fierce and ferocious. It was like looking at a tightly bound dog baring its teeth.

‘Getting close to him is my first task.’

For the past ten days before coming here, I diligently read the ‘Integrated Manual and Rules for Rookie Guards’ that I should familiarize myself with.

It seemed that the guidebook was desperately needed for someone like me who had become lacking in common sense.

According to the explanation, usually a rookie guard and a senior guard form a pair to welcome a newly arrived prisoner.

However, my partner, the senior guard, seemed to have not yet arrived.

‘As a guard, I should know how to comfort and calm down a frightened and anxious little chick prisoner who has just arrived.’

Here, the term ‘little chick’ was a nickname I came up with.

Didn’t the male lead right in front of me trembled right now?

What else can I call this sight if not a little chick?

‘His menacing look must be due to fear and the confrontation with the unknown.’

Although on my first day here I only heard the guards saying things like he was a young and cruel lunatic, I must not become like them.

I looked at the fierce and intimidating male lead and said, “You’re very handsome.”

It was high praise. It was also a phrase that had appeared countless times in novels.

Without a doubt, the male lead was surprised. It seemed like his tension was easing, so I felt the need to say more.

“You don’t have to tremble like a chick. Handsome men are always welcome, you know.”

This place was ultimately where he will live. The sisters I’ve spent time with here, as well as most female prisoners, tend to like handsome guys.

I expressed it even more explicitly, “My eyes are always right. Someone like you must be popular.”

I practically told him that he didn’t have to worry about his future path. It was the same as saying he wouldn’t have to worry about what lies ahead.

However, as the male lead looked at me, his neck and cheeks reddened. In an instant, he stared at me as if he wanted to kill me.

“Oh, I sense the talent of Kia. Are you still in the awakening stage?”

If he hadn’t been bound, he probably would have reached out and strangled me.

By the way, why was he giving me such a hostile look when I praised him?

Ah, I see. Perhaps he didn’t want to show his shy side.

In my past life, they call people like him a Tsundere.

I nodded.

“You’re quite shy. Was the praise that good?”

“Shut up! Shut up! You… you filthy…!”


I looked at my attire for a moment, wondering why he called me filthy. It was clean. I had showered this morning.

“If we’re talking about cleanliness, I am very clean.”

“Uh, Garrett-“


The attendant who called me had an embarrassed expression. Somehow, after he guided me all the way to the building entrance, he was following me here. Perhaps he felt uneasy about sending me off alone without a senior guard.

“Garrett, um, there seems to be a considerable room for misunderstanding…”

“Misunderstanding? Regarding my praise?”

“Well, you see, when a man says something like that to another man, it’s likely to be interpreted… as something that individuals who are attracted to the same sex would say, don’t you think?”

I pondered for a moment and silently nodded.

Ah, I see. Right now, I had the appearance of a man. Saying that someone like him would be popular could be taken as an unfavorable remark depending on someone’s inclinations. It was the same as a comment that one man might say to another man, saying they were handsome.

“My apologies. Let me clarify.”

I thought of the male prisoners I had known. The compliments they would give about appearances.

“Your face is truly mesmerizing. You’re like a male gisaeng.”

As Ramona once said, when a male prisoner was referred to as a male gisaeng, it was always meant as a compliment.

Thinking that he would be satisfied this time, I felt a sense of contentment. And then, I received insults from the male lead instead.

“Why are you insulting me?”

I felt a little unjust, but I decided to brush it off, thinking it was an intense expression of affection.

“What’s this? I only left you for a moment for a moment.”

Suddenly, I heard an unfamiliar voice.

“Oh, look who we have here? A special breed?”

When I turned my head, I saw a man standing at the door. He had sharp eyes and freckles, giving a neat impression.

I could sense him through my Kia. Since I had already sensed his presence, I wasn’t surprised.

The attendant quickly bowed respectfully to him.

Then he whispered to me, “He’s Seargant Stephen.”

“So you’re the new guard.”

I nodded my head.

“Yes, nice to meet you, Sergeant Stephen. I’m Garrett.”

“Well, well. But seriously, you’re quite a character, aren’t you? Do you enjoy mocking people?”


“You seem to have some skill in observing and mocking. Are you the type who feels inferior to someone who is more handsome than you?”


“Ah, it’s okay. It’s okay. There are a lot of people like that here.”

As I looked at his smiling face, I felt like there was some misunderstanding. I wasn’t sure how the misunderstanding arose, and explaining seemed like too much trouble, so I chose to remain silent.

But staying silent seemed impolite, so I nodded.

“You’re quick to catch on, Sergeant Stephen. That’s correct.”


“I get jealous when I see handsome men. I guess I resent them because I’m not good-looking. Prisoner Helios? I apologize for that. All of my remarks were driven by feelings of inferiority.”

I hope that was enough to move past it.

However, Sergeant Stephen stared at me with a strange expression.

Ah, I know this. I know it. It was an expression that said, ‘what kind of lunatic has come here?’

The male lead, who had been listening quietly, said, “… Are all the guards here crazy b*stards?”


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