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Chapter 14: The First World (14) [Part 2]


Finally, Ji Mo had no choice but to only look at the table full of seafood that Chu Wei had packed and intended to handle, and followed her out in a complicated and confused mood.


“Is it more delicious here?” Chu Wei asked.


Ji Mo turned her head to her and after thinking for a bit, she replied, “They’re all quite delicious.”


Dr. Chu was not confident in her cooking skills. It looked like she really wanted to hone her cooking skills and cook food for the person she likes.


“Eat as much as you like.” Chu Wei’s conscience finally eased a little bit. When she saw Ji Mo eating joyously, her mood turned better.


What was she doing fooling around with a person who has no sense of taste?


There’s nothing wrong with Xiao Ji’s decision. It was just that Xiao Ji’s choice was very different from those of normal people. She had no right to be angry and blame the other party just because she didn’t like her back.


It’s her business to like Xiao Ji, and it’s also Xiao Ji’s business not to like her.


The two of them were different people with distinct options and mindsets.


She has the choice to continue to like Xiao Ji, but it is also understandable if the other party chooses a different path. She can’t force her to give her a response.


At the very least, Xiao Ji didn’t reject her, rather she rejected everyone. She can still go to her house every day and go to work with her, isn’t that great?


Although Ji Mo was constantly putting food in her mouth, she was observing Chu Wei’s expression. When she saw Chu Wei purse her lips, lifting the corner of her lips from time to time and obviously in a good mood, she asked System No. 444, “This should be the appearance of a woman in love. Sad in one second, then became happy in the next second. Dr. Chu must be thinking of the person she likes. After all, she looks to be in a good mood.”


“But I don’t know the identity of the person Chu Wei likes. Why don’t I go find time and go to Dr. Chu’s workplace?”


System No. 444: [Indeed, you should do it.]


Host No. 44 is really great. Professional and serious when it comes to work, completely different from the other hosts under his hands. When they arrive in the small world, they either scream when seeing beautiful women and handsome guys or fall in love until they can’t extricate themselves. Aside from that, there were also some hosts who were flirtatious and half-hearted when doing missions.


The only host left that is clear-headed and normal was Host No. 44. She had clear goals, and was not immersed in her personal feelings. He had a feeling that it wouldn’t take long before Host No. 44 could become regular.


Ji Mo and Chu Wei returned to the way they used to get along. Chu Wei still cared about Ji Mo very much, except that she no longer hoped to get an answer from Ji Mo, and only treated her better and better.


When Ji Mo is free, she would come to the hospital to look for Chu Wei. Along the way, she would also inquire about every doctor from the same department as Chu Wei. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find out the identity of the lucky guy Dr. Chu had taken a fancy.


System No. 444: [Host No. 444, how about you ask Chu Wei’s friend, Xie Chuang? He has a relatively close relationship to Chu Wei, so he might know about it.]


“That’s right.” Ji Mo lightly slapped her head, “So I’ve done a lot of hard work for nothing? I’ll call Xie Chuang right now.” 


Upon receiving the call, Xie Chuang initially thought that Ji Mo was calling him to send her off. After all, it was already agreed that he would be the one to send Ji Mo off when Chu Wei was not free.


But contrary to his expectations, Ji Mo’s first sentence was: “Brother Xie, Dr. Chu has someone she likes.”


Three question marks appeared on Xie Chuang’s head. Did Chu Wei change her mind?


“Brother Xie, can you tell me who is the person Dr. Chu likes? I asked before, but she didn’t say anything and was drunk. You and Dr. Chu are good friends, so you should be able to know something…”


When he heard Ji Mo’s long words, Xie Chuang finally knew that Chu Wei hadn’t changed her mind, rather it was Ji Mo who found that Chu Wei had someone she liked. But Chu Wei didn’t tell Ji Mo the truth.


Xie Chuang became slightly dumbfounded. He thought inside, isn’t it you who Chu Wei likes?


“This, does Chu Wei didn’t tell you about it?”


“If I know, do I still need to find you, Brother Xie?”


Xie Chuang secretly snickered in his heart. These two women were really interesting. Were they still aware that they were harming a single dog? We’re still considered friends, right?


However, Chu Wei was his good friend. He couldn’t bear to see these two misunderstand each other.


Forget it, they were all friends.


“Xiao Ji, don’t get me wrong, you are always in Chu Wei’s heart, and she doesn’t like anyone else…” Xie Chuang spouted a lot of good words for Chu Wei, “Chu Wei has been focused on her studies ever since she was a little, so she had no time to like anyone. She rejected countless suitors and her heart became cold over time. It must be because she hadn’t thought of ways to tell you about it. You don’t have to worry, she will definitely give you a satisfactory answer once she has thought everything about it. Don’t worry…”

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