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Quickly assessing the situation, I hurriedly closed my eyes.

Sneaking in means he doesn’t want to be found out. If Diet notices I’m awake…….

It’s time to journey to the afterlife.

Fortunately, it seems that I haven’t been caught yet. In the silence-filled space where even the sound of my breathing feels disturbing, I frantically racked my brain.

My senses were alive, so this wasn’t a dream. I needed to know why he’d broken into my room.

It can’t be that he appreciates the beauty of my neck. For that reason, coming at dawn like this is an undeniable perversion.

I decided to let it slide because it doesn’t seem to be something the protagonist would do.

So there’s only one answer.

…… He’s trying to kill me.

This is the kind of thing the protagonist would do. The problem is that the target is me.

My heart pounded with an eerie sense of urgency. My throat stiffens in anticipation. Whether I realise it or not, his hands start to tighten.

I cursed at Diet as he begins to squeeze my neck.

Hhe’s not just crazy, he’s fucking crazy!

It was only an inner scream, because if I was found out, it would be the end of me.

I have possessed, and now I’m going to be killed by the protagonist. How the hell am I going to get out of this?

I can’t think of anything clever with my normal brain, and no one is going to come to my rescue, so I have to use the simplest of methods.

I didn’t have to think long.

I decided to pretend to be asleep. It was embarrassing, to say the least, but it was possible.

For one thing, he hadn’t used enough force to kill me, which meant he was thinking about it.

I prayed that the result of that trouble would come to good luck.

Please leave me alone……!

I endured the horrible silence, even praying to a god I never believed in.

I wondered if my prayers had made a difference. I felt his hands pulling away.

The overwhelming sense of dread lifted, and a festival erupted inside me.

Yes! All you have to do is make your way out just like this!

I tensed, wondering if Diet would turn around again, but to my relief he did not.

I heard the door close, very faintly.

Only when the pretence was completely gone did I let out the breath I’d been holding.


I felt like a man who had narrowly escaped from a ghost train.

I was so nervous, my mind was racing. My mind was blank, like someone who had used up all their energy.

I spent the night with my eyes wide open.


* * *


My life is in danger.

I thought that my life could not get any worse than it already was.

But now I’m getting death threats on top of everything else, and I’m at the point where I feel like I could die at any moment.

Even a wet and sagging piece of laundry can be more vibrant than this…….

I wonder if it’s not enough to just accept my fate.

At this point, it was starting to look like an elaborate ploy to drive me to despair.

I was going to die enjoying a little freedom, but the world wasn’t going to let me.

“Seriously, I wish I could have amnesia.”

I would rather forget everything and live and die happy.

But that’s an impossible future. I gave up and shifted gears.

For now, it would be best to gather information.

“I don’t think I have a diary or anything…….”

There were plenty of papers, but it was all blank. I rummaged through my drawers and didn’t find any of the usual notebooks.

I was expecting to find a diary and be like, ‘I can’t believe I had a past like this!’


Reality is not easy. Today, Today, I blamed the wretched world and diligently moved forward, step by step.


When faced with a threat to life, actions naturally became faster.

However fast I may move, if I keep running away, I’ll end up trapped with no way out.

Even at a distance where I could barely see their human forms, they disappeared in an instant.

“Are there ninjas here……?”

Sounds like a configuration error.

I muttered despondently, unable to catch a single one, which left me with only one.

I squinted and started looking for the butler.

“Ah, miss…….”

Fortunately, the butler didn’t run away. I decided to let it go, even though his behaviour was the complete opposite of the others.

I was possessed, and ignorance is bliss. At least the butler seems to be willing to listen to me.

He’s old enough to be my grandfather, so he must know something about Estelle.

With that thought in mind, I spoke carefully.

“I think I’ve lost my memory.”
“I’ll send for a priest right away.”
“A priest?”

The kindly butler’s face twisted into a grim line.

If it’s a priest, isn’t it the shou protagonist1주인수 or shou; the receiver or the more passive person in gay sex? The shou is not the only priest. But he’s the only one who’ll come this far.

It’s natural for the shou protagonist to come, but… it can’t happen right now. If that person were to come in this chaotic situation, it would be obvious that things would go crazy.

She quickly summoned the butler, who seemed likely to storm into the temple at any moment.

“No, that’s not necessary. I have something else I want to ask you.”
“What do you want to know?”
“Have I… have I been, um, not very nice?”
“A little bad, then?”

The butler, who had been confidently responding, suddenly fell silent. I could tell by the way he was turning white that I was right.

The butler’s mouth was agape, searching for words, when he finally spoke.

“……There must have been a reason.”

He didn’t deny it, but his words enveloped her.

“Is it because I’m not feeling well?”

The place where I was was not a mansion in the capital, but a villa. The reason was for recuperation.

This was the same as in the original. In the original, Estelle was unwell.

But even in her weakness, she was very kind to others, so if her personality changed, there must be another reason.

“I don’t know about that either. But the young lady is never the kind of person who would do that for no reason.”


I had hoped to hear the reason from the butler, but that was too much to ask.

He didn’t really seem to know anything, and yet he trusted Estelle. Was she being nice to the butler?

“……Yes. But I don’t remember.”
“Well, I’ll have to get a priest–”
“So, can you tell me?”

Well, it’s good that I can take advantage of that favor.

“I need all the information you have on me.”

The butler hesitated at my request, then bowed.

“……All right.”

I can’t believe how easily things worked out. I couldn’t help but smile.


* * *


Less than a day later, the butler delivered a great result. It was a document that contained Estelle’s past.

I honestly didn’t think it would be possible, but he was a talented butler who could do the impossible.

“I never thought I’d do this.”

He was the type of employee I would have liked to have met. But as they say, you never really know people.

I decided to give the butler a bonus. After all, this is a world where money is everything, so I might as well give him what he deserves.

“You write well.”

The handwriting on the fairly thick document was as neat as a photocopy.

“Good thing there’s no language barrier.”


Otherwise, I’d be in trouble. It’s a good thing I have this perk.

“Well, this isn’t childcare.”

There’s no time to learn a language. Besides, I’m on a deadline. I pushed my thoughts away and concentrated on the content.

“Is it connected to the magic tower?”

Then an unexpected piece of information hit me.

Surprisingly, my room was connected to the magic tower.

I had to try it now!

Jumping to my feet, I hurriedly opened the door.

“It’s real?”

My mouth dropped open.

When I opened the door thinking of the magic tower, an unfamiliar space stretched out. Black carpet on the floor, large and small picture frames lining one wall.

It was undoubtedly a magic tower.

I couldn’t help but be excited by the fantasy-like setting. I closed the door and opened it again, this time without thinking.

It was a familiar villa hallway.

I tried a few more times, enjoying the mysterious phenomenon.

I realised that this room was connected to the magic tower. It was a surprise, but a good one.

The fact that only I could do it made it even more mysterious. After all, magic has many uses.

“You wrote down every detail.”

A truly competent butler wouldn’t easily dismiss my amnesia.

In addition to Estelle’s past, it detailed the basic knowledge I would need.

“I can’t believe you’re doing for me what my fiancé won’t do for me…….”

Diet didn’t seem to believe me. I should double the butler’s salary.

“It sounds crazy no matter how much I think about it.”

I felt an eerie sensation and brushed off the hand that Diet had grabbed my throat with.

I’m used to enmity, but not murder. Is that why it’s so hard to shake?

The longer I stood there, the more I thought about it. It was a shitty phenomenon.

I clicked my tongue and fixed my gaze on the papers again. I should just read it.

After going through the small stories, the details of Estelle’s past began to emerge.

The more I read, the more my brow creased. The paper crumpled in my hands.

“Why are there so many crazy people?”

Wasn’t she a supporting character?

I feel like I’m playing a game with the difficulty level turned to hard. A hopeless maze where every option is a minefield. If I could see her, I’d punch her in the face.


I desperately suppress my boiling anger.

“It must have been a problem that started in the mansion.”

Estelle had changed at some point. At first, it seemed like she was just getting hurt here and there. But then there was the incident of her fall from the window.

Those who witnessed it all said in unison.

“The lady jumped out of the window by herself!”

This incident proved that all of her previous injuries were self-inflicted.

That wasn’t all. She became abusive to her maidservants and began to indulge in extravagance.

I don’t know if the Duke then kicked her out or if it was voluntary, but Estelle came to the villa.

“Probably the former.”

Anyway, when she arrived at the villa, she seemed to have become quieter, but suddenly she became infatuated with Diet.

She got engaged to him around the time of her transformation.

Whatever the reason, they were engaged, so there was nothing wrong with liking him.

As long as it wasn’t an obsession.

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    주인수 or shou; the receiver or the more passive person in gay sex
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