Naturally, I couldn’t help but doubt the true identity of the diary.


Is this just a simple magical trick, or is it some sort of prank?


Magic and gods exist in this world.


I knew that because it was written in the novel.


But knowing it in my head and accepting it were two completely different things.


Actually, looking at it from the result alone, it was a good thing. It provided me with information I didn’t know whenever I needed it.


After all, I was now in charge of the crown prince’s breakfast, and if any poison were to appear there, I would be held fully responsible.


That said, I couldn’t be the male lead’s maid of honour.


I didn’t have even a gram of intention to dedicate my life to the main character to that extent.


I barely caught my breath in the midst of confusion and stared at the green plant contained in the box.


I should find a flowerpot or something and plant it.


It’s better to cut one’s losses, so to speak.


And Mellory.


I had to find this person.


Given the sudden mention of the name in this diary, it was very possible they knew something.


What business would Rose, a mere maid, have with an herbalist, anyway?


Without dispelling my suspicious feelings, I delicately plucked the leaves from the plant in the box and wrapped them in a handkerchief. Then I put it carefully in my pocket and headed down to the kitchen.




The morning kitchen was still bustling, and once again, there seemed to be no sense of hygiene…


I gritted my teeth and walked over to the chef.


“Excuse me, Chef?”


As I approached the middle-aged man with a smile on my face, he looked at me with a frown, trying to look busy.


Then he looked me up and down and spoke to me with surprised eyes.


“What, aren’t you dead yet?”


“Haha, I’m afraid not, I’m still alive and well.”


Although the chef’s reaction was quite unpleasant, I maintained a service smile and approached him in a friendly manner.


I glanced briefly and examined his apron.


Just as I expected. Similar to my uniform, his name “Teiron” was elegantly written on the chest.


“Why do you keep coming here?”


The kitchen manager looked at the large piece of meat on the cutting board and spoke while glancing at me.


My mind raced.


‘Why don’t you wash your hands and cook. Why don’t you tidy up that messy hair of yours. And why don’t you shave your beard!’


I wanted to tell him, but in my current situation, without any backing, there was a high chance that he was likely to find it presumptuous and not cooperate, so I swallowed the words back down my throat.


“Still, the food is going to His Highness the Crown Prince, so it can’t hurt to pay attention.”


I smiled and glared at the chef.


Uncomfortable with my gaze, the chef glanced at me and loudly placed the meat on the cutting board.


I recoiled, startled, as the hot meat broth splashed towards me.


He did this on purpose.


“Fine, do as you please.”


I reflected on the chef’s words.


He clearly said I could do as I please, right?


“Yes, well then, since this is food that will be served to His Highness the Crown Prince, I would ask that you maintain good hygiene.”


I pointed at his curly hair with my finger.


“Please wear a hat to cover those unruly strands, trim your nails as well, and also…”




“I think the floor should be cleaned too. It’s too messy.”


The chef looked at me in disbelief. I clasped my hands together, pleading earnestly with a face full of regret.


“It’s not that, but if any hair or fur ends up in the Crown Prince’s lunch, I believe His Highness would be quite disappointed… Of course, I don’t think there could be any flaws in the food prepared by the chef, but still, no one can be perfect, can they? I came here to kindly ask for a little caution, just in case.”


I wasn’t sure if it would work here, but in general, the relationship between the service staff and the kitchen was not so great in hotels.


The chef, clearly displeased with my request, raised his hand towards the handle of the knife stuck in the cutting board. However, as soon as he heard the three letters “Crown Prince,” he let out a sigh.


“What do you want?”


“My name is Rose.”


“Did I ask for that?”


The chef leaned in close to me with his burly body and said with a stern face.


“Who the hell do you think you are to tell me what to do?”


I calmly pushed the approaching chef aside and spoke.


“I am the newly appointed chambermaid for the Crown Prince. As I mentioned before, I am responsible for preparing the Crown Prince’s lunch, and if there are any flaws in the food, both you and I would be put in a disadvantageous situation. So, I mentioned it as a precautionary measure. Please don’t take offense, haha.”


At my words, the chef crossed his arms and looked down at me.


It was a face that seemed to say, “Look at this guy.”


“As you know, His Highness is quite sensitive…”




Suddenly, the kitchen manager burst into laughter and started slapping my back hard.


Naturally, I could only be taken aback.


“Well, I can see why you survived in His Highness’s bedroom. Have you ever seen such a cheeky lady?”




The chef let out a raspy laugh and quickly wiped his greasy hands on his apron. He soon grabbed my hand and shook it.


“I’m Teiron, head chef at the crown prince’s palace.”


I smiled awkwardly and eagerly shook his hand.


The chef looked like he was about to tell the whole neighborhood that my name was Rose.


“Hahaha! Rose, the one with a strong noose! Nice to meet you!”


He shouted for the entire kitchen to hear, and the gazes of everyone working in the kitchen fell on me.




“Rose, hello!”


“Nice to meet you, Rose!”


I guess it’s the same everywhere.


The people working in the kitchen had a unique energetic air about them, even though it was early in the morning.


If only they paid more attention to hygiene.


Feeling awkward, I scratched the back of my ear for a moment and then moved towards the tray with the meal.


“May I ask what’s on the menu for today’s meal?”


In response, the chef looked at me and tilted his head.


“Why are you suddenly asking about that menu since yesterday?”


The chef asked as he placed the freshly roasted mushrooms on the plate.


Now that I think about it, I’m not sure.


Is that how it’s done in this world?


“Well, I need to know what kind of food His Highness prefers… And there’s also research that shows that adding colorful descriptions to the food makes it taste better…”


I mumbled in response to a question that was basically shoved down my throat.


Upon hearing that, the kitchen manager smiled and took out a memo pad, gesturing for me to come closer.


Was he going to explain everything one by one?


“Beef bouillon with four types of vegetables simmered together, roasted mushrooms with whole peppercorns, and a zucchini ham casserole with tomato sauce.”


The chef roughly wrote on the memo pad and handed it to me as if passing it over.


And then, he started adding explanations with a very proud expression.


“Especially this casserole is a special recipe that has been passed down for three generations, so pay special attention to the explanation.”


I received the memo pad with a vaguely touched expression.


And yesterday, I strongly felt that this person intentionally made the menu difficult to test me.


I was irritated, but I held it in.


Good things are good, after all.


“Then I will present it to His Highness right away.”


“Fine, report back tomorrow.”


I quickly pulled the tray and went out of the kitchen. I took out a handkerchief from my pocket and unwrapped the venzent leaf.


Then I scooped a tiny amount of the food onto the leaf.


There was no change.


I stood still and stared intently at the leaf that looked like basil.


Does it really have the effect as written in the diary?


“Oh well.”


I’ll think about it later.


I quickly shook off my complex thoughts and took a deep breath in front of the glamorous door.


“Your Highness, breakfast is ready.”


“Come in.”


A low and stern voice.


I opened the door and stepped inside, feeling like I was stepping into a tiger’s den with my own feet.


A slender ray of morning sunlight streamed in from the window.


The male lead stared at me silently, sat down at the dining table with his legs crossed, and rested his chin on his hand. He tapped the table repeatedly with his fingers.


The sound of the tray rolling was the only thing that filled the room.


“You’re a whopping ten minutes late today.”


I couldn’t help but hesitate.


I reflexively looked at the clock.


10 minutes?


I had arrived at the exact same time as yesterday.


When I visibly panicked, the male lead made a frustrated expression and spoke.


“I finished preparing 10 minutes ago.”


Is he seriously saying that he woke up 10 minutes earlier than usual right now? Well, what kind of person is he, but I just bowed my head.


“I apologize, Your Highness. From now on, I will prepare the meal 10 minutes earlier.”


“That means I waited for you for 10 minutes.”


I raised my head and looked at the male lead.


He was uncharacteristically smiling at me, almost laughing.


That eerie smile sent chills down my spine. How am I supposed to get through the second day…


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