Chapter 4

Group 1 test was completed in the shortest time ever since the establishment of the Black Dragon Knights. The inspector gazed at the candidates standing before them with a complex expression.

“I will announce the passers of the second test.”

“Out of the twenty-one applicants, three have survived. Charles, Baron, and Klaus, come forward.”

‘Did that odd young man turned out to have a decent name?!’

Apart from the shock Charlotte received, the inspector quietly wiped their sweaty hands, unsure if they should allow these strange people to pass. First of all, Baron was great. He managed to survive by not succumbing to the deceptive tactics of those trickster. Next, though it pained her to say it, Klaus was also quite good. He shouted meaningless battle cries like ‘Whoosh, dodge!’ while performing a solo sword dance but since no one approached him, he managed to keep his position.


The inspectors gulped. The candidate who stood out the most, far from ordinary and remarkably exceptional, was none other than Charlotte. Her skills were overwhelmingly superior, even compared to the candidates of Group 2 and 3, who were still undergoing the test.

She single-handedly swept away almost all of the other candidates.

Charlotte’s momentum was like that of a charging bull. The most impressive candidate was undoubtedly her.

The inspector exchanged glances but quickly coughed and turned their heads, feeling Charlotte’s innocent gaze.

“Um, inspector?”

The gaze was not a figment of her imagination. She, cautiously raised her hand, and asked a question, “Can I enter the Knights now?”

“There is still a third test remaining.”

“…I see.”

Charlotte gave up on questioning further. At this point, an inexplicable urge and determination arose within her. She wanted to overcome these trials and hardships by any means necessary and confidently visit Ethan.

‘No matter if it’s the third test or the 300th, let’s go until the end.’

She’ll do anything to make it through. She’ll roll forward, backward, and do anything here. No one can stop her.

“You all wait here.”

Due to Group 1 finishing early, Charlotte and the other two were given a short break.

Finally, they were able to properly introduce themselves.

Baron was originally a mercenary and was now thirty years old.

Klaus was twenty-two and seemed to have a timid personality, but he seemed to be a good person. For your information, he was actually rejected in becoming a Shaman.

“I’m a bit timid, so when I shout, I gained confidence, hehe.”

‘Gaining confidence by doing that…?’

There were many points to criticize, but she decided to move on for now.

Charlotte also briefly introduced herself.

“I’m seventeen years old, just a few months away from turning eighteen. I’ve loved handling swords since I was young. When I hold a sword, I get so excited that I don’t see anything else.”

“It certainly seemed that way.”

Baron and Klaus both nodded in agreement.

Charlotte felt a bit uneasy for some reason, but decided to let it go. The inspector soon returned.

“Follow me. We’ll move to the location for the third test.”

“What is the test this time?”

“It’s a one-on-one duel with the inspector. His Excellency the Grand Duke will also be observing, so do your best.”

“Wait, His Excellency the Grand Duke is going to witness such a trivial matter?!”

At this point, Charlotte began to doubt if Grand Duke Ludovica was not a complete lunatic.

‘Ethan, are you fine working under that lunatic?’

She was worried inwardly, absentmindedly touching her chin, when she saw people walking towards them from the opposite corridor.

The inspector lined up against the wall and saluted, as Charlotte naturally stepped aside along with them.

Just as she was waiting for them to pass by…



In response to the all-too-familiar voice, Charlotte immediately raised her head.

Johan’s eyes were almost popping out of his socket as he looked at her. It was clearly a familiar interaction between ‘Shasha’ and him.

The inspectors, Baron, Klaus, and even the servant who had been guiding Johan, now took turns glancing between the two.

“Ah, could it be him too?!” Klaus seemed to be muttering something, but Charlotte ignored it for now and approached Johan with a smug smile.

“It’s been a while, Johan. Have you been well?”

“Why are you here…?”

Johan was taken aback and stammered as if he had seen a ghost.

Before the curious and mixed gazes around them intensified, Charlotte pretended to brush off the dust from his shoulder and leaned her face closer.

“Oh, the traitor is here.”


Johan’s adam’s apple bobbed nervously.

“Are you going to do better this time?” Charlotte murmured quietly before releasing her grip on his shoulder in a casual manner.

Johan still couldn’t close his mouth, but he seemed to understand her words to some extent.

“Johan, are you acquainted with him?”

“Well, you see…”

Behind the perplexed Johan, Charlotte beamed brightly and lightly made a slashing motion to her throat with her thumb.

Johan hastily put on a fake smile.

“Haha, seeing a familiar face after a long time surprised me!”

“So, you two know each other? I was concerned that there might be something wrong with the two of you.”

“Oh, no, nothing like that!” As Charlotte’s gaze was fixed on him, Johan hastily added.

“I learned swordsmanship under his father when I was young. He was a very skilled friend.”

“I see. That’s why I thought I saw Albrecht’s Visionary Swordsmanship in his movements.”

“I haven’t seen him much since I was young due to certain circumstances…”

Johann glanced briefly at Charlotte and sought her permission.

When she nodded, he continued with a slightly relieved expression.

“Meeting again like this, it’s truly amazing how fate works. He was the most talented among my father’s disciples at that time.”

“Yes, indeed.”

The conversation didn’t last long and the third test was approaching.

Since they had crossed paths, Johan would also be observing the test, so Charlotte and her group moved to the testing area with him.

There were two passers from Group 2 and a slightly larger number of seven passers from Group 3.

Once all the candidates had arrived, the inspectors began arranging them in order.

While they were being organized, a heavy footstep resounded through the testing area, accompanied by an overwhelming pressure that made it hard to breathe, pressing down on their shoulders.

Startled, Charlotte’s eyes widened, and she saw the frozen faces of the people around her, frozen by the same pressure.

‘I’m not the only one feeling this.’

Just by standing in the same space, he could exude such a level of pressure.

If someone had this kind of influence in this mansion, then surely…

“Your Excellency!”

As expected, it was him.

The knights saluted in unison, and the candidates belatedly bowed their heads. She also attempted to greet him, but precisely at that moment…

‘That lunatic from earlier?!’

Her eyes widened in astonishment.

The man who had been examining the person’s palms during the first test had entered the testing area.

The man who had been scanning the room with a bored gaze also spotted Charlotte.

He lowered his hand that had been on his chin and straightened his posture. He didn’t say a word, but his eyes clearly conveyed the message.

‘Wait, who is that? I don’t know, but…’

Charlotte pursed her lips and subtly averted her gaze.

She was done for.

“Now, let’s proceed with the third test.”

“The rules are simple. The candidates will engage in one-on-one combat with the inspector. The time limit is one minute.”

They would use wooden swords for the duel, and the inspector had the additional rule of not being able to use their right hand. Apart from that, there were no other rules.

This time, the testing started with Group 3 in reverse order.

As Charlotte, Baron, and Klaus were preparing at the edge of the area, two candidates from Group 2, who were standing nearby, sneered at them.

“How shameless. I don’t know how they have the audacity to stand here with that weak background, even though they passed the second test.”

“They passed? I have a good eye for judging people, and let me tell you, a weakling like them wouldn’t last a second against my punch.”

“Exactly, how pitiful!”

“It’s not their weak background that will give them trouble; it’s the power of my fist! Hahaha!”

As the two candidates continued to mock them, Charlotte, who was stretching her body, paused her movements. Their eyes met.

“What’s all this commotion?!”


“This little brat pushed me!”

The candidates from Group 2 interrupted Klaus, who was about to respond, and raised his voice, claiming to be unjustly treated.

As Klaus was pushed back, the inspector ignored it all and gestured to Charlotte, as if asking for the truth.

She stepped forward calmly.

“A true swordsman speaks with their sword, not their mouth…”

Just as Group 3’s test had finished, Charlotte walked toward the empty center, capturing everyone’s attention, and drew her sword.

Then, she smirked at the two pathetic individuals.

“Come at me, you brats.”


───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────


“You said I would be knocked out with just one punch?”

“Spare me! H-help, I’m being…!”

“You discriminate against people, huh? I also want to be knocked out by your punch, why can’t you do it?!”

Charlotte skillfully kicked the two people, who were groveling under her feet, in every part of their body. She embodied the spirit of a chef tenderizing a steak.

“Truly amazing…”

“No need to even watch the test.”

Even the inspector were astounded by the astonishing scene before their eyes.

A petite, pink-haired kid single-handedly overwhelmed two grown men. It was truly fascinating.

“She compensates for her small and lightweight physique with incredible speed.”

Her ability to smoothly transition from defense to offense, surpassing the oncoming attacks with ease, was quite fascinating.

A single moment of judgment can determine the outcome of a fight. The ability to assess the situation and react in an instant cannot be honed through practice alone. Charlotte was a born genius.

“That’s enough.”

Just as everyone’s gaze was fixed on the center, the Grand Duke, who had been sitting with a solemn expression the whole time, suddenly stopped them.

His red pupils were piercingly and undeniably focused solely on Charlotte.


───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────

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