Chapter 7


The balcony of the Duke’s residence opened.


It was the balcony of the secret room located next to the Duke’s bedroom.


The balcony of the secret room, connected to the Duke’s bedroom, was always covered with red velvet curtains. The secret room, created in preparation for monster invasions, served as a lookout tower. It was always closed because it was a space to open the curtains, send signals, and evacuate in case of an emergency. But now, the balcony was open.


The knights who were guarding the Duke’s residence from the outer tower immediately assumed a combat stance. Some knights attached devices to their bodies that were necessary to climb the walls and enter the balcony.


Tension filled the Duke’s residence. The sound of iron boots from the knights who had gathered after hearing the news heightened the tension.


A knight on the tower raised a telescope and began to survey the balcony. The telescope, made with magical stones, made it easy to observe distant places.


The red velvet curtains were seen fluttering in the strong wind from the north.


The curtains were hanging on the inside of the balcony, that is, within the window of the secret room. If the curtains moved, it meant someone had opened the door of the secret room.


“Is the Duke sending a signal? Is there danger in the Duke’s bedroom?”


The knight with the telescope carefully examined the inside of the window, and someone appeared from the balcony.


The knight with the telescope signaled with his hand, and the knights who were lined up in the garden started moving without hesitation.


The knights in the tower aimed their bows at the balcony. The knights who had ropes tied around their bodies prepared to climb the walls.


It was a volatile situation. The knight who was peering through the telescope with a tense expression suddenly stopped. He waved his arm, signaling to wait for a moment.


The ones who came out onto the balcony were the Duke of Calix and his wife. They were also disheveled, clinging to each other as if they were one.


The Duke couple, who came out onto the balcony while embracing each other, leaned against one side of the wall and kissed passionately. Their faces and bodies were tightly pressed together as they swallowed each other’s lips.


Despite the coldness brought by the fierce wind from the north, the Duke and Duchess of Calix passionately explored each other without hesitation. The intensifying kisses turned the Duchess’s fair face red, and her blue eyes seemed slightly unfocused, as if she was immersed in pleasure. With each incessant exploration of their mouths, their warm breaths rose one after another.


The knight who was observing with a telescope swallowed his saliva. The telescope, made with magical stones, allowed him to see even the smallest movements clearly.


The glimpses of red passion that revealed themselves with each exploration of their mouths were provocative. The Duchess’s blushing face, as if embarrassed, was impossible to take one’s eyes off.


Contrary to the rumors in society that she was a femme fatale who would devour multiple men, the Duchess was pure and beautiful. With her flowing long blonde hair, lake-like blue eyes, and delicate yet curvaceous figure on her snow-white skin. She had a captivating and exceptional appearance. Clad in a red dress, the Duchess looked radiant and beautiful like a freshly bloomed rose.


At that moment, while the knight was engrossed in secretly observing, the Duchess began to look around anxiously with uneasy eyes.


Seeing the knight with the telescope, the Duchess lightly tapped the Duke’s shoulder with a small fist, as if telling him to stop. However, the duke paid no attention to the Duchess’s words and continued to swallow her lips incessantly.


The Duke, who devoured her lips as if to consume her, forcefully pulled down the Duchess’s dress. As the dress was removed, her snow-white shoulders and prominent bosom were revealed. The knight, who had been peering through the telescope, was shocked and involuntarily gasped. He quickly regained his composure and raised his hand to signal the other knights. It meant that it wasn’t an urgent situation, so they should return to their positions and wait.


* * *


The sound of the knights moving could be heard. Their movements were different from their previous decisive actions. They were returning to their positions after assessing the situation. Unlike before, when they moved with determination, their movements now seemed hesitant.


“The rumors must have spread already. They say the Duke and Duchess have started a fight outside,” someone muttered.


The Duke smiled wryly as he glanced around.


The knights guarding the outer tower, the knights lined up in the garden, and even the knights on the higher watchtowers. The Duke meticulously observed the security status of the Duke’s residence with sharp eyes.


This dawn, Karpa flew into the Duke’s bedroom with a letter tied to its foot.


It was a letter sent by the surviving knight. It stated that he would soon meet the Duke.


Calix was a fortress. It was surrounded by dense and vast coniferous forests, and there was a natural moat created by the river flowing down from the mountains, making it difficult to approach.


Moreover, as it had been defending against the invasion of the Martian tribe for hundreds of years, the security system was strict.


The inner fortress, where the Duke’s bedroom was located, was protected by two layers of outer fortresses like a belt, and towers were erected at the corners of the outer fortresses to thoroughly guard against enemy intrusion. It required thorough preparation to allow the surviving knight to enter without being detected by the Duke. That’s why they had brought Cordelia here.


“There must be some of the Prince’s people mixed in.”


The security system of the Duke’s residence remained unchanged from before the Duke lost consciousness. Most of the knights were familiar faces.


“So only a few of them know about this?”


Based on the situation, it seemed that the Prince was not trying to eliminate all the Duke’s people, but rather using some of them to deceive the majority. That’s why the Duke and the territory continued to function peacefully, just as before.


“Where should I start?”


The Duke looked at Cordelia. Cordelia was trembling, her delicate shoulders shivering from the cold. Her fair skin turned pale as if frozen by the cold, and her lips that had been pressed together moments ago were swollen.


Cordelia hesitated to think that she had to perform in front of many people, and she unknowingly kept biting her small lips out of nervousness and embarrassment. It was both pitiful and cute. And for some reason, the Duke wanted to torment her.


“Since there are many spectators, let’s show them properly.”


Whispering into Cordelia’s ear with a tense gaze as she trembled with her delicate shoulders, the Duke put his finger into Cordelia’s lips just as she was about to bite them again.


“Don’t bite your own lips for no reason. You can bite mine, suck on them if you want.”


In a mocking tone, the Duke said to Cordelia, who was looking at him with widened eyes in surprise.


He quickly inserted his finger into Cordelia’s mouth, which remained motionless.


Cordelia’s mouth was warm and moist. The Duke’s finger probed and stirred the red mucous membranes all around, and when he pushed his finger deep into her throat, Cordelia started to gasp and choke.


“I told you to bite it quickly.”


At the Duke’s words, Cordelia began sucking on his finger like she was eating candy. She sucked on his finger, making smacking sounds, and the intense stimulation hit the back of the Duke’s head. It was strange how such a slight teasing of her mouth, like a child playing with mud in her mouth, felt oddly good.


When the Duke pulled down Cordelia’s dress even further, her white and ample breasts were revealed. His large hands groped her soft breasts greedily. He touched her delicate breasts, leaving red marks, and a faint moan escaped from Cordelia’s mouth.


Despite feeling the stimulation, Cordelia appeared uneasy. Her frightened blue eyes darted around incessantly.


Not liking her lack of concentration, the Duke lightly nibbled on her raised nipple, causing Cordelia’s body to startle.


The Duke wrapped Cordelia’s arms around his waist and then pulled her close, facing the outside of the balcony, where the view was clear.


Cordelia’s back collided with the balcony railing. She trembled from the icy coldness of the frozen iron. The Duke held Cordelia tightly in his embrace, as if confining her in his arms. With his hands continuously caressing Cordelia’s back and waist, he quickly scanned the surroundings with his eyes.


The Duke gazed at the first tower of the outer fortress. There was only one knight standing on the tower.


The first tower of the outer fortress was located at the eastern end of the Duke’s residence, and its surroundings consisted of steep cliffs, making it less heavily guarded than other areas. Even if it were the Martian tribe, it would be difficult for them to climb the steep cliffs and enter the Duke’s residence.


The Duke’s hand, which had been stroking Cordelia’s back and waist, lifted the hem of her dress.


“No… I don’t want to.”


Cordelia refused and pulled down the hem of her dress.


As she pleaded for him to stop, the Duke felt both pity and malice rise within him.


Despite wanting to stop because of Cordelia’s trembling and pitiful state, he also wanted to push forward, driven by the desire to see her tearful eyes filled with pleasure.


I noticed that Cordelia’s white skin, revealed by the pulled-down dress, had turned bluish due to the cold. I could also see her delicate shoulders trembling from the cold and embarrassment.


The Duke of Calix tightly embraced Cordelia, as if trying to alleviate her shivering caused by the cold.


“Perform properly. Then I won’t do it forcefully.”


He whispered into Cordelia’s ear, and she nodded in response.


A glimmer of hope shone in her blue eyes. In an instant, Cordelia looked at the Duke with sparkling eyes that had changed. 


The Duke was amazed by how quickly Cordelia’s gaze had transformed. It was unfamiliar and astonishing to see her revealing her determination in life.


As the Duke sat on the floor, he placed Cordelia on his thigh, and rough breathing and curious glances could be felt from all directions. The sound came from the people watching the Duke and Duchess, including not only the knights but also the servants. Dozens of eyes observing the Duke and Duchess were hidden throughout the mansion.


As the long hem of the dress was lifted again, revealing her white legs and thighs, Cordelia hesitated, but she did not pull down the dress, perhaps trusting the Duke’s promise.


The Duke inserted his hand between Cordelia’s legs, parting her trembling thighs and caressing her intimate area. Startled, her body jolted upward.


“You said you wouldn’t.”


Cordelia looked up at the Duke with a resentful gaze.


“If you’re not going to do it until the end, why? Would you rather just do it?”


Cordelia clung to his neck as if protesting against the Duke’s words. Her small body, touching his, was surprisingly soft. Aroused by her wrapped body, the Duke used his long fingers to explore Cordelia’s intimate space.




Cordelia moaned as his hand stimulated her, exploring and teasing her. Her eyes began to redden as she poured out her moans while tilting her head back.


As the Duke persistently rummaged inside her, Cordelia’s moans grew louder.




The Duke whispered and nibbled on Cordelia’s earlobe.




Cordelia let out a moan of pain.


Cordelia looked at the Duke with anxious eyes, as if questioning why it had to go this far. It was an expression that seemed on the verge of crying out of embarrassment.


Cordelia’s thoughts were correct. It would have been sufficient to only pretend without actually engaging in the act. However, the sight of Cordelia’s eyes reddening with pleasure stimulated the Duke. He couldn’t help but touch and tighten his fingers in that place, releasing hot fluids.


As if unable to bear it any longer, the Duke forcefully captured Cordelia’s lips. Their tongues intertwined, and saliva flowed. Cordelia, struggling for breath, tried to part her lips, but the Duke did not allow it.


Unlike the Duke, who voraciously devoured her lips and touched her body, Cordelia’s body became increasingly rigid with embarrassment and fear. Due to the cold weather and the blowing wind, Cordelia’s body was as cold as ice.


Feeling Cordelia’s stiffened body, the expression in Calix Duke’s eyes became intense, causing her to startle and tremble.


Cordelia began to move cautiously, being mindful of the Duke’s mood. It seemed like she was performing properly, so as not to change his mind about not doing it.


As the small body moved on top of the Duke, the hem of the dress billowed in the wind.


With her shoulders, chest, and snowy white legs exposed, wrapped in a rich red dress, she looked like a single rose.


As Cordelia moved on top of the Duke, a smooth texture could be felt. Their bodies, coming into contact, were excessively soft, emitting a sweet fragrance.


The Duke wanted to enter Cordelia’s innermost part right away, but he restrained himself. Instead, he swallowed his saliva and gently bit into her soft chest.


“Ah uh…”


Cordelia moaned, shaking her waist.


Rough breathing could be heard from various places as the closely entwined couple and the stimulating sight of Cordelia’s backside aroused onlookers.


She wanted to dismiss the displeased gazes watching them in secret, but since they hadn’t finished what they started, she held back.


As her soft body stimulated the Duke, his possession that had been displayed from the beginning seemed to swell up.


Sensing the Duke’s change, Cordelia paused for a moment and then moved her body carefully to avoid contact with her lower body. She moved cautiously, but it seemed difficult to avoid his already swollen and enlarged possession.


Cordelia concentrated on moving her waist as if to say she couldn’t do it.


“Ah huh.”


Cordelia moaned loudly as she moved rapidly, and his member touched the inside of her trembling thighs. As they continued moving, the area where their thighs met started turning red.


The Duke was on the verge of dying from the stimulation he was receiving. It was agonizing to endure such intense stimulation.


Her soft body kept stimulating him. Her disheveled face, as if in a state of excitement while acting, was captivating.


Calix Duke firmly gripped Cordelia’s waist as he pressed his lips against her neck. He felt that if he didn’t do even that, he wouldn’t be able to control himself.


The Duke shook her waist with his hand, and Cordelia’s movements became faster. The area where their thighs met started to itch.


Cordelia moaned and arched her back, unable to hold back any longer, she wrapped her body around the Duke’s neck. The sensation of her soft body against his and the hot heat spreading from her neck made the Duke tremble.


At that moment, when he thought he couldn’t hold on any longer, Cordelia let out a high-pitched moan, signaling her climax.




Cordelia moaned and stretched her body over the Duke’s body.


Then a bell rang from the top of the central tower. It was the bell signaling 3 o’clock in the afternoon.


The Duke looked toward the direction of the castle gate with sharp eyes.




The sound of chains being pulled rang out, followed by the heavy sound of the drawbridge being raised.


Calix Duke focused as he observed the castle gate.


The sound of wheels rolling on the ground echoed. Subsequently, carts loaded with supplies appeared. About ten carts filled with provisions were entering the premises of the Duke’s residence.


Today was the day when provisions arrived twice a week.


Fortunately, it seemed that the day and time for the arrival of provisions hadn’t changed. With this, the knights would be able to enter safely.


After checking everything, as he turned his gaze, he felt Cordelia’s breath on his chest as she exhaled a rough breath. Her body seemed to be burning hot, as if she had been excited during the act.


As the Duke looked down, Cordelia raised her eyes to meet his gaze. Her eyes were flushed with excitement. Her cheeks, pale from the cold, had become rosy.


His rationality was swept away by the gaze that looked up at him with flushed cheeks.


Duke Calix pulled Cordelia close and headed towards the balcony wall. The wall was built high to block enemy attacks and was a place where it couldn’t be easily seen from the outside.


When Cordelia’s back touched the cold floor, she was startled and shivered.


“Your Highness, what are you doing right now…?”


Duke Calix, who laid Cordelia on the floor, straddled her body. The Duke’s gaze, as if he could devour her, made her feel uneasy. His eyes filled with desire seemed relentless.


“You promised, didn’t you?”


Cordelia looked into Duke’s eyes and spoke, causing him to show a pained expression.


“It can’t be?”




“I want to, but do you really hate it?”


He looked at Cordelia with pleading eyes.


She thought she should refuse. However, the Duke’s gaze upon her was so intense. And secretly, Cordelia wanted it too.


She didn’t feel inclined to perform the act of mingling their bodies in front of prying eyes. But strangely, the thought that people were watching made her excited. Even though it was just acting, her body heated up and became wet down below.


As they collided their bodies and moved their hips, there was a sense of regret. She wished he would come inside her.


When Cordelia didn’t answer and only stared at him, the Duke couldn’t bear it any longer and kissed her.


Duke’s lips descended onto Cordelia’s. Cordelia was slightly surprised by the Duke’s careful touch, as if pressing a seal. She had never experienced this before. It was so gentle.


The Duke’s large hand caressed Cordelia’s face with caution. The gentle touch on her face continued for a while before his hand found her breast. He fondled Cordelia’s breast gently, drawing circles with his large hand.


The gentle touch of the Duke’s hand exploring her body was arousing. As he stared into Cordelia’s eyes, he lightly teased her nipple with his fingers, causing a tingling sensation to spread to her toes.




Unknowingly, she let out a moan.


She felt the heat accumulating in her face. Despite the cold weather that made her whole body freeze, the heat started to rise.


The Duke’s hand touched her nipple carefully. He pinched it gently between his fingers, rolling it round and round, pressing firmly on the spot that brought Cordelia the most sensation.


Under the onslaught of stimulation, Cordelia’s body burned with desire. Cordelia, with her eyes wide open, looked at the Duke.


The Duke smiled when he saw Cordelia and then moved downwards, positioning himself between Cordelia’s legs.


“No… I can’t.”


Cordelia cried out in surprise at the Duke’s actions.


To think he would try to pleasure her in a place like this, with people watching.


However, the Duke paid no attention and brought his lips to Cordelia’s intimate area.


Her body twitched as his tongue made contact. The Duke firmly held Cordelia’s body and continued his caress.


His tongue licked and teased her secret places. Cordelia chose the places that would stimulate her and sucked on them, causing her body to be filled with pleasure.




Cordelia twisted her body while exhaling rough breaths.


The Duke carefully chose the spots where Cordelia felt the most stimulation and sucked on them persistently. She could feel the wetness below. Overwhelmed by pleasure, Cordelia lost all sense of self.


The people watching them let out rough breaths, feeling a strange mix of embarrassment and excitement.


Above all, what heightened the excitement was the duke’s gaze. His affectionate eyes seemed to be cherishing something precious as he continued to gaze at Cordelia.


“Ah Ah… Please, stop.”


As the duke’s tongue eagerly sucked and teased Cordelia’s secret place, it became unbearably stimulating. Cordelia unknowingly pleaded for him to stop as she moved her waist.


Upon hearing Cordelia’s words, Duke Calix halted his actions. He was astonished by her unexpected behavior. And as the intense stimulation that had been building suddenly disappeared, he felt a strange sense of disappointment.


“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t feel disappointed.”


Duke Calix whispered into Cordelia’s ear as if he could read her inner thoughts.


When he untied the sash of the robe he was wearing, his strong muscles were revealed. He hastily pulled down her undergarments.


As his greatly enlarged self came into view, Cordelia’s face blushed with embarrassment and strange anticipation.




The Duke’s member entered Cordelia’s insides in an instant. The sensation of the hot intrusion made Cordelia tremble.


The Duke began moving inside Cordelia. He moved very slowly, entering and withdrawing from her insides with extreme slowness.


His slow movements frustrated Cordelia. She thought how wonderful it would be if he stimulated her insides vigorously like before.


Unaware of Cordelia’s innermost desires, the duke continued to move slowly, alternating between entering and withdrawing from her insides.


Cordelia looked at the duke pleadingly. In response, he smirked as if he knew what she wanted. However, his movements remained unchanged. He continued to leisurely explore her insides.


Cordelia’s body moved uncontrollably. As she swayed her hips, the duke’s gaze instantly changed.




He thrust forcefully inside her. With his rough and vigorous movements, Cordelia’s body was filled with pleasure.


The duke forcefully and rapidly penetrated Cordelia’s insides. The intense movements made Cordelia’s back scrape against the floor.


Feeling a slight pain, Cordelia grimaced. Seeing this, the Duke hugged and lifted her body.


They sat facing each other, their lower bodies pressed together.


Without giving any pause, Duke Calix entered Cordelia’s insides. Holding her trembling body tightly with his arms, he vigorously explored her insides.




Cordelia became incredibly aroused, unlike before. Sitting face to face, their bodies trembling uncontrollably.


With a passionate gaze, Duke Calix entered Cordelia’s insides. Her body trembled from his intense and stimulating movements.


Matching his movements, she shook her body. Despite the tingling sensation in her thighs and the growing itchiness below, she couldn’t bring herself to stop.


Excited by Cordelia’s movements, the duke became even more forceful in exploring her insides.


Their entangled bodies trembled as one. Despite the throbbing sensation below caused by his forceful thrusts, Cordelia didn’t want it to stop.


Cordelia tightly embraced the duke’s neck, and their bodies pressed together. Their bodies clung to each other without any gap, endlessly shaking.


Cordelia let out a high-pitched moan in response to his forceful thrusts.

The balcony was filled with the sounds of Cordelia and the duke’s moans. Their heated breaths filled the air endlessly


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