At the same time as my treatment, I went to see a doctor.

It turned out that the doctor who gave me the time limit was a famous man. A man who combined witchcraft and medicine.

At the same time, I understood why I didn’t trust him.

He felt like a fortune teller telling me I was going to die in a few years.

No wonder he gave me a time limit without any evidence.

It is said that everything in witchcraft starts with the soul. That’s why shamans can tell the lifespan of the soul.

In a state where the soul is trapped within the body, the lifespan of the soul is synonymous with the lifespan of the body. That’s why he confidently pronounced a three-month sentence.

Honestly, it was a bit unbelievable. No matter how you slice it, it’s a fraud…….

However, I decided to keep my mouth shut when he told me that he had saved several people by looking at their lifespans.

If he lied and said he had seen the emperor’s lifespan, he would have been killed for insulting the imperial family.

The fact that he was still alive proved it was true.

It was a fact that would be known in three months anyway.

“If I’m still alive, then I should sue him immediately.”

For now, I had to recover and regain my senses.

Luckily, my precarious mental state gradually improved. As I experienced a more normal day-to-day life, my suicidal thoughts disappeared.

I’m too scared to die anyway, but it’s the fact that it’s gone that counts.

“Yes, this is the life of the rich.”

Once I escaped the mansion, relaxation came naturally. I scooped up the whole cake with my fork and exclaimed.

“I could eat this every day and never get tired of it.”

My hands moved faster. I can’t stop reaching for it. I heard they bought this at a restaurant.

A restaurant is not a restaurant for nothing. I ate the cake eagerly, making munching sounds.

It was heavenly to have coffee in between.

“…… Can’t I just live like this?”

This is probably my happiest moment since having possessed.

I had enough money to live in the hotel forever.

“I bought a lot of magic tools.”


Magic tools are tools that allow non-magicians to perform magic. They came in the form of small earrings, perfect for defence.

I bought a dozen of them, so as long as they didn’t point a cannon at me, I was safe.

No matter how much I think about it, there is nothing bad about it. The more I ponder, the more it seems like a good thing.

“I’ll be gone for a month.”

Given my mental state, it seemed like I needed an additional month of care. Although I’m not a psychiatrist, my instincts were telling me so.

Smiling at a future where I could only see a path of flowers, I popped the cake into my mouth.

The taste was as sweet as my mood.


* * *


……I was definitely planning a happy month.

But why.

“Why am I here……?”

I mumbled in a daze as I sat on the familiar couch in my home office.

I ran a hand roughly through my hair. A strand of orange hair slipped through my fingers.

I couldn’t get myself together.

Here I was, back in this shitty place, and it was all because of him, this unhelpful bastard!

Unable to contain my rising anger, I shouted at Diet.

“If only looks were everything!”
“Are you angry?”

He blinked innocently, dumbfounded.

“Do I look bad? “Did I come here against my will?”

I was settling into a comfortable routine. But somehow he was there, in front of me.

I tried to jump back, but there was no way I could get away from him.

Without a word, he had me transported. That’s how I ended up in his office.

How could I not be angry at the peace that had been shattered in an instant?

“Amnesia makes you a little sensitive.”

But Diet dismissed my sulking as simply being sensitive.

Sensitive is bullshit. He didn’t believe in amnesia in the first place, so he’ll make whatever judgement he wants.

How the hell did that thing become the protagonist? It’s his face. I quickly turned my head away from his still glowing appearance.

That crazy face had a knack for turning innocent people into sinners, so it was better not to look at it.

“It’s done, it’s done.”
“Are you going to stay quiet?”
“Good idea.”

I didn’t say anything for the record. It was all his decision.

That meant I would have no remorse if I tried to escape again.

There were no brakes in my restless mind, which hadn’t fully recovered.

And so I went through the motions of escape again.

“How many times has this happened?”

Not long after, I was caught again.

I rolled my eyes at the same sight as a few days earlier. There’s no way there’s a location tracker in this day and age.

This is the fifth time I’ve been caught by Diet.

At this point, it feels more like a stroll than a recuparation. I’m starting to get tired as well.

Sprawled like a slime on the couch, I stared at her in disbelief.

“How the hell did you find me?”

His hand stopped moving like a checkout bot, and he tilted his head.

He didn’t understand the question.

Then his eyes twinkled as he remembered I had amnesia.

“Oh, there’s tracking magic. Tracking magic literally tracks the target–”
“Yeah, I get it, I may not have a memory, but I’m not stupid.”

He smiled, seemingly amused for some reason, and turned back to being a payment bot.

Am I hallucinating this?


I glanced at Diet and wiped my face.

He was too competent, even for a main character. Tracking magic. A magic tower lord is a magic tower lord. I’d forgotten about his abilities for a moment.

At this point, there was only one option left.

“Can you just leave me alone? Do me a favour.”

He usually did favours, so I had reason to hope. I blinked pitifully and pleaded desperately.

“Ah… I’m sorry.”

But Diet never met my expectations.

He smugly told me he’d do everything I asked.

He have to lie to a certain extent.

“Why not? Is something bad going to happen if I leave?”
“It’s not that… It’s just selfishness, that’s all.”

Diet’s words echoed in my head. I think I just heard something strange.

My mouth dropped open in a dumbfounded silence.

“Are you saying that letting me to for recuperation is just selfishness?”
“But why―”

Are you trying to kill me? Fortunately, that part didn’t come out.

Because I desperately clamped my mouth shut.

What, really?

Diet scratched his cheek in embarrassment. I froze even more at the sight.

Is it a hidden camera? Isn’t that a high-level trick to trick me?

But there’s no reason to trick me with something like this.

So it’s really selfishness.

“Oh… I see.”

The definition of selfishness is different here. This was as far as I could take it.


* * *


It wasn’t. Selfishness is really selfishness.

His selfishness. So DIet had sought me out for his own selfishness–

“Does this make sense?”

No, no. I might have thought too positively.

Maybe he thought it was easier to keep me close if he was going to kill me.

Yeah, that’s more believable.

I finally found an interpretation my brain could accept.

“Anyway, the plans for recuperation is gone, and the potential killer is still around…….”

The good news is that recuperation has done me some good.

My head was clearer and I was thinking more positively.

“Thank you for coming.”

I even made time to watch the original work.

I invited the gong protagonist1 주인공 or gong; the attacker or the more active person, such as the one that penetrates, in gay sex. and the shou protagonist to join us for tea. It’s best to get up close and personal.

It’s not that Diet wasn’t intimidating. Whenever he approached me, I was always on edge.

But maybe it’s because I’ve met him more on paper than in real life, that I haven’t felt scared yet.

So, engaging in unnecessary actions like reviewing the original work was also a way to distract myself. Regardless of what it was, it was much better than being consumed by the impulse to die.

“Thank you for inviting me.”
“What kind of scheme is this again?”

Noel, who had been staring at Diet, offered me an awkward greeting. He was still suspicious of me.

Indeed, if he believes naively, it wouldn’t be Diet.


I quietly lowered my gaze. Clasping the teacup with my hands, I opened my mouth to speak.

“No offence, I just wanted to spend some time getting to know you…….”
“With this combination?”
“Why not?”
“The relationship between the magic tower and the temple is not good–”
“You know I have amnesia.”

Dieti seemed to have a sudden realization and stopped speaking mid-sentence. I didn’t miss that opportunity.


Yes, I did it. I landed a good hit.

He didn’t believe in amnesia, but he didn’t deny it either.

“Are you uncomfortable……?”
“No, I’m fine.”
“Well, this isn’t so bad.”

He said it like it was a child’s game. I swallowed my desire to laugh and cut the cake.

It was the beginning of a silent tea time.

It was completely unexpected. I hadn’t realised that our gong protagonist and shou protagonist were not interested in each other.

Tea time barely progressed with me leading the conversation.

“You seem truly remarkable. I didn’t know you could even remove my scars.”
“Oh… thank you.”
“It’s the least you could do for the donation.”
“I’m sure Lord Diet wouldn’t do it no matter how much he was paid.”

Noel’s bony words were met with a nonchalant smile.

Then Diet frowned. It was an attitude of disapproval, and it seemed to be shared by Noel.

Are they really dating? You don’t date in part 1 and break up in part 2, right?

Part 2 was before the serialisation. That’s I didn’t even know if it had a happy ending.

It’s a situation that raises plenty of doubts.


Or could it be that I, the possessed individual, am the female lead?


…….What is that.

Someone with no hope for the future becoming the female lead seems quite unlikely.

If you’re a time-bound heroine, you know the name of the disease and make a cure. But sadly, I don’t know the name of the disease. A bad ending heroine would be a possibility, but that’s not for me.

Besides, BL novels are only interesting when you watch the love between the two main characters, and I don’t want to intervene in this way.

I swallowed dryly in the cheap atmosphere.

Now, how do you resolve this atmosphere?

  • 1
    주인공 or gong; the attacker or the more active person, such as the one that penetrates, in gay sex.
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